Elenor Wilson, daughter of Thomas Wilson, Jr. {see old settlers of Schuyler County}.

The one deceased, Miss Elenor, after completing her education at Monticello, Illinois, and remaining home with her parents about a year, was taken sick with a disease which baffled all medical skill.  Elenor was a devoted daughter and affectionate sister.  She died in the prime of life, at the age of twenty-two, beloved by all.  She possessed a bright and pure intellect, and an unselfish nature, which made her the center of the family circle.  At Monticello she took the first honors of the Institution.  It is seldom death lays low one so much beloved, and whose life seemed so valuable, with a mind superior by nature and polished by culture, with manners refined and winning.  She was one whom no one could know but to love, and possessing gifts of mind and heart adapted to adorn the sphere in which Providence had placed her.

We loved her for her stainless truth,
Her thirst for higher things;
For all that to our common lot
A better nature brings.

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