Horatio Samuel Herbert

The United States Biographical Dictionary and Portrait Gallery of Eminent and Self-Made Men, Missouri Volume, New York, Chicago, St. Louis and Kansas City: United States Biographical Publishing Company, 1878, pages 470-471

Horatio Samuel Herbert, Rolla.
  Horatio Samuel Herbert, editor and proprietor of the Rolla Herald, is one of the most prominent journalists of Southern Missouri. His ancestors emigrated from England to America prior to the Revolution, and settled in Pennsylvania. His father was Rev. James Herbert, who married Harriet Weston; they lived in Erie, Pennsylvania, where their son, our subject, was born, December 25, 1837. The family removed to Lawrenceburg, Indiana, and afterwards, in 1847, settled in Indianapolis, where they remained until 1855, when they removed to Schuyler county, Illinois; but in 1870 they again moved and settled in Livingston, Missouri, where they now reside.
  Horatio received a common and graded school education in Indianapolis, studying through the winter and working in the printing office during the summer months, until at the age of 17 when he worked regularly in the printing office one year. In 1855 he entered the high school at Rushville, Schuyler county, Illinois, remained two years and then removed to Milan, Sullivan county, Missouri, where he worked in a printing office until 1859, when he removed to Lebanon, Laclede county. He was employed as editor of the Laclede Journal; but at the expiration of one year purchased the paper and material and published it as editor and proprietor until 1861.
  The war between the North and South called every man of decided principles to take his place in one army or the other. It was both difficult and dangerous for men who had been prominent in the events immediately preceding it, to stay out. Mr. Herbert cast his fortunes with his sentiments, enrolled himself for the Confederate States, and became a member of what was then known as the State Guard of Missouri. He afterward joined Wickersham's company in McBride's division of Price's army, participated in the campaign during the retreat into Arkansas, and was afterward in the battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas. His command was then ordered to join Beauregard at Corinth, and under him they participated in the series of engagements which culminated in the evacuation of that point. Mr. Herbert then went, to North Mississippi, remained during the summer, and in the following fall was a participant in the engagement at Iuka Spring, afterward was with Price and Van Dorn in the' march on Corinth. His command being ordered to Vicksburg, he took part in the engagements and seige which resulted in the surrender of that city to the enemy. Here he was wounded and made prisoner; but was paroled and exchanged, when he joined the command of General J. E. Johnson at Atlanta, Georgia. On the approach of Sherman, they evacuated that point and in Hood's command marched on Nashville; but in the fight at Altoona, Mr. Herbert was again wounded. In three months he rejoined his command in time to retreat with the army. He was then engaged at Mobile, Alabama, in 1865, where he was captured in the surrender of Fort Blakely, and was sent to Ship Island military prison, kept until June and paroled.
  The war being now closed, Mr. Herbert then went to Central Mississippi where he remained until 1868, clerking in a store a portion of the time and working in a printing office. He then went to Rolla, Phelps county, Missouri, where he was employed in the office of the Herald. In 1869 he purchased the office and paper and has since continued to be its publisher and editor. His enterprise and skill has improved both the appearance and patronage of his journal, until it has secured a large circulation and wields an important influence.
  It is almost needless to say Mr. Herbert is a Democrat and has been one always. He has been prominent in politics since he was old enough to understand party polity and tactics, and is now a member of the Democratic state central committee. Religiously he is liberal in his views.
Horatio S. Herbert was married to Miss Tinnie A. Hooker, daughter of Benjamin and Martha Hooker, of Lebanon, Laclede county, Missouri, September 15, 1860. They have had two children, both living. Mr. Herbert is a man of good business habits and strict integrity. He has been made a member of the Rolla board of education. Naturally of a social disposition, it is not to be wondered at that he has many friends and a happy home.

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