Henry P. Grover

From: "Biographical Review of Cass, Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois 1892", by Biographical Review Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois; pages 530-531, a reprinted by Stevens Publishing Co., Astoria, Ill., 1971, is sold by the Schuyler County Historical Society, Rushville, Illinois.
  Henry P. Grover, Mount Sterling, Illinois, one of the oldest settlers of the county, was born in Mason county, Kentucky. His father, Joseph, came from Virginia, and the grandfather, Jonathan, spent his last years in Lewis county, Kentucky. Joseph was a farmer in Mason county where he spent the last years of his life. His wife was named Sarah Putnam. She was the daughter of Elizabeth and Henry Putnam, who came from Kentucky to Illinois in 1836, and spent her last years in Brown county.
  Henry was ten years old when his father died, and when he was sixteen years old his mother and her family moved to Ohio, and settled in Champaign county, where they were pioneers. They lived there until 1836, when Henry concluded to go West and try to better his fortune in a new country; consequently he came by teams as did other emigrants, and after eighteen days of travel landed in that part of Schuyler now included in Brown county. His means were very limited, and therefore, although there was plenty of Government land to be had for $1.25 an acre, he was not able to secure any for a time. He rented for two years, and then entered a Government tract, near Mount Sterling township. It was timber land, and he built the usual log hut, and existed for a long time upon the game that at that time was very plentiful. It was many years before there was any railroad through that section. He made frequent trips to Quincy, forty miles distant with wheat. Those were days of privations, but are now looked back upon as being very happy ones.
  His first wife was very industrious, was able to card, spin and weave and dressed her entire family in homespun, made entirely by her own hands. Mr. Grover cleared the land and built a brick house and lived there until 1882, and traded with his son James for the farm he now owns and occupies.
  He married first in 1833, Lucinda Putnam of Champaign county, Ohio, a daughter of William and Mary Putnam. She died about 1860. His second wife was named Martha Putnam. He has seven children, who were all born by his first marriage, and are named: Erwin, Caroline, John G., Marion, James, Joseph and Angeline. Mr. Grover is a member of the Regular Primitive Baptist Church, and is a Democrat in politics. He has served two terms as a member of the County Board of Supervisors.

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