Schuyler County Death Certificates plus genealogy info
Researched and Compiled by Lavina Walton

Sorted by: Surname, First Middle.
If no county or state included in a column means it's in Schuyler County, Illinois.

"**" means that person was single.
"*" means that space was blank or unknown.

"Wives" in the Spouse column are written as their maiden names.
*NOTE: Remember Death Place doesn't always mean where they lived.  
Rushville Twp. has the Town of Rushville and it's hospital, Sarah Culbertson Memorial Hospital.
People also stay with relatives or friends when ill.

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Death Date
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Info Giver
Gabbert, John G.?07-25-1837 KY07-30-1916 County HomeJohn Gabbert, KYMary Perline Kirkland, KYMesserer CemeterySylvester Gabbertno
Gabbert, Sylvester1. America S. Elmore; 2. Mary Elizabeth Portwood10-14-183410-31-1921 Schuyler Co., ILJohn Glossop, KYMary Perline Kirkland, KYMesserer CemeteryMrs. A. L. LoringSister death cert. & obit - daughter, Eunice (mother Mary Elizabeth) married Abraham L. Loring
Gaddis, Olivia Myrtle**12-06-1905 IL10-01-1929 Schuyler Co., ILClarence Gaddis, IlBertha Stambaugh, ILVersailles Cemetery, Versailles, Brown Co., ILClarence Gaddis*
Gaddis, Stewart E.Lydia Tharp09-15-1864 Martholemy Co., IN02-03-1923 Schuyler Co., ILJohn Gaddis, IrelandJane Stewart, IrelandRushville City CemeteryLydia Gaddis*
Gamble, Jane Ann (Mrs.)Thomas H. Gamble08-18-184004-10-1933 Schuyler Co., ILGeorge Long, VASynthia Searl, Fulton Co., ILDoddsville CemeteryGeorge Gamble*
Gapen, ThomasIsabelle Williamson05-03-1833 Clearfield Co., PA12-05-1916 Schuyler Co., ILZachariah T. Gapen, Clearfield Co., PAMargaret McGee,  PAGapen CemeteryMaggie DavisBio
Garlick, Infant**07-31-1931 Schuyler Co., IL07-31-1931 Schuyler Co., ILLewis E. Garlick, Plymouth, Hancock Co., ILMay Aten, Roseville, Warren Co., ILOakwood Cemetery, Macomb, McDonough Co., ILLewis E. Garlick*
Garner, Edna B.John M. Garner04-01-1884 Huntsville Twp.02-09-1927 Schuyler Co., ILRobert Phillips, KYRebecca ?, KYMounds Cemetery, Timewell, Brown Co., ILJohn Garner*
Garrison, Anna Jemima (Jemima Anna)Henry Washington Garrison10-24-1839 Brooklyn Twp.02-18-1916 Schuyler Co., ILJohn Justus, Blount Co., TNNancy Monk, KYBethany CemeteryAnna M. Justus*
Garrison, Christopher F.Luna 'Lula' Scudder01-21-1861 Schuyler Co., IL04-06-1923 Schuyler Co., ILHenry Washington Garrison, OHJeminma Anna Justus, Brooklyn Twp.Plymouth, Hancock Co., ILMrs. Anna JustusHe was a Doctor - wife's obit
Garrison, Ella NoraWilliam Edward (Edmund) Garrison02-26-1852 Louden Co., VA09-07-1925 Schuyler Co., ILLewis Legg, Louden Co., VAMelvina Finch, Louden Co., VABethany CemeteryW. E. Garrison*
Garrison, Emma LatitiaHarlow Erskine Garrison05-08-1860 Ireland06-18-1928 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam Trimble, County Down, IrelandNancy May ?, County Down, IrelandRushville City CemeteryAnna Corman*
Garrison, George FranklinMargaret E. Preston10-04-1843 OH05-06-1916 Schuyler Co., ILAbraham GarrisonRebecca VailBethany CemeteryIra Garrison*
Garrison, Harry PrestonGlaphyra Vietta Davis01-12-187105-31-1923 Schuyler Co., ILGeorge Franklin Garrison, Hamilton Co., OHMargaret E. Preston, Ithaca, NYBethany CemeteryIra Garrison*
Garrison, Lucinda C.Martin A. Garrison04-16-1848 IL04-22-1928 Schuyler Co., ILJames Eales, KYMary A. Perkins, KYRushville City CemeteryGrace Montgomery*
Gay, AnnaGeorge Greerer Gay12-25-1829 Littleton Twp.03-23-1928 Schuyler Co., ILOsmus FarringtonMillia A. Hills, NCRushville City CemeteryA. J. Gay*
Gay, David WilliamMary Lincoln02-22-185311-17-1918 Schuyler Co., ILEdward William Gay, Columbus, OHMary Jane Twitchell, Meggs (?) Co., OHRushville City CemeteryMrs. D. W. Gay*
Gay, Esther L.John Milton Gay12-13-1865 Oakland Twp.01-16-1934 Schuyler Co., ILEphraim Thatcher  Abbott, Oakland Twp.Emma (Lucinda) Ellen Phillips, Schuyler Co., ILMausoleum, Rushville City CemeteryPaul Gay*
Gay, Ethel MayPaul Edward Gay02-13-189605-14-1929 Schuyler Co., ILHenry A. Bubb, ILLisetta Vollmer, Liberty, ILPulaski Cemetery, Adams Co., ILPaul E. Gay*
Gay, John MiltonEsther L. Abbott02-23-1859 Schuyler Co., IL11-09-1923 Schuyler Co., ILEdward William Gay, Columbus, OHMary Jane Twitchel, Meggs? Co., OHMausoleum, Rushville City CemeteryEarl Gay*
Gebhart, William1. Martha Roach; 2. ?05-21-1829 Louisville, KY09-12-1917 Schuyler Co., ILThomas Gebhart, Germany? RobbinsGlenwood Cemetery, Galesburg, Knox Co., ILGeorge Gebhart*
Geer, Benjamin FranklinDelilah Adelaide Rebman11-18-1852 Browning Twp.05-08-1925 Schuyler Co., ILDyer A. Gerr, Hamilton Co., OHAnna Eliza Arnold, Hamilton Co., OHBrowning CemeteryRoy E. GeerRoy is son, Leroy 'Roy' - BIO
Geer, Delilah AdelaideBenjamin Franklin Geer03-30-1857 Schuyler Co., IL04-30-1928 Schuyler Co., ILJohn Rebman, Alsage Loraine, GermanyMargaretta Dorothy Hoffman, GermanyBrowning CemeteryRoy E. GeerRoy is son, Leroy 'Roy' - hubby's bio
Geer, Marion Lee**02-01-1933 Schuyler Co., IL02-02-1933 Schuyler Co., ILAnsel GeerClarice TroneNew Ridgeville CemeteryAnsel Geer*
Geiman, Christian Young**01-08-1917 Schuyler Co., IL02-20-1917 Schuyler Co., ILChristopher Columbus Geiman, Schuyler Co., ILSarah 'Sadie' M. Young, ILBader CemeteryMrs. Noah Schuman*
Geiman, Christopher ColumbusSarah 'Sadie' M. Young08-23-1859 Schuyler Co., IL04-26-1924 Schuyler Co., ILJoseph Geiman, MDIsabelle Zentz, MDBader CemeteryHarry Rockwell*
Geiman, Ferby Nettie**09-21-1868 Schuyler Co., IL11-26-1917 Schuyler Co., ILJoseph Geiman, MDIsabelle Zentz, MDSouth Fulton Cemetery, Fulton Co., IL*South Fulton Cemetery listing
Geiman, Lydia AnnJefferson Quincy Geiman07-14-1863 Carroll Co., OH08-13-1930 Schuyler Co., ILHenry Taylor Walton, Harlem Springs, OHMargaret Jane Gutschall, OHBader CemeteryJ. G. Geiman*
Gibboney, Benjamin B.**05-25-191602-21-1918 Schuyler Co., ILJohn H. Gibboney, OHViola McLaren, ILIpava Cemetery, Ipava, Fulton Co., ILJohn H. Gibboney*
Gibson, Ira N.1. Frances A. Smith; 2. Mary A. Williams01-01-1844 PA05-13-1918 Schuyler Co., ILJohn GibsonMary FervorBrowning CemeteryMrs. I. N. Gibson*
Gibson, Jessie Edward**02-08-192601-31-1927 Schuyler Co., ILEdward GibsonLola Bowlin, Schuyler Co., ILMt. Sterling Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, Brown Co., ILEd Gibson*
Gibson, Mary Anna1. Willis McVickers; 2. Samuel P. Gibson04-30-1859 IL06-08-1925 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam SmithAmanda RadcliffBrowning CemeteryCorbin B. Stambaugh*
Giddings, Perry ClarkeRebecaa Moore09-25-1850 Brown Co., IL07-30-1928 Schuyler Co., ILSamuel N. GiddingsJulia BobbittPalm CemeteryBertha M. Wardelldaughter, Bertha M. Wardell's obit
Gillam, James1. Similde Eleanor 'Ellen' Clupper; 2. Etta Ann (Mrs. McArton?) Sherman; 3. Harriett Louise Daniels; 4. Anna Howard04-21-1843 Greenville, PA01-13-1917 Schuyler Co., ILSimon Gillam, PAJane HarbisonRushville City CemeteryBruce ShindallHalf Brother's bio - birth date with marriage date of mother in question
Gillenwater, Emily DesireRobert Johnson Gillenwater
02-27-1837 Covington, KY09-26-1921 Schuyler Co., ILCharles Eggleston, NYMayme D. Race, KYRushville City CemeteryCharles Gillenwaterhusband buried in Gillenwater Cemetery - Son's obit
Gillenwater, Marvin Eugene**09-08-192012-26-1920 Schuyler Co., ILEarl Gillenwater, Rushville Twp.Della Warrington, Camden Twp.Rushville City CemeteryEarl Gillenwater*
Gillespie, William**04-00-1848 Rushville, Rushville Twp.09-14-1928 Schuyler Co., ILLewis Gillespie, KYClementine Noble, KYRushville City CemeteryBernette NewkirkObit
Givens, Kenneth Leroy**03-08-192603-23-1926 Schuyler Co., ILKenneth Horton iven, Beardstown, Cass Co., ILDorothy Marie Conner, Bethel Twp., McDonough Co., ILHughes CemeteryKenneth GivenMother's obit
Givens, William**08-08-1850 Dirmitter, Ireland12-14-1935 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam GivensEliza ?Rushville City Cemetery**
Gladwell, EdwardHarriett Long10-12-1852 Georgeville, OH09-09-1928 Schuyler Co., ILHenry Gladwell, OHLouisa PancakeRed Schoolhouse, Orion Twp., Fulton Co., ILCharles Gladwell*
Gladwell, HarriettEdward Gladwell10-02-185307-22-1925 Schuyler Co., ILWire LongElizabeth Harvey, London, EnglandRed Schoolhouse Orion Twp., Fulton Co., ILEdward Gladwell*
Gladwell, Infant**05-13-1921 Schuyler Co., IL05-13-1921 Schuyler Co., ILGeorge G. Gladwell, Fulton Co., ILEdith Barnes, Fulton Co., ILBrowning CemeteryEdith Gladwell*
Glass, David H.Sarah Grier Worthington08-11-185403-02-1923 Schuyler Co., ILJohn Glass, PAAnn Major, IrelandRushvilleAnna McLean*
Glass, Sarah GrierDavid H. Glass10-28-1857 Rushville, Rushville Twp.01-11-1935 Schuyler Co., ILRoland M. Worthington, Dr., VAAnna Wells, Wilkesbarre, PARushville City CemeteryAnna B. McLean*
Glaze, Martin LeRoy**09-13-1890 Denver, CO04-27-1916 Schuyler Co., ILCharles GlazeMary TarrantVersailles Cemetery, Brown Co., ILHarry Glaze*
Glossop, Frederick1. Annette Moyer; 2. Hettie Locke (Mrs. Hunter)07-05-1837 Sheffield, England12-11-1921 Schuyler Co., ILSamuel Glossop, England*Rushville City CemeteryMrs. George GlossopCivil War: Co. G, 73rd IL Inf.
Glossop, George R.Nellie Fowler04-30-1866 Winchester (Rushville), IL10-10-1933 Rushville, Rushville Twp.
Frederick Glossop, Sheffield, EnglandHettie Mosier, PARushville City CemeteryCarl GlossopObit
Glossop, Hettie1. James Hunter; 2. Frederick Glossop09-07-183907-30-1916 Schuyler Co., ILSiradus Locke, Dr.*Rushville City CemeteryGeorge R. Glossop*
Gobel, William HomerEffie Ellen Moss01-17-187309-23-1931 Schuyler Co., ILDavid Gobel, Bluff City, Hickory Twp.Elizabeth Louder, Bluff City, Hickory Twp.Price CemeteryMrs. Wilbert Moss*
Golden, Amanda IsabelRobert Golden08-03-1839 Huntsville Twp.08-26-1922 Schuyler Co., ILRobert Clayton, TNMartha Thornhill, KYMt. Sterling Cemetery, Brown Co., ILMrs. J. J. Bakerbower*
Golder, Kate?02-12-1839 Germany04-13-1918 Schuyler Co., ILJohn Kalbfleisch, Germany?, GermanyLeavensworth, KansasAnna K. Eaton*
Goldsborough, Mary ElizabethThomas Jefferson Goldsborough06-12-1855 IL05-11-1929 Schuyler Co., ILThomas Suddeth, INNancy Evans, ILEbenezer CemeteryCurtis Goldsborough*
Goodwin, AndersonMahala Alice Greer02-28-1858 Rushville Twp.05-01-1931 Schuyler Co., ILAnderson J. Goodwin, OHMatilda Maxwell, OHRushville City CemeteryFern M. Goodwin*
Goodwin, Anna E.LeRoy Goodwin03-06-186703-11-1934 Schuyler Co., ILPeter Klein, GermanyElizabeth Ebbert, GermanyRushville City CemeteryRobert Goodwin*
Goodwin, Lillie1. Sherdan Tharp; 2. Leroy Goodwin08-15-187410-12-1935 Schuyler Co., ILFrank Wardell, Woodstock Twp.Nancy Robbins, ?quaka, ILRushville City CemeteryLeroy Goodwin*
Goodwin, Louis (Lewis)  Franklin (Goodin)
Debbie Ann Twedell
06-26-1860 Hardin Co., KY
03-21-1923 Schuyler Co., IL
Bryant Y. Goodwin, Hardin Co., KY
Mary Ellen Edlin, Hardin Co., KY
Roudebush ???
Mrs. Lily Ebert
info giver is daughter
Goodwin, Mahala AliceAnderson Goodwin02-04-186202-24-1927 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam Green, died in Civil WarHannah SpencerRushville City CemeteryAnderson Goodwin*
Goodwin, William Isaac1. Mary Addie Edlin; 2. Sarah Catherine Tweedell04-21-1863 Hardin Co., KY05-25-1921 Schuyler Co., ILBryant Y. Goodwin, Hardin Co., KYMary Ellen Edlin, Hardin Co., KYRoudebush ???Mrs. I. F. Goodwin*
Gorges, OctaviaC. 'William' William Gorges01-28-184203-01-1930 Schuyler Co., ILJames Rippetoe, KYJane Coe, Russell Co., KYRushville City CemeteryMrs. Ed ThurmanMother's Obit
Gorsage, EllenOscar Gorsage02-05-184607-02-1919 Schuyler Co., ILJohn SteadmanMargaret MooreRidgeville CemeteryG. D. Gorsage*
Gorsage, Fielden F.Josephine Long03-18-184901-02-1931 Schuyler Co., ILJeremiah Gorsage, ILElizabeth Ann Harris, ILBader CemeteryCharles F. Gorsage*
Gorsage, Julia Ann
George Gorsage05-24-1869 IL10-21-1932 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam 'John' John McCombs, Columbiana Co., OHSophia Melinda Tyler, OHBader CemeteryCora Gomes*
Gorsuch, JaneNicholas Gorsuch03-17-1834 St. Johns, New Brunswick, Canada04-21-1925 Rushville, Rushville Twp.Andrew McNeeley, ScotlandSally O'Donald, IrelandSugar Grove North CemeteryMrs. Carrie Jaynesson, William's bio - son, Edward's obit
Gossage, Emma DoraHiram Jackson Gossage08-07-186501-02-1925 Schuyler Co., ILAmos ShulerLucinda Cox, OHBlackburn CemeteryH. G. Gossage*
Gossage, Mrs. Ethel
Earl Gossage
09-21-1917 Schuyler Co., IL
Henry Rigg
Anna Standly, IL
Blackburn Cemetery
Earl Gossage
Gossage, Forrest**03-03-1920 Beardstown, Cass Co., IL03-03-1931 Schuyler Co., ILDavid Gossage, ILEssie Sorrell, ILGillette CemeteryDavid Gossage*
Gossage, Lawrence**08-25-192008-01-1935 Schuyler Co., ILRoy Gossage, Schuyler Co., ILLyde Steele, Schuyler Co., ILGood Hope CemeteryRoy Gossage*
Graff, Hiram B.1. Sarah E. Wilson; 2. Anna Ramsey10-22-1844 New Derry, Westmoreland Co., PA01-07-1932 Schuyler Co., ILJacob Graff, New Derry, Westmoreland Co., PASarah Pershing, Westmoreland, PARushville City CemeteryJohn C. Graff*
Grafton, AliceJoseph Grafton01-??-185502-06-1934 Schuyler Co., ILSimpson (Simon Humphr(e)ys) Humphries, KYElvira Cassandra KirkMitchell (Tracy) CemeteryGeorge Grafton*
Grafton, Druzilla (Drusilla)
Frank L. Grafton02-28-1854 Pleasant View, Rushville Twp.
03-19-1933 Schuyler Co., ILJeremiah StockwellClarissa Martin, PABethany Cemetery**
Grafton, Earnest John**09-09-191403-09-1934 Schuyler Co., ILJohn Grafton, Schuyler Co., ILGertrude Beebe, Camden Twp.Reynolds Cemetery, Pea Ridge Twp., Brown Co., ILJohn Grafton*
Grafton, Frank L.Drusilla Stockwell03-12-1851 OH
07-27-1931 Schuyler Co., ILSamuel Grafton, OHMary Ann Thompson, OHBethany CemeteryClarence Grafton*
Grafton, Harriett**08-07-192202-09-1923 Schuyler Co., ILJesse Grafton, Schuyler Co., ILMay Busby, Schuyler Co., ILMitchell (Tracy) CemeteryJesse Grafton*
Grafton, Harry BurtonBessie Beulah Gaddis12-03-1881 Schuyler Co., IL08-04-1926 Schuyler Co., ILFrank L. Grafton, OHDrusilla Stockwell, Pleasantview, Rushville Twp.Rushville City CemeteryClarence Grafton*
Grafton, Harvey Wayne**11-08-1912 Schuyler Co., IL02-11-1923 Schuyler Co., ILHarry Burton Grafton, Schuyler Co., ILBessie Beulah Gaddis, Schuyler Co., ILRushville City CemeteryHarry Grafton*
Grafton, JosephAlice Humphreys05-15-1858 KY02-18-1916 Schuyler Co., ILJohn Grafton, KYJane Thompson, KYAshcraft CemeteryJesse Grafton*
Grafton, RoyNina Lee Harris06-04-188403-21-1920 Schuyler Co., ILJoseph GraftonAlice HumphreyTracy CemeteryCharles HollenbackSugar Creek Cemetery listed
Grafton, SamuelFlorence Whalen09-02-1856 Schuyler Co., IL (KY?)07-02-1926 Schuyler Co., ILJohn Grafton, KYJane (Eliza?) Thompson, KYReynolds Cemetery, Brown Co., ILBert Grafton*
Gragg, AmandaHezekiah Gragg05-01-1830 KY10-06-1917 Frederick Twp.John Gabbert, KYMary Perline Kirkland, KYBoling CemeteryAlice GraggObit - Brother's death cert.
Gragg, Doris Irene**01-14-193006-04-1934 Schuyler Co., ILEdward J. Gragg, Rushville, Schuyler Co., ILFairy N. Strong, Frederick Twp.Rushville City CemeteryEdward J. Gragg*
Gragg, EdithWilliam Everett Gragg07-10-189503-15-1917 Schuyler Co., ILHugh Strong, ILEmily CormanMesserer CemeteryW. E. Gragg*
Gragg, Joseph (Gregg)
Margaret Jane Kirkham
08-29-1925 Schuyler Co., IL
Cornelius Kase (Gregg) Gragg
Elizabeth Garrett, KY
Messerer Cemetery
Ida Belville
Gragg, Laura E.Fred Gragg07-09-186411-24-1923 Schuyler Co., ILGeorge E. VanWy, Monroe Co., OHRachel Walters, Monroe Co., OHMesserer CemeteryFred Gragg*
Graves, Sarah D.Henry B. Graves05-16-1846 Greene Co., IL05-13-1918 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam R. Campbell, Scott Co., VACatherine E. Whiteside, Greene Co., ILRushville City CemeteryWilliam Bradley*
Gray, George ParkMildred Hourigan05-20-187712-08-1925 Schuyler Co., ILTaylor Gray, ILAnna Paker, ILLittleton CemeteryMildred Gray*
Gray, Zackara TaylorAnna Park04-11-1847 Schuyler Co., IL04-27-1923 Schuyler Co., ILGeorge L. Gray, MDMary Davis, KYLittleton CemeteryGeorge Gray*
Green, Albert 'Ralph' Ralph
** 11-22-1900 Schuyler Co., IL 02-14-1916 Schuyler Co., IL George William Green, Rushville Twp. Ella Dora Garrison, Rushville Twp. Rushville City Cemetery George W. Green Father's obit - Mother's obit

Green, Andrew EverettMary Jane Scholl03-30-1893 Schuyler Co., IL07-12-1919 Schuyler Co., ILJames Green, Schuyler Co., ILRodicia Miller, Brown Co., ILHughes CemeteryJames Green*
Green, Annabelle**05-12-1935 Huntsville Twp.08-26-1935 Schuyler Co., ILMerle Green, Huntsville Twp.Lena E Schieferdecker, Camp Point, Brown Co., ILCamden West CemeteryMerle Green*
Green, Cerez Justina**03-19-1886 Bluffs, IL12-27-1928 Schuyler Co., ILJames M. Green, Shelbyville, INMary Elizabeth SmithersonWoodlawn Cemetery, Augusta, Hancock Co., ILHelen M. Green*
Green, Clarabell (Claribel) Elaine**01-15-1927 Beloit, Rock Co., WI01-07-1931 Rushville, Rushville Twp.
Elmer R. GreenEdith Goodman
Rushville City CemeteryElmer R. GreenObit - see below : Ella Dora Green
Green, Ella DoraGeorge William Green09-06-1862 Littleton Twp.01-05-1931 Schuyler Co., ILIsaac N. Garrison, OHAmanda Vail, OH
Rushville City CemeteryElmer R. GreenObit  - see Clarabell Elaine Green
Green, Elmer**11-13-1921 Schuyler Co., IL11-13-1921 Schuyler Co., ILRobert C. Green, ILAda Ryin, ILBluff City CemeteryElmer Green*
Green, HenryMargaret F. Teeple09-02-1837 Schuyler Co., IL07-14-1932 Schuyler Co., ILGeorge GreenSarah Spoonamore, ILRushville City CemeteryHerman Green*
Green, Homer RayJessie M. Vance08-14-1891 Camden Twp.01-30-1928 Schuyler Co., ILGeorge L. Green, Schuyler Co., ILElizabeth Kelly, Schuyler Co., ILRushville City CemeteryJessie M. Green*
Green, Isadora (Ida Dora)Thomas J. Green12-19-1866 Bainbridge Twp.09-06-1935 Schuyler Co., ILNicholas Myers, PAMartha RobinsonRushville City CemeteryThomas Green*
Green, Margaret HannahChristopher Columbus Green02-15-1844 Steelville, MO01-13-1929 Schuyler Co., ILSimeon Harmon, Steelville, MOMary Jones, New Malerd, NJHughes Cemetery**
Green, Marion 'Frank' FrancisZona Chockley03-21-1874 Schuyler Co., IL01-29-1926 Schuyler Co., ILJames Henry Green, Schuyler Co., ILMary Ann Billeter, NCRushville City CemeteryElizabeth Cooperbrother, Charles' obit
Green, Mary Eva1. John Lantz; 2. James Alonzo Green11-27-1867 Shelbina, MO06-03-1929 Schuyler Co., ILThomas Scott, MOMary QueenMt. Sterling Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, Brown Co., ILEarl Lantz*
Green, Nina May**05-09-1895 IL11-13-1918 Schuyler Co., ILFrank Green, ILBelle Fowler, ILCamden West CemeteryBelle Green*
Green, Rhodica 'Dolly'
James Alonzo Green
07-08-1868 Cooperstown, Brown Co., IL
03-05-1923 Schuyler Co., IL
Aaron Miller, Cooperstown, Brown Co., IL
Mary Davis, Cooperstown, Brown Co., IL
Hughes Cemetery
Mrs. Henry Vanwinkle
Green, SarahChristopher Columbus Green06-19-1852 KY12-01-1933 Schuyler Co., ILJames D. Lee, KYEliza Jones, KYMarlow CemeteryMrs. Anna Davis*
Greenleaf, Edward Lyle**03-15-1937 Birmingham Twp.03-20-1937 Birmingham Twp.?Geneva Ellen ?Round Prairie CemeteryHenry F. GreenleafCHECK
Greenleaf, Elva Hester**03-24-192310-07-1931 Schuyler Co., ILJohn W. Greenleaf, McDonough Co., ILMargaret VanwinkleWhite Oak CemeteryJohn W. Greenleaf*
Greenlief, Rommel Eugene**10-31-1914 IL05-09-1927 Schuyler Co., ILJasper GreenliefEthel CunninghamRushville City CemeteryJasper Greenlief*
Greer, David FranklinLucy Elaine Shannon02-14-1857 Rushville Twp.01-29-1928 Schuyler Co., ILRobert L. Greer, Captain, IrelandJane Eliza McMaster, Hamilton Co., OH?Karl B. Greer*
Greer, ElizaWilliam Greer01-27-1861 Schuyler Co., IL07-21-1933 Schuyler Co., IlCharles G. BridgewaterEliza J. Owens, KYRushville City CemeteryOscar A. Bridgewater*
Greer, James LittleNancy Wilson01-14-1820 County Tyrone, Ireland05-16-1916 Schuyler Co., ILRobert Greer, County Tyrone, IrelandKatherine Landrum, County Tyrone, IrelandRushville City CemeteryHattie Greer*
Greer, Jane ElizaRobert L. Greer, Capt.11-12-1832 Highland Co., OH01-20-1926 Schuyler Co., ILDavid McMaster, County Down, IrelandElizabeth Wardlow, Rockbridge Co., VARushville City Cemetery**
Greer, Jennie MyrtleRichard B. Greer03-10-1855 Pittsburg, PA02-05-1931 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam CrozierMary Magauphe, IrelandRushville City CemeteryMrs. James Garrison*
Greer, Mary JaneAndrew Samuel Greer11-17-1839 Schuyler Co., IL01-22-1920 Schuyler Co., ILThomas Moore, Lincoln Co., KYMary Elmore, KYMoore CemeteryAmanda Moore*
Greer, Nancy IsabelleGeorge Somerville Greer01-24-1862 Rushville Twp.02-16-1923 Schuyler Co., ILJohn 'Henry' Henry Miller, Bippen, Hanover, GermanySarah F. Holland, Nashville, TNRushville City CemeteryMrs. A. M. McCormickFather's bio - brother, Simon's bio -  brother, Henry's bio
Greer, Robert R.Susan E. Peters12-08-1846 IL12-03-1916 Schuyler Co., ILJames Little Greer, County Tyrone IrelandNancy Wilson, Nelson Co., `KYRushville City CemeteryHarriett Greer*
Greer, Susan HiskeMartin Wilson Greer01-20-1847 Rushville Twp.11-13-1928 Schuyler Co., ILFranz Henry D. Kruse, East Friesland, GermanyElizabeth C. Garrett, Georgetown, KYRushville City CemeteryOwen J. GreerFather's bio - Mother's bio - Mother's obit
Gregory, CarolineThomas Jefferson Gregory01-19-184908-16-1921 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam Thompson, KYRhoda Workman, OHSheldons Grove CemeteryThomas Thompson*
Gregory, Eva Helen**06-19-1924 Palmyra, IL02-23-1935 Schuyler Co., ILElic Gregory, Sheldons Grove, Hickory Twp.Hilda Neldon, Palmyra, ILSheldons Grove CemeteryJohn Gregory*
Griffith, Charity AnnIsaac Griffith09-06-184008-11-1916 Schuyler Co., ILJohn Hedgecock, NCTemperance Bodenhammer, NCRound Prairie CemeteryMrs. Carrie Hedgecock*
Griffith, Edwin StilesEmma Belle Sherman02-09-186210-26-1916 Schuyler Co., ILReese Harris GriffithSusan P. Stebbins, Conn.Rushville City CemeteryC. B. Griffith*
Griffith, James M. (W.)
**04-23-1857 Schuyler Co., IL04-22-1933 Schuyler Co., ILJoshua GriffithMargaret (Huffman) Hoffman, OHPalm CemeteryMartha Hodgsonbrother, William Henry Griffith's bio
Griffith, Susan P.Reese Harris Griffith07-11-1826 Simsbury, Conn.03-06-1917 Schuyler Co., ILSamuel Stebbins, Conn.Laura Bestor, Windsor, Conn.Rushville City CemeteryC. B. Griffith*
Griggs, Nora Eva**04-26-1901 Pasen (Payson?), IL09-18-1919 Schuyler Co., ILReuban Griggs, Pasen (Payson), ILNellie Henry, Rushville, Rushville Twp.Rushville City CemeteryJames Henry*
Grist, Josephine**12-10-185901-04-1925 Schuyler Co., ILJames M. Grist, Schuyler Co., ILMargaret Ann Pinkerton, Bainbridge, INRushville City CemeteryAddie Engles*
Grist, Luther SimonLourilla Berry05-13-1868 Schuyler Co., IL05-15-1921 Schuyler Co., ILJames M. Grist, Schuyler Co., ILMargaret Ann Pinkerton, Bainbridge, INRushville City CemeteryW. E. GristSister's death cert.
Grist, Margaret AnnJames M. Grist06-25-1833 Bainbridge, IN05-30-1923 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam Pinkerton, KYAnn Jackson, NCRushville City CemeteryJosephine Grist*
Grist, Roseanna1. Elias Stevens; 2, Ebenezer Willia (William E.) Grist09-06-1849 Schuyler Co., IL07-13-1934 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam RittenhouseNancy KellyRushville City CemeteryRay (Roy?) Grist*
Grist, William EbenezerRose Rittenhouse08-16-185712-29-1928 Schuyler Co., ILJames M. Grist, Schuyler Co., ILMargaret Ann Pinkerton, Bainbridge, INRushville City CemeteryRoy (Ray?) Grist*
Grosclaude, Augustus 'August'Martha Edmonston07-16-1840 Woodstock Twp.04-29-1923 Camden, Camden Twp.James Franklin Grosclaude, FranceElizabeth Jonte, FranceHuntsville CemeteryW. F. SpoonamoreObit - wife's obit
Grosclaude, Julia 1. George Howell; 2. Charles 'Chris' Christian  Grosclaude07-31-187310-05-1930 Schuyler Co., ILPerry Logsdon, KYElizabeth Byers, ILWainman (Naught) CemeteryLouella Logsdon*
Grosclaude, Martha EdmonstonAugustus Grosclaude10-18-1843 Woodstock Twp.05-28-1924 Huntsville Twp.Archibald Edmonston, KY(Holly) Ollie Cave, INHuntsville CemeteryE. H. GrosclaudeObit - hubby's obit
Grove, Barbara AnnJohn N. Grove05-03-1842 Luray, VA12-16-1922 Schuyler Co., ILAbraham Mauk, VAAnna Huffman, OHWoodlawn Cemetery, Augusta, Hancock Co., ILPearl Carden*
Grove, Berdette (Groves)**10-30-1922 Schuyler Co., IL10-30-1922 Schuyler Co., ILCharlie William Grove (Groves), Browning Twp.Isabel Kolp, Browning Twp.South Fulton Cemetery, Fulton Co., ILCharlie GroveSouth Fulton Cemetery listing
 - father's obit
Grove, Charles ParkerFlorence Isabell Wilson03-24-1851 West Minister, MD11-16-1922 Schuyler Co., ILJacob Grove, PA*Huntsville CemeteryMrs. C. P. Grove*
Grove, Charles 'Charlie' William (Groves)Isabelle Kolp08-22-1900 Browning Twp.05-07-1926 Bader, Browning Twp.George Ahaz Grove, ILEmma (Anna?) DannerSouth Fulton Cemetery, Fulton Co., ILMark KolpSouth Fulton Cemetery listing
 - Obit
Grove, George Ahaz
Emma (Anna?) Danner
05-28-1864 Fulton Co., IL
02-18-1935 Schuyler Co., IL
Mathew 'Matt' Grove, VA
Catherine Hoffman, VA
South Fulton Cemetery, Fulton Co., IL
M. J. Danner
South Fulton Cemetery listing - birth year could be 1868
Grove, Lilly Belle**10-05-187012-05-1933 Schuyler Co., ILJohn H. GroveBarbara MaukWoodlawn Cemetery, Augusta, Hancock Co., ILMrs. Walter Groves*
Gullion, Robert**08-25-1920 Schuyler Co., IL08-25-1920 Schuyler Co., ILPerry Gullion, INDecil Peak, INSheldons Grove CemeteryPerry Gullion*
Gust, Alice IonaSamuel H. Gust01-25-1857 Burlington, KY05-08-1925 Schuyler Co., ILGeorge Washington Busby, Burlington, KYSusan Ann Carpenter, KYOak Grove Cemetery, Beardstown, Cass Co., ILFred Gust*

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