Schuyler County Death Certificates plus genealogy info
Researched and Compiled by Lavina Walton

Sorted by: Surname, First Middle.
If no county or state included in a column means it's in Schuyler County, Illinois.

"**" means that person was single.
"*" means that space was blank or unknown.

"Wives" in the Spouse column are written as their maiden names.
*NOTE: Remember Death Place doesn't always mean where they lived.  
Rushville Twp. has the Town of Rushville and it's hospital, Sarah Culbertson Memorial Hospital.
People also stay with relatives or friends when ill.

Name Spouse(s) Birth Date
 & Place
Death Date & Place Father &
Birth Place
Mother &
Birth Place
Buried Info Giver Note
McCabe, James**08-31-186209-22-1929 Schuyler Co., ILMichael McCabe, IrelandMary Welden, IrelandSt. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, Brown Co., ILMary Baker*
McCabe, MabelHoward Churchill McCabe12-10-186112-28-1928 Schuyler Co., IL**Rushville City CemeteryMrs. R. R. Wellsraised by James Moore but may have been adopted
McCabe, MichaelMary Welden182710-09-1917 Schuyler Co., IL**St. Mary's Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, Brown Co., ILKate McCabe*
McCausland, Donnie Dean**09-17-193501-23-1938 Schuyler Co., ILHerbert McCauslandErma BivensBrowning CemeteryHerbert McClausland*
McCausland, Royce Darrel**11-10-1938 Schuyler Co., IL11-10-1938 Schuyler Co., ILHubert W. McCausland, Havana, Mason Co., ILErma Bivens, Alexis, ?Browning CemeteryHubert McCausland*
McClain (McLain ?), SamuelAlbina Dudley01-17-184710-31-1920 Schuyler Co., ILRobert McClain (McLain ?)Elender ?, TNBirmingham Twp.Alfred McClain (McLain ?)*
McClelland, Harriett Aline**04-09-1918 Schuyler Co., IL04-13-1918 Schuyler Co., ILBenjamin F. McClellandHannah TwedellRiggs Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, Brown Co., IL**
McClelland, Ilene**04-10-1918 Schuyler Co., IL04-10-1918 Schuyler Co., ILBenjamin F. McClellandHannah TwedellRiggs Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, Brown Co., IL**
McClelland, Warren**07-10-1917 Schuyler Co., IL07-11-1917 Schuyler Co., ILBenjamin F. McClellandHannah TwedellRiggs Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, Brown Co., IL**
McClintock, SamuelPhylena Van Beavers12-26-1862 OH03-31-1924 Schuyler Co., ILJohn McClintock, IrelandElizabeth Hapbaun, IrelandWhite Oak CemeteryHomer McClintock*
McCombs, AlexanderMartha Ellen Jeanette Miller02-28-184410-29-1920 Schuyler Co., ILHenry McCombsRuth WaltonBrowning Cemetery**
McCombs, Carol Ann**12-24-193602-05-1938 Schuyler Co., ILBernard McCombsMary A. DickinsonPalm CemeteryBernard McCombs*
McCombs, Charles Wesley**11-02-1924 Schuyler Co., IL11-02-1924 Schuyler Co., ILErwin Bernard 'Bernard' McCombs, OKMary A DickinsonPalm CemeteryE. B. McCombs*
McCombs, DavidMatilda McClure05-11-1837 County Down, Ireland10-09-1916 Schuyler Co., IL**Persinger CemeteryFannie Smith*
McCombs, Freman Hugh**04-27-191812-24-1918 Schuyler Co., ILTaylor McCombsBessie MercerBrowning Cemetery**
McCombs, Gertrude**11-03-1917 Schuyler Co., IL11-03-1917 Schuyler Co., ILMartin McCombsIma AlldridgeBrowning CemeteryMartin McCombs*
McCombs, Ima B.Martin Edwards McCombs03-31-189302-11-1924 Schuyler Co., ILAlbert AlldridgeEmma AldrichBrowning CemeteryMartin McCombs*
McCombs, Martha Ellen JeanetteAlexander McCombs09-20-1850 IL09-23-1920 Schuyler Co., ILIsaac C. MillerJane HallBrowning CemeteryReece McCombs*
McCombs, Martin Taylor1. Sophronia Crampton; 2. Patsy Thornton01-05-1840 OH10-15-1924 Schuyler Co., ILHenry McCombsRuth WaltonBader CemeterySeth McCombs*
McCombs, Patsy1. David Stedman; 2. Martin McCombs, Sr.05-28-185511-30-1929 Schuyler Co., ILFelix ThorntonOllie LuttrellNew Ridgeville CemeteryChester Thornton*
McCombs, Richard Dale**05-19-1918 Latham, Kansas11-13-1931 Schuyler Co., ILSeth McCombsCora SwinkBrowning CemeterySeth McCombs*
McCombs, Robert**12-02-1927 Schuyler Co., IL12-02-1927 Schuyler Co., ILErwin Bernard 'Bernard' McCombs, OKMary A DickinsonPalm CemeteryBernard McCombs*
McCombs, SethCora Swink03-30-187402-11-1935 Schuyler Co., ILMartin McCombsSophrona CramptonBrowning CemeteryWilliam E. McCombs*
McCombs, Verna1. ? Campbell; 2. William Andrew McCombs02-08-188712-08-1918 Schuyler Co., ILJohn BurtonMary DuncanBrowning CemeteryCora Gomes*
McConahay, Donald Eugene**03-04-1931 Schuyler Co., IL03-05-1931 Schuyler Co., ILGuy McConahayErmond WheelhouseSugar Grove North CemeteryDana Wheelhouse*
McCorkle, DorcasThomas Nelson McCorkle08-05-1832 KY02-15-1923 Schuyler Co., ILEphraim DerricksonElizabeth PrettymanRushville City Cemetery**
McCormick, DavidMargaret Hills02-17-183212-02-1918 Schuyler Co., ILAndrew McCormick, ScotlandJane Hill, Troy, NYRushville City CemeteryMary McCormick*
McCormick, ElliottEmma Bisby07-29-185702-09-1934 Schuyler Co., ILHarvey McCormickElizabeth Hogshead, PAVermont Cemetery, Fulton Co., ILBertha Haney*
McCormick, MaryAndrew B. McCormick08-22-182810-21-1919 Schuyler Co., ILJames LamasterNancy DonahueGillette CemeteryM. F. Serrot*
McCormick, Robert E.**06-19-186209-28-1930 Schuyler Co., ILAndrew McCormick, Albany, NYMary LamasterGillette CemeteryJessie Serrot*
McCormick, ThomasMrs. Sarah Jane Isabel04-15-183704-19-1916 Schuyler Co., IL*Ellen ?New Ridgeville CemeteryMary Sherrill*
McCreery, Charles GayIda M. Curry11-01-185502-26-1924 Schuyler Co., ILJames G. McCreery, IrelandAnna Putman, Albany, NYRushville City CemeteryMrs. Helen Dunlavy*
McCreery, Francis V. E.William Robert McCreery11-18-185112-08-1925 Schuyler Co., ILAdam Dunlap, Capt., PACynthia B. Carter, TNRushville City CemeteryAbbie E. McCreery*
McCreery, Francis William**12-16-1909 Canton, Fulton Co., IL06-29-1931 Schuyler Co., ILHomer B. SmithNellie Frances McCreeryMausoleum, Rushville City CemeteryHattie Hammondadopted by Frances McCreery
McCreery, John Hamilton**10-28-184611-15-1918 Schuyler Co., ILRobert McCreery, IrelandFannie O'Donnal, IrelandRushville City CemeteryC. H. Hammond*
McCreery, Lewis JacobAlmeda Burmood11-21-185706-03-1934 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam Thomas McCreery, IrelandEsther MelsineRushville City CemeteryAlmeda McCreery*
McCreery, Rowland MadisonFannie McDonald02-28-1850 Amagh, County Tyrone, Ireland12-20-1917 Schuyler Co., ILRobert McCreery, IrelandFannie O'Donnal, IrelandRushville City CemeteryAbbie McCreery*
McCullough, Lawrence**07-04-190803-10-1924 Schuyler Co., ILLouis McCulloughMary E. PridmoreLittleton CemeteryLouis McCullough*
McCurdy, Ruth Evelyn**02-26-1918 Schuyler Co., IL02-26-1918 Schuyler Co., ILGeorge McCurdy, PAIda HammBader CemeteryErnest C. Hamm*
McDaniel, Donna Anna**10-10-192109-26-1924 Schuyler Co., ILJohn McDanielOrpha WadeChapin ?????**
McDonald, Donnie MayWilliam McDonald03-18-1904 near Augusta, Hancock Co., IL08-13-1931 Schuyler Co., ILLuke Phillips, Plymouth, ? Co., ILElla Griebel, Brooklyn Twp.Woodlawn Cemetery, Augusta, Hancock Co., IL**
McDonald, Goldie Elizabeth**02-12-190901-20-1928 Schuyler Co., ILGuy W. McDonald, Huntsville Twp.Ethel Upchurch, Brown Co., ILMounds Cemetery, Timewell, Brown Co., ILGuy McDonald*
McDonald, JennieWilliam John McDonald01-14-185402-20-1920 Schuyler Co., ILJohn C. AllisonJuly SennithHuntsville CemeteryWilliam J. McDonald*
McDonald, William JohnAmanda Knight06-08-185203-18-1932 Schuyler Co., ILJohn McDonald, IrelandSally Orr, ScotlandMounds Cemetery, Timewell, Brown Co., IL*found dead in his buggy
McDougall, Golda JaneRalph W. McDougall10-29-190106-29-1938 Schuyler Co., ILFred YoungMary Stambaugh, OKRushville City CemeteryRalph McDougall*
McElroy, William Taylor, Dr.*05-10-1854 Elizabethtown, KY03-24-1934 Schuyler Co., ILJohn McElroy, VA?, VABeardstown City Cemetery, Beardstown, Cass Co., ILJ. W. McElroy*
McFeeters, Eva May**05-06-192402-01-1925 Schuyler Co., ILPaul McFeeters, Schuyler Co., ILMartha Dunbar, Brown Co., ILRushville City CemeteryPaul McFeeters*
McFeeters, John YoungCynthia Elvira Black03-06-1857 Wilmington, Delaware02-04-1935 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam Russell McFeeters, County Derry, IrelandMartha Young, Cork, County Derry, IrelandRushville City Cemetery**
McFeeters, Martha AllisonWilliam R. McFeeters06-03-1830 County Derry, Ireland02-15-1921 Schuyler Co., ILJohn Todd Young, County Derry, IrelandMargaret Allison, IrelandRushville City CemeteryJ. Y. Mcfeeters*
McFeeters, Maurice Henry**09-13-189501-06-1924 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam H. McFeeters, Wilmington, DelawareMary E. Moore, Schuyler Co., ILRushville City CemeteryWilliam McFeeters*
McFeeters, William HenryMary Florence Moore02-25-1863 Wilmington, Delaware03-23-1937 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam Russell McFeeters, County Derry, IrelandMartha Young, Cork, County Derry, IrelandRushville City Cemetery**
McFerren, Ellen RandallAlexander McFerren, Rev.06-16-186806-02-1930 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam Wood, Devonshire, EnglandCeclia Randall, Devonshire, EnglandRushville City CemeteryAlex McFerren*
McFetridge, AmandaTheodore McFetridge02-04-185604-20-1929 Schuyler Co., ILJohn Spiller, OHElizabeth StrongBrowning CemeteryFrank Himmel*
McFetridge, TheodoreAmanda Spillers01-13-185306-07-1924 Schuyler Co., ILMatthew McFetridgeHarriett KellyBrowning CemeteryAmanda McFetridge*
McGinnis, Martin**10-12-1899 LaGrange, MO07-08-1917 Schuyler Co., ILDora McGinnisEdith May Remington, MOWoodlawn Cemetery, Augusta, Hancock Co., ILMartha Melbydrown
McGovern, Bobby**05-31-1935 Schuyler Co., IL05-31-1935 Schuyler Co., ILLeo McGovern, Bluff Springs, ILCornelia Snyder, Rushville, Rushville Twp.Rushville City Cemetery**
McGovern, ParleeJohn McGovern10-07-1856 Concord, (Mass. ?)05-16-1927 Schuyler Co., IL? Long, Arenzville, Cass Co., ILElizabeth Buxton, Beardstown, Cass Co., ILBeardstown City Cemetery, Beardstown, Cass Co., ILJoe Hager*
McGovern, Robert W.Alma Frances Braden12-10-188108-26-1938 Schuyler Co., ILJohn McGovernParlee LongBeardstown City Cemetery, Beardstown, Cass Co., ILMrs. R. Brockmeier*
McGrath, Jennie B.**03-10-1853 St. Thomas, PA12-21-1920 Schuyler Co., ILJames McGrath, PABarbara Jones, MarylandDoddsville Cemetery**
McGrath, William Christian**07-31-1842 London, PA11-14-1921 Schuyler Co., ILJames McGrath, PABarbara Jones, MarylandDoddsville Cemetery**
McGraw, Mary CorneliaJames Thomas McGraw11-07-185604-19-1932 Schuyler Co., ILTeel NelsonMary Jane LittleLittleton Cemetery**
McGrew, Lucy LourenaKarl McGrew11-06-1888 Rushville, Rushville Twp.08-29-1935 Schuyler Co., ILJohn M. Moore, Rushville, Rushville Twp.Lillie Knock, Vermont, Fulton Co., ILHarris Cemetery, Table Grove, Fulton Co., ILKarl McGrew*
McHatton, Samuel NewtonSarah Elizabeth Anderson09-08-183901-26-1918 Schuyler Co., ILAlexander McHatton, KYElizabeth Myers, KYMcHatton Cemetery, Camden Twp.Glenn Shausbaugh*
McHatton, Sarah ElizabethSamuel Newton McHatton07-16-184302-12-1923 Schuyler Co., ILWilliam M. AndersonPrudence WallingfordMcHatton Cemetery, Camden Twp.Frank Anderson*
McIntyre, MaryWilliam McIntyre03-07-184211-16-1925 Schuyler Co., ILAmos Howell Brown, OHMary Rolfe, OHRushville City CemeteryW. F. Irwin*
McIntyre, WilliamMary Brown07-03-1847 Westmoreland, PA07-25-1922 Schuyler Co., IL**Rushville City CemeteryMrs. William McIntyre*
McKee, FrancesGeorge McKee, Rev.04-04-185209-21-1939 Schuyler Co., ILElias Swango, IrelandRachael Shoemaker, IrelandRushville City CemeteryEdward McKee*
McKee, George, Rev.Frances Swango08-14-1845 Boone Co., IN08-25-1933 Schuyler Co., ILAbraham McKeeJane FrakesRushville City CemeteryEdward H. McKee*
McKelvie, Hettie A.Henry S. McKelvie11-23-1863 Scott Co., IL12-13-1930 Schuyler Co., ILJacob M. BowerSophia MooreBrooklyn CemeteryV. A. Horney*
McKeown, John JamesFrancis Collins09-08-1848 Ontario, Canada03-12-1926 Schuyler Co., ILJames McKeown, IrelandMary Dinery, IrelandMt. Sterling Catholic Cemetery, Mt. Sterling, Brown Co., ILJohn McKeown*
McKinley, Dale Eugene**01-10-1930 Schuyler Co., IL01-10-1930 Schuyler Co., ILDean McKinley, Astoria, Fulton Co., ILMarjorie Hitz, Vermont, Fulton Co., ILHarris Cemetery, Table Grove, Fulton Co., IL**
McKinley, Sue Ann**11-16-1939 Schuyler Co., IL11-16-1939 Schuyler Co., ILFloyd McKinleyMildred DerryUnion Gospel Cemetery, Astoria Twp., Fulton Co., IL**
McMeins, Birdie (Birdsie, Bard) Allen1. Elizabeth Miller; 2. Minnie Wright (Mrs. Smith)03-22-186304-24-1933 Schuyler Co., ILCharles McMeinsMary HowardMt Horab CemeteryPearl Knowles*
McMeins, EliasNaomi Poe03-11-185205-08-1918 Schuyler Co., ILCharles McMeinsMary RangMesserer CemeteryB. A. McMeins*
McMeins, Loyd (Lloyd) Russell**02-11-191010-08-1922 Schuyler Co., ILBirdie (Bard) Allen McMeinsMinnie WrightMt. Horab CemeteryGrace McMeins*
McMeins, Minnie1. ? Smith; 2. Birdie (Birdsie, Bard) Allen McMeins02-02-186602-23-1924 Schuyler Co., ILJoseph Wright, NC? Underhill, NCMt. Horab CemeteryB. A. McMeins*
McMillen, GilbertMyra Virginia Rose01-01-185701-27-1934 Schuyler Co., ILJohn McMillen, OHMargaret Pittenger, WVABethany CemeteryMabel McMillen*
McMillen, Margaret Ann**09-23-185212-24-1924 Schuyler Co., ILJohn McMillen, OHMargaret Pittenger, WVAVermont Cemetery, Vermont, Fulton Co., ILPhoebe Jane McMillen*
McMillen, Myra VirginiaGilbert McMillen07-28-186410-11-1924 Schuyler Co., ILPeter Rose, NYMary Depew, MIBethany CemeteryPhoebe Jane McMillen*
McNeeley, Gertrude**02-11-191610-16-1917 Schuyler Co., ILBert McNeeley, MOBertha Bebee, IL*James McNeeley*
McNutt, RussMatilda Evaline Wilcox12-15-1832 IN03-03-1919 Schuyler Co., ILDavid McNuttMelche BeauchanLaurel Hill Cemetery, Havana, Mason Co., IL**
McQuaid, John Patrick**1877, Ireland09-27-1934 Schuyler County Home?, Ireland?, IrelandSchuyler County Home CemeterySim Lawsonno relatives
McQuead, Warren**02-15-1918 Schuyler Co., IL03-16-1918 Schuyler Co., ILJoseph McQuead, OHMary robinsonRushville City CemeteryMrs. Belle McQuead*
McWhorter, Lorel Harrison**06-04-192609-10-1935 Schuyler Co., ILPerry P. McWhorterLydia HendersonGreenwood Cemetery, Canton, Fulton Co., ILPerry B. McWhorter*

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