Schuyler County Death Certificates plus genealogy info
Researched and Compiled by Lavina Walton

Sorted by: Surname, First Middle.
If no county or state included in a column means it's in Schuyler County, Illinois.

"**" means that person was single.
"*" means that space was blank or unknown.

"Wives" in the Spouse column are written as their maiden names.
*NOTE: Remember Death Place doesn't always mean where they lived.  
Rushville Twp. has the Town of Rushville and it's hospital, Sarah Culbertson Memorial Hospital.
People also stay with relatives or friends when ill.

Name Spouse(s) Birth Date
 & Place
Death Date & Place Father &
Birth Place
Mother &
Birth Place
Buried Info Giver Note
Kalebaugh, Lucy AnnaEphriam H. Kalebaugh09-12-186109-19-1929 Schuyler Co., ILDavid J. Settles, Fulton Co., ILArminda TracyGood Hope CemeteryLeander Settles*
Kay, Albert H.Harriet Bartells10-02-1879 Camp Point, Adams Co., IL12-23-1920 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam T. Kay, ILMargaret H. HanbackCamp Point, Adams Co., IL**
Keeling, George HaydenBelle Kelly12-30-187205-17-1931 Schuyler Co., ILHayden Keeling, Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL or KYKatherine (Catherine Snell) Schnell, ILMausoleum, Rushville City CemeteryLouis H. Keeling*
Keeling, Leonard H.Harriet Kelly06-19-1874 Canton, Fulton Co., IL02-26-1926 Schuyler Co., ILHayden Keeling, Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL or KYKatherine (Catherine Snell) Schnell, ILRushville City CemeteryG. H. Keeling*
Keeran, John William**12-08-186903-11-1919 Schuyler Co., ILBenjamin KeeranElizabeth TolandChockley Cemetery**
Keeran, Pansy Irene**01-07-188802-26-1917 Schuyler Co., ILBenjamin KeeranElizabeth TolandChockley Cemetery**
Keller, Anna Irene**11-22-192302-01-1925 Schuyler Co., ILGlenn Keller, ILAlta Ellen SteadmanChristian Neck CemeteryGlenn Keller*
Keller, Charles Franklin**06-13-192007-30-1923 Schuyler Co., ILGlenn Keller, ILAlta Ellen SteadmanChristian Neck CemeteryGlenn Keller*
Kelley, Henry Patrick1. Ruth Steadman; 2. Martha A Waits07-07-183703-20-1924 Schuyler Co., ILFrancis M. Kelley, IrelandSusannah Jones, KYRushville City CemeteryMartha A. Kelley*
Kellum, Donie Dean**10-12-192809-21-1929 Schuyler Co., ILLloyd Eugene Kellum, Hardin Co., IANora Powell, Browning, Browning Twp.Industry, McDonough Co., IL**
Kelly, Carol Pauline**08-17-192203-14-1923 Schuyler Co., ILRoy Kelly, McDonough Co., ILMyrtle Gillenwater, Rushville, Rushville Twp.Rushville City Cemetery**
Kelly, George JohnsonNancy Jane Vale10-26-185106-05-1931 Schuyler Co., ILJames Kelly, IrelandSally Icenogle, INPalm CemeteryNancy Danner*
Kelly, infant male**05-18-1929 Schuyler Co., IL05-18-1929 Schuyler Co., ILRaymond KellyBernice DeCampLittleton Cemetery**
Kelly, infant male**04-28-1920 Schuyler Co., IL04-30-1920 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam D. KellyElla SteadmanWhite Oak Cemetery**
Kelly, James M.Emily Kelly09-07-1844 Vermont, Fulton Co., IL02-28-1927 Schuyler Co., ILFrancis B. Kelly, Elizabethtown, KYElizabeth Hollingsworth, KYPrice CemeteryAbby WooleyCivil War: Co. G, 11th
Kelly, James M.Mary Jane Roberts05-26-183405-17-1923 Schuyler Co., ILHenry Kelly, KYSarah Reamer, KYEbenezer CemeteryWilliam Kelly*
Kelly, Jannie ElizabethElmer Elwood Kelly11-24-189112-06-1923 Schuyler Co., ILHarrison Arnold, Macoupin Co., ILPurlina Wayland, KYLittleton CemeteryElmer Kelly*
Kelly, LydiaJohn Henry Kelly05-17-1869 IL10-27-1920 Schuyler Co., ILBenjamin HodgesTemperance EvansBrowning CemeteryJ. H. Kelly*
Kelly, Mary Elizabeth1. Henry Friday; 2. James Kelly02-28-1891 Brown Co., IL09-03-1933 Schuyler Co., ILEd RobbinsLydia McCombsLittle Creek Cemetery, Versailles, Brown Co., ILJames Kelly*
Kelly, Mary JaneJames M. Kelly03-15-184001-07-1927 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam Roberts, INElizabeth 'Betsy' Waugh, INFairfield, ILClaude Thompson*
Kelly, Nancy JaneGeorge Johnson Kelly02-23-185708-13-1930 Schuyler Co., ILThomas Vail, EnglandEliza Jones, EnglandPalm Cemetery**
Kelly, Ray A.Myrtle Gillenwaters10-08-1887 McDonough Co., IL07-12-1922 Schuyler Co., ILJohn W. Kelly, Vermont, Fulton Co., ILElizabeth Verndon, Cass Co., ILRushville City Cemetery**
Kemble, Angeline1. John Toland; 2. Joseph Harvey Kemble11-05-1856 Vermont, Fulton Co., IL03-18-1931 Schuyler Co., ILBenjamin BarronJane LindsayChockley CemeteryMrs. Art Wells*
Kemble, Joseph Harvey1. Laura Keeran; 2. Angeline Toland nee Barron10-15-1854 Bulter Co., OH03-16-1931 Schuyler Co., ILCharles Kemble, EnglandElizabeth Thomas, PALittleton CemeteryMrs. Carrie Young*
Kepler, Edie AmeliaGillespie Kepler10-07-184203-02-1932 Schuyler Co., ILJohn Carter, NCBarbara RoseRushville City CemeteryOscar Kepler*
Kepler, GillespieEdie Amelia Carter01-03-1838 Dayton , Ohio09-03-1916 Schuyler Co., ILNathaniel Kepler, MarylandKatherine Springer, MarylandRushville City Cemetery**
Kerr, Eleanor BellJohn C. Kerr01-28-1843 County Fermanaugh, Ireland03-13-1925 Schuyler Co., ILRobert Bell, IrelandAnna Mayes, IrelandRushville City CemeteryMay Kerr*
Kerr, Fannie SmithJoseph A. Kerr09-02-186911-11-1931 Schuyler Co., ILDavid McCombs, County Downs, IrelandMatilda McClure, NJRushville City CemeteryLaura J. Kerr*
Kerr, Hugh John**10-01-189906-05-1929 Schuyler Co., ILBert Kerr, ILMartha Hatfield, ILRushville City CemeteryRuth J. Kerr*
Kerr, John C.Eleanor Bell07-15-1837 County Fermanaugh, Ireland03-03-1929 Schuyler Co., ILJohn Kerr, IrelandRebecca Weir, ScotlandRushville City Cemetery**
Kerr, Katherine Bell**09-27-1860 County Tyrone, Ireland01-05-1925 Schuyler Co., ILJohn C. Kerr, IrelandEleaner Bell, IrelandRushville City CemeteryMay L. Kerrnever married
Kerr, MariettaRobert S. Kerr09-17-185912-01-1934 Schuyler Co., ILDavid Taylor, NJNancy A. (Amanda?) MorelandRushville City CemeteryWilliam Taylor*
Kerr, Robert S.Marietta Taylor03-30-185004-19-1929 Schuyler Co., ILJames Kerr, ScotlandElizabeth LoudenRushville City CemeteryMrs. Nettie Kerr.*
Kimble, Samuel, Jr.**02-27-185912-11-1918 Schuyler Co., ILSamuel Kimble, Sr.Sarah J. KellyLawler Cemetery**
King, Alice P.Claudius E. King07-18-1844 Warren Co., IL08-13-1916 Schuyler Co., ILErastus JenksPolly Wilbur, MaineRushville City CemeteryGuy E. King*
King, Arthur ClintonLouise Stahman08-12-185707-23-1930 Schuyler Co., ILLewis Roe King, NYHarriett McKee, Conn.Huntsville Cemetery**
King, Arthur ErnestEllen Josephine Wright11-26-186810-14-1917 Schuyler Co., ILClauius E. KingAlice P. JenksRushville City CemeteryMrs. Arthur King*
King, Bernice Louise**06-12-1918 Schuyler Co., IL06-12-1918 Schuyler Co., ILGuy KingMyrtle HughesRushville City Cemetery**
King, Edward M.Jennie M. McCamish (?)05-17-1854 IL10-10-1920 Schuyler Co., ILCharles D. King, Chester, NYJane McKee, Conn.Brooklyn CemeteryChester King*
King, Elizabeth HiteJonas King07-29-184809-15-1935 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam Harrison HiteMary Magdelena StoutBrooklyn Cemetery**
King, Ellen D.Charles D. King02-18-184108-27-1922 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam Lewis, PARebecca Compton, ILBrooklyn CemeteryCatherine Curtis*
King, JonasElizabeth Hite08-30-184906-01-1925 Schuyler Co., ILCharles D. King, Chester, NYJane McKee, Conn.Brooklyn CemeteryElizabeth King*
King, Mary Florence**08-28-191609-24-1917 Schuyler Co., ILMortimer KingCarrie KuhnRushville City Cemetery**
King, Robert Ewing**07-18-1924 Schuyler Co., IL07-18-1924 Schuyler Co., ILGuy KingMyrtle HughesRushville City Cemetery**
Kinman, ElizaWilliam Kinman01-14-185802-19-1917 Schuyler Co., ILBarnard BlackRachel OwensWeightman Cemetery**
Kinnear, Alonzo CarltonElla Margaret Strong05-05-185802-18-1919 Schuyler Co., ILAurelius KinnearEliza LaFeverRushville City Cemetery**
Kinnear, Ella MargaretAlonzo Carlton Kinnear09-18-186311-21-1931 Schuyler Co., ILEnos Strong, INIndiana Winchell, ILRushville City CemeteryEffie Johnson*
Kinsey, Delia MayWilliam Harrison Kinsey05-02-186608-11-1930 Schuyler Co., ILHenry Miller, GermanySarah Holland, TNRushville City CemeteryMargaret Dodds*
Kirkham, Anna ElizaGeorge Harrison Kirkham07-31-184612-04-1924 Schuyler Co., ILGeorge W. Garrison, Butler Co., OHSarah Vail, Butler Co., OHBethany CemeteryJ. Kirkham*
Kirkham, Charles S.1. Cynthia Meisenhimer; 2. Marie Ideus10-23-1844, Frederick, Frederick Twp.01-23-1921 Schuyler Co., ILMichael KirkhamCharity WhitsonMesserer Cemetery**
Kirkham, George HarrisonAnne Elizabeth Garrison04-22-184401-24-1925 Schuyler Co., ILHenry Kirkham, OHElizabeth Hinkle, VABethany CemeteryJ. Orrin Kirkham*
Kirkham, HenryClara Ann Ren12-15-1832 IN01-18-1917 Schuyler Co., ILJohn KirkhamLucretia SouthGillette Cemetery**
Kirkham, John Robert1. Sarah Carnes; 2. Edith C. Hightower12-28-1849 IL11-07-1930 Schuyler Co., ILHenry Kirkham, KYFrancis Wilson, PALittleton Cemetery**
Kirkham, Susie EdnaEarl Kirkham10-05-189401-19-1929 Schuyler Co., ILAlbert H. Lewis, Brown Co., ILPermelia Thompson, Schuyler Co., ILRipley Cemetery, Ripley, Brown Co., ILEarl Kirkham*
Kistler, William GustavuisCaroline Schug07-04-1864 Galeburg, Knox Co., IL07-02-1933 Schuyler Co., ILPeter Kistler, GermanyWilmina Brandline, GermanyRushville City CemeteryMax Kistler*
Kloker, infant male**12-13-1926 Schuyler Co., IL12-13-1926 Schuyler Co., ILMyron Lamont KlokerInez Louise BollmanRushville City Cemetery**
Knapp, Mary JaneJames Vincent Knapp01-29-1869 Rushville, Rushville Twp.04-06-1926 Schuyler Co., ILHenry M. Tipton, York Co., PALibbie Kimmel, York Co., PARushville City CemeteryHoward Knapp*
Kniss, Mary BelleGeorge W. Kniss07-06-185602-16-1935 Schuyler Co., ILCyrus AndersonPhylinda CadyMcHatton CemeteryNellie A. Fetch*
Knott, John F.**03-03-189611-07-1927 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam M. Knott, Schuyler Co., ILSarah Steadman, Browning, Schuyler Co., ILRushville City CemeterySherman Knott*
Knott, Sherman David*09-27-189102-11-1935 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam KnottSadie SteadmanRushville City CemeteryMaude Knott*
Knouse, IsadoraAlexander Knouse01-27-1872 Bainbridge Twp.04-20-1928 Schuyler Co., ILHardin Harris, Cass Co., ILRebecca Owens, INLynn CemeteryAlex Knouse*
Knouse, Joshua**06-03-1928 Cass Co., IL12-29-1928 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam H. KnouseFanny Miller, Brown Co., ILMesserer Cemetery**
Knouse, Permelia EllenNicholas Knous(e)01-04-185407-10-1930 Schuyler Co., ILJames EvansElizabeth LaMasterLawler CemeteryLawrence Knouse*
Knouse, Richard**12-28-192502-12-1926 Schuyler Co., ILJohn KnouseLula LashbrookGillette Cemetery**
Knowles, Anna ElizaFrank W. Knowles02-17-185908-10-1933 Schuyler Co., ILArchibald Phillips, Schuyler Co., ILElizabeth McLain, Schuyler Co., ILRushville City CemeterySarah M. Fey*
Knowles, DrucillaJohn Thomas Knowles06-12-183206-07-1917 Schuyler Co., ILJohn DeFever Logsdon, KYMargaret HillRushville City Cemetery**
Knowles, Edith May**03-01-1918 Schuyler Co., IL03-02-1918 Schuyler Co., ILG. Hiram Knowles*Rushville City Cemetery**
Knowles, Eliza SusanJoseph Knowles02-17-1833 Ft. Republic, MD02-24-1920 Schuyler Co., ILWalter Yoe, MarylandEliza BowenRushville City CemeteryW. W. Knowles*
Knowles, James Russell**12-13-192101-23-1935 Schuyler Co., ILGeorge H. KnowlesEdith Bradbury, ILRushville City Cemetery**
Knowles, John HenryLouisa Eugenia Bracken07-19-185604-08-1925 Schuyler Co., ILJoseph Knowles, EnglandSusan E. Yoe, MarylandRushville City CemeteryMrs. J. H. Knowles*
Knowles, Marion Carl**05-15-193006-09-1930 Schuyler Co., ILGeorge H. KnowlesEdith Bradbury, ILRushville City CemeteryG. H. Knowles*
Koch, Raymond G.Antonie Berg10- 01-1889 Rock Island, Rock Island Co., IL02-20-1931 Schuyler Co., ILRudolph Koch, Erie, PAElla Collins, Dixon, ILChippinnock Cemetery, Rock Island, Rock Island Co., ILAntonia Koch*
Kolp, Catherine**09-07-190712-10-1923 Schuyler Co., ILMartin KolpNevada Geiman, ILSouth Fulton Cemetery, Fulton Co., ILMartin L. Kolptombstone says Katherine
Kolp, Stanley**12-25-1933 Browning Twp.12-25-1933 Browning Twp.Geiman KolpMargaret Bader, Browning TwpBader Cemetery*cousin of ILTrails Schuyler Co. host
Koontz, Laurence FredMary Grant01-10-188912-13-1934 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam KoontzMargaret SnodgrassMarlow CemeteryNellie A. FetchLaurence & Mary were divorced
Koontz, Margaret AnnWilliam H. Koontz01-28-184404-08-1921 Schuyler Co., ILJohn Snodgrass, OHSarah Wyman, PAMarlow Cemetery**
Korte, William F., Jr.**05-29-1859 Quincy, Adams Co., IL09-22-1928 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam F. Korte, Sr., Holland*Rushville City CemeteryLewis French*
Kost, Warren1. Addie Mercer; 2. Anna Patton10-11-1863 Vermont, Fulton Co., IL10-13-1935 Schuyler Co., ILJohn KostCatherine LarkVermont Cemetery, Vermont, Fulton Co., ILW. M. Kost*
Krohe, infant male**09-07-1919 Schuyler Co., IL09-07-1919 Schuyler Co., ILRoy J. KroheBertha E. DixonPalm Cemtery**
Krohe, Sophia MariaLewis E Krohe11-14-184101-20-1917 Schuyler Co., ILJohn C. Korte, GermanyChristina Meyer, GermanyKrohe CemeteryFrank H. Krohe*
Kruse, Eliabeth C.Franz Henry Dierk Kruse04-16-1825 Georgetown, KY05-24-1917 Schuyler Co., ILThomas I. GarrettSusan Weigart, MarylandRushville City CemeteryMrs. M. W. Greer*
Kuechler, EdwardEmma Wankel12-26-1841 Saxony, Germany03-26-1930 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam Kuechler, Germany*Rushville City CemeteryCharles E. Kuechler*
Kuhn, Mary JanePhillip Kuhn05-17-184104-18-1931 Schuyler Co., ILHenry Hutchinson, VADenise Gabbert, KYRushville City CemeteryEarl R. Kuhn*
Kuhn, PhillipMary Jane Hutchinson07-25-1829 PA10-25-1917 Schuyler Co., ILJohn Kuhn, PAHarriett Matilda WhiteRushville City CemeteryEarl Kuhn*

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