Benjamin Hinman, Major

A Catalogue of the Names of the Early Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut, by Royal Ralph Hinman, Published 1852, page 858-860

HINMAN, MAJOR BENJAMIN, son of Dea. David, who was son of Benjamin, Jr., grandson of Benjamin, sen'r, and great-grandson of Edward Hinman, sen'r, of Stratford, m. Anna Keyser, July 8, 17S7, dau'r of Capt. John Keyser, near Little Falls, N. Y., who was a prisoner about 3 years during the war of the Revolution. Major Benjamin Hinman d. April 7, 1821, at Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, on a journey from Utica to New Jersey. Anna, his widow, is yet living, and resides at Rushville, Illinois, in the 85th year of her age. Their children :
1. John Edward, of Utica, b. June 9, 1789.
9. Benjamin, Jr., Esq., b. Jan. 37, 1794 ; never m. He d. at Hinmanvule, Oswego county, New York, August 9, 1844.
3. Col. John Jay, b. May 7, 1798.
4. Gen. William A., b. July 11, 1802. lives in Rushville, Illinois.
5. Maranda. b. August 4, 1806; d. July 11, 1807.
6. Annis, b. Dec. 10, 1815; m. at Rushville, Illinois, Dr. Thomas Monroe, Oct. 5, 1841; (he was b. in Maryland) he resides at Rushville, a physician of rare eminence. They have children, viz., 1. John Hinman Monroe, b. August 14, 1842 ; 2. Thomas, Jr., b. Oct. 26, 1844; 3. James Edward, b. Jan. 34, 1847; 4. Mary Anna, b. Dec., 1848; 5. Hinman, b. July 21, 1852.  Dr. Monroe and his family yet reside at Rushville, Illinois.
  Major Benjamin, the father of the above family, was b. at Southbury, Conn., and remained there until his manhood. He was engaged in most of the war of the Revolution, in various capacities, as captain, assistant commissary,
waggon-master, aid to Gen. Green, &c., and in other responsible stations in the service of his country. He was one of the 13 commissioned officers from Woodbury, with two of his brothers, Asa and Ephraim, who were in the service by the name of Hinman, including Capt. Elisha, of New London, who was captain of ships of war. Major Benjamin removed from Woodbury to Little Falls, N. Y., during or soon after the war, and settled near the Mohawk
river. His wife was b. on the farm where Fort Keyser was built. He afterward purchased and removed to Utica, where he lived several years previous to his decease in 1821.

HINMAN, COL. JOHN E., of Utica, son of Major Benjamin and Anna, is now living at Utica. He is a man of strong mind, quick perception, firm, determined, and resolute in all his projects, whether it be in religion, business, or politics. And if, like Gen. Jackson, he declared "by the Eternal" his project should be effected, he generally succeeded in his object. Though he has devoted much of his life to the accumulation of wealth, he has his traits and streaks of charity, and among his family and friends he uses it often with no sparing hand. Though his father in middle life had a competency, yet toward the close of his life much of it had passed beyond his control; and when he died, he left his wife and five children, and not,a large estate for their support at Utica. Col. John E., then about 16 years of age, and the eldest of the children, like a man of maturer years, being blessed with good sense, and a share of energy that few of his age possessed, took charge of the family, sustained his mother, educated his brothers and sister; two of them as lawyers. He was sheriff's deputy under James S. Kipp, Esq., as high sheriff in Oneida county, from 1813 to 1820. He was quarter-master of the 134th regiment of militia in 1813, and high sheriff from 1821 until 1831, except one term. He was elected Lieut. Col. of a regiment in 1821, which he resigned, after he received the appointment of sheriff the same year, of Oneida county. Since which he has been honored by two or more elections to the responsible office of Mayor of the city of Utica, and held various other places of trust, all of which have been performed to the satisfaction of his friends and  constituents. Col. Hinman m. Mary, dau'r of G. C. Schroppel, Esq., deceased, of New York, Nov. 27, 1827.
Mr. Schroppel was early one of the wholesale tea merchants in the city of New York, by which he accumulated a large fortune. He d. in the city of New
York, and was interred in St. Mark's church-yard. Col. Hinman and his lady reside in the city of Utica, without children. He is one of those men ardent for his friends, open and frank with his enemies, and never yields an opinion until satisfied he is in error.

HINMAN, COL. JOHN JAY, Esq., son of Major Benjamin and Anna, b. May 7, 1798, m. at Rushville, Illinois, Huldah M. Sturtevant, April 11, 1842 ; she is a sister of Professor Sturtevant, of Jacksonville, Illinois, and of the Fairfield county Sturtevants, in Conn. He read law at Utica, and was admitted to the Bar in the State of New York, and a few years after removed to Rushville, Illinois, and followed his profession for a few years, and then went into the milling and flour business; and afterward, about three years before
his death, removed with his family to Ottoway, Illinois, and commenced merchandizing.  Col. John Jay d. at Ottoway, Illinois, Oct. 5, 1849, and was there buried. He d. of cholera four days after the death of the last of his five children. His grief at the loss of all his five children, produced on himself the cholera; and thus died a man of as pure a heart as ever lived; and the only survivor of that once happy family was his widow. Children:
1. Anna Keyser, d. August 21, 1846 ; buried at LaGrange Farm, Brown county, Illinois.
2. John Jay, Jr., d. at Ottoway, of scarlet fever, May 11, 1849.
3. William A. Hinman, d. at Ottoway, May 19,1849, of scarlet fever.
4. Grace A., d. at Ottoway, of cholera, Sept. 30, 1849.
5. Jay S. Hinman, d. at Ottoway, of cholera, Oct. 1, 1849.
His widow Huldah resides at Beardstown, Cass county, Illinois, single.

CAPT. BENJAMIN, JR., son of Major Benjamin, an older brother of John Jay, Esq., b. 1794; resided most of his life at Utica, New York. He was a magistrate, captain of a company, &c., and never m. He d. at Hinmanville,
Oswego county, New York, August 9th, 1844, when a young man, and had only reached middle life.

GEN. WILLIAM A. HINMAN, b. July 11, 1802, son of Major Benjamin, of Utica, was educated a lawyer at Utica, where he was admitted to the Bar, and where he followed his profession a few years. But his ambition either for
wealth or fame induced him to visit Illinois in 1832, and he never returned, but located himself at Rushville, Schuyler county, Illinois, where he now resides.  He has dealt largely in new farms in that neighborhood, and has become
wealthy. He m. at Jacksonville, Illinois, Grace A. Kingsbury, Feb. 4, 1843, and resides in Rushville; has children, John Edward, b. Nov. 14, 1843 ; Edward M. C., b. April 10, 1847.

MARANDA, dau'r of Major Benjamin, b. August 4, 1806 ; d. 1817.

ANNIS, dau'r of Major Benjamin and Anna, of Utica, b. Dec. 10, 1815, was m. at Rushvillc;, Illinois, to Dr. Thomas Monroe, (b. in Maryland,) Oct. 5, 1841, and have children, viz. :
1. John H., b. August 14, 1842.
2. Thomas, Jr., b. Oct. 26, 1844.
3. James Edward, b. Jan. 23, 1847.
4. Mary Anna, b. Dec. 18, 1848.
5. Hinman. b. July 21, 1852.
  Dr. Monroe resides at Rushville, in the practice of his profession, with his wife and family.

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