George Skiles was in War of 1812: File WC 5504 TN
  B. A. Johson along with brother William and sister  Susan Migrated together with George. George was in the the war of 1812. He entered in Tennessee under Col. James Raulston, Capt Mathew Cowan, inf. He was 2nd LT. in Capt. Cowans CO. at the Battle of New Orleans. 1800 moved from Green Co. TN. to Jackson Co. TN. in 1816 moved to  IN; KY; Wayne Co. MO. and Schuyler Co. IL in 1825. Erected first mill on Sugar Creek.
  Minutes of Feb. session, 1797, Green Co. TN. Minestry of the court of common please, 1797-1807; Georg Skiles enters into bond with John Skiles his security in the sum of three hundred dollars for the maintenance of a bastard child of Jane Grahm. 1 dollar paid.
  According to Elva Combs:
  "George Skiles was a native of Maryland and arrived in the county Dec 2, 1826, settling on the 16 section on Rushville twp.. (about 2 miles NE of the town Rushville.) He had lived in Tennessee, and from that state he was with General Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans. In the fall of 1816 he went to Indiana; subsequently he removed to Kentucky, where he remained until 1819, when he went to Missouri. From this state he came to Schuyler county bringing with him a family of 11 children, seven of whom are still living (1882) four daughters and three sons; John lives in the town of Browning, James R. in McDonough county, and William C. in Nebraska. All three are ministers of the gospel. George Skiles held the first corner's inquest ever held in the county- - - over the body of George Everett, shot and killed by James Morgan.  - -"
  "The pioneer perhaps suffers less from almost every other cause than from insufficient mills to grind the meager harvest won from the primitive soil. The subject of mills, therefore, engaged the early attention of the first settlers, George Skiles, David Wallace, and Alfred Wallace set to work vigorously  and erected the first mill in Sugar Creek in section 2 (between the Skiles farm and Rushville). It was a rud log structure and was at first merely a sawmill. Two burrs, one for wheat, and one for corn, were added in 1831. The dam was constructed of logs and dirt and portion of it yet remains.  - - In 1831 they up and down saw and did quit a lumber business. In the spring of 1829 Thomas Justus, brother- in- law of George Skiles, built a combined saw and grist mill above the Skiles mill."
  "The first religious society in the county was a Methodist Episcopal Church organized in Aug. 1826. Members included William Skiles, Catherine Justus, Rebecca Skiles, George Skiles, Polly Skiles, James Justus, John P. Skiles, Elizabeth Skiles, Moses Skiles, Matilda Skiles. Other Skiles mentioned are 2 other Johns, 2 James, Betsy, Harvey T,. and another William.
  From "The Schuylerite", vol 10 #2, p 57 Schuyler Co. Hist. Soc.:
  Bruce A. Johnson's records show that George Skiles died Harlen Co. NE. , while burial is in  Old Ridgeville, near Bader, Browning Township, Schuyler Co. IL.
  FROM: Bruce A. Johnson <> #109-9312-104 Ave. Edmonton, AB, t5h 4g7 ; phone 403-429-5696; Stephen L. Bulter; 3414-137 St. NW. Gig Harbor, WA. 98332; phone 206-858-8647; Gloria June Danner Ator; 11 W. 3oos. Farmington, UT. Phone 801-451-2704.

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