Schuyler County
Deaths 1916-1950
compiled from Illinois Death Index

"Z" Surnames
These are only the people who died in Schuyler County.

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Info sent to and transcribed by Sara Hemp
Transcriber Notes: 1. "N/S" is not stated; "F" is female; "M" is male; "W" is white; "UNK" is unkown; "TWP" is township; "VIL" is village. 2. The word "Town" following a name is sometimes means "Township" and others it is used as a place larger than a village but smaller than a city. 3. Dates are stated in this order: year, month, day.  The "19" has been left off of the filing date year. 4. Names are as spelling on record and may not be the modern spelling.  5. "-" is used instead of a space in the columns.

"Z" Surnames
Last Name First Name Middle Name Sex/Race Age Cert. # Death Date County Location Filed Note

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