Schuyler County Death Certificates plus genealogy info
Researched and Compiled by Lavina Walton

Sorted by: Surname, First Middle.
If no county or state included in a column means it's in Schuyler County, Illinois.

"**" means that person was single.
"*" means that space was blank or unknown.

"Wives" in the Spouse column are written as their maiden names.
*NOTE: Remember Death Place doesn't always mean where they lived.  
Rushville Twp. has the Town of Rushville and it's hospital, Sarah Culbertson Memorial Hospital.
People also stay with relatives or friends when ill.

Name Spouse(s) Birth Date
 & Place
Death Date & Place Father &
Birth Place
Mother &
Birth Place
Buried Info Giver Note
Haber, Daniel FrederickLota Ellen Griffith11-28-1866 Littleton Twp.02-02-1934 Schuyler Co., ILThomas HaberMary BeveyRushville City Cemetery**
Haber, Mary Dorothy**01-21-192912-14-1930 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam T. HaberIda PersingerRushville City Cemetery**
Hackney, Bazzel M.Nancy Laura Carter85yrs, 3ms, 5ds08-10-1933 Schuyler Co., ILJohn J. HackneyEmilla DorsettWoodlawn Cemetery, Augusta, Hancock Co., IL**
Hackney, Nancy LauraBasil M. Hackney08-05-182105-31-1927 Schuyler Co., ILJ. F. CarterElizabeth Jane WalkerWoodlawn Cemetery, Augusta, Hancock Co., IL**
Haffner, infant son**09-10-1921 Schuyler Co., IL09-10-1921 Schuyler co., ILRoy HaffnerMyrtle RobertsonBrowning Cemetery**
Hagans, Harold Ansel**03-16-190008-25-1918 Schuyler Co., ILZachary Taylor HagansLaura Ann BatesBader Cemetery**
Hagans, Laura AnnZachary Taylor Hagans04-11-185707-23-1926 Schuyler Co., ILFrancis (Marion) BatesNancy (Catherine) BakerBader Cemetery**
Hale, Elam BlissMary Markee03-18-184103-14-1919 Schuyler Co., ILAbraham HaleFannie BlissMarkee Cemetery**
Hale, infant male**09-06-1928 Schuyler Co., IL09-06-1928 Schuyler Co., ILBliss HaleMargaret GrayMarkee Cemetery**
Hale, James WarrenLaura Ellen Warrington11-02-1859 Warren Co., IL11-14-1920 Schuyler Co., ILJesse HaleRebecca WardrepHuntsville Cemetery**
Hale, John WesleyLavina Warrington01-13-185707-18-1924 Schuyler Co., ILJesse HaleRebecca WardrepHughes Cemetery**
Hale, Louvina FlorenceJohn Wesley Hale06-11-185812-29-1933 Schuyler Co., ILIsaac WarringtonLucinda CunninghamHughes Cemetery**
Hale, Mary MarkeeElam B. Hale04-26-184301-26-1932 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam MarkeeLousina SmithMarkee Cemetery**
Hale, Russell Lyle**06-06-192110-09-1921 Schuyler Co., ILRoscoe KirkhamBessie HaleHughes Cemetery*parents not married
Haley, Cora Jean**11-23-192603-06-1929 Schuyler Co., ILClarence HaleyLydia May SweeneyMt. Sterling Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, Brown Co., IL**
Haley, Hannah ElizabethJohn Martin Haley02-??-185007-05-1928 Schuyler Co., ILJohn BurnettMahaley DixonMcHatton Cemetery**
Haley, Imogene**01-29-192902-02-1929 Schuyler Co., ILClarence HaleyLydia May SweeneyMt. Sterling Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, Brown Co., IL**
Haley, John MartinHannah Elizabeth Burnett05-19-184302-29-1920 Schuyler Co., ILBemjamin HaleyJosina TaylorMcHatton Cemetery*Civil War: Co E. 16th IL Regt.
Haley, Roy**05-19-1916 Schuyler Co., IL05-22-1916 Schuyler Co., ILClarence HaleyLydia May SweeneyBeems Cemetery, Augusta, Hancock Co., IL**
Hall, ElizaWashington Hall03-10-185302-18-1931 Schuyler Co., ILLewis D. ErwinElvira WellsRushville City Cemetery**
Hall, Malinda**12-18-185105-13-1934 Schuyler Co., ILEdward G. HallPriscilla BakerSugar Grove North Cemetery**
Hall, Rebecca RobesonWilliam Hall04-14-1850 Vermont, Fulton Co., IL10-29-1934 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam RankinSarah J. MouerVermont Cemetery, Vermont, Fulton Co., IL**
Hall, RichardGertrude H. Anderson02-01-185712-01-1928 Schuyler Co., ILEdward G. HallPriscilla BakerRushville City Cemetery**
Hall, WashingtonEliza Erwin08-05-184702-10-1921 Schuyler Co., ILEdward G. HallPriscilla BakerRushville City Cemetery**
Hamilton, Maria Edythe (Mrs.)Albert D. Hamilton04-13-189405-05-1933 Schuyler Co., ILJohn MeriweatherLula IrwinDoddsville Cemetery**
Hamm, Charles William**10-09-1920 Schuyler Co., IL10-09-1920 Schuyler Co., ILJames C. HammPerle McDermottSheldons Grove Cemetery**
Hamm, Pauline Lucille**05-28-1922 Schuyler Co., IL05-28-1922 Schuyler Co., ILWillis HammBeulah GorsageBrowning Cemetery**
Hamm, PearlJames Hamm11-23-188305-26-1921 Schuyler Co., ILRobert McDermottLoretta SackmanSheldons Grove Cemetery**
Hamm, PeterAmanda Lane05-29-185805-27-1932 Schuyler Co., ILEmanuel HammAnnie MyersSheldons Grove Cemetery**
Hammon, Delilah Frances? Hammon01-09-184908-17-1935 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam YoungFrances LinnWhite Hall, Greene Co., IL**
Hammond, Charles HenryHattie Geneva McCreery10-26-186808-20-1931 Schuyler Co., ILJacob HammondSarah Margaret LawlerRushville City Cemetery**
Hammond, Henry1. Marilla Welker; 2. Amanda (Mrs. Campbell)01-24-1828 Millwood, OH01-22-1917 Schuyler Co., ILJacob HammondElizabeth UhlRushville City Cemetery**
Hammond, JacobSarah Margaret Lawler11-28-1834 Knox Co., OH04-01-1929 Schuyler Co., ILJacob HammondElizabeth (Uhl) ?Rushville City Cemetery*was in the Civil War
Hammond, Nancy EllenRichard H. Hammond07-11-185111-17-1930 Schuyler Co., ILBryant BlyCharity MooreMoore Cemetery**
Hammond, Richard H.Nancy Ellen Bly1851 Boston, Mass.10-20-1916 Schuyler Co., IL?, England?, EnglandMoore Cemetery**
Hance, Betty Jane**03-16-192908-30-1930 Schuyler Co., ILClifford N. HanceAnna Irene ?Mt. Olive Cemetery, Phelps, MO**
Haney, John StrubleAurelia Lybarger09-29-1846 Fayette Co., PA11-09-1926 Rushville, Rushville Twp.Louis (Lewis) HaneyMary Anna RidgleyVermont Cemetery, Vermont, Fulton Co., IL**
Haney, Mary Virginia**08-05-1930 Schuyler Co., IL08-06-1930 Schuyler Co., ILWillis HaneyGrace SchroderVermont Cemetery, Vermont, Fulton Co., IL**
Hangstler, Rachel (Haghnestler)1. J. W. Shields; 2. Barnhart Hangstler04-06-1846 Fulton Co., IL05-03-1919 Schuyler Co., ILThomas Seaborn, OHAnnie Prather, OHHavana, Mason Co., IL**
Hanning, Hazel A.**07-07-191709-20-1919 Schuyler Co., ILJoe W. HanningRuth J. TyreeHuntsville Cemetery**
Hapke, FrederickWilhelmina Meiersick02-24-184707-24-1928 Schuyler Co., ILFred HapkeMinnie MeyssickMt. Horab Cemetery, ?**
Hardin, infant daughter**01-15-1922 Browning Twp.01-19-1922 Browning Twp.A. B. HardinLydia KernVirginia, Cass Co., IL**
Hardin, Nora Ann1. Jeremiah Cameron; 2. Charles Hardin04-07-188401-19-1923 Schuyler Co., ILGeorge TuckerLucy Bell TravisRushville City Cemetery**
Hardy, CowandLouella Wick08-04-186604-30-1928 Schuyler Co., ILEdward HardyPearl Irene CowanMesserer Cemetery**
Hare, John Wesley**08-25-184911-19-1931 Schuyler Co., ILJoseph HareRebecca BookerRushville City Cemetery**
Hare, Mary IsabelJohn Walter Hare08-08-187803-21-1921 Schuyler Co., ILStephen AgansLouisa C. EifertMausoleum, Rushville City Cemetery**
Harmon, infant (Betty Jane)**03-07-1928 Schuyler Co., IL03-07-1928 Schuyler Co., ILForest HarmonAgnes DewallLittleton Cemetery**
Harmon, Jesse1. Serena Davis; 2. Margaret Angell06-16-1840 Zanesville, OH06-17-1921 Schuyler Co., ILJacob Harmon, OHMary Logan, OHRushville, Schuyler Co., IL**
Harn, Doris Evalyn**09-18-192401-03-1925 Schuyler Co., ILElmer HarnMyrtle RohnMesserer Cemetery**
Harn, Elmer LeviMyrtle Rohn07-22-189402-21-1931 Schuyler Co., ILStephen Adrain HarnMary Etta BlodgettMesserer Cemetery*death date via cemetery book: 02-20-1931
Harn, Mary EttaStephen A. Harn06-05-186803-14-1924 Schuyler Co., ILEzra BlodgettMargaret WareMesserer Cemetery**
Harn, Ruby May**05-02-192107-29-1934 Schuyler Co., ILElmer HarnMyrtle RohnMesserer Cemetery**
Harn, William Adrain**08-27-191802-14-1920 Schuyler Co., ILElmer HarnMyrtle RohnMesserer Cemetery**
Harris, Clayton**04-22-189401-18-1919 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam HarrisMargaret SteadmanBrowning Cemetery*was in WWI
Harris, Francis Marionunknown order: Penina Settles, Arthusa Hollingsworth, Nancy Jennings01-24-186604-09-1928 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam H. HarrisMinerva Ann BushnellOak Grove Cemetery, Fulton Co., IL**
Harris, George WorthingtonSallie Shankle01-05-186103-28-1932 Schuyler Co., IL? HarrisMartha DeekerHuntsville Cemetery**
Harris, Homer Ansel**07-01-191804-18-1919 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam HarrisCaroline HimmelBrowning Cemetery**
Harris, Isaac F. Samantha Fey03-03-1858 Woodstock Twp.02-07-1920 Schuyler Co., ILAaron HarrisRebecca NaughtRushville City Cemetery**
Harris, James Alpheus**03-26-185605-07-1924 Schuyler Co., ILDavid HarrisElizabeth JacksonVermont Cemetery, Vermont, Fulton Co., IL**
Harris, Jessie**09-18-188211-20-1917 Schuyler Co., ILZack H. HarrisSarah E. JonesIndustry, McDonough Co., IL**
Harris, John J., Jr.**06-30-188606-20-1919 Schuyler Co., ILJohn J. Harris, Sr.Margaret I. MillerBlackburn Cemetery**
Harris, Lydia AnnFieldon Harris12-30-185402-08-1930 Schuyler Co., ILGeorge GorsageRebecca HarrisBader Cemetery**
Harris, Sallie CarolineGeorge W. Harris03-23-1860 Anson Co., NC01-03-1935 Schuyler Co., ILWillis ShankleMissouri HowellHuntsville Cemetery**
Harris, Virgil Lee**03-26-193012-31-1932 Schuyler Co., ILGlen HarrisBertha JonesSugar Grove North Cemetery**
Harris, Williamnever married12-18-188401-27-1922 Schuyler Co., ILJohn HarrisSarah NortonBrowning Cemetery**
Harris, William HenryMinerva Ann Bushnell06-05-184105-17-1919 RushvilleFielden HarrisLucy (Louisa) TungateOak Grove Cemetery, Fulton Co., IL*Civil War: Co. H, 85th IL Vol. Regt.
Harris, William Wesley**03-03-192905-03-1929 Schuyler Co., ILGlen HarrisBertha JonesSugar Grove North Cemetery**
Harrison, JohnSophia Riggal Swisher04-14-185503-16-1932 Schuyler Co., ILNathan HarrisonSally Ann GabbardPalm Cemetery**
Harrison, Mary Jane**01-28-185410-08-1929 Schuyler Co., ILNathan HarrisonSarah GabbardRushville City Cemetery**
Harrod, Lawson Byronunmarried07-21-185308-26-1921 Schuyler Co., ILAllen HarrodAilcy (?) CoxBabbitt Cemetery, St. Augustine, IL**
Harscher, Jacob Frederick1. Mary Conrad; 2. Sarah Smith05-15-183905-10-1925 Schuyler Co., ILJacob Harscher, GermanyLouise LippRushville City Cemetery**
Hartley, Etna (Etta) MariaJ. M. Hartley01-26-186110-01-1926 Schuyler Co., ILEdward W. L. GayMary Jane TwitchellMaulsoleum, Rushville City Cemetery**
Hartman, Bert WoodfordLida Belle Orr04-22-1873 Red Oak, IA06-19-1933 Schuyler Co., ILD. Vance HartmanEllen MorganBowen ?**
Harvey, Margaret EllenJohn Andrew Harvey, Dr.11-07-184910-20-1928 Schuyler Co., ILWillis Watts?Rushville City Cemetery**
Harvey, Willis Frederick, Dr.Olive Drake Seeley09-15-186906-18-1933 Schuyler Co., ILJohn Andrew HarveyMargaret Ellen WattsRushville City Cemetery**
Hatfield, Hugh ErwinLouisa M. Swan10-22-183001-24-1916 Schuyler Co., ILCharles Hatfield, KYMary LaMastersGillette Cemetery**
Hauck, John P.Emma Harris02-04-188801-03-1934 Schuyler Co., ILGeorge R. HauckAnna YettaBrowning Cemetery**
Hawk, infant female**04-18-1916 Schuyler Co., IL04-18-1916 Schuyler Co., ILGeorge HawkAmanda Clinger***
Hawkins, William Robert**08-12-185401-04-1927 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam Hawkins, Lexington, KYMargaret Ransom, KYRushville City Cemetery**
Hay, infant male**04-08-1926 Schuyler Co., IL04-16-1926 Schuyler Co., ILMilton J. Hay, KYAnnie LindseyRushville City Cemetery**
Hay, Robert**12-10-1930 Schuyler Co., IL12-10-1930 Schuyler Co., ILMilton J. BlyOnia LinseyPalm Cemetery**
Hayes, Cassie1. Hutchinson Phillips; 2. George W. Hayes07-08-1819 Spencer Co., IN09-03-1916 County HomePeter TuckerElizabeth MeeksRushville City Cemetery*County Home is in Buena Vista Twp.
Hayes, CatherineEdmond W. Hayes07-28-1841 OH12-24-1922 Schuyler Co., ILJacob KieferMary Ault, VACamden West Cemetery**
Hayes, John Paul**06-12-1927 Schuyler Co., IL06-12-1927 Schuyler Co., ILJohn HayesMargaret CameromRushville City Cemetery**
Hayes, Maurice Dexter**04-26-1928 Schuyler Co., IL04-26-1928 Schuyler Co., ILJohn F. HayesMargaret CameronRushville City Cemetery**
Heaney, infant female**04-14-1922 Schuyler Co., IL04-14-1922 Schuyler Co., ILMerle HeaneyGrace Frances ScottMarkee Cemetery**
Heaney, James Richard**11-07-1928 Schuyler Co., IL11-09-1928 Schuyler Co., ILMerle HeaneyFrances Grace ScottWoodlawn Cemetery, Augusta, Hancock Co., IL**
Heaton, Bennie B.**02-01-189501-16-1916 Schuyler Co., ILFrank H. HeatonRachel Robinson, Schuyler Co., ILPhillips CemeterySylvester France*
Heaton, infant female**05-19-1916 Schuyler Co., IL05-19-1916 Schuyler Co., ILRoy HeatonNellie Morrellfamily cemetery**
Heaton, William HenryAnna Elizabeth Lovell05-12-185704-02-1935 Schuyler Co., ILHenry W. HeatonRebecca PattersonMauloseum, Rushville City Cemetery**
Heitz, Anna BarbaraJohn Bernerd Heitz06-05-1833 Baden, Germany11-23-1920 Schuyler Co., ILM. M. StaddlerMary Elizabeth HobertRushville City Cemetery**
Heitz, ErnestEmma C. Milby11-24-184208-29-1917 Schuyler Co., ILAndrew HeitzElizabeth M. HaubertRushville City Cemetery**
Heitz, John D. **08-31-185806-10-1929 Schuyler Co., ILAndrew HeitzBarbara StadlerRushville City Cemetery**
Heitz, John William, Dr.**02-18-186305-14-1923 Schuyler Co., ILJohn Bernard HeitzAnna Barbara StadlerRushville City Cemetery*Spanish American War
Heitz, MargaretJohn Heitz03-11-1849 Licking Co., OH03-07-1932 Schuyler Co., ILGeorge OatmanSarah WheelhouseRushville City Cemetery**
Heitz, Samuel T.see note12-25-1836 Germany05-04-1917 Schuyler Co., ILBarnard HeitzEva ?Rushville City Cemetery*wife died Philadelphia, PA in child birth; Civil War: Co. C, 2nd PA Vol. Cal.
Helm, RosabellCharles Helms03-01-185806-27-1925 Schuyler Co., ILDavid MooreJane GreenRushville City Cemetery**
Helms, Dwayne**06-06-192705-10-1929 Schuyler Co., ILOtto HelmsAnna CarterRushville City Cemetery**
Hemphill, Grace EmmaFrank L. Hemphill08-21-185909-29-1934 Schuyler Co., ILJohn C. ScrippsEmma TruittRushville City Cemetery**
Hendricks, Elna Darleene**08-31-192703-25-1932 Schuyler Co., ILThomas HendricksVena ChuteLangford Cemetery**
Hendricks, James**12-03-192012-13-1920 Schuyler Co., ILFrank HenricksBessie AustinMesserer Cemetery**
Hendricks, Mary Bertha**10-12-192312-09-1923 Schuyler Co., ILFrank HendricksBessie AustinMesserer Cemetery**
Hendricks, Thomas C.*05-06-185709-11-1934 Schuyler Co., ILJames J. HendricksLuticicia Bica (Rica)Messerer Cemetery**
Hendrix, John W.1. Sarah Cleek; 2. Cora Hilyer10-10-1845 Stokes Co., NC07-11-1918 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam HendrixElizabeth BilleterKing CemeteryTine Hendricksdeath year could be 1917
Henness, Francis Vernon**02-11-192905-16-1929 Schuyler Co., ILEarl HennessMattie DarmanWoodlawn Cemetery, Augusta, Hancock Co., IL**
Henry, Margaret1. William Frisbie; 2. William Henry08-09-1881 Industry, McDonough Co., IL12-26-1927 Schuyler Co., ILJames S. GriffinSarah Ann PeckScott Cemetery**
Herche, George W.Grace E. Harmon10-02-186807-29-1925 Schuyler Co., ILPhillip HercheLouisa HouserRushville City Cemetery**
Herche, Nathan WesleyEtta Price08-01-1872 Woodstock Twp.01-29-1933 Schuyler Co., ILPhillip HercheLouise HouserOakwood Cemetery, Macomb, McDonough Co., IL**
Hermetet, James FrederickMary Ellen Logsdon04-07-184410-26-1920 Schuyler Co., ILPeter HermetetSusan JonteRushville City Cemetery**
Herron, AllyneDonald Herron06-26-190909-24-1927 Schuyler Co., ILAllie McDanielMerle ToneprollVersilles Cemetery, Versilles, Brown Co., IL**
Herron, Horace Dale**05-10-191807-21-1925 Schuyler Co., ILMilton HerronLizzie WhitedCooperstown, Brown Co., IL**
Herron, MaryDavid Herron10-26-183902-11-1920 Schuyler Co., ILLogan HullAnna RossGillette Cemetery**
Herron, Thomas WilliamSarah Jane Dodds02-29-186012-29-1934 Schuyler Co., ILDavid HerronMary HullRushville City Cemetery**
Herron, Virginia May**03-29-1928 Schuyler Co., IL03-30-1928 Schuyler Co., ILEllsworth HerronRuth GeimanMesserer Cemetery**
Hess, Colleen**03-02-189603-04-1925 Schuyler Co., ILCasper HessIdona EifertRushville City Cemetery**
Hess, George HenryMary I. Hughes06-12-186207-24-1924 Schuyler Co., ILAugustus HessKatherine HercheHerche Cemetery**
Hess, Mary I.George Henry Hess11-09-186907-03-1924 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam HughesJane McClureHerche Cemetery**
Hess, Robert A. **08-22-190705-07-1924 Schuyler Co., ILCharles HessEffie M. O'NealMausoleum, Rushville City Cemetery**
Hester, Frederick, Dr.Carrie Dean08-21-186810-26-1923 Schuyler Co., ILAndrew Hester, INMary J. Nelson, Rushville Twp.Rushville City Cemetery**
Hester, Mary JaneJacob A. Hester10-29-183707-28-1919 Schuyler Co., ILGeorge NelsonJuliett RobertsonHuntsville Cemetery**
Hester, Mary Margaret**02-24-1935 Schuyler Co., IL02-24-1935 Schuyler Co., ILFred M. HesterMayme M. McKeownHuntsville Cemetery**
Hetrick, CatherynE. M. Hetrick07-03-185704-18-1934 Schuyler Co., ILMelford EdmonsonSusan HermetetRipley Cemetery, Ripley, Brown Co., IL**
Hickerson, George**08-01-1860 KY10-23-1931 Schuyler Co., ILPeter HickersonHannah WilsonCamden West Cemetery**
Hickerson, Glen Dale**09-28-191208-04-1921 Schuyler Co., ILRaymond Eaton HickersonAnna ThompsonMesserer Cemetery**
Hickerson, Margaret 'Emma' EmmalineWilliam Baker Hickerson06-15-185104-03-1919 Schuyler Co., ILJames M. HunterMariah HurleyMesserer Cemetery**
Hickerson, Raymond EatonAnna Thompson04-04-188508-04-1921 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam D. HickersonMargaret E. HunterMesserer Cemetery**
Hickerson, William Baker, Sr.Margaret Emmaline Hunter08-23-1844 Lincoln Co., MO01-08-1932 Schuyler Co., ILSamuel HickersonMargaret HuckstepMesserer Cemetery*37th Regt., Co. D, State Militia
Hickman, infant**01-01-1932 Schuyler Co., IL01-01-1932 Schuyler Co., ILWayne HickmanEthel YatesPalm Cemetery**
Hickman, Mary FrancisJames Hickman01-06-185810-07-1921 Schuyler Co., ILJames PaytonMary HarmonRushville City Cemetery**
Hickman, Nedra Irene**04-12-1931 Schuyler Co., IL04-12-1931 Schuyler Co., ILWayne HickmanEthel YatesPalm Cemetery**
Hickman, Stephen H.Eva Carlisle02-10-186812-13-1927 Schuyler Co., ILJohn HickmanSarah SimmonsBrowning Cemetery**
Hickman, Thomas Robert*01-08-187108-21-1931 Schuyler Co., ILThomas A. HickmanVirginia CoffmanRushville City Cemetery**
Hierman, Charles Richard**01-06-191707-28-1919 Schuyler Co., ILIrvin HiermanAnna HollingsworthBrowning Cemetery**
Higgins, James**02-05-184412-10-1916 Schuyler Co., ILDaniel Higgins, OhSarah Brewer, PABlackburn Cemetery**
Higgins, John RichmondDora May Fowler02-10-186405-24-1935 Schuyler Co., ILJackson HigginsSarah BurnettBlackburn Cemetery**
Higgins, LydiaAdam C. Higgins07-16-1833 Greenburg, PA11-09-1918 Schuyler Co., ILGeorge T. Ramsey, PARhoda Neswander, VARushville City Cemetery**
Higgins, Twila Gladys**12-13-189302-15-1919 Schuyler Co., ILJohn R. HigginsDora FowlerBlackburn Cemetery**
Hightower, Eugene Edward**11-20-192212-16-1922 Schuyler Co., ILRolla HightowerMinnie RyanHuntsville Cemetery**
Hiles, Florence MarguereteLue J. Hiles04-04-189511-15-1927 Schuyler Co., ILS. Alva LawlerCharity HarrisonRushville City Cemetery**
Hill, Ernest ErwinGrace Greer08-27-1881 Vermillion Co., IL03-24-1935 Schuyler Co., ILM. V. B. Hill, Rev.Josphine ScholyRushville City Cemetery**
Hill, infant**08-29-1916 Schuyler Co., IL08-29-1916 Schuyler Co., ILHenry HillAnna May FranksCamden Twp.**
Hill, Russell O.**08-12-191106-11-1916 Schuyler Co., ILOrson HillMary CowderyHuntsville Cemetery**
Hills, Martha AnnJohn T. Hills08-13-185206-28-1917 Schuyler Co., ILBenjamin ChockleySarah DeweeseChockley Cemetery, Eldorado Twp., McDonough Co., IL**
Hillyer, Chester Keith**01-28-192001-12-1923 Schuyler Co., ILBrooks HillyerTennie GrayBlackburn Cemetery**
Hillyer, HerbertHarriett Cowdry10-22-186112-04-1920 Schuyler Co., ILHenry HillyerHarriett SanfordHuntsville Cemetery**
Hillyer, infant female**08-17-1925 Schuyler Co., IL08-17-1925 Schuyler Co., ILFrank HillyerChlora CleekBrooklyn Cemetery**
Hillyer, infant male**10-14-1922 Schuyler Co., IL10-14-1922 Schuyler Co., ILWayne HillyerOrdie CordellBlackburn Cemetery**
Hillyer, Julia A.Thomas S. Hillyer08-26-185811-04-1919 Schuyler Co., ILJohn HigginsLucinda BurnettBlackburn Cemetery*check death date
Hillyer, LemonLurinda Robinson02-24-186909-21-1920 Schuyler Co., ILSalathiel HillyerMatilda StonekingBlackburn Cemetery**
Hillyer, Mary CarrieWillis Hillyer08-26-186303-24-1931 Schuyler Co., ILAziel BurtonMary CarrolBlackburn Cemetery**
Hillyer, Melvin Earl**11-10-193308-12-1934 Schuyler Co., ILHarry HillyerIrene CardenBlackburn Cemetery**
Hillyer, Nina Louella**10-22-190106-15-1919 Schuyler Co., ILLemon HillyerLorinda RobinsonBlackburn Cemetery**
Hillyer, Russel George**10-20-192201-12-1923 Schuyler Co., ILBrooks HillyerTennie GrayBlackburn Cemetery**
Hillyer, Thomas S.Julia A. Higgins04-15-185503-13-1919 Schuyler Co., ILSalathiel HillyerMatilda StonekingBlackburn Cemetery**
Himmel, SusanPeter Himmel10-15-1848 PA02-04-1917 Schuyler Co., ILJohn Burgard, York Co., PASusan HollingerBrowning Cemetery**
Hindbaugh, Charles Lewis**01-19-1933 Schuyler Co., IL01-22-1933 Schuyler Co., ILLewis HindbaughCora AllenHuntsville Cemetery**
Hinderer, EmmanuelMargaret Schmidt08-12-1835 Germany12-28-1922 Schuyler Co., ILJohn HindererFrederica C. LippeMesserer Cemetery**
Hinderer, EttaWilliam Hinderer03-23-186609-13-1935 Schuyler Co., ILThomas BrownFatima MillerMesserer Cemetery**
Hinderer, Frederick HenryBelle Elliott04-16-186212-13-1928 Schuyler Co., ILEmmanuel HindererMargaret SchmidtMesserer Cemetery*wife from cemetery book
Hindman, David C.Sarah Jones01-04-183801-22-1927 Schuyler Co., ILElija HindmanSarah Ann MaceRushville City Cemetery**
Hindman, Warren JamesLillie Heitz04-28-187511-07-1930 Schuyler Co., ILJames HindmanRuth CampbellRushville City Cemetery**
Hinebaugh, Veron Lee**01-07-191701-17-1917 Schuyler Co., ILLewis HinebaughCora AllenHuntsville Cemetery**
Hinrichsen, Mary Patton (Hinrichson)**03-19-190212-21-1929 Schuyler Co., ILEdward Hinrichson (Hinrichsen)Ora PattonMt. Sterling Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, Brown Co., IL**
Hire, WilliamMattie ?02-06-184108-16-1921 Schuyler Co., ILJesse HireBetsey SkidmoreMt. Auburn Cemetery, Colchester, McDonough Co., IL**
Hoag, HenryMartha Washburn01-01-185208-05-1924 Schuyler Co., ILRussell HoagSarah GillespieMesserer Cemetery**
Hodges, Addie MayDavid Hodges12-23-188009-12-1933 Schuyler Co., ILGeorge T. MooreSaloma DettraHughes Cemetery**
Hodges, BenjaminKeziah 'Kizzie' Stephens06-04-184901-02-1918 Schuyler Co., ILAndrew Hodges, Boone Co., KYPermelia ReamerEbenezer Cemetery**
Hodges, Doris Maxine**03-04-1920 Schuyler Co., IL03-04-1920 Schuyler Co., ILRoscoe HodgesEula Catherine BuckleyRushville City Cemetery**
Hodges, Enoch A.1. Mary Ann Rice; 2. Minnie Moore11-08-186105-13-1923 Schuyler Co., ILDavid HodgesNancy Jane ConradLittleton Cemetery**
Hodges, James AlvaLulu May Icenogle09-08-188307-20-1927 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam HodgesPerthimia StevensHughes Cemetery**
Hodges, Mabel PearlRalph Charles Hodges12-29-189010-20-1931 Schuyler Co., ILDaniel HaberLotta GriffithLittleton Cemetery**
Hodges, MelvinaFrancis Marion Hodges01-18-185502-03-1916 Schuyler Co., ILPeter IcenogleRoseanna UnderhillPalm Cemetery**
Hodges, Richard Wayne**01-24-192404-26-1935 Schuyler Co., ILErnest S. HodgesBeatrice WilzerveskiRushville City Cemetery**
Hodges, Virginia June**06-18-191604-16-1922 Schuyler Co., ILEnoch HodgesMinnie MooreLittleton Cemetery**
Hodgson, Helen EffieThomas S. Hodgson03-08-185512-09-1929 Schuyler Co., ILJohn B. HintonPolly riceRushville City Cemetery**
Hoelscher, CharlesKate M. E. Krueter04-14-185905-13-1918 Schuyler Co., ILFred HoelscherSarah RodewaldMacomb Cemetery, Macomb, McDonough Co., IL**
Hoelscher, infant female**11-03-1922 Schuyler Co., IL11-03-1922 Schuyler Co., ILFred Herman HoelscherMary Maude LeasBrooklyn Cemetery**
Hoelscher, Melinda**10-30-1929 Schuyler Co., IL10-30-1929 Schuyler Co., ILFred HoelscherDora RodewaldBrooklyn Cemetery**
Hoelscher, Melissa CatherineWilliam Hoelscher07-15-186706-21-1918 Schuyler Co., ILEdward P. KingMary E. SellarsBrooklyn Cemetery**
Hoffman, Marjorie Ellen**10-06-192012-30-1922 Schuyler Co., ILRalph HoffmanNellie HultBeardstown, Cass Co., IL**
Hoke, Betty Ann**10-29-1933 Schuyler Co., IL10-30-1933 Schuyler Co., ILEarl HokeIrene DaySugar Grove North Cemetery**
Hoke, Lela Lucille**02-26-190012-28-1926 Schuyler Co., ILCharles HokeElizabeth HarrisRushville City Cemetery**
Hoke, SarahGeorge Hoke07-01-1849 PA05-29-1920 Schuyler Co., ILJesse DannerElizabeth HokeWoodland Cemetery, Fulton Co., IL**
Holbohm, MaryJoseph Holbohm03-07-1836 Baden, Germany05-10-1924 Schuyler Co., ILBarnard Heitz, Baden, GermanyEva ?, Baden, GermanyRushville City Cemetery**
Hollenback, Sarah Ann**08-06-1930 Schuyler County, IL08-06-1930 Schuyler Co., ILKenneth HollenbackVinta BellomyBrowning Cemetery**
Hollingshead, Thomas J.Lucinda Spencer03-05-1844 IN02-09-1926 Schuyler Co., ILElisha Hollingshead, INMary Mock, INOak Grove Cemetery, Beardstown, Cass Co., IL**
Holmes, Joseph AllenSarah C. Ashley12-21-1840 Lawrence Co., IN07-16-1932 Schuyler Co., ILByron HolmesEmeline HartsookRushville City Cemetery**
Holmes, Sarah CatherineJoseph A. Holmes06-23-185311-04-1922 Schuyler Co., ILJohn V. AshbyMourning DieRushville City Cemetery**
Homberger, George PhillipEsther Mann01-07-1829 Germany04-22-1917 Schuyler Co., ILAdam Homberger, GermanyCornelia ?Round Top Cemetery, Round Prairie, IL**
Honefenger, Elizabeth*04-03-183609-28-1934 Schuyler Co., ILJohn McCoyElizabeth SmithMillersville Cemetery, Christian Co., IL**
Hood, Leslie Oscar**07-21-191802-10-1920 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam HoodVivian BridgewaterGillette Cemetery**
Hood, Lloyd William**11-17-191007-09-1927 Schuyler Co., ILJames W. HoodVivian BridgewaterLawler Cemetery**
Hood, Lyle LaVern**12-14-192112-31-1921 Schuyler Co., ILRoy HoodRuth PersingerGillette Cemetery**
Hopkins, Henry WallaceElizabeth Kinney; Rosa Darling03-15-186407-17-1934 Schuyler Co., ILLemuel HopkinsMary BaderAstoria Cemetery, Astoria, Fulton Co., IL**
Horney, Donald L.**01-16-193012-12-1930 Schuyler Co., ILLavern HorneyHelen BakerBrooklyn Cemetery**
Horney, infant male**04-01-1926 Schuyler Co., IL04-01-1926 Schuyler Co., ILClifford Forrest HorneyNellie Bell KirhamLittleton Cemetery**
Horney, infant son**08-26-1917 Schuyler Co., IL08-27-1917 Schuyler Co., ILClifford F. Horney, Littleton Twp.Nellie KirkhamLittleton Cemetery**
Horney, Nellie BellClifford Forrest Horney04-22-188904-04-1926 Schuyler Co., ILJohn KirkhamSarah CarnesLittleton Cemetery**
Horney, Robert Laverne**11-28-1916 Schuyler Co., IL11-29-1916 Schuyler Co., ILVivian A HorneyCelesta McKelvieLittleton Cemetery**
Horst, Charles Edward**12-08-191008-23-1919 Schuyler Co., ILJacob HorstFrances M. ReasorRushville City Cemetery**
Horton, Daniel A.**12-25-188210-25-1932 Schuyler Co., ILJohn HortonElizabeth DarlingBluff City Cemetery**
Horton, John D.Margaret Elizabeth Nichols09-21-184512-31-1932 Schuyler Co., ILLewis HortonPriscilla CrismanLittleton Cemetery**
Horton, Margaret ElizabethJohn D. Horton07-13-185605-05-1929 Schuyler Co., ILReuben NicholsElizabeth AgnewLittleton Cemetery**
Horwedel, Ilene Marie**02-09-1916 Schuyler Co., IL02-11-1916 Schuyler Co., ILLester Horwedel, ILFern DiamondVermont Cemetery, Fulton Co., IL**
Hough, Harriett? Hough12-10-1828 OH10-22-1916 Schuyler Co., ILIsaac Lewton*Huntsville Cemetery**
Hougland, George C.Nancy Manion07-20-1855 Jacksonville, Morgan Co., IL03-07-1927 Schuyler Co., ILJohn H. HouglandSarah BarberRushville City Cemetery**
Houston, MaryGeorge Dexter Houston03-10-185311-03-1934 Schuyler Co., ILEdward G. HallPrisclla BakerSugar Grove North Cemetery**
Houston, Minerva 'Minnie' Masters ScrippsJohn Lincoln Houston05-26-186201-06-1922 Schuyler Co., ILJohn Corrie ScrippsEmma TruettRushville City Cemetery**
Houston, Sarah (Mrs.)Henry James Houston11-18-183212-21-1926 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam Owen, KYHelen Swan, KYSugar Grove North Cemetery**
Howard, Charles Eugene**03-25-1920 Schuyler Co., IL03-26-1920 Schuyler Co., ILBerch HowardEthel RenoPalm Cemetery**
Howard, infant daughter**06-07-1918 Schuyler Co., IL06-07-1918 Schuyler Co., ILBerch HowardEthel RenoPalm Cemetery**
Howard, Laura EmmaRobert Lee howard11-24-186606-16-1928 Schuyler Co., ILJohn DeanMartha NesbittPalm Cemetery**
Howe, Andy*05-28-185209-16-1921 County Home**Messerer Cemetery*Co. Home is in Buena Vista Twp.
Howe, Elener1. John Pruett; 2. Samuel Webster Howe02-06-184611-16-1920 Schuyler Co., ILJames BishopAnna MillerCamden West Cemetery**
Howell, Alexandernever married02-01-185311-26-1931 Schuyler Co., ILJohn C. HowellMary StutsmanNaught Cemetery**
Howell, Bert Lawler**03-18-190410-02-1922 Schuyler Co., ILFred HowellEvalina LawlerHowell Cemetery**
Howell, IraMary Fey02-16-186204-21-1924 Schuyler Co., ILJohn HowellMary M. StutsmanJonte Cemetery**
Howell, William M.*63y 7mo 18d04-04-1922 Schuyler Co., ILNathan HowellPriscilla CramblettVermont Cemetery, Vermont, Fulton Co., IL**
Howk, Amanda E.George F. Howk03-15-188001-17-1933 Schuyler Co., ILLafayette KlinglerJane ThomasKnight Cemetery, Pea Ridge Twp., Brown Co., IL**
Howlett, Sarah1. Daniel Taylor; 2. Thomas Howlett05-10-1831 Worstershire, England02-10-1917 Schuyler Co., ILGeorge Rooke, England?, EnglandMesserer Cemetery**
Huff, George P.Elizabeth C. Welborn07-28-1850 Brooklyn Twp.11-24-1917 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam Huff, NCElizabeth Tenn or Tena, INScott Cemetery, Plymouth, Hancock Co., IL**
Huff, Lawrence OliverAllie Anna Thompson09-04-184805-05-1922 Schuyler Co., ILLawrence HuffHulda ArtonLangford Cemetery**
Huffman, Mary EllenThompson Huffman01-01-185302-24-1933 Schuyler Co., ILJohn W. DeanMaria NesbittSwede Center Cemetery, Neosha, KS**
Huffman, William W., Jr.Ellen Riggall02-06-1855 Rinersville, OH08-18-1933 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam W. Huffman, Sr.Deborah GreggPalm Cemetery**
Hughes, Alice Rosalee**11-26-1932 Schuyler Co., IL11-26-1932 Schuyler Co., ILHarvey HughesDena M. DewittRipley Cemetery, Ripley, Brown Co., IL**
Hughes, John WilliamSarah Jane Young12-02-183502-05-1923 Schuyler Co., ILJames P. HughesKatherine AlimondRushville City Cemetery**
Hughes, LauraEdgar, Hughes11-11-186910-20-1925 Schuyler Co., ILJ. C. GreenElizabeth SadlerWoodlawn Cemetery, Augusta, Hancock Co., IL**
Hughes, Lucinda JaneRobert M. Hughes12-11-185404-18-1931 Schuyler Co., ILJohn McLarenNancy ClepperRushville City Cemetery**
Hulett, DoraPerry C. Hulett10-14-186209-06-1924 Schuyler Co., ILMartin McCombsSophrona CramptonBrowning Cemetery**
Hulett, GoldieOscar Hulett07-25-1898 Canton, Fulton Co., IL05-30-1923 Schuyler Co., ILAdam Wiersheid (sp)Ida ThompsburyBeardstown City Cemetery, Beardstwon, Cass Co., IL**
Hulett, Grace Evelyn**10-27-190604-28-1919 Browning Twp.Ed HulettLeaty ThomasCooperstown Cemetery, Cooperstown, Brown Co., IL**
Hulick, Luonie B.Matthias Hulick12-20-187305-07-1934 Schuyler Co., ILE. Divan McCrackenElnira MoseGlenwood Cemetery, Shelbyville, Shelby Co., IL**
Hulick, Margaret JaneMathias Hulick05-01-186306-16-1924 Schuyler Co., ILAlexander YoungLouisa RyanCamden Twp.**
Hume, John BensonMary A. Woods10-19-184011-14-1927 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam HumeMary ToddHume Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, Brown Co., IL**
Humphrey, Harry OrvilleWinnie Young06-01-189407-16-1927 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam HumphreyBell HickmanRushville City Cemetery**
Humphrey, Herschel D.*11-25-187512-29-1932 Schuyler Co., ILJohn A. HumphreyAnna E. ThompsonGood Hope Cemetery**
Humphrey, infant male**01-04-1925 Schuyler Co., IL01-05-1925 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam HumphreyMarie BelvilleBrowning Cemetery**
Humphrey, WilliamMartha Wilhelm08-06-185704-13-1920 Schuyler Co., ILAaron HumphreyRachel MirrorBrowning Cemetery**
Humphreys, George McMinnonMargaret/Martha Ellen Kaleburgh01-04-185909-21-1923 Schuyler Co., ILSimpson (Simeon) HumphreysCassandra KirkGood Hope Cemetery*called Simmie
Hunter, Charles William**04-05-189101-09-1933 Schuyler Co., ILHillry HunterEleanor GreenTemple Cemetery, Fulton Co., IL**
Hurst, Wendell Lyle**03-18-192010-06-1923 Schuyler Co., ILHugh HurstOlga LogsdonVersailles Cemetery, Versailles, Brown Co., IL**
Hutchinson, Henry ArthurFlorence M. Ross01-17-1887 Centerville, WV01-17-1928 Schuyler Co., ILHarrison Hutchinson? PowersMesserer Cemetery*birth date via cemetery book - WWI - Cas 9th Regt.
Hutton, Ella F. Theodore J. Hutton03-04-185109-22-1930 Schuyler Co., ILCharles W. FrisbyAbbie Jackson, OHRushville City Cemetery**
Hymer, Mary JaneSamuel Hymer07-09-183103-05-1923 Schuyler Co., ILEzekial ThompsonMary ?Rushville City Cemetery**

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