HERE AND THERE, continued
Compiled from the Schuyler Citizen & Rushville Times newspapers
From 1857 - 1881

  HERE AND THERE is compiled from the Schuyler Citizen and the Rushville Times newspapers, was transcribed from notes typed on 3x5 cards. 
  These notes were on movements of people with Schuyler County connections: moving, visited here or visited there; moved back, etc.  
  Spellings were kept as found in the notes except for known typing errors.
  These are just NOTES.  They may not include the whole item that was in the newspaper.
  Copies of each item can be gotten from microfilm of the newspapers, which can be found at the Schuyler County Jail Museum and Historical Society in Rushville, Illinois.

March 21, 1874
  An old lady by the name of HASTIE, aged 86 years, was taken to the poor farm.
  Huntsville items: Elijah Wilson has purchased an interest in a hardware at Yates City - he will move his family there - George McCabe, late of Neil and Greer, will have charge of the tin shop (Yates City).
  Frank O'Neil, ex-conductor, moved his family to Galesburg.
  William P. Hamilton, Woodstock township left with his family for Cherokee, Kansas.
  Samuel Snoke, and family, Rushville vicinity, left for their new home near Panora, Guthrie County, Iowa.
  Rev. T. A. Parker and family left for a few days visit at their former home, Hannibal, Missouri.
  S. R. Lowry of Oswatonna, Minnesota sent paper to editor.
  Thomas Austin has located at Augusta, Hancock County for practice of law.

March 28, 1874
  Mrs. C. Ackley, of Shelby County, Missouri is visiting relatives here.
  Colonel N. G. Wilcox, a resident of Hancock County for a few years, recently returned to his farm in Frederick township.
  Aaron Starr and family of Woodstock township left for Johnston County, Nebraska.
  Benjamin F. Bell thinks he will remove to East St. Louis, where he has been engaged in the livestock business for several weeks past.

April 4, 1874
  Clarence Sylvester will try his luck out west.
  Moses Godlove and family left to make their home in St. Louis.
  Fred Scripps left on Monday for Detroit, Michigan where he will engage in the newspaper business with his brothers.
  James Barnes returned here after a year in Colorado.
  Mrs. Linley, formerly Mrs. Sweeney of Galva, Illinois is visiting relatives here.

April 11, 1874
  Joseph Lyons, former resident of Rushville, now of Dallas, Texas.
  Harry Craske, left for Decatur, Illinois where he will reside.
  Misses Mary and Sallie McCutcheon of Norris, Illinois are visiting their uncles, Joseph and August Warren.
  Daniel P. Stronsnider, Hickory township removed to Rushville.

April 25, 1874
  Honorable John B. Richmond of Brown County, was here visiting his son-in-law, J. R. Neill.
  George W. Hartman, former Rushville resident, now of Del Norte, Colorado, left here 14 years ago.
  Huntsville item: Hamilton Lewton and family left for their new home in Missouri.
  Thomas Read, formerly of Huntsville, now engaged in banking at Taylorville, Iowa visited here last week.
  Charles Scott, formerly of Huntsville township, now engaged in stock raising in north Missouri, visited here - bought some livestock.
  Michael Burmood and family left for Nebraska.
  While Mr. Edward Brittle was visiting his old home in Schuyler, some three months ago, he prevailed upon his sister-in-law, Mrs. Syntha Allen, and his niece, Miss Huldah Gragg, of near Pleasantview, to return with him to visit relatives - however, he and Miss Gragg were married soon after returning to California.

May 2, 1874
  Error in above relationship: Mr. Brittle's 1st wife, and his present wife, Miss Huldah Gragg, were cousins.
  A SAD STORY WITH A HAPPY TERMINATION - Over 25 years ago, Mr. Thomas Rock left Madison County, New York for Illinois - his wife died, so he left his 3 small children with his sister - family lost contact for 23 years - Mr. Rock settled on Sugar Creek - his sister  moved to Chicago - through an ad in THE IRISH WORLD, a paper published in Boston, in the interests of the Irish, the father and children were reunited (Vermont Chronicle)
  Mrs. Thomas Munroe, Muskegan, Michigan is visiting friends and relatives in Rushville.
  Elder Henry Smither and family, Table Grove, were in town visiting relatives.
  Mr. David Swan returned from California to his old home here.
  Mr. H. S. Strong, Hamilton, Illinois is visiting his relative, John Beatty, Esq.

May 9, 1874
  James Bilderback of Knox County, Missouri and Charles W. Bilderback of Boise City, Idaho are visiting relatives here.
  Milton Gordon, of Sacramento, who returned to California in 1864, arrived here to visit relatives.
  Mrs. G. W. Bailey and family of Macomb, are visiting relatives in Rushville.

May 16, 1874
  Martin Bartlett, of Muscatine, Iowa, visited his uncle, G. W. Metz, stopped on way to New Orleans on business - his cousin, Miss Wilhelmina Metz came with him and will spend the summer in her old home.

May 23, 1874
  Miss Mary Johnson, widow of our former townsman, Wesley Johnson (brother of Mr. George Johnson) arrived to visit friends here - she now lives at Houston, Texas.

May 30, 1874
  Mr. Bobbett, now a resident of N. Missouri, formerly one of the early pioneers of this area, is visiting relatives near Brooklyn, where he resided in 1837.
  Miss Hattie Allphin left to visit her sisters in Iowa.
  Mrs. Mead of Augusta is in Rushville to visit her aunt, Mrs. John Beatty.
  E. M. M. Clarke of Lewistown, formerly of Rushville, visited here.
  Our former citizen, Dr. R. C. Hall, is now residing at Orrville, Ohio, where he is practicing his profession.
  Mrs. Kinney of Camp Point, sister of Mrs. George Baker, Sr. is visiting relatives here.
  David D. Erwin, wife and child, of Muskegon, Michigan is visiting relatives and friends in this city.
  Mrs. G. W. Metz started for Mt. Vernon, Missouri to visit her sons, Emory and Loren Wright, who reside there.
  John Dunlap and Ed. Parrott left here last March, are running a livery stable at Sedalia, Missouri.
  Dr. Giradus Lock, who went to St. Antonio, Texas last fall to spend the winter with his son, Honorable W. J. Lock, returned last week, accompanied by a son and granddaughter from Austin.
  John Belchamber and wife started for Effingham, Illinois where they will make their future home.

June 6, 1874
  A. E. Hoskinson, harness maker at Macomb, was adjudged insane - his brother, John L. Hoskinson, Rushville, will take charge of his business.
  Josiah Parrott received a telegram from his son-in-law, S. P. McIntyre, of firm of Wells and Company, Chicago, of another loss by  fire - their firm was among the first to erect a new building after the fire of 1871.
  Letter from G. W. Brown , telling of life in Cherokee, Kansas where many ex-Schuylerites live.
 Our former townsman, Charles Sweeney, who for past two years, has been county judge of St. Clair County, Missouri, has removed to Des Moines, Iowa where he will practice law.

June 13, 1874
  Miss Mary Warren, daughter of Samuel Warren of St. Louis, Missouri is visiting relatives in Rushville.
  John C. Bagby left for a brief visit with relatives in Kentucky - his daughter, Fannie who has been there for the past year will return home with him.
  New Drugstore in Sedalia, Missouri - Junior member of the firm is our young friend, Charles H. McCreary.
  Miss Rebecca Scott and her cousin, Henry Minshall of Neoga, Illinois started on a visit to relatives in Danbury, Conn.
  George Burke, Huntsville township, left for Colorado, where he contemplates moving.
  James Stone and wife of Keokuk Junction, spent a few days among friends near Huntsville.
  Huntsville item: Ed Mead, formerly of Kentucky, now a resident of Knox County, Missouri is visiting relatives here.

June 20, 1874
  Huntsville items: Dr. W. B. Mead returned from a 5 month visit to relatives in Kentucky.
  Rev. L. C. little and wife of Ft. Doge, Iowa are here visiting their father, Samuel McCreary
  Dr. T. T. Scott, now at Bath, Mason County is visiting here.
  Mr. B. F. Lockwood and wife, arrived here to visit several months with their daughter, Mrs. J. P. Rous.
  Mrs. L. R. Caldwell and daughter are visiting relatives in Farmington.
  William C. Cason of Carthage, is about to remove to Rushville.
  John Norvell, Willie Yarnel and Daniel Rader departed for Colorado.

June 27, 1874
  Mrs. John C. Bell of St. Sterling is visiting friends here.
  Mrs. E. D. Leach is visiting her brother-in-law, Rev. A. H. Rice of Paris, Missouri.
  James Ray and his sister, Mrs. Frank Randolph of Macomb, were visiting relatives in Rushville this week.
  Mr. John Lambert, well-known to Rushville citizens, has leased the old Parker House, at Mt. Sterling.
  Thomas and David Herron, and George Lewis (all of near Pleasantview), returned from England and Ireland - they were accompanied by Mr. John Herron and Miss Jane Herron, relatives of Thomas and David - and Miss Clelland, relative of "Cap" Coats of Pleasantview.
  Heiro Taylor, who received the appointment to Midshipman writes that he is aboard the ship CONSTELLATION.

July 4, 1874
  Mr. Joseph Grubb of Sagerstown, PA is here visiting his brother, Horace Grubb.
  Prof. Pingrey, supt. of Chillicothe schools since he left Rushville, is visiting his brother-in-law, M. W. Barnhart.

July 11, 1874
  Prof. Hardin Price of Monmouth, visited his father in this vicinity last week.
  Mr. Willis Walker, with his family of St. Louis, was visiting his brother-in-law, James H. Parrott last week.
  Mrs. Horace Witt and her daughter, Mrs. McMurphy of Rockford will remain in Rushville, visiting friends, until Mr. Horace Witt and R. G. Welker, return from Colorado.
  Mrs. Kizzie Waters of Carrolton, Missouri is visiting her father, S. B. Ramsey.
  Miss Francis C. Moore of Carthage, Missouri and Misses Mariah and Lizzie Leonard of Beardstown are visiting friends.
  Mrs. Nancy Mathews (formerly Mrs. Montgomery) of Monmouth, Illinois has been visiting relatives here.
  Mrs. Mary Bell Roberts of Brookfield, Missouri, with the little Roberts, are visiting her father, Samuel McCreary.
  G. W. Metz went to Chambersburg to attend the funeral of his sister-in-law, Mrs. John Metz.
  Huntsville items: B. B. Bacon, cashier of a bank at Bement, Illinois was visiting relatives here last week; Rev. A. G. Bacon and wife of Pulaski, Illinois paid our village a visit; Gus Farewell, who left here 25 years ago for California returned recently and intends to stay in Schuyler.

July 18, 1874
  Miss Carrie Gardner of Quincy, is visiting relatives in city (Rushville).
  H. S. Cain and family of Canton, are spending a few days with relatives.
  William Holyoke, station agent at Oswego, Illinois and his sister are visiting their brother-in-law, M. W. Howard.
  George F. Whitney and wife of Rock Island and Mr. Grove Ayers of Springfield, attended wedding of their brother, Dr. Mortimer Ayers.
  Mr. William Farris, who left this county for California about 20 years ago, arrived here with his family to visit his old home - he is a nephew of Mr. Asa Goodwin, Sr.

July 25, 1874
  Fred D. Crane and family of Mt. Sterling, accompanied by his relatives, Misses priest and Chester of New York, made a visit to Rushville last week.
  Mrs. John Ruth left for Center City, Minnesota to visit her son-in-law, A. C. Sloat, who is quite ill.
  Mrs. Clara Cooney and her mother, leave today for Peoria to visit relatives - Mrs. Jones expects to remain several months with her brother, John Todhunter.
  Henry Caster of Clayton, Illinois called at TIMES office.

August 1, 1874
  Mr. F. E. Seeley and wife of Chicago are visiting with their relative, Dr. Mitchell.
  Honorable J. M. Darnell left for Colorado to visit his brother.
  Huntsville items: Mrs. Ann Broomback and family left for Burnsides, where her daughter, Mrs. Jessie Aleshire is critically ill; Mr. Mat. Hedrick and wife (formerly Miss Mollie Lewton of this place) of Decatur County, Iowa are visiting relatives here; Mr. Mitchell Woods left for Minnesota this week - John Campbell and Harvey Robinson went last week (to Minnesota).
  Henry Robinson left to take abode at Sacramento City, California.

August 8, 1874
  Mrs. Elizabeth Harrington, who has been resident of Lincoln, Illinois for several years, arrived here to visit friends and relatives - she sold her house and lot in Rushville to James G. McCreery.
  Runaway team - William Gaddis, living south of town, near residence of his father-in-law, John S. Stutsman.
  Huntsville items: Mrs. Emily Mead of Iowa visited her brother-in-law, Mr. N. Everson; William Farris, Los Angeles, California is visiting Thomas Gillenwater; Robert McLean and wife (formerly Kate Klepper) of Astoria were visiting relatives here.
  Mr. B. A. Thornhill of Wichita, Kansas, stopped here to visit as he returned from selling cattle in Chicago.

August 22, 1874
  Charles McCroskey and family of Tecumseh, Nebraska are here visiting relatives.
  Mrs. Felix G. Clark, with son, Lewis and daughter, of Des Moines, Iowa is visiting her father, Benjamin Chadsey of this vicinity.
  Huntsville items: Miss Hattie Allphin returned from a stay at her sister's in Iowa; Mrs. Candice James of Pulaski, was visiting relatives here.
  Mr. Nathan Ackley and daughter left to visit relatives in New York.
  Mr. Andrew Baxter has sold his place in Hancock County and plans to remove to Kansas.

August 29, 1874
  Mr. Clarence Sylvester, who has been in Iowa a few months, has returned to his old job here.
  Mrs. Garlick of Wyandotte, Kansas and Miss Sackett of Decatur, Illinois were here visiting their sister, Mrs. John Putman.
  Mr. Benson Riley, now a resident of Lewis County, Missouri is visiting old neighbors.
  Huntsville item: Mr. Charles Ackley and wife of Missouri are visiting relatives here.

September 5, 1874
  Robert Morrison of Iowa, an old ex-Schuylerite attended the Farmer's Picnic and visited Mrs. Morrison's father, Robert Chadsey.
  Huntsville item: Mrs. Barmore of Cynthiana, Kentucky is visiting relatives here.

September 12, 1874
  Mr. A. C. Sloat and wife returned here from a two year stay in Minnesota.
  Mr. T. T. Fisser of Woodstock township, leave for their new home near Baden, Gates County, Nebraska.
  Horace Witt and family of Rockford, moved back to Rushville.
  Mrs. M. A. Hughes, this vicinity, leaves to visit relatives in Kentucky.
  Our old friend, William Peter, now of Bloomington, made his old home a visit.
  Miss Jane Gay and Mrs. A. H. Clark are visiting relatives in Warren County, Iowa.
  Mrs. G. A. Wilson of Peoria is visiting her father, J. L. Hoskinson.
  Huntsville item: Mrs. Zurilda Thornhill returned last week from visiting her son in Kansas, bringing with her, Miss Clara Broomback, daughter of O. P. Broomback, to visit relatives here.

September 19, 1874
  Mrs. Edgar Montgomery, Muskegon, Michigan is visiting relatives here.
  Dwight Ray of New York City is visiting at home - he will return next week.
  Mr. Jacob Ruth returned here from Tecumseh, Nebraska.
  Messrs. C. R. Neill, William Greer, Frank Baker left for California.
  Mr. Charles King, son of William H. King, has been residing in Louisiana for some years, sent editor the SHREVEPORT NEWS.
  Martin Bartlett of Muscatine, Iowa, visited in Rushville with his uncle, G. W. Metz.

September 26, 1874
  Mr. John J. Linley of Griggsville is spending a few days with relatives in Rushville.
  J. L. Parrott and family of Hasting, Nebraska are visiting relatives  here.
  Mr. William Ferris and family, who have been visiting here, left yesterday for California - Alexander Howell, living 6 miles south of town, accompanied them.
  Frank Harrington of Memphis, Tennessee wrote editor.
  G. W. Hartman, former Rushville boy, now of Del Norte, Colorado, sent us some ore samples.
  Samuel Enyard, formerly of Littleton township, now of Clay County, is a candidate for sheriff there.

October 3, 1874
  Len Manlove of Parsons, Kansas arrived last week - the body to be interred in Sugar Grove North.
  John Baxter has gone to Kansas to visit his son.
  William H. Chadsey of Washington City, is spending a few days here with his parents.
  Edgar Montgomery of Muskegon, Michigan is visiting here - his wife had arrived several days ago.
  William Hampton of St. Louis, arrived here to visit relatives.
  John C. Bell and family of Mt. Sterling visited here.
  Isaac Metz, brother of G. W. Metz, and daughter, Martha, of Pike County, are here visiting relatives.
  Mr. R. H. Crump and wife of Florida, Missouri are spending a few days with relatives in Rushville.

October 17, 1874
  Mrs. James Ervin of Macomb is visiting relatives here.
  J. L. Parrott and family returned to their home in Hastings, Nebraska.
  J. F. Langford, Woodstock township, left to visit his brother, Robert, in Des Moines County, Iowa.
  Robert McCreery and family, Mrs. Charles Munger of Kinmundy, Illinois and Mrs. George Allen of Mt. Sterling attended the marriage of their sister, Nellie (Rushville).
  Mr. John Beatty returned from Tecumseh, Nebraska, where he had superintended the building the building of a 2-story brick storehouse for his boys.
  Dr. Adam Dunlap returned from a visit with his son, John, now a resident of Kansas.
  Huntsville item: Mrs. J. W. Scott returned from a visit to Missouri.
  Mrs. Mary Ewing left for a visit to Cherokee, Kansas.
  Thomas Grainger and wife of Missouri are visiting relatives here.

October 24, 1874
  A letter from Mrs. Mary Perry informs us of her arrival at Hollister, California with her son-in-law, Mr. Holloway - It was a long trip for such an old lady.
  Huntsville item: George Everson of New York, on his way home from Colorado is visiting his brother, N. J. Everson of Huntsville; Mr. Sylvester Sandford and wife left for a visit with Mrs. Sandford's brother near Chicago.
  Camden item: Mr. I. G. Cady and family are making preparations to move to Lockport, New York.

October 31 1874
  Mrs. James P. Clarke of Lawrence, Kansas, is visiting here father, Mr. Thomas Wilson.

November 7, 1874
  Huntsville item: Henry Allphin and wife of this place are visiting their daughter, Mrs. T. A. Read, of Clarinda, Iowa.

November 14, 1874
  Miss Rebecca Scott who has been visiting relatives in Danbury, Conn. returned home last week.
  Misses Florence and Nellie Wells left for Vermillion, Ohio to spend the winter with their uncle, Lewis Wells.
  Elder Sharples will move to Rushville - his son, Elder M?. D. Sharples moved to Camden - Pastor of Christian Church.
  Huntsville item: D. B. Pettijohn and wife of Minnesota, are visiting Jerome Pettijohn near here.

November 21, 1874
  Mr. Isaac Linley - Mr. James Teel sent newspaper from Denison, Texas.
  Our former citizen, George W. Brown of Cherokee, Kansas, was recently elected to legislature there.
  Letter from Aaron Starr, now living in Nebraska.

November 28, 1874
  Mrs. ? Smither has gone to Kentucky to visit relatives.
  Mr. Minerva Linsly of Galvia, Illinois is making her annual visit to friends and relatives in Rushville.
  Mr. William Little of Tecumseh, Nebraska is visiting here.
  Mrs. H. T. McClure and daughter, Maggie of Auburn, California, mother and sister of E. P. McClure arrived in Rushville for a visit and then go on to New York to visit relatives.

December 5, 1874
  Huntsville item: Mr. Theodore Dolsen, who 20 years ago was a resident of this place, who has been in California the past 10 years, is visiting here; Mr. Isaac Lewton, formerly of Huntsville, now of Grand Island, Nebraska is visiting here.

December 12, 1874
  Mr. Churchill J. Johnson and his son, William of Trenton, Missouri - Mr. Johnson brought the remains of his wife, who died last summer, for interment here.

December 19, 1874
  Mr. John H. Irvin has rented a hotel in Kearny Junction, Nebraska - his family will remain here until spring.
  Letter from Stephen A. Lane, formerly of Browning, now of Colusa, California.

December 26, 1874
  Mr. Aaron Starr and wife of Tecumseh, Nebraska are here visiting old friends and relatives here.
  Mr. Harry Austin has taken over the Parker House, in Mt. Sterling.
  Mrs. Isabel Greer and daughter, Laura, and George Beatty of Tecumseh, Nebraska came to spend the holidays in their old home.
  Camden item: Honorable Mr. Sweeney, ex-county surveyor, now a resident of Kansas, was here soliciting aid for sufferers in Kansas.

January 2, 1875
  Prof. Hardin Price of Monmouth, Illinois, is visiting his parents in this vicinity.
  Mr. H. L. Strong and wife (formerly Arthusa Putman) of Hamilton, Illinois, have been visiting their relative, Mr. Beatty.

January 9, 1875
  Daniel Goodlander, former resident of Rushville, now of Rockford, Illinois, and wife, who went to California in 1850, with Major Fellows, was here visiting friends.
  Benjamin Chadsey, started for Washington City, in company with our Congressman, William H. Ray - He goes to visit his sons, James and William, who reside in that city.
  Huntsville items: Mr. Joseph Loop, formerly of this vicinity, arrived here last week from Cherokee, Kansas, bringing the two children to place in his mother's home - his wife having died recently; The young ladies and gentlemen of the village (Huntsville) assembled at the residence of J. H. Denny, Thursday evening, for an oyster supper and to watch the old year out.
  At the shooting match here New Years, C. F. Everson, William Young and Charlie Scott were the successful marksmen.

January 16, 1875
  Rev. L. C. Littell (Littrell) and wife of Winchester, are visiting friends and relatives in Rushville.
  Mrs. Georgiana Williams of Dixon, Illinois and friend of Mrs. Cooper of Del. is visiting her father, Mr. H. R. Witt.

January 23, 1875
  Dr. J. T. Atkison, formerly of Rushville, now of Moulton, Iowa is visiting here.
  Huntsville item: Mrs. Read returned from visit to her sons in Iowa.

January 30, 1875
  Mr. George Rogers of Orville, California (one of the Rushville "boys" 20 years ago) sent $2.50 cent gold piece for TIMES subscription.
  Dr. W. W. Nelson, former citizen of Bainbridge, is visiting old friends and collecting for RELIEF OF WESTERN SUFFERERS - Nelson now resides in Kansas.
  Mr. John David and wife left for their future home near Decatur.
  Frederick item: Mr. Robert Vail, formerly a resident of this place, now of Hannibal, Missouri is visiting here.
  Letter from Silas B. Kirkham of Ottowa, Kansas.

February 6, 1875
  Virgil Poe and wife are visiting relatives here.

February 13, 1875
  Our old friend, William Hindman of LaSalle, Illinois....
  Huntsville items: Robert Wisby has returned home after a lengthy absence; See HUNTSVILLE TOWNSHIP for names of TEXAS BOYS; John Boren of Rio De Janeiro, South America is visiting his friends here.

February 20, 1875
  Joseph Logan, Littleton township, who moved to Iowa last summer has returned to Schuyler.
  John H. Irvin, Kearney Junction, Nebraska is here to move his family to Nebraska.
  Huntsville item: Mr. John Bagby and Mrs. Mollie Green of Keokuk Junction are visiting here; Left for Texas - John Norvil, George Anderson, Dr. R. Homer Mead.
  Mrs. Jessie Aleshire of Burnsides, is visiting at her mother's.
  Camden items: Mr. G. R. Anderson started for N. W. Texas; John DeMoss has  gone to attend to shoe shop business for his brother; Joshua White and wife of Christian County, Illinois are visiting at her sister's, Mrs. Dunlavy - They plan to visit relatives and friends in Ohio before returning home.

February 27, 1875
  C. L. Neill, Ripon, San Joachim County, California - Rushville Times subscriber.
  Huntsville items: William Ewing, Floyd Holloway, Charles Johnson leave for Texas tomorrow having sold their property here; Frank Scott, Burnside, Illinois is visiting relatives here; Mrs. M. E. Baxter and mother went to visit relatives in Indiana.

March 6, 1875
  Phillip Creamer, living south of town, moved to Huntsville township where he purchased a farm.
  A. J. Terrill, also of south of town moved to his new farm in Buenavista township.
  Alexander Howell, who went to California last fall, has returned to Woodstock township.

March 13, 1875
  Mr. Benjamin Chadsey has returned from a visit with his sons in Washington.
  Mrs. J. N. Speed left to visit relatives in Des Moines, Iowa.
  Messrs. Frank and Lewis Irwin, sons of J. H. Irwin, started for Kearney Junction, Nebraska with a 4-horse team - William Gillespie went with them to work for his old boss -  Mr. Irwin will leave next week with the balance of his family.
  Camden item: Mrs. Pauline Loop, wife of John Loop and daughter of John Price of this neighborhood, arrived at her father's recently from LaBette County, Kansas - her husband and his brother, Josiah are now on the way with their teams - Josiah Loop's wife died last fall - she was also a daughter of Mr. Price.

March 20, 1875
  Camden Item : John and Josiah Loop arrived at their father's last Thursday.
  Mr. James L. Greer left to visit his son, Robert at Kearney Junction, Nebraska.
  Mr. George Beatty, who has been visiting his old home here, returned to Tecumseh, Nebraska.
  Mr. George Huffman who went to California in 1849, is visiting relatives in Woodstock township - he is a brother-in-law of W. K. Shupe and this is his first visit to his old home.
  Frederick item: Mr. Boyd has returned from St. Louis where he has been visiting friends and relatives.
  Dr. D. C. Linn has returned from Knox County where he went to attend the funeral of his brother.

April 3, 1875
  Edgar Wright of Tecumseh, Nebraska is visiting Rushville.
  William P. Peters, resident of Christian County, Illinois, is visiting here.
  Miss Em. Patterson returned from visiting relatives in Kentucky.
  Doc Sperry of Macomb and family are spending a few days at there old home in Rushville.
  Mrs. Isabelle Greer and daughter, Lorie, who have been visiting relatives here left for their home, Tecumseh, Nebraska.
  L. B. Welker of Dallas City was in town this week.
  William Anderson, wife and daughter, Mrs. Jane Cady returned from visiting relatives in Indiana.
  Brookville, Missouri ... William Clarkson
  Mr. Evans and wife of Logan County, Illinois are visiting their daughter and son-in-law, Rev. T. J. Guilford.

April 10, 1875
  John S. Anderson, now a resident of Mt. Sterling was in town last week.
  Mr. J. W. Watts, has decided to become a permanent resident of Rushville - he purchased the brick house by the graveyard.
  George Ramsey, Jr., resident of Johnson County, Nebraska for several years returned to Rushville to live.
  Thomas Lowry, Minneapolis, takes Rushville Times to learn news of his old stamping ground.
  Mr. J. K. Stronsnider of Hickory township, passed through town, with his family, on the way to their new home in Caldwell County, Missouri.
  Frederick item: Miss Helen Dale has gone to Havana to spend a few weeks visiting relatives.

April 17, 1875
  Elder Henry Smither and wife of Table Grove, are visiting relatives in Rushville.
  Mr. George Fowler returned from the state of Virginia, where he had been visiting relatives.
  Mrs. M. A. Hughes, this vicinity, who has been visiting relatives in Kentucky, returned here last week.
  Mrs. H. M. Tolles, who has been making her home with her son-in-law, Honorable William H. Ray the past two years, left for California.

April 24, 1875
  Mrs. Thomas W. Moore, Peoria, and the little Moores, is visiting her father, Edward Bertholf.
  Mrs. J. N. Speed and children, who have been visiting relatives in Des Moines Iowa, returned here.

May 1, 1875
  Reuben Allphin, who has been living in St. Joseph, Missouri for several years, returned to Schuyler, having rented the farm formerly owned by his son, William, east of Rushville.

May 8, 1875
  Mr. Thomas Ewing and family, left last week of Ohio, where they will visit relatives.

May 15, 1875
  Miss Lyde Stevenson, who has been making her home at George M. Greer’s, left for Brownsville, Nebraska where her brother, James resides.
  Dr. R. Homer Mead is back from Texas - KENO of Huntsville.

May 22, 1875
  Miss Calista Price of Mt. Sterling, is visiting her uncle, Mr. Walter Scott.
  Cleon F. Sweeney left for Detroit, Michigan - he will work on the daily paper there, published by Mr. Scripps.
  Elder Sharples left with his wife for their old home in Livingston County, Illinois - wife quite ill.

May 29, 1875
  Huntsville item: Mr. Thomas Read of Clarinda, Iowa, is visiting at his mother's.
  Mrs. J. H. Rainey returned from visiting her father at  Canton.
  Charles Dunlap and wife, and Mrs. George Allen of Mt. Sterling, visited James G. McCreery, father of the two ladies.
  Alexander Toncray of St. Louis, has been visiting his cousins, James A White, Mrs. George Baker and Mrs. Thomas.
  Silas Kirkham, a resident of this county 15 years ago, but since of Paolo, Kansas, has returned, with his family to  Schuyler county.
  A wagon trip through Minnesota: George Little, Jr., Charles Wells, S. B. Montgomery, Charles Hall.

June 6, 1875
  Mrs. J. A. Hinton has removed to Morgan County to keep house for her mother.
  Dr. R. C. Hall and wife recently residing in Ohio, have removed to Hancock County, Illinois.
  Rev. T. A. Parker left to visit relatives and friends in southern Illinois.
  Mr. J. Dougherty, representing a St. Louis newspaper, was in Rushville.
  William Kerr, Esq. of Tyrone County, Ireland, arrived in Rushville to visit friends: J. G. McCreery, W. K. Young and others.

June 12, 1875
  Charles King, son of William H. King of this vicinity, who has been a resident of Shreveport, La. for several years, returned to spend the summer at his old home.
  Rev. Jacob Hammond of Millwood, Ohio, arrived here to visit his sons, Jacob and Henry - he was accompanied by his daughter, Mrs. O. D. Welker.
  John Montgomery and bride of Monmouth, Illinois came to visit relative, his uncle, Joseph Montgomery.

June 19, 1875
  Mrs. George Parrott left for Indiana to visit relatives.
  Hinman Munroe and sister, Mary of Rushville, went to Muskegon, Michigan to visit their brother, Thomas.
  Samuel R. Greer left for Muskegon, Michigan where he has a clerkship with Ed. Montgomery.
  Dr. M. M. Prentiss, Jr., California, Missouri is spending a few days with his parents (Schuyler County).
  Mrs. Utton Smith and daughter, Mrs. Sophie Boswell of Alton, are visiting at Mrs. Priscilla Hall's of this vicinity - Mrs. Smith was a resident of this county about 35 years ago.
  Mr. Alexander Noll, brother-in-law of Mr. Aug. Nell, arrived here with his family, direct from Germany - accompanied by a man named Raper and Miss Falker.

June 25, 1875
  Miss Emma Bell of La Prairie, is visiting her uncle, Mr. George Baker.
  Mr. S. P. McIntyre and wife of Chicago, have been visiting relatives in Rushville.
  Huntsville items: Willie, oldest son of George Roberts, formerly of this place, now resident of Kansas - accidentally injured; Mr. Robert Little is soliciting contributions for our former citizen, Alex Van Wickle, now living in the grasshopper district in Missouri.

July 2, 1875
  Mr. Charles E. Ray and family of New York City, arrived in Rushville to visit relatives.
  George Hunter of Pleasantview, returned from a visit to friends in Kentucky.
  Miss Emma Randall, daughter of R. R. Randall of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, arrived to visit friends in Rushville.
  Brooklyn: Miss Marion Taylor starts to Owensburg, Kentucky next week, to visit relatives.
  Frederick: Mr. Robert Farwell of Princeton, Illinois is in town visiting his brothers, Charles and Maro; Mr. E. Hinderer will remove with his family, to Bath - he sold his property here (Frederick) to Thomas Herron.
  Camden: Mrs. Ellen Marshall of Griggsville is visiting her father, Mr. James A. West, here; Thomas Brunton of Augusta, is the guest here of his nephew, William Seward.

July 9, 1875
  Brooklyn item: Wallis Bell is visiting his grandfather, William Lewis.
  Littleton item: Mrs. Thomas, daughter of Rev. C. Y. Hecox is visiting her father.

July 16, 1875
  Frederick item: Mrs. DeMoss of Kentucky, is here with her daughter, Mrs. Thomas Riley.

July 23, 1875
  Old Mother Perry, who went to California about a year ago, returned to Rushville last week.
  Mrs. Ann Keefer and her daughter, Miss Anna Baker of Springfield, Illinois are visiting relatives here.
  Mrs. Gurney of Canada, is visiting her sister, Mrs. S. West, of this place (Camden).

July 30, 1875
  Mr. Henry Rose and family of Mason, Tennessee, arrived here to visit the old home.
  Mrs. S. C. Crosier left for Nora, Jo Davies County, to visit her only brother - She was accompanied by her daughter, Flora, who will remain there to teach music.
  Camden item: Elder Martin Sharples and family of this place, for Fairbury, Livingston County to see his mother, who is not expected to live.

August 6, 1875
  Mrs. A. M. Nance of Clayton, is visiting her father, J. B. Hubbard.
  David Manlove left last week to visit his brother in Cherokee, Kansas.
  William Hampton of St. Louis, arrived to visit relatives in Rushville.
  Mrs. George Parrott, who has been visiting relatives in Indiana returned here last week.
  Camden item: Mrs. Gurney left here for her home in Canada.
  Brooklyn item: Arrivals in town are J. B. Manlove and wife of Ft. Scott, Kansas.
  Frederick item: Mr. Shivers and family started for Iowa, after being delayed by heavy rain.

August 13, 1875
  Mrs. John L. Campbell, wife of Judge Campbell of Hannibal, Missouri is visiting her brother-in-law, R. H. Griffith.
  Mrs. Van Vleck and daughter of Waverly, Missouri, are visiting their relative, Mr. John Putman.
  Mrs. Mack of Galesburg, is visiting with her son, Mr. F. S. Mack of Rushville.
  Camden item: Dr. George Mills was in this town last week enroute to his old home in Brown County.

August 20, 1875
  Mrs. H. S. Cain of Canton, was visiting relatives here.
  Washington Vail of Industry, former resident of this vicinity, visited here.
  James R. Davis, resident of Dallas, Texas for several years, is on a visit to his old home.
  William Nelson of Monmouth, is visiting relatives here.
  Mr. Josiah Parrott sold his store in Hastings, Nebraska and returned to Rushville.
  Mr. Grover Ayers, who has been studying medicine with his brother here, returned to his home in Springfield, in company with his father.
  Huntsville item: Mr. Lamon Ridenhour and family of Cherokee, Kansas, are visiting relatives here.
  Littleton item: Mr. Joseph Greer leaves today to visit his daughter, Mrs. Maggie Snyder in Tecumseh, Nebraska.

August 27, 1875
  Mrs. S. B. Beaumont of Ozark, Arkansas is visiting her, uncle, Dr. J. B. Hubbard.
  Mrs. R. H. Crump of Florida, Missouri is visiting her father, Mr. George Wheelhouse.
  Mrs. Betty Sprowell, a resident of Rushville 25 years ago, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Hannah Hampton.
  William McCready and wife of Ft. Madison, are visiting relatives.
  Miss Nellie Wells, who has been visiting her uncle in Ohio the past year, returned home, accompanied by her cousin, Miss Mary Wells.
  AN AGED FAMILY - Reunion at residence of Simon Grist - two brothers and two sister - John and Emsly (sp?) Jackson, Hancock County - Mrs. Sarah Hymer and Mrs. Anna Wright (Mr. Grist's mother-in-law) - Mrs. Hymer 82, John Jackson 78, Mrs. Wright 67, Emsly Jackson 64 - Family of 14 children, originally - Twelve lived to raise families - came from North Carolina - Emsly is youngest of three brothers still living.
  Camden items: Oliver Allphin and family of Augusta, are spending a few days with his father, Luke P. Allphin; Mrs. Evans of Elkhart is visiting her daughter, Mrs. J. T. Galford of Camden.
  Huntsville item: Samuel Moore of LeClaire, Iowa is visiting relatives here.

September 3, 1875
  Huntsville item: Marshall Van Buskirk, formerly of this place, is visiting here.
  Miss Emma Saylor had 18th birthday party.
  Rezin Wells, after 30 years in Texas, is giving the old haunts of his early days here, a visit - he brought with him a drove of fine Texas ponies, which he will sell.
  Birmingham item: Mr. Jasper Toland left for a brief visit to his old home in Michigan.
  Camden item: Rezin Wells, nephew of A. L. Wells of this place and son of Nelson Wells who went to Texas 30 years ago, arrived here to visit friends and relatives.
  Mrs. G. A. Wilson of Peoria, came down to visit her parents.
  William Greer, who went to California a year ago, returned here.
  Mrs. Dennis Leary, confined to bed for many years, taken to SISTER HOSPITAL in St. Louis - Miss Catherine Sands collected contributions to defray expenses.

September 10, 1875
  Mrs. George M. Greer of Pleasantview, with her daughter, Mrs. D. P. Lyon, left for Cherokee, Kansas to visit a daughter, Mrs. D. M. Bellomy.
  Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Bellomy of Pleasantview, left for Cherokee, Kansas, where they will make their home.
  William Marple, son of Prof. Marple, who left Rushville several years ago, visited here - he is now at Callao, Missouri.
  Camden items: Newton Wilson of Kahoka, Missouri is spending a few days at his old home near here; Rev. Fortner of Iowa, is spending a few days with his daughter, Mrs. I. P. Cady.

September 17, 1875
  Mr. Aug. Grosclaude, who has lived in Audrain, Missouri the past six years is visiting relatives and friends here.
  John Davis of Cisco, Piatt County was in this vicinity visiting relatives.

September 24, 1875
  Michael Dace, Bainbridge township, moving to Missouri.
  H. E. Brines, Pleasantview, moving to Texas.
  Robert  R. Greer and wife of Kearny Junction, Nebraska, are visiting here - they stopped in Mason City, Illinois to visit Mrs. Greer's mother, Mrs. Diana Peter.
  Henry Kruse, son of F. H. D. Kruse, returned home after two years in Texas.
  Thomas Ewing family returned here from visiting relatives in Ohio.
  Camden items: Rev. Droke and wife passed through here, enroute to their old home in Macoupin County; Clark Higgins, son of Davis Higgins of Erwin, returned home after an absence of three years.

October 1, 1875
  John Stater of New Jersey, is visiting his father, Mr. Henry Stater.
  Miss Armilla Scott of Ottumwa, Iowa, is visiting her uncle, Thomas Bellomy near Pleasantview.
  Mrs. Russell Ingraham of Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory, is visiting her old home here.
  Mr. William L. Morrison of Coles County, Illinois accompanied by his wife, daughter and daughter-in-law arrived ere to visit his sister, Mrs. Amos Sylvester.
  Persons residing in this vicinity, who leave for Texas soon: Isaac Linley and family, James A. Teel, Thomas Scott, Jr., Elijah Wilson, J. C. Markle, Mrs. Charles Nall and son Henry and her mother, Mrs. Cheek - Mr. Linley and Mrs. Cheek plan to stay - others will visit, then return here.
  Camden item: Bija Whetstone and wife of Missouri, are spending a few days with their daughter, Mrs. William Seward of Camden.

October 8, 1875
  Mr. Milton Dennis of Cherokee, Kansas is visiting his parents in this vicinity.
  Benson Riley and wife of Lewistown, Missouri came over to attend the fair and visit their old home.
  Mr. J. K. P. Darnell of Fair Play, Colorado is visiting his father, Jesse Darnell, near Pleasantview.
  The Cady family, who went to Lockport, New York, have returned to Camden to live again.
  Mrs. Nan McGinnis, wife of Elder McGinnis of Waverly, Illinois is visiting friends and relatives in Rushville.
  Messrs. John McMurtry and John C. Taylor, Woodstock township, left to visit relatives in the state of New York.
  Mrs. Anna Bosbyshell of Hastings, Iowa, great, granddaughter of Mrs. Sarah Hymer, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. George E. Lawler.
  Elder M. D. Sharples left Camden, returned to his old home at Fairbury, Livingston County.

October 15, 1875
  Mr. Adams Dunlap of this vicinity, left for Sacramento, California to visit his brother, Presley.
  Dr. M. Ayers and wife left last week for Cairo, Illinois where they will visit relatives.
  Huntsville items: Joseph Klepper and wife of Colmar, are visiting here; Mr. William Bilderback, after many years absence in the far west, is spending a few days among old associates.
  Birmingham item: The last of the 15th Amendment, George Washington, leaves next week, for Athens, Alabama school.

October 22, 1875
  Mr. Joseph Smith and wife of Bainbridge, will visit several weeks with relatives in Ohio and Kentucky.
  Mrs. McClure and daughter of Sacramento, mother and sister of E. P. McClure of Rushville, arrived here for a visit on their way home from the east.
  Huntsville item: Rev. G. N. Dorsey, formerly one of the Huntsville boys, is here a few days - he is on his way east for a course of Theological studies, after which he will return to his chosen field in Minnesota; Mr. James Sprigg, a rising barrister of Quincy, formerly of Huntsville, was honored at a recent examination at Cambridge, Mass.; Mr. N. J. Everson has just returned from a visit with his son in Kansas.
  Camden item: Mr. Madison Wilson of Missouri, is visiting relatives here.
  Frederick items: Miss Maggie Boyd is visiting relatives in St. Louis; Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Medley left to visit relatives in Iowa.

October 29, 1875
  Mrs. Thomas Moore and children of Peoria, are visiting her father, E. Bertholf.
  Mrs. D. P. Lyons and children of Champaign County, Illinois, are visiting her father, George M. Greer near Pleasantview.
  Joseph Leezer who went to Oregon 5 years ago, returned home to spend the winter.
  Mr. C. L. Neill of Knight's Ferry, California, sent paper.
  Mrs. G. A. Wilson of Peoria, here several weeks prior to her sisters death, returned home, accompanied by her mother, Mrs. J. L. Hoskinson.
  Mrs. T. A. Parker and children left for their new home in Bloomington.
  Camden item: Phil Davis who left here about 10 years ago, has taken up abode here again.

November 5, 1875
  William A. Hinman of Boone County, Missouri, is visiting relatives in Rushville.
  Mr. Aug. Grosclaude, a resident of Audrain County, Missouri for several years, returned to Schuyler to take charge of his father's farm near Huntsville.
  Huntsville item: Mrs. E. M. Parker of Georgetown, Colorado, is visiting relatives in this state - guest of Dr. A. J. Mead.

November 12, 1875
  Former Schuylerite, J. M. Wilson, now of Chariton County, Missouri visited here.
  Huntsville item: Marcus Whetstone will move to Bates County, Missouri
  Camden item: Mrs. Payton and sister of Indiana, are visiting their sister, Mrs. William Anderson, of this vicinity.

November 19, 1875
  "Hank" Taylor, a resident of Rushville sixteen years ago, is here visiting his mother, Mrs. Elsie Taylor - he hails from Arizona, Texas and the west at large.
  Mr. James Hughes of Indianola, Iowa and family, are visiting his father-in-law, William K. Young of this vicinity.
  Charles King of Perry, Illinois, was in the city last week visiting his uncle, Honorable G. W. Metz.
  Mr. John Delap moved to the farm near Huntsville, which he and his son-in-law, H. M. Dace purchased.
  Camden item: Mr. Grovenor S. Andrus of Warsaw, brother of Mrs. Dr. Watts of this place, was here visiting his sister, preparatory to starting for Kansas last week.
  Huntsville item: Mr. John Blocker, John Norvil's tenant, left for Kansas last week.

November 26, 1875
  Mrs. Mary Jane Shelley of Marysville, Missouri is here visiting their son, Josiah Parrott.
  Mr. Samuel Parrott and wife of Augusta, are here visiting their son, Josiah Parrott.
  Mrs. Norris Maxton, former Miss Ella Jenkins, of Juniata, Nebraska, is here visiting relatives.

December 10, 1875
  Charles Yoe of Independence, Kansas arrived here to visit relatives.
  Butlersville - James Strosnider and family, who have been visiting his brother here, will leave for their home in Missouri.

December 17, 1875
  Huntsville item: Rev. Dr. Sunderland of New Hampshire, who has been lecturing in Chicago, is visiting his brother-in-law, James Read.

December 24, 1875
  Mrs. Roberts and children of Bloomfield, Missouri are visiting her father, Sam. McCreery.
  Mrs. J. R. Dewey, wife of Prof. Dewey of Chicago High School, has been visiting her relative, R. H. Griffith.
  George C. Scripps of Detroit, Michigan, is here to spend the holidays with his parents.

December 31, 1875
  Miss Ada Holyoke of Watega, Illinois, is visiting her sister, Mrs. M. W. Howard.
  John C. Bell of Mt. Sterling, formerly of Rushville, will move to Iowa.
  Camden items: Mr. H. Reed of Ohio, is visiting relatives here; Mrs. Alpheus Unger of Portage County, Ohio, has been in this vicinity visiting relatives and friends.

January 7, 1876
  Huntsville item: Mrs. L. M. Parker and Mrs. J. C. McCoy of Georgetown, Colorado and Mrs. E. M. Ewing of Clayton, Illinois, are visiting relatives here.
  Camden item: Mr. A. L. Upson has taken possession of the farm purchased of Mr. Austin.
  Mr. Thomas Linley has sold his farm, just south of town, to Mr. Morris of McDonough County.
  Mr. Thomas Banning and wife of Chicago, visited his uncle, Honorable H. P. Walker.
  C. L. Neill hired as principal at school in Stockton, California.
  Marcus Whetstone has removed from Birmingham township to Bates County, Missouri.

January 14, 1876
  Mrs. Daniel Gardner of Brookfield, Missouri is visiting her sister, Mrs. C. T. Thomas.
  Mr. Barton Chadsey of Cherokee, Kansas, is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chadsey.
  James Munroe of Chicago, visited his parents here.
  Rev. George D. Moore has been visiting his parents, the John D. Moore's - he has a circuit in the eastern part of the state.
  Birmingham items: Mrs. Frank Kinsey and family of Sherman, Texas, arrived here for a visit; Mr. W. H. Johnson and daughter returned from a visit to relatives at Hannibal, Missouri.
  Huntsville item: Benjamin Brumback, formerly of this vicinity, is visiting relatives here.

January 21, 1876
  Huntsville item: Mr. H. G. Hood of Nebraska, is visiting his brother-in-law, Phillip Burmood.
  Camden item: Mr. William Eggleston and family will start for Texas next month, in company with John Norvell of Huntsville.

January 28, 1876
  Letter from Aaron Starr of Tecumseh, Nebraska.
  Mr. John H. Irvin and little son, Morris of Kearney Junction, Nebraska are visiting relatives here.
  George Rogers, Rushville boy 20 years ago, now of Sacramento, California.
  Dwight Ray returned home from several months at West Point.
  Mr. A. N. Smith of Frederick, will remove soon to Greene County, Iowa.

February 4, 1876
  Miss Flora Crosier returned from a visit to relatives in Nora, Illinois.
  Mr. P. J. Hermetet of Clayton, called at TIMES office.
  Mr. A. J. Elmore, who has been living in Adair County, Missouri the past 12 years, is visiting his father, Thomas Elmore, who lives east of town.
  Camden item: G. S. Andrus of Warsaw, was visiting relatives in our village.
  Butlersville item: Rev. Glaze returned from Ohio, bringing his family.

February 11, 1876
  Mr. Christopher Yates was visiting with his relative, James G. McCreery - Yates is from Nauvoo, Illinois.
  Camden items: Mrs. Dr. Conklin of Farmington, is in the village visiting her sister, Mrs. William DeMoss; William Greggs of Missouri, is visiting his brother, Charles; Party at Dr. Watts' - music by Miss Ella West and brother of Mrs. Watts, G. S. Andrus - he will return to the Pacific slopes soon.

February 18, 1876
  Thomas Ewing and family left for Bridgeport, Ohio, where they will locate for the present.
  Birmingham item: Mrs. Kinsey of Texas, daughter of David Graham is here visiting.

February 25, 1876
  Rushville - Henry Neiman , barber, has been visiting his parents in Missouri for two weeks.
  Rev. S. E. Wishard of Franklin, Indiana, came to visit his niece, Mrs. George W. Parrott.
  Stephen Lane, reported killed by train in California in July last year, was in Rushville - he was injured, not killed.

March 3, 1876
  Honorable James Crawford, who went to California in 1850 from this county, arrived here Saturday to visit relatives in Littleton township - he is Supt. of the U. S. Mint at Carson City, Nevada.
  Jefferson Brines of Callusa County, California, has been visiting his old home in Browning township.
  Mrs. Wright arrived here from Tecumseh, Nebraska and is staying with her daughter, Mrs. G. W. Metz.

March 10, 1876
  Dr. Josiah Slack of Cuba, Fulton County, was in town visiting his brother, Dr. N. G. Slack.
  Ed Wright of Tecumseh, Nebraska is visiting relatives here.
  Edward Brittle, who has lived in California for 30 years and his present wife, formerly Miss Gragg of Pleasantview, are visiting relatives and friends.

March 17, 1876
  S. M. Hume and family left for Rockdale, Texas, to make a home.
  Mrs. John Irvin and Miss Alice Irvin of Kearney Junction, Nebraska were called here by illness of their relative, Mrs. Owen Jackson.
  Dr. R. C. Hall, formerly of Rushville, will set up practice near Prairie City.
  Honorable James Crawford of Carson City, Nevada, left for home, accompanied by his niece, Miss Lillie Crawford, daughter of Tolbert Crawford.
  Huntsville item: Hial Stevenson is visiting friends and relatives in this vicinity.

March 24, 1876
  Huntsville township - William Rhodes is selling his personal property - he is moving west.

March 31, 1876
  William Allphin, former citizen of Schuyler, now of Wichita, Kansas
  Dr. Randolph of Carthage, Illinois, was in Rushville visiting his brother-in-law, Judge Walker.
  Mr. Charles Carty of Benton County, Arkansas.
  Leaving for Franklin County, Nebraska: Schuyler County: George Wilmot, Alvaron Beard, James Wilmot family; Brown County: Thomas Williams; Samuel Huffman family.

April 7, 1876
  Woodstock township - Jonathan Howell, a resident of Newton, Missouri for the past ten years, returned to this county with his family and is visiting his father-in-law, Alexander Stutsman.
  Huntsville township - Mr. James Stephenson left this county for Kansas, where he will locate.

April 21, 1876
  Mrs. Harlem Emerson and Mrs. Joseph Manlove of Cherokee, Kansas, here to visit - Mrs. Emerson is visiting her mother, Mrs. Sarah Derrickson.
  Huntsville item: Mr. Windel of Michigan,, was visiting his daughter, Mrs. Joseph Winans in this vicinity - first time they has met in 23 years.
  Charles Everson, William Rhodes and families left for Kansas.

April 28, 1876
  Joseph Lyons, formerly Rushville resident, now travels for a billiard table manufactory in St. Louis, visited here.
  William Trohmel and Joseph Vanwy, young men of Pleasantview, started for Truckee, California, where they expect to remain.
  William P. Peter, engaged in merchandising in Millersville, Illinois, was in Rushville attending to business for his mother, who now lives in Mason City.
  Miss Rosa Gragg, daughter of John Gragg of near Pleasantview, left for California in company with Edward Brittler and wife.

May 12, 1876
  G. W. Hoffman, formerly of Woodstock township, now editor of newspaper at Cherokee, Kansas.
  J. W. Jones, formerly of Pleasantview, moved to Winchester, Illinois, moved now to Breed's Station, Fulton County.

May 19, 1876
  Thomas Dean, now a resident of Wilson County, Kansas.
  Mr. M. W. Howard and family, left to visit relatives in Iowa.
  Mrs. L. B. Welker of Dallas City, is visiting her father, Mr. E. Jones.
  Mrs. Edgar Anderson and Miss Bessie Anderson, left for Philadelphia, where they spend two months visiting relatives and the Centennial Exposition.

May 26, 1876
  Mr. William B. Black, brother of Randall Black of Frederick, arrived in Frederick from New Zealand - Mr. Black left this county for California in 1859, where he remained a year, then went to New Zealand, where he has resided ever since - He is representing New Zealand at the Centennial Expo. in Philadelphia.
  Frank Brown left to visit relatives in Cherokee, Kansas.
  Mrs. William H. Scripps and two boys, went to Des Moines, Iowa to visit relatives.
  Rev. William Taylor, the California preacher, arrived in this city Wednesday - preached in M. E. Church - will hold services in the courthouse park.

June 2, 1876
  George Price, son of William price, started to Texas for his health and to visit his uncle, Joel McKee, at Palo Pinto, Texas - his brother, Prof. Hardin Price of Monmouth, got here a day too late for a visit.
  M. L. Read and wife of Winfield, Kansas and Mrs. Shelley of Tecumseh, are here visiting their relative, G. W. Metz.
  H. H. Foley of Brooklyn township, left this week to visit relatives in Davies County, Missouri.
  Josiah D. Neill of Stockton, California arrived here to visit relatives.
  William P. Andrus of Warsaw, was in our village visiting his daughter, Mrs. Dr. Watts.

June 9, 1876
  L. W. Sloat and family left to visit relatives at Ft. Madison, Iowa.
  Charles B. Emerson, resident of Dallas, Texas for 4 years is visiting relatives here.

June 16, 1876
  Edgar Anderson and his step-son, Paul Sweeney will leave for Philadelphia next Monday.
  Miss Mollie Wells, who has been going to school here for the past year, will leave for her home in Ohio Monday.
  Mr. Michael Sowers of this vicinity, left to visit his mother in Pennsylvania who he has not seen for 25 years.
  Dr. R. Homer Mead, former correspondent, is writing news in Texas.
  Mr. Hugh Herron of Monroe, Oregon, who left this county 14 years ago, is back visiting his brother near Pleasantview.
  Mrs. Sunderland, wife of Rev. Sunderland of Chicago, is here visiting her mother and brother, Mr. and Mrs. Reed of Huntsville vicinity.

June 21, 1876
  Cyrus Walker came down from Ottowa, Illinois for his annual visit to his old home.
  Mr. William McCurdy of this vicinity, left to visit his old home in Pennsylvania.
  Miss Nancy Jewsbury of Jacksonville, is visiting relatives in Rushville.

June 23?, 1876
  Mrs. A. B. Clarke of Kearny Junction and Mrs. G. W. Scripps arrived to visit their old home.
  R. D. Suddeth, editor of the BRIGHTON ADVANCE, is here visiting his father, Thomas Suddeth of Bainbridge.

July 7, 1876
  J. H. Campbell of San Antonia, California, arrived here to visit his brother, J. N. Campbell.
  Some ex-Schuylerites seen at the Democratic convention in St. Louis were: George W. Brown, Cherokee, Kansas; Edward Wright, Tecumseh, Nebraska; David D. Erwin, Muskegon, Michigan; John Teel, Mt. Vernon, Missouri; Henry C. Lett, Brownsville, Nebraska.

July 14, 1876
  Mr. Apollus Ward and wife accompanied by their son, James M. of Bainbridge township, are visiting relatives in Indiana.
  Mrs. L. W. Sloat, who has been visiting relatives in Iowa returned home accompanied by her niece, Miss Juliette McCurdy.
  Mrs. R. M. Smith of Pike County is here visiting her sister, Mrs. ? Hocking of Rushville.
July 21, 1876
  Dr. Martin and lady of Dallas City, Texas, are visiting their uncle, Mr. H. Wells of Camden.

August 4, 1876
  William Lusk, Woodstock township, has gone to visit relatives in Pennsylvania.
  Thomas Cunningham of this vicinity, has gone to visit relatives in Southern Kansas.
  William B. Crozier of this vicinity, left for Pittsburg, PA to visit relatives - he was accompanied by Mrs. George Baxter and daughter, who will visit relatives in Ohio.
  Mr. J. W. Gillette and wife of Los Angeles, California went to the Exposition and stopped on the way home to visit relatives in this vicinity - Mrs. Gillette is the oldest daughter of Marcus Serrott, a former citizen of this county who emigrated to California about twelve years ago.

August 11, 1876
  Martin Ryan and daughter, Katie, left to visit relatives in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

August 18, 1876
  Mrs. Matilda Lieb of East Berlin, PA, is here visiting her son, Emanuel Lieb.
  Messrs. Burnett Rose and George Dennis left last Saturday in a two-horse wagon for Cherokee, Kansas, where they intend making their home.
  Mrs. I. N. Van Hosen, former Rilla Bagby, of Lawrence, Kansa, arrived here to visit friends and relatives.
  Mr. James L. Carson of Bainbridge township left with his family for Chariton County, Missouri, where they expect to make their home.

August 25, 1876
  Mr. H. C. Cason (Carson ?) of Carthage, is visiting his parents of this city.
  Camden items: Rev. J. T. Galford and lady left to visit relatives at Elkhart, Indiana; Mrs. Nancy Thomas of Ripley is visiting relatives in this vicinity; John J. Rigg, son of J. N. Rigg of Camden, who moved to Plymouth 2 years, is visiting his family here while making preparations to emigrate to Texas.
  George I. Clark and William Burnsides of Sacramento, California arrived here to visit their old home after an absence of sixteen years.

September 1, 1876
  Camden item: William Anderson and lady will set out to visit friends and relatives in Ohio and Indiana.
  James Hinton of Neosho, Missouri arrived to spend a few days at the old home.
  Mr. Joseph Dennis will remain in Schuyler, having purchased the Ephraim Hills farm - Hills plans to move to Kansas.
  John W. Huffman living four miles west of town, will have a sale - he plans to go to Wichita, Kansas, in company with Calvin McMaster, who recently sold his farm to Thomas Malcomson.

September 8, 1876
  Mrs. Kate Brown and Miss Laura Wolfe of Clinton, DeWitt County are visiting their relatives the Rev. J. B. Wolfe.

September 15, 1876
  Mr. William Kuhn of this vicinity, went to visit his father in Pennsylvania, who he has not seen for many years - he will doubtless visit the big show, Centennial Exposition.
  J. K. Stronsnider who left her for Caldwell County, Missouri 18 months ago, has returned to Hickory township to live.
  J. D. Neill and wife of Stockton, California, who have been visiting here, went to Chillicothe to visit relatives a few days before returning to California - Miss Ollie Neill, daughter of Mrs. Charles Neill will accompany them home where she proposes to teach school.

September 22, 1876
  Dr. R. Homer Mead, with Texas Immigration bureau, with headquarters in St. Louis.
  Mr. Joel McKee who left this county for Texas about 25 years ago, arrived here to visit his brother, William McKee.
  Douglas Zeigler, son of Jackson Zeigler, who lost his hearing three years ago by spotted fever, went to Jacksonville to enter the Deaf and Dumb asylum.
  James Withrow, a former Rushville boy, is Chairman of the Republican party of St. Louis County.
  Mr. Orlando Manlove of Prescott, Kansas is visiting at the old home here.

September 29, 1876
  Mrs. L. C. Littrell of Winchester, is here visiting her parents, while her husband is filling the pulpit of the Presbyterian church in Nebraska City, where they will probably make their future home.
  Mr. John Hendricks, who has been a resident of Missouri for about 8 years will return to Schuyler - he has rented the farm of Thomas Herron, who will move to Frederick.
  Mr. S. M. Scott has sold his farm 6 miles S. E. of Rushville to Thomas Dodds - he and his son-in-law, William Tyson, expect to leave for California in  a week or two.
  Huntsville item: Mrs. Reed of Iowa, is visiting in this area, her mother, Mrs. Henry Allphin has been ill.

October 6, 1876
  Bruce Welker of Dallas City is visiting here.
  Newton Chadsey and family of Cherokee, Kansas, are visiting here.

October 13, 1876
  Miss Florence Terrill, daughter of A. J. Terrill of this area, is visiting relatives in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  Miss Blackburn of Chicago, is visiting her sister, Mrs. John Beatty of Rushville.
  Mr. Charles Yoe of Independence, Kansas, is visiting relatives here.
  Messrs. John Price and family, George W. Price and wife, George W. Potts, of this vicinity and Eugene Meadows of McDonough County (brother-in-law of George Price), leave next week for Palo Pinto, Texas - They are taking three teams and expect to be about 35 days on the road.

October 20, 1876
  Henry McKee of Cherokee, Kansas is visiting his brother, William.

October 27, 1876
  Camden items: Mrs. James M. Robinson and her little son of Cherokee, Kansas, are visiting relatives here; Messrs. Eggleston and Herman C. Owens, with their families, started last week for Texas.

November 3, 1876
  Mrs. Melvina Witt removed to Chicago this week - she expects to remain for some time in order to educate her children.
  Captain R. L. Greer moved into town last week - he occupies the dwelling belonging to W. W. Wells and succeeds Mr. Jackson in Nell's Hardware - he rented his farm to his sons, Richard and Jos., Jr.
  Mr. Wallace Seeley left with his family for Umatilla, Oregon, where he expects to make his home - his brother-in-law, William Leezer has a hardware store in that place - Mr. James Leezer resides on a ranch in the same county.

November 10, 1876
  Mrs. Sarah Wilson and her niece, Miss Carrie Graham of Oquawka, are visiting their relative, Judge Walker.
  Mr. W. J. Roberts, son-in-law of J. F. Grosclaude, who has been a resident of Dodge County, Nebraska for several years, returned to old Schuyler a few days since, with his family.

November 17, 1876
  Mr. Frank Brown and family departed for Cherokee, Kansas where they expect to make their home.
  Mr. Charles H. Carty who has been a resident of Benton County, Arkansas for five years, arrived here to visit his father, William Carty.

November 24, 1876
  Mr. Henry Hill, who left this county about 20 years ago, put in his appearance here - he is the son, of Gamalliel Hill, who died in this vicinity some years ago - he, Henry, served in the late war and has lived in Georgia since but may return to Schuyler.

December 1, 1876
  The town of Ayers, Mass. named in honor of the prince of physicians, just recently dedicated a new town hall, a gift of Dr. Ayer.
  Mr. Jacob Ruth of Tecumseh, Nebraska arrived here in time to spend Thanksgiving at his old home.
  Mrs. James P. Clark of Lawrence, Kansas, accompanied by her little boy, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilson.

December 8, 1876
  Mr. Lee Glandon of Cass County, Missouri , is visiting his father, Mr. James Glandon of  this vicinity.

December 15, 1876
  Mr. Jesse Beck and wife of Cherokee, Kansas, are here visiting relatives.
  John Delap and his son-in-law, Mat. Dace have sold their farm near Huntsville and will return to Rushville.

December 22, 1876
  William Hindman of LaSalle - letter and subscription to TIMES.
  D. D. Erwin, son of Honorable L. D. Erwin of Rushville has been appointed receiver of the Chicago, Canada and Saginaw R. R. by the U. S. Court at Grand Rapids.

December 29, 1876
  T. J. Wilson, now of Sidney, Iowa, writes editor.
  Mr. R. D. Suddeth of Brighton, visited his father, Thomas Suddeth.

January 5, 1877
  Mrs. E. W. Bickford of Fontinell, Nebraska sent the paper.
  Miss Mary Stephenson is sending the TIMES to her sister, Mrs. Lyde S. Bagby of Aspinwall, Nebraska.
  Joseph Messerer of LaGrange, California sent for TIMES.
  John S. Medley, lately of Frederick, now runs a flouring mill at Evening Shades, Sharp County, Arkansas

January 12, 1877
  Mr. A. P. Naught, of Linn County, Kansas, is visiting here.
  Camden item: Mr. T. A. Lewis of St. Louis, was visiting relatives in this village.
  Mr. Benjamin Cramer of Iowa, is visiting relatives here.
  Camden item: Mrs. Maria Curtis of Davenport, Iowa, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Dr. Watts of this place.
  Mrs. Ellen Marshall of Griggsville, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. West of this place.

January 19, 1877
  Mrs. Haslit of Clark County, Iowa, is visiting her brother, John Beatty of Rushville.
  Samuel McCreery, Jr. went to Sealia, Missouri, where he will clerk in the drug store of his brother, Charles.
  J. M. Clark, the organ man, went to Ohio, with his wife to visit relatives.
  R. S. Black of Clayton, subscribed to TIMES, which he has taken ever since he left OLD SCHUYLER.

January 26, 1877
  Mr. William Tarr, formerly of Huntsville, now of Missouri, visited Huntsville correspondent.

February 2, 1877
  Mr. Henry Minshal of Nioga, Illinois, is visiting relatives in Rushville.
  Mr. Barton W. Chadsey of Cherokee, Kansas, will remain here at his old home for a while.
  W. E. Wright of Mt. Vernon, Missouri - subscription to TIMES.
  Camden item: Mrs. Dr. Martin of Brooklyn, was visiting relatives here.
  Mr. James Roach, formerly of this place, now of Missouri visited here.

February 16, 1877
  Mrs. I. N. Van Hossen of Lawrence, Kansas, is here visiting relatives.
  Mr. Charles Nall of this vicinity, returned from a visit to relatives in Texas, accompanied by his son, Henry, who went down last fall for his health.
  Messrs. Harrison Anderson and James A. Teel, went to Texas to visit - Mr. Anderson goes to visit his brothers, one of whom he has not seen in 40 years - Mr. Teel, to look after his property in that state.

February 23, 1877
  Mr. J. M. Angel of Hancock County, is visiting relatives and old neighbors in Schuyler this week.
  Camden item: The Misses Sue and Lou Wells of Galva, are visiting their parents here.

March 2, 1877
  Mr. S. B. Bays, the photographer, who formerly resided in Rushville, has ordered TIMES to be sent to his new address at Avon.
  Wallace W. Seeley, who emigrated to Oregon last fall has returned to Schuyler.
  Thomas W. Witt of St. Louis, has ordered the paper.

March 9, 1877
  Mrs. Samuel McCreery is visiting her daughter, Mrs. L. C. Littrell of Taylorville.
  Mr. C. H. Cason  left for Elmwood, Kansas where he will clerk in a store.
  Honorable James Crawford, Supt. of the U. S. Mint at Carson, Nevada, has renewed his subscription to TIMES.
  Mr. N. A. Renshaw of Bluff City, is moving to Table Grove.
  Mr. George Garrett, an old and substantial farmer in Browning township, departed for Franklin County, Nebraska, where he and his boys have about 1,000 acres of land.
  George W. Brown of Cherokee, Kansas, sent for TIMES.
  Mr. J. F. Nardin, an old citizen of Woodstock township, left with his family for Vandalia, Missouri.
  Cyrus Walker of Ottawa, is visiting the old home for a few days.
  Mr. Ed. Crandall, who has been in Augusta, Georgia, selling horses, returned a few days ago.

March 23, 1877
  Mr. J?. M. Clark and wife returned from visiting relatives in Michigan.
  Mrs. Hattie C. Dunham removes to Virginia, Cass County, this week where she will engage in the millinery business.
  Mr. Archibald Edmonston of Adams County, visited relatives in this vicinity.
  There are doubtless more Schuylerites located at Cherokee, Kansas than at any one place in the whole country - from THE YOUNG CHEROKEE sent by Harlem Emerson, we learn that nine business firms are composed of ex-Schuylerites - Hinman Rhodes is Mayor - S. L. Manlove is post-master.

March 30, 1877
  Mrs. H. S. Cain of Canton, was visiting relatives in Rushville this week.
  Mrs. John Tate and her two children of Knoxville, Illinois, are visiting her mother, Mrs. Charles Neill here.
  Ex-Senator Harvey of Kansas, is visiting his brother, Sheriff Harvey at Rushville.
  Frank Yoe of Independence, Kansas is visiting the old home for the first time since he left here 8 years ago.

April 6, 1877
  Stuard (Stuart?) Welker and Cass Teel are partners in the butchering business at Astoria.

April 27, 1877
  Mr. John S. Sweeney, who has been in Detroit, Michigan, for about two years, came to visit his old home, his sister, Jessie returned with him.
  Camden item: Mr. Everett Fuller of Galesburg, was visiting relatives in this village last week.

May 4, 1877
  Mrs. Ann McCutcheon of Canton, was here visiting her brothers, Aug. and Joseph Warren.

May 11, 1877
  Mr. Joseph Hedrick is making plans to move to Scott's Mill.
  Mr. R. Hayder of Woodward County, is preparing to move his family here.
  Rushville - Mr. A. D. Dunlap left to visit his son, John near Wichita, Kansas.
  Miss Nancy J. Fowler, daughter of William Esq., returned home from a visit of several months with relatives in Ohio and Virginia.
  Mr. William Beatty, who left Tecumseh, Nebraska to accept a position in a wholesale store in Chicago, came to spend a few days with his parents.

May 18, 1877
  Mr. and Mrs. James L. Greer went to Kearney, Nebraska to visit their son, Robert.
  Mr. E. L. Criswell departed for the Black Hills, going overland with a mule team.
  From Cherokee, Kansas: Mr. B. W. Chadsey, a former Schuylerite, left that place for Lake City, Colorado, where he intends embarking in the sheep husbandry and working his silver mine.

May 25, 1877
  L. Bruce Welker and family are in town visiting relatives - he now resides at Waterloo, Iowa.
  Mrs. N. M. Nance of Clayton, has been visiting her father, Dr. Hubbard.
  John J. Linley, who has been stopping in Rushville some time, started for Denison, Texas, where his father resides.
  Charles McCreery, wife and child of Sedalia, Missouri, are visiting his father and mother, the Samuel McCreery.

June 1, 1877
  John Beatty, Jr. has ordered the TIMES sent to him at Omaha, Nebraska.
  J. W. Saylor, a citizen of Rushville some years ago, has been re-appointed Chief of Police in Pittsfield.
  James L. Greer and wife returned from Kearny, Nebraska - Robert Greer is doing a good business selling goods there - J. H. Irvin's hotel is full most of the time.
  Mrs. Isabelle Greer, who left here a few years ago for Tecumseh, Nebraska, has concluded to try her luck in the Black Hills country - she left Tecumseh last month, accompanied by her sons, George Greer and Samuel and Charles Campbell, two or three teams and 12 head of milch cows - she expects to run a boarding house and a dairy.

June 22, 1877
  Miss Florence Crosier departed on Wednesday to spend the summer at her uncle's at Nora, Illinois.
  Mr. James Davis of Dallas, Texas, arrived here last Monday, to transact business matters, and visit relatives.
  Miss Carrie Dewey, daughter of Prof. Dewey of the Chicago high School, is visiting her cousin, Mrs. R. H. Griffith of this place.
  George Little, Jr. and Grace Lock Scripps left yesterday for Burlington, Iowa, to visit her brother, George B. Scripps, formerly of Astoria.
  Miss Ellen B. Scripps of the DETROIT NEWS, arrived here on a visit to the old home, accompanied by her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Moore of London, England.

June 29, 1877
  Frank Underwood, who went to the Black Hills last spring, returned to Rushville - his brother stopped in Nebraska.
  Mr. T. J. Kamp, former citizen of Rushville, late of the Briggs House at Beardstown, left to take charge of a hotel at Austin, Texas.
  Mrs. Mary Thompson of Galena, Illinois, is visiting her relative, Charles Ryan, Buenavista township, after an absence of over 40 years.

July 6, 1877
  Rev. J. A. Greening left to visit  the old home at New Douglas, Madison County.
  Rev. William H. Window of Wisconsin, came to visit relatives in this county.
  Mr. W. F. Harrington, former typo at TIMES, now publishing a paper at Carthage, Tennessee.

July 13, 1877
  Mrs. Hayder and her mother arrived in Camden last Saturday week - Mrs. H. and her husband started for their home in Woodard County to prepare to move here (Camden).
  James Munroe and family of Chicago were visiting relatives in Rushville last week.
  William H. Chadsey of the U. S. patent office, Washington, and Mrs. Jerusha Clark and daughter, Rachel of Des Moines, Iowa, are visiting their father, Mr. Benjamin Chadsey of this vicinity (Rushville).

July 20, 1877
  Mrs. B. H. Richardson of Tecumseh, Nebraska, is visiting her sister, Mrs. F. S. Mack of Rushville.
  Mr. G. T. Bennet of Lexington, McLean County, Illinois, was visiting his brother-in-law, Mr. G. H. Franklin, last week.
  Mrs. Hattie Dearing, who has been Matron at Orphan's Asylum at Normal, Illinois, has returned to her former home with Mr. George Little in Rushville.
  Mrs. Abraham Lincoln and her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Charles Lincoln of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Mrs. Emma housekeeper of Beardstown were in Rushville last week visiting their relatives, Mrs. Edgar Anderson.

August 3, 1877
  Mr. H. S. Cain and wife of Canton, are visiting relatives in Rushville this week.
  Elder H. E. Pruett departed for a visit to his old home in Lenoir, NC.
  Mrs. L. C. Rice, better known as "Cal" Patterson, of Paris, Missouri, was visiting relatives last week.
  Mr. Abram Loring and family, who have been living in California the past four years, returned to their old home near Pleasantview.
  Mrs. S. B. Ramsey and Miss Sarah Bagby returned from their visit to Kentucky accompanied by their relatives, Dr. Samuel Withers and wife, and Mrs. Winslock of Glasgow, Kentucky.
  Mr. Apollus Ward of Bainbridge township, had a family reunion Monday, on his 72nd birthday - he has 6 son and 3 daughters - 26 grandchildren - they all live within 3 miles of the old home.

August 10, 1877
  Mr. Horace Bertholf and wife accompanied by his sisters, Mrs. Thomas Moore of Peoria and Miss Hattie, and two brothers, left yesterday on a trip west, going overland with two teams - they will visit relatives in Nebraska.
  Messrs. Charles and John Bell, sons of William Bell of Rushville, who are clerking in Chicago, arrived here for a short visit accompanied by their sister, Emma, who has been visiting them for a month.
  Call from John H. Black, Supt. of schools in Adams County.
  Miss Turney of Winchester, Tennessee, and Mrs. George W. Brown of Quincy, Illinois, are visiting Honorable William H. Ray - the former is a cousin of Mrs. Ray.
  Edward and Mary Lyon, children of Rev. D. P. Lyon, are visiting their grandfather, George M. Greer near Pleasantview.
  Mrs. William Ramsey left to visit relatives in Kansas and Nebraska.

August 31, 1877
  Miss Mary Stephenson departed for a visit to relatives in Ithaca, NY.
  Mrs. David Marshall of Mt. Sterling, is visiting at her father's, Asa Goodwin, Sr.
  Miss P. B. Shearer accompanied by her niece, left to visit her sister at Florence, Nebraska.
  Mrs. Mary A. Hinton, who removed to Neosho, Missouri last spring is visiting her old home a few days.
  Mr. Thomas J. Lair of Buenavista township, will well his personal property - preparatory to moving to southern Kansas.
  Mrs. A. B. Clarke of Kearny, Nebraska arrived in time to be with her sister, Mrs. McAllister, in the closing hours of her life.
  W. L. Persinger, son of Greene Persinger, left for Independence, Kansas, where he has rented some land from an uncle living in that vicinity.
  G. W. Burke, formerly of Huntsville, has ordered his paper sent to him at Moniteau, Colorado.

September 21, 1877
  Mr. and Mrs. Aug. Warren are visiting friends and relatives in Tecumseh, Nebraska.
  John Medley, who went to Arkansas last winter, returned to Frederick a few days ago - he will stay to settle his father's estate.
  Dr. J. H. Rainey will be a grass widower for a while as his wife went to visit her parents in New Haven, Connecticut, accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Haus.

September 28, 1877
  Mrs. William Erwin is visiting her sister, Mrs. P. H. Walker - Mrs. Erwin lives at Macomb.
  Mrs. Stark of Augusta, formerly Mrs. Thomas Hill, is visiting friends in Rushville.
  Mr. J. K. Stronsnider of Caldwell County, Missouri, is visiting the old home in Hickory township.
  Mr. William Carty, who has been visiting his son, Charles, in Benton County, Arkansas, returned here a few days ago.
  Mr. Iven L. Bartlow of Littleton township, plans to emigrate to Kansas.
  Mr. J. W. Carlock recently moved from Browning to Astoria.

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