George Washington & Bryant Garrett

  Here is the brief story of my GGGrandfather's trip to the gold mines:
  Maybe I should embelish this story some but it is taken word for word from the records of my Aunt Esther Garrett.
   In 1849 George Washington Garrett and his younger brother Bryant started with a group of others for the gold fields being opened in Calif.  They Followed the Oregon Trail.  Brother Bryant had red hair and Indians that they encountered didn't like red hair so he avoided being seen as much as possible.  The found gold and returned to Illinois and purchased land.
  In 1856 they took a second trip which turned out about the same.  On the second trip he sold equipment to the miners and went home by ship around the continent and up the river.  They helped pay expenses by making wagon spokes for others in the party, George  made a scraper tool which he used for his work. ( I have a picture of my gr grandfather John Garrett holding this tool.
  And it remains in the family yet today.  My Cousin has a gold nugget that was given to John Garrett by his father and she also has the telescope they took with them on their trip.)
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