Fern Hughes

From: Schuyler County Illinois History, compiled in 1983 by the Schuyler County Jail Museum, printed by Taylor Publishing Co., Dallas Texas, Genealogy Section, page 339-40.
Fern Hess Family
  Fern Hess was born March 10, 1899 in Woodstock Township, Schuyler County, one of 12 children born to George and Mary (Hughes) Hess.  Fern's grandfather, August Hess came from Germany along with two brothers.  He married Kathryn Herche.
  George Hess married Mary Hughes on August 31, 1892 and the following children were born to this union: Katie who married Warren Persinger, they had one son, Warren Henry; Herman married Mary Clements; Verlin married Hildreth Emerick, they had one son Kenneth Lyle; August married Florence Eckroy, they had one son, Ralph; Fern married Jennie Park, they had one daughter, Mary Jane; Olive married Tom Barker, he died and she later married Ed Creal; Gwendolyn married James Fowler, they had two children, Norma and Grant; Mark married Edna Reece, they had three children: George, Richard and Marilyn; Rolland married Della Miller; Cecil married Grace Kerr, they had one son, Ronald; Norma and Lloyd died in infancy.
  Fern's parents died in 1924, his mother July 3 and his father July 24.  They are buried in the Herche Cemetery in Woodstock Township.
  Fern is a member of the Memorial Chapel Church.
  He was always a farmer, purchasing the farm known as the Valentine Farm in 1927.
  Fern married Jennie Park September 4, 1937.  She was the daughter of James and Louisa (Robertson) Park.  James was the son of David and Jane (Malcomson) Park.  They both came from County Down Ireland in the 1840’s.  The reason for coming was the trouble between Catholics and Protestants.  They were married after coming to America.  They settled near Pleasantview.
  They are buried in the lot north of their son, James and wife in the Messerer Cemetery in Frederick Township.
  Louisa's father was Alex Robertson, the son of William Robertson, the first settler of Browning Township.  Her mother was Sarah (Reno) Robertson.
  James and Louisa had the following children:  Paul who married Florence Croxton. Grace who first married Melvin Smith, they had one daughter, Maxine.  After Melvin’s death, she married Charles Utter and they had one son, Charles Richard.  Ethel who never married and Ralph who died in infancy.  Jennie married Fern Hess.
  Jennie received her education at the Rushville High School and graduated with the class of 1924 and at Western University.  She also had several art courses for the University of Illinois.  She taught in the schools of Schuyler County for 44 years.  She is a member of the local, state and National Retired Teachers Assoc.
  She has always been active in both the Pleasantview Methodist Church, of which is a member, and the Memorial Chapel Church.  She is a member of the Church Women United of Rushville.
  She has held several offices in Home Extension. She belongs to Woodstock Sugar Grove unit.
  She has exhibited her canning, baking and gardening at the Schuyler County Fair for years.
  Fern and Jennie are parents of one daughter, Mary Jane who graduated from Rushville High in 1956 and from Gem City  Business College in Quincy in 1957.  She married David Collins on August 18, 1957 and he died on June 3, 1962.  Later she married Emanuel Voepel on September 14, 1963.  They are the parents of three children.  Steven was born in 1967, Lynn in 1973 and Susan 1977.
  Jane has always worked in the office of the State Street Store and her husband has his own business in Quincy, the V. and E. Building Specialists.
  The Voepels are members of the St. James Lutheran Church in Quincy.

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