Henry Franklin Miller

From: "Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois Illustrated 1908, edited by Newton Bateman, LL. D. and Paul Selby, A. M., Volume II, Schuyler County", edited by Howard F. Dyson, pages 887-888, a Reprinted by Stevens Publishing Company, Astoria, Illinois 61501, 1970, is sold by the Schulyer County Historical Society, Rushville, Illinois.
  Miller, Henry Franklin - One of the best authorities upon stock raising in Schuyler County is Henry Franklin Miller, who, though young in years, is old in experiences and rich in knowledge pertaining to this important branch of farming.  Mr. Miller comes honestly by his liking for stock and his apreciation {appreciation} of a fine animal. His father, John Henry Miller, whose industrious life is sketched elsewhere in this work, instilled into him the tendencies since so strongly develop, and the successful manipulation of which have placed him among the men of wealth and influence in Rushville Township.  Mr. Miller was born in this township July 3, 1872, and was educated in the district schools and the Rushville Normal, spending two terms at the latter institution.  Upon the completion of his student life he entered into partnership with his father and brother, Simon, operating the paternal farm of 460 acres, and raising principally cattle, hogs, horses and sheep.  Some of the best stock which reached the Chicago market matured on this farm during this partnership, and the three men worked in harmony and with due regard for the reputation and best interests of the stock company.
  Upon the death of his father in 1902, Mr. Miller continued in business with his brother until the following year, when he rented his present farm in Section 27, Rushville Township, which he permanently succeeded upon the death of his mother, and the division of the property.  He has made many fine improvements on his land, always with the view of increasing his stock, and his farm is a splendid example of the best things known to country life at this stage of the world’s progress.  In 1907 he erected an eight-room, two story modern dwelling, having the latest devices for comfort and conveniences, and he has also built a barn 36 by 44 feet, ground dimensions, and eighteen feet to the eaves.  He regards with particular favor Hereford cattle and Poland-China hogs, and has also a high grade of horses and sheep.  Keeping in close touch with the markets, and supplying the best demands, he is prospering in his affairs, and financially, faces as hopeful a future as any man similarly employed in the county.
  The bachelor life for Mr. Miller ended with his marriage, July 25, 1900, to Carrie Kruse, who was born in this township February 15, 1877, a daughter of Henry Franz and Harriet (Bead) Kruse, natives of Woodstock Township, Schuyler County, the former a son of Franz Henry D. Kruse, a native of Germany, and a very early settler of Schuyler County.  Into the Miller home there have come two bright, happy children to add good cheer to this household.  They are: Esther William, born June 21, 1905; and Harold Henry, born January 21, 1908.  Mr. Miller is a stanch Republican, but not an office seeker.  With his wife, he is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, although the later was reared in the Presbyterian faith.  A pleasing personality and a desire to be in harmony with his fellow men have contributed much to the popularity and success of Mr. Miller.  He is a master of the best ethics of business, and a promoter of the principle that people receive about what they give out in this world.

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