Schuyler County Death Certificates plus genealogy info
Researched and Compiled by Lavina Walton

Sorted by: Surname, First Middle.
If no county or state included in a column means it's in Schuyler County, Illinois.

"**" means that person was single.
"*" means that space was blank or unknown.

"Wives" in the Spouse column are written as their maiden names.
*NOTE: Remember Death Place doesn't always mean where they lived.  
Rushville Twp. has the Town of Rushville and it's hospital, Sarah Culbertson Memorial Hospital.
People also stay with relatives or friends when ill.

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Death Date
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Eads, Henry1. Hannah Robertson; 2. Catherine Yates Johnson; Amelia Shores05-05-1841 IL09-22-1928 Brooklyn Twp.George Samuel Eads, MOElmira Rucker, MORushville City CemeteryKate HignightObit,
Cert. info
Eales, Clara E.John G. Eales08-23-1849 Manchester, NY01-08-1924 Rushville Twp.Richard Lathbury, EnglandSarah Gibson, EnglandRushville City Cemetery? ShieldsCert. info
Eales, Clara LavinaGeorge H. Eales03-13-1863 NC04-04-1932 Rushville Twp.Fanklin B. Bodenhamer, NCJeannette Griffith, NCRushville City CemeteryMrs. Alfred SeeleyCert. info
Eales, John G.Clara E. Lathbury04-28-1845 Schuyler Co., IL07-30-1920 Rushville Twp.James Eales, KYMary Ann Perkins, Lexington, KYRushville City CemeteryMrs. J. G. Eales*
Eaton, AllenSarah McKee10-03-1844 OH12-15-1916 Camden Twp.Joseph EatonSarah Crider, VAHuntsville CemeteryFrank & Harry EatonCert. info
Eaton, Eva Ruth**07-29-1924 Camden Twp.01-01-1925 Camden Twp.Harry Eaton, Camden Twp.Eva Lee White, Hale, MOHuntsville CemeteryHarry EatonCert. info
Eaton, Rena Dell**02-16-1900 IL06-14-1916 Birmingham Twp.William Eaton, ILMabel McDonaldHuntsville CemeteryWilliam EatonCert. info
Ebbert, Barbara 'Joan' Joan**04-30-1934 Oakland Twp.09-29-1936 Schuyler Co., ILJohn Ebbert, Schuyler Co., ILLillie Goodin, Elizabethtown, KYChristian Neck Cemetery*OBIT,
Cert. info
Ebbert, Nancy Fitz1. Abraham S. Trone; 2. John Ebbert04-20-1842 MD04-16-1924 Browning Twp.Michael Stambaugh, PANancy Fitz, PARidgeville CemeteryCarl TroneCert. info
Eckroy, infant**09-22-1932 Buena Vista Twp.09-22-1932 Buena Vista Twp.Clinton Eckroy, Rushville Twp.Maxine Ambrosius, Rushville Twp.Persinger CemeteryClinton EckroyCert. info
Eckroy, JamesElizabeth 'Eliza' Ann Paisley03-01-1838 Harpers Ferry, VA12-08-1926 Woodstock Twp.George Eckroy, VAMartha McCormick, VAPalm CemeteryFrancis DeanCert. info
Eckroy, James Clinton**11-29-1935 Buena Vista Twp.01-12-1936 Buena Vista Twp.Clinton Eckroy, Rushville Twp.Maxine Ambrosius, Rushville Twp.Persinger CemeteryClinton EckroyCert. info
Eckroy, Jessie Grace**11-28-1933 Buena Vista Twp.11-28-1933 Buena Vista Twp.Clinton Eckroy, Rushville Twp.Maxine Ambrosius, Rushville Twp.Persinger CemeteryClinton EckroyCert. info
Eckroy, Jessie MayJames Eckroy05-07-1882 Rushville Twp.12-16-1934 Rushville Twp.George James, Rushville Twp.Caroline Emerick, Rushville Twp.Palm CemeteryWilma LangCert. info
Edmiston, Mary1. John Fleming Jones; 2. Newton Edmiston06-15-1850 Pittsburg, PA04-07-1932 Oakland Twp.Thompson Jones, PAKiziah Gorsage, PASugar Grove North CemeteryEd EdmistonCert. info
Edmonston, EnochNancy Ater03-02-1856 MO12-22-1938 WoodstockEnoch Edmonston, NCSarah BarbeeMausoleum, Rushville City CemeteryBrooke EdmonstonFather's obit, Cert. info
Edmonston, Susan M.James Medford Edmonston11-22-1831 Bozdeaux, France01-13-1919 Birmingham Twp.Peter Hermetet, FranceSusan JonteRound Prairie CemeteryMrs. Lucy GlassCert. info
Edwards, William 'Billy' Giles, Jr.**12-17-1928 Rushville Twp12-17-1928 Rushville TwpWilliam 'Bill' Giles Edwards, Sr. (Twin), Schuyler Co., ILOiva M. Menely, Rushville Twp.Messerer CemeteryBill EdwardsFather's obit
Edwards, James MonroeMelinda Ellen Hoats09-12-1839 IL06-30-1917 Camden Twp.Isham Edwards, VASarah DayCamden West CemeteryHerman F. WestCert. info
Edwards, Luticia**12-16-1866 Pleasantview, Schuyler Co., IL04-18-1928 Rushville Twp.Joshua EdwardsAnnie CroxtonMesserer CemeteryFred EdwardsCert. info
Edwards, Melinda EllenJames Monroe Edwards03-10-1837 IL05-20-1917 Camden Twp.David Hoats, TNHannah Welch, TNCamden West CemeteryHerman F. WestCert. info
Egbert, Frederick "Fred" GeorgeMary Elizabeth Klanke02-01-1854 New Bremen, OH01-01-1930 Rushville Twp.William Egbert, GermanyMargaret Dorfemeyer, GermanyRushville City CemeteryEmil EgbertCert. info
Eggleston, Charles AlbertIsabelle Smith10-15-1851 NY05-03-1918 Browning Twp.William Eggleston, NYJulia Simmons, CanadaBrowning CemeteryMrs. Charles EgglestonCert. info
Eifert, Cecil Ward**10-07-1914 Camden Twp.08-13-1919 Camden Twp.Carl Eifert, Rushville Twp.Elizabeth Ward, Schuyler Co., ILCamden Twp.Mary Ward Mead, Dr.Cert. info
Eifert, Daisy PearlJohn Harvey Eifert12-31-1883 Brown Co., IL06-01-1916 Rushville Twp.Stephen (Steven?) Phillips, Schuyler Co., ILAdelia Burke, Brown Co., ILRushville City CemeteryStephen PhillipsCert. info
Eifert, Frederick "Fred"
**06-29-1869 Hesson, Barnsport, Germany10-05-1918 Buena Vista Twp.? Eifert, GermanyMary (Margaret?) ?, GermanyHughes CemeteryDan Ungernever married,
Cert. info
Eifert, George H.Sarah Malinda Hale08-01-1856 OH08-22-1938 Huntsville Twp.Henry Eifert, GermanyMargaret Rothkins, GermanyHuntsville CemeteryR. W. EifertCert. info
Eifert, John HarveyDaisy Pearl Phillips12-05-1875 Buena Vista Twp.10-19-1922 Buena Vista Twp.George Eifert, GermanyMargaret Snaglesburger, GermanyHughes CemeteryMary BartlettCert. info
Eifert, JosephineCharles William Eifert11-28-1860 Schuyler Co., IL10-15-1934 Buena Vista Twp.Andrew J. Hester, INMary Jane NelsonRushville City CemeteryMaymie MalloryCert. info
Eifert, MargaretGeorge Henry Eifert06-21-1826 Germany11-25-1916 Buena Vista Twp.John Roth, GermanyGertrude Fishbaugh, GermanyHughes CemeteryCharles EifertCert. info
Eifert, MargaretGeorge William Eifert06-23-1846 Germany09-28-1934 Buena Vista Twp.Fred ShnaglebergerMargaret RothHughes CemeteryMrs. Sam BartlettCert. info
Eifert, Sarah MalindaGeorge H. Eifert09-19-1858 Buena Vista Twp.08-11-1920 Huntsville Twp.William Hale, New Madrid Co., MOMargaret Spoonmore, Schuyler Co., ILHuntsville CemeteryGeorge EifertCert. info
Elder, David RobertMary Jane Novell03-05-1865 Berea, KY03-17-1935 Huntsville Twp.Anderson F. ElderFrances Newton, Lancaster, KYDenver Cemetery, Hancock Co., ILMary ElderCert. info
Elder, Ruth Iline**12-10-1935 Huntsville Twp.12-12-1935 Huntsville Twp.Anderson S. Elder, Ralston, KYAda M. McClain, Huntsville Twp.Denver Cemetery, Hancock Co., ILAnderson L. ElderCert. info
Elgin, (Mrs.) Clarribel George Elgin 07-12-1897 Brown Co., IL 01-23-1919 Rushville Twp. John Beebe, IL Jessie (Fischer) Fisher, IL Good Hope Cemetery M. Parks & James McNeeley Cert. info
Elgin, Clyde Bernard**02-15-190508-15-1923 Rushville Twp.Samuel Elgin, Rushville Twp.Pearl Beatty, Rushville Twp.Rushville City CemeterySamuel ElginCert. info
Elliott, EdwardAdelia Cady07-21-1848 IL04-02-1918 Camden Twp.William Elliott, EnglandAnn Crooker, EnglandCady CemeteryFred ElliottCert. info
Elliott, LucretiaWilliam Henry Elliott12-08-1876 Boston City, IA05-31-1924 Littleton Twp.Thomas F. Pickard, Charleston, IAOlive Newberry, Charleston, IALittleton CemeteryW. H. ElliottCert. info
Elliott, William HenryLucretia Pickard06-21-1871 Littleton Twp.07-04-1938 Littleton Twp.Samuel Elliott, OHNancy McCabe, OHLittleton Twp.Mrs. Harry LamperCert. info
Ellis, Addie (Ada?) MayWalter B. Ellis07-21-1877 IL11-27-1925 Brooklyn Twp.Daniel "Maxon" Maxon Frisby, NYRebecca Cameron, ILRushville City CemeteryMrs. Lidia DaceCert. info
Ellis, Anna N.Arthur V. Ellis09-07-1871 Schuyler Co., IL04-18-1925 Rushville Twp.James D. Tutt, KYMarietta Ford Nall, Schuyler Co., ILRushville City CemeteryArthur EllisCert. info
Ellis,  Eva May
01-06-1899 Schuyler Co., IL
08-25-1922 Rushville Twp.
Arthur V. Ellis, Schuyler Co., IL
Anna N. Tutt, Schuyler Co., IL
Rushville City Cemetery
Arthur Ellis
Cert. info
Ellis, James C.Luticia Piamiah Underhill04-03-1848 Corrington, KY01-31-1922 Rushville Twp.Daniel Ellis, KYMary Hemmingway, KYRushville City CemeteryBert EllisCert. info
Ellis, James DavidMary C. Berry12-11-1844 KY03-08-1917 Oakland Twp.James Ellis, KY(Nancy?) Harmon, KYHouston CemeteryArthur V. EllisCert. info
Ellis, James Harlen**04-27-1906 Sedgewick, KS02-25-1916 Oakland Twp.Walter B. Ellis, ILAddie Frisby, ILHouston CemeteryWalter B. EllisCert. info
Ellis, John FisherEmma May Green03-28-1867 Augusta, Hancock Co., IL10-14-1929 Birmingham Twp.David Ellis, Glent, KYEliza Fisher, KYWoodlawn Cemetery, Augusta, Hancock Co., ILEmma EllisWife's obit,
Cert. info
Ellis, Luticia PiannahJames C. Ellis04-30-1849 Rushville Twp.06-13-1919 Rushville Twp.William Barnett Underhill, Zanesville, OHJane Robinson, Zanesville, OHRushville City CemeteryJames C. EllisCert. info
Ellis, Mary A. Cyrus M. Ellis01-16-1847 Brown Co., IL04-11-1921 Rushville Twp.Samuel Howard, TNCatherine Krazer, PAPalm CemeteryMrs. Claude EllisCert. info
Ellis, Sarah Ann1. Rollo Hightower; 2. John Ellis04-19-1832 Kenton Co., KY04-19-1924 Rushville Twp.David Harmon, Bracken Co., KYElizabeth Youngman, Bracken Co., KYHouston CemeteryMrs. Z. L. MilbyCert. info
Ellis, Sarah E. John Ellis01-24-1862 Adams Co., PA10-29-1935 Rushville Twp.John e. Little, York Co., PAElizabeth ?Rushville City CemeteryMrs. Ida BrownCert. info
Elmore, Thomas**06-09-1865 Schuyler Co., IL03-31-1938 Rushville Twp.Abram ElmoreNancy ?White Oak CemeteryDorothy M. BallCert. info
Emerick, Cathryn (Catherine)Jacob Emerick02-11-1857 Mt. Sterling, Brown Co., IL03-17-1938 Woodstock Twp.Christ Reische, GermanyMary DupreyPalm CemeteryJesse EmerickCert. info
Emerick, EdwardMenta M. Howard06-12-1871 IL02-15-1931 Schuyler Co., ILJohn N. Emerick, GermanyPhillapena (Dick) Deach, GermanyPalm CemeteryFrank EmerickCert. info
Emerick, JacobCatherine (Cathryn)  Reische06-19-1851 Germany01-16-1933 Woodstock Twp.Nicholas Emerick, GermanyPhilomena Dick, GermanyPalm CemeteryWilliam Jesse EmerickCert. info
Emerick, Lella LeoraFrank Emerick10-11-1873 Schuyler Co., IL11-25-1934 Woodstock Twp.James Eckroy, Harpers Ferry, VAElizabeth 'Eliza' Ann Paisley, OHPalm CemeteryMrs. Verlin Hess (nee Hildreth Emerick)Cert. info
Engle, Josiah DonovanLavina Arkada Tracy06-11-1863 Littleton Twp.07-04-1934 Rushville Twp.Michael Engle, ILRebecca Downing, INSalem Cemetery, Fulton Co., ILMrs. Lavian EngleCert. info
Erwin, Katherine P.**06-23-1848 Rushville Twp.12-13-1932 Rushville Twp.Lewis D. Erwin, Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., NYElvira Wells, Marietta, OHRushville City CemeteryMrs. Louis BabcockFather's Bio1 & Bio2,
Cert. info
Erwin, Mathilda**12-10-1950 Rushville Twp.06-22-1930 Rushville Twp.Lewis D. Erwin, Plattsburg, Clinton Co., NYElvira Wells, Marietta, OHRushville City CemeteryEmma ErwinFather's Bio1 & Bio2,
Cert. info
Esslinger, Henry GeorgeLydia Elizabeth Ommert03-19-1866 Lagrange, MO12-27-1931 Schuyler Co., ILJohn Esslinger, Germany?, GermanyRushville City CemeterySusan E. JonesCert. info
Esslinger, Lydia ElizabethHenry George Esslinger12-03-186812-26-1930 Schuyler Co., ILCasper Ommert, GermanyJulia Ourhellams, GermanyRushville City CemeteryGeorge D. JonesCert. info
Estes, Elizabeth M.Joseph Estes01-20-1857 Brown Co., IL01-02-1924 Rushville Twp.Joseph Carter, ILEliza C. Patton, ILRushville City CemeteryBenjamin EstesCert. info
Estes, Hazel Marie**12-27-1918 IL01-05-1919 Brooklyn Twp.Benjamin Estes, ILClara Cleek, ILJordon (King) CemeteryBen EstesTwin to Herman Marcellas Estes, Cert. info
Estes, Herman Marcellas**12-27-1918 IL01-07-1919 Brooklyn Twp.Benjamin Estes, ILClara Cleek, ILJordon (King) CemeteryBen EstesTwin to Hazel Marie Estes, Cert. info
Estes, Lillian MayOscar Estes10-20-1886 Brown Co., IL11-13-1935 Schuyler Co., ILRobert C. Walker, Cass Co., ILRosa Ann Curry, Schuyler Co., ILLynn CemeteryRobert C. EstesCert. info
Estes, LuluArthur Estes06-28-1886 Camden Twp.11-29-1936 Camden Twp.William Peters, GermanyMary Shelts, FranceLynn CemeteryArthur EstesCert. info
Estes, OscarLillian May Walker10-09-1885 Brown Co., IL08-17-1934 Camden Twp.Charles Estes, Brown Co., ILLaura ParkerLynn CemeteryLillian EstesCert. info
Euyler, Winifred Dorothy**11-20-1905 Rushville Twp.02-29-1924 Rushville Twp.John Euyler, Schuyler Co., ILEmma Brown, PARushville City CemeteryJohn EuylerCert. info
Evans, Clarence David**12-10-1923 Brooklyn Twp.12-10-1923 Brooklyn Twp.Thomas J. EvansMollie Purl, TXBlackburn CemeteryT. J. EvansCert. info
Evans, William M.Lillian (Lillie) Dean09-09-1885 Wales, England07-26-1930John Evans, EnglandHannah ?, EnglandBeardstown City Cemetery, Cass Co., ILC. R. JumpCert. info
Everhart, AmosFannie Gorsuch08-04-1867 Schuyler Co., IL05-20-1933 Bainbridge Twp.Samuel Everhart, PANancy J. WeaverGillette CemeteryEllen EverhartCert. info
Everhart, Ellen Virginia**03-05-1910 Schuyler Co., IL05-12-1934 Rushville Twp.Amos EverhartFannie GorsuchGillette Cemetery*Cert. info
Ewing, William Addison1. Ellen Marquis; 2. Isabell Trone01-01-1859 Fulton Co., IL10-05-1924 Rushville Twp.Joseph B. Ewing, OHHannah McManns, OHRushville City CemeteryHa A. EwingFather's obit,
Cert. info
Eyman, Daniel F.1. Sarah Emily Shanks; 2. Alice Cummings Donnelly09-10-1853 Bellville, IL09-16-1927 Huntsville TwpGeorge Eyman, PASarah Taylor, Kaskaskia, ILMt. Horab CemeteryEarl EymanCert. info
Eyman, Sarah Emily1. Mitchell Alexander; 2. Daniel F. Eyman07-10-1876 IL07-10-1924 Huntsville Twp.William ShanksJulia E. ?, ILMt. Horab CemeteryEarl Eymansee obit of Julia E. Shanks in Brown Co. IL, Cert. info

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