Henry Jacob Derry

  Henry was born on the Derry farm by Ray, IL.  After 5th. grade of school he had to quit to work on the farm so his brother and sister could go to school.  One Halloween he and several boyes took a wagon apart and reassembled it on top of the Macomb water tower. He worked for a tile company in Macomb, IL. for $.75 a day he and a helper had load delever 3 load of tile to Colchester, IL. In the late 1930 he drove a truck and picked up milk for the Bowen milk plant. Later he became plant manger. In about 1943 we moved to Rushville, IL where he was forman of Cuttahase milk factory in the cheese reprocessing area. they had a goverment contract which keep him out of the service durring WWII. other jobs he had in Rushville where in the meat locker, delevered milk  from Peoria for Sealtest, worked in timber, cutting logs, Bartlows meatpacking plant and for Ralph Knowles in Strip mines. First of 1950 our house burnt. We moved to Roseville, IL. where dad worked as a farm hand until summer of 1953. We then moved to Brooklyn, IL. on the Tolley farm,on center ridge, where he share croped. In 1955 we moved south of Brooklyn on Dr. Camps farm where he got flooded out 3 years in a row, from 1957-1960. In the fall of 1960 he bid on a Star mail route. This job he had until he died in 1966.
  from Dick Derry <rderry@adams.net>

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