Jeremiah Bader's

Taken 1910.  Built around 1860.
It replaced the log cabin and was burn down in 1993.
In the picture is granddaughter-in-law, Inez Robertson Bader, wife of Howard Orland Bader
and their children: Wanda, about 9 months and Donald, 3 years.
Taken looking east-northeast.

Taken on the south-east corner about 1900.
In the picture are Lusetta Bader, wife of Henry Oscar Bader 
and unknown man (think it's Henry Oscar).

Taken about 1983
looking north.

Late summer 1993, the house was burnt by the now owner of the land.  
Many of the descendants of Jeremiah Bader wished that he had allowed us to retrieve 
what we would have liked from the house, so long a home and center of the 
Bader family life in Schuyler County.

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