Schuyler County Death Certificates plus genealogy info
Researched and Compiled by Lavina Walton

Sorted by: Surname, First Middle.
If no county or state included in a column means it's in Schuyler County, Illinois.

"**" means that person was single.
"*" means that space was blank or unknown.

"Wives" in the Spouse column are written as their maiden names.
*NOTE: Remember Death Place doesn't always mean where they lived.  
Rushville Twp. has the Town of Rushville and it's hospital, Sarah Culbertson Memorial Hospital.
People also stay with relatives or friends when ill.

Birth Date
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Death Date
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Birth Place

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Info Giver
Fagan, Lucy Ann1. Francis Gorsage; 2. Patrick Fagan08-10-184809-12-1917 Frederick Twp.William JenkinsMary VanceMesserer Cemetery*Cert. info
Fagan, Margaret Loraine**01-30-1913 Schuyler Co., IL02-20-1919 Frederick Twp.Seymour Fagan, ILLucy (Nellie) Livingston, ILMesserer CemeterySeymour FaganCert. info
Fagan, Mary KatherineOtto Fagan07-30-1894 Ripley, Brown Co., IL11-12-1924 Rushville Twp.Clinton B. Donahower, ILDora Hess, ILRipley Cemetery, Brown Co., ILOtto FaganCert. info
Farmer, Minnie "Mildred" MildredDonald Farmer01-11-1901 Rushville Twp.01-22-1928 Rushville Twp.Phillip Euyler, ILLillie Luretta Swisher, ILRushville City CemeteryMrs. Max KistlerCert. info
Farrar, Augustus LlewellynHannah Whitehead11-21-1849 Kent IN12-30-1918 Rushville Twp.Jasper P. FarrarHannah C. LyleRushville City CemeteryWayne FarrarCert. info
Farrar, Charlotte May**12-06-1930 Rushville Twp.12-08-1930 Rushville Twp.Ray Farrar, ILRuth Smith, Table Grove, Fulton Co., ILMesserer CemeteryRay FarrarCert. info
Farrar, Della MayArthur D. Farrar02-10-1874 Schuyler Co., IL01-06-1929 Rushville Twp.Ezra Blodgett, ILMargaret WareMesserer CemeteryHarry C. FarrarCert. info
Farrar, Virgil Lester**09-18-193012-09-1930 Rushville Twp.Lester B. Farrar, ILMyra Williams, ILRushville City CemeteryLester B. FarrarCert. info
Farwell, Charles AddisonFannie Jane Ward04-24-1857 Birmingham Twp.01-30-1935 Birmingham Twp.Jacob 'Stoddard' Stoddard Farwell, Birmingham Twp.Luticia 'Ellen' Ellen Welch, Carthage, Hancock Co., ILHuntsville CemeteryH. R. FarwellCert. info
Farwell, Luticia 'Ellen' EllenJacob 'Stoddard' Stoddard Farwell09-24-1836 Hancock Co., IL12-23-1920 Birmingham Twp.Owen (Abraham or Byron?) WelchLuticia (Elizabeth?) OwenHuntsville CemeteryC. A. Farwellcheck Abraham Welch, Cert. info
Feary, Charles**07-29-1852 OH03-29-1929 Buena Vista Twp.**Rushville City CemeterySusan Smithdied in the County Home, Cert. info
Fegley, George H.Ellen McCombs07-07-1858 Whiteside Co., IL09-14-1918 Bainbridge Twp.Abraham Fegley, PASarah Funt, PAPalm CemeteryEd SmithCert. info
Fetch, EliasClara Florence James11-01-1856 Pleasantview, Rushville Twp.01-08-1932 Camden Twp.William T. Fetch, EnglandElizabeth Lawson, Bridgestock, North Hampshire, EnglandCamden West CemeteryIvan FetchCert. info
Fetch, Elizabeth MartinWilliam T. Fetch11-09-1836 Bridgestock, North Hampshire, England07-11-1923 Camden Twp.Robert Lawson, EnglandMary Ann Burdid, EnglandCamden, Schuyler Co.William FetchCert. info
Fey, Augustus DanielHattie Ellen Lawler08-18-1860 Schuyler Co., IL08-11-1925 Woodstock Twp.Daniel Fey, Dillenburg, GermanySusanna Sonne, GermanyJonte CemeteryMrs. Hattie FeyCert. info
Fey, Frank CliffordElizabeth A. Kelly05-01-1873 Schuyler Co., IL10-23-1918 Woodstock Twp.Christian Phillip Fey, Schuyler Co., ILMary Ann Serrot, Schuyler Co., ILSerrot CemeteryElizabeth FeyCert. info
Fey, Hattie EllenAugustus Daniel Fey05-09-1867 Schuyler Co., IL06-01-1934 Woodstock Twp.Joseph 'Thomas' Thomas LawlerSarah PinkertonJonte CemeteryLewis FeyCert. info
Fey, Mary AnnChristian Phillip Fey12-16-1854 Schuyler Co., IL12-07-1929 Woodstock Twp.John Serrot, ILDelilah Ferris, ILJonte CemeteryMamie HowardCert. info
Fey, Mary MyrtleWilliam Fey12-18-1884 Ripley, Brown Co., IL12-25-1918 Woodstock Twp.Edward Cooper, Camp Point, Brown Co., ILEmma Clark, Ripley, Brown Co., ILRipley Cemetery, Brown Co., ILWilliam FeyCert. info
Fey, Phillip Vergel
05-15-1906 Schuyler Co., IL
11-15-1918 Woodstock Twp.
Frank Clifford Fey, Schuyler Co., IL
Elizabeth A. Kelly, Schuyler Co., IL
Serrot Cemetery
Elizabeth Fey
Cert. info
Fillbright, Earl**02-19-1932 Schuyler Co., IL02-28-1932 Rushville Twp.Ernest Fillbright, Petersburg, ILDaisy Knous, Schuyler Co., ILMesserer CemeteryErnest FillbrightCert. info
Finch, Eliza JaneThomas Finch, Dr.10-14-1833, Jacksonville, Morgan Co., IL12-27-1916 Rushville Twp.William SaxtonElizabeth Reed, KYGreenfield, Greene Co., ILNettie FinchCert. info
Finch, Ethelyn A.Asa Finch06-16-1873 Doddsville, Littleton Twp.03-01-1930 Rushville Twp.James Runkle, Doddsville, Littleton Twp.Caroline Legg, ILRushville City CemeteryLaurence FinchCert. info
Finch, James WellingtonSarah Anna Winters12-09-1848 Prince William Co., VA03-15-1926 Rushville Twp.Wellington Finch, VAHelen Anderson, VARushville City CemeteryR. G. FosterCert. info
Finch, James WilliamMargaret Pearson03-13-1827 Prince William Co., VA02-07-1917 Littletone Twp.James A. FinchMary HowdershellIndustry Cemetery, McDonough Co., ILJames BuckleyCert. info
Finch, Jenette Marie**10-12-1851 Greenfield, Greene Co., IL04-02-1918 Rushville Twp.Thomas Finch, Dr., Great Bridge, Staffordshire, EnglandEliza Jane Saxton, Lexington, KYGreenfield, Greene Co., ILT. Finch ScottCert. info
Finch, Sarah AnnJames Finch12-11-1853 Schuyler Co., IL08-12-1932 Rushville Twp.James Winters, OHMary Ann Thompson, ILRushville City CemeteryMrs. Grace FosterGrace Foster is a daughter, Cert. info
Fisher, Delorise Jane**03-12-1935 Bluff City, Hickory Twp.04-07-1935 Hickory Twp.Loren Fisher, Bluff City, Hickory Twp.Alberta Moulton, Rock Island, Rock Island Co., ILBluff City CemeteryLoren FisherCert. info
Fisher, Joseph ValentineAlice Cole08-24-1884 Hickory Twp.05-05-1933 Hickory Twp.Samuel Perry Fisher, OHLutisha Workman, ILPrice CemeteryAlma ShellyCert. info
Fisher, Malinda CatherineJacob Stanton Fisher10-16-1852 Sheldon's Grove, Hickory Twp.09-01-1928 Hickory Twp.Lewis Price, OHMary Gobble, VAPrice CemeteryMrs. Alma SkilesCert. info
Fisher, Phoebe JaneGeorge Fisher05-07-1868 (1870?) Barton, MO05-18-1933 Hickory Twp.James CurlessAnn DarlingBluff City CemeteryMrs. Verne FisherCert. info
Fisher, William BruceEdith Butler07-27-1873 Sheldons Grove, Huntsville Twp.07-17-1930 Rushville Twp.Jacob Stanton Fisher, OHMalinda Catherine Price, Sheldons Grove, Hickory Twp.Price CemeteryGayle DannerCert. info
Fitch, VerlindaElias Fitch12-17-183901-02-1929 Browning Twp.**Scottsberg, IndianaMaggie FitchCert. info
Flannary, Mary**10-23-1847 Chicago, Cook Co., IL08-09-1933 Rushville Twp.Richard Flannary, IrelandEllen McDonald, irelandBeardstown Catholic Cemetery, Cass Co., ILMary Rotes Hunt*
Fleer, Clarence William**03-21-1902 Quincy, Adams Co., IL05-09-1923 Rushville Twp.Henry Fleer, Quincy, Adams Co., ILClara Beckman, Riverside Twp., Adams Co., ILQuincy, Adams Co., ILHenry Fleernot sure spelling of surname, Cert. info
Fleming, HenryDora Hoke01-14-1870 IL03-25-1931 Browning Twp.John Fleming, OHCharlotte Winchell, ILBader CemeteryRoy J. FlemingCert. info
Fleming, John FranklinSarah Thornton09-01-1844, Beverly, OH02-27-1916 Browning Twp.John FlemingIrene HagermanNew Ridgeville CemeteryMrs. Sarah FlemingCert. info
Fleming, SarahJohn Franklin Fleming06-14-1850 IL11-10-1922 Browning Twp.Feliz Thornton, ILOllie Lutrell, TNNew Ridgeville CemeteryHenry FlemingCert. info
Flynn, John A. Margaret O'Conner03-12-187510-20-1933 Camden Twp.Patrick Flynn, IrelandElizabeth Drew, ILCatholic Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, Brown Co., ILMrs. John FlynnCert. info
Fogle, George AlbertSusan Margaret Cary04-01-1868 Birmingham Twp.06-22-1931 Brooklyn Twp.Aaron Fogle, OHMary Ann Marlow, IowaBrooklyn CemeteryMrs. S. M. FogleCert. info
Foote, George HerbertSusan Webber07-09-1860 Easton, Mass.10-22-1931 Rushville Twp.John Foote, Leeds, Yorkshire, EnglandMartha Childs, Wilton, MaineRushville City CemeteryMrs. James StoneFather's Bio, Cert. info
Foote, John Walter1. Mary Jane Alderman; 2. Nancy Susan Weber05-24-1855 North Bridgewater, Mass.01-22-1931 Rushville Twp.John Foote, Leeds, Yorkshire, EnglandMartha Childs, Wilton, MaineRushville City CemeteryFrank A. FooteFather's Bio, Cert. info
Foote, Mary JaneJohn Walter Foote04-21-1847 White Lake, MI06-01-1916 Rushville Twp.? Alderman? Booth, EnglandRushville City CemeteryFrank A. FooteCert. info
Ford, Dwight E.Pearl Wood07-26-1895 Schuyler Co., IL10-14-1927 Rushville Twp.Walter Ford, Schuyler Co., ILMargaret Herch, Schuyler Co., ILRushville City CemeteryMargaret ?WWI,
Cert. info
Ford, infant male**05-15-1920 Oakland Twp.05-16-1920 Oakland Twp.Floyd R. Ford, ILEthel M. Cox, ILChockley Cemetery, Eldorado Twp., McDonough Co., ILFloyd FordCert. info
Ford, Jack Irvin**02-05-193202-25-1933 Rushville Twp.Clence I. Ford, Smthfield, Fulton Co., ILNettie L. Hoke, Schuyler Co., ILRushville City CemeteryClarence FordCert. info
Ford, William HarrisonDrucilla Nall12-05-1836 Jefferson Co., IN12-20-1922 Woodstock Twp. Harrison Ford, IN*Palm CemeteryFrank FordOBIT - ?Benjamin family history?, Cert. info
Foster, Frank Jr.**12-20-1875 Frederick Twp.03-14-1927 Rushville Twp.Frank Foster Sr.Mary Farrar, Frederick Twp.Messerer CemeteryEdwin H. JohnsonCert. info
Foster, Sarah AdelineJames Burton Foster03-19-1843 Terre Haute, IN07-13-1925 Huntsville Twp.Samuel KnissMary Ann JamesHuntsville CemeteryMrs. John Sponamore (sp)Cert. info
Foster, Susan Durand1. ? Snodgrass; 2. Alrick Mann Foster04-17-1850 Ripley, Brown Co., IL03-04-1916 Littleton Twp.Alpheus Brown, OHRhoda Hardy, Lexington, INBethany CemeteryA. G. FosterCert. info
Fowler, Howard PinkneyMelissa 'Ida' Ida Fogle01-13-1867 Brooklyn Twp.08-06-1930 Brooklyn Twp.John Fowler, OHSusanna Mason, Nashville, TNBlackburn CemeteryJames E. FowlerCert. info
Fox, Sarah ElizabethFrancis C. C. Fox12-24-1857 Marietta, GA02-16-1931 Browning Twp.Thomas Wheeler, Ark.Anna Pendray, GABrowning CemeteryJohn RenoCert. info
Frakes, Adabelle**06-03-1928 Goodhope, McDonough Co., IL07-19-1928 Brooklyn Twp.Harry Frakes, McDonough Co., ILElizabeth Stoneking, Macomb, McDonough Co., ILStoneking Cemetery, McDonough Co., ILHarry FrakesCert. info
Frakes, EliasMary Pruett05-28-1882 Bethel, McDonough Co., IL02-26-1933 Brooklyn Twp.George R. Frakes, Bethel, McDonough Co., ILEliza Jane Griffith, Brooklyn Twp.Pruett CemeteryMary FrakesCert. info
Frakes, Helen**10-30-1923 Brooklyn Twp.04-04-1924 Brooklyn Twp.Warren Frakes, ILIda Reed, WYStoneking CemeteryWarren FrakesCert. info
Frakes, John W.1. Lydia 'Alice' Alice Kelley; 2. Pheobe Bell Stoneking07-11-1865 IL04-05-1925 Brooklyn Twp.Henry Frakes, ILMariah Willey, ILBlackburn CemeteryPhebe FrakesCert. info
France, Henry ElmerBessie Louderman02-12-1873 Ipava, Fulton Co., IL07-07-1928 Littleton Twp.Thomas France, ILMary Vaughn, ILLittleton CemeteryMrs. Bessie FranceCert. info
France, SylvesterFlorence R. Heaton06-20-1858 Fulton Co., IL09-20-1918 Oakland Twp.Michael France, Fulton Co., ILMargaret Beghtol, Schuyler Co., ILVermont Cemetery, Fulton Co., ILS. W. Heatonshot himself, Cert. info
Francis, Paul**04-26-1929 Rushville Twp.04-26-1929 Rushville Twp.George C. Francis, Richmond, MO*Concord, ILG. C. Francis*
Franklin, Dewey*05-31-1898 Camden Twp.09-06-1920 Littleton Twp.George Franklin, Pike Co., ILMarlow Morrell, Camden Twp.Lynn CemeteryGeorge FranklinCert. info
Franklin, Henry ** 05-27-1923 Rushville Twp. 05-27-1923 Rushville Twp. ??? Elizabeth Franklin, IL Messerer Cemetery Lewis French *
Franklin, James Cyrus?01-16-1877 Pike Co., IL09-26-1928 Bainbridge Twp.Ebenezer Franklin, ILMary Jane Northcutt, ILLynn CemeteryCharles F. MorrellCert. info
Franklin, Mariah 'Maria'Henry Franklin09-21-1861 Brown Co., IL04-20-1918 Rushville Twp.Samuel B. Tomlinson, Portsmouth, OHCassandra 'Cassie' A. Clark, Floyd Co., INMesserer CemeteryLewis FrenchCert. info
Frear, Allen Edward**02-09-1875 Chicago, Cook Co., IL09-04-1927 Schuyler Co., ILAlexander Edward Frear, WIMary JonesOakwood Cemetery, Chicago, Cook Co., ILKathy L. SmithCert. info
Frederick, John WilliamLaura Slack & Mary Smith Boyd12-07-1871 Hannibal, MO11-09-1933 Rushville Twp.John H. Frederick, KYJane Martin, ILRushville City CemeteryE. E. FrederickCert. info
Frederick, Mary BoyedJohn William Frederick09-08-1864 Cumberland, MD06-11-1924 Rushville Twp.Charles SmithEmily CulpRushville City CemeteryE. E. FrederickCert. info
French, Elizabeth ClarindaLewis French01-21-1868 Ripley, Brown Co., IL09-03-1932 Rushville Twp.Samuel Tomlinson, OHCassie Clark, INSugar Grove North Cemetery (McKee Cemetery?) Lewis FrenchObit,
Cert. info
Fretueg, James DelmarSarah "Sadie" Ann Armel 07-25-1877 IL07-17-1931 Woodstock Twp.William Fretueg, OHAlmira Lang, Woodstock Twp.Rushville City CemeterySadie FretuegObit
 -Wife's obit, Cert. info
Fretueg, Olive Leona**08-27-1905 IL04-10-1917 Bainbridge Twp.Willis Fretueg, ILDella McGee, NEHerche CemeteryWillis FretuegCert. info
Fretueg, Sarah 'Sadie' AnnJames Delmar Fretueg01-10-1877 Woodstock Twp.10-04-1933 Woodstock Twp.Jacob Armel, PAMary Ann Stephens, Schuyler Co., ILRushville City CemeteryLloyd FretuegObit - Husband's Obit,
Cert. info
Fridae, Mary E.Emanuel Fridae11-10-1837 Wayne Co., OH11-15-1922 Rushville Twp.John Friday, Mansfield, OHSusan Cutshaw, PA or OHRipley Cemetery, Brown Co., ILMrs. George RiggallCert. info
Friday, JohnEthel Hendricks12-10-1881 Brown Co., IL08-25-1934 Huntsville Twp.Solomon Friday, OHMary Ellen Ruby, ILRipley Cemetery, Brown Co., ILEthel FridayCert. info
Friday, Solomon1. Mary Ellen Ruby; 2. Frances E. Campbell03-26-1846 Arkon, OH09-07-1924 Camden Twp.John Friday, Mansfield, OHSusan Cutshaw, PA or OHRipley Cemetery, Brown Co., ILHenry FridayCert. info
Frizzell, HarryNellie C. Webster10-04-1868 Carroll Co., MD02-17-1930 Rushville TwpEdward Frizzell, MDMargaret Brown, Carroll Co., MDRushville City CemeteryMrs. Harry FrizzellCert. info
Frizzell, Margaret EllenEdward Frizzell09-27-1843 Carroll Co., MD03-22-1920 Rushville Twp.? Brown, Carroll Co., MD*Rushville City CemeteryHarry FrizzellCert. info
Fry, Mary*02-18-1916 Rushville Twp.02-18-1916 Rushville Twp.Harley Allan Fry, Camden Twp.Mary Catherine Pryoron the premises - RushvilleHarley Fry*
Fugate, George W.1. Elmira Burress; 2. Ida Curtis11-04-1850 IL08-15-1925 Brooklyn Twp.Isaac Quincy FugateBetsy MathewsScott Cemetery, ?Albert FugateCert. info
Fulks, Leonard E.**10-23-1916 Littleton Twp.10-23-1916 Littleton Twp.Clarence A. Fulks, Littleton Twp.Beulah A. McGraw, Schuyler Co., ILLittleton CemeteryH. A. Littlefield, Dr.*
Fulks, Thomas Donald**08-17-1922 Schuyler Co., IL01-10-1923 Littleton Twp.Clarence A. Fulks, Littleton Twp.Beulah A. McGraw, Schuyler Co., ILLittleton CemeteryClarence FulksCert. info
Fulton, Robert Lee**05-09-1925 Browning Twp.03-27-1929 Browning Twp.Alvin Fulton, ILNola Lane, ILBrowning CemeteryA. V. FultonCert. info
Furnace, Martha JaneSamuel Wilson Furnace04-13-1848 Fulton Co., Il08-05-1923 Rushville Twp.Jonathan Sayres, OHMartha Medley, OHRidgeville CemeterySamuel FurnaceCert. info
Furnace, Samuel WilsonMartha Jane Sayres06-14-1847 Belmont, OH05-05-1924 Buena Vista Twp.Thomas Furnace, OHRachel Parkins, VARidgeville CemeteryMrs. Eli BakerCert. info

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