James Wesley Davis

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My Davis family is giving me fits.  This is what I know:

My ancester is James Wesley Davis born about 1815 in  Kentucky.  He had one known brother, Henry D. B. Davis.

James Wesley Davis born @ 1815 in Ky. In 1835 he purchased 40 acres of land in Schuyler County, sect. 22 township 2 range 3, through the public domain land sales.

James W. married on November 27, 1838 Mary Margaret Baker daughter of Francis and Mary Brandenberg Baker.  Mary M. was born August 17, 1818 in Flemingburg, Ky.

1840 census shows James W. and family in precinct 2 .
1850 census James and family lived in Eden Township.
1860 census they were in Bainbridge twp and 1865 state census shows them still in Bainbridge twp.
By 1870 James W. and family have moved to Chariton County Missouri.

James Wesley and Mary M. Brandenberg were the parents of 10 children: Martha E. b. 1840; James W. Jr b. 10-17-1841; Priscilla Ann b. 5-21-1844; Charles Madison b. 1-14-1846; Benjamin F. b. 3-8-1848;  Mary Magdeline b. 7-27-1851; Harriett b. 1853; Malinda Jane b. 5-27-1856; William S. b.
5-18-1858; and George Washington b. 3-23-1861.

Marriage certificates in my possession: Lisc # 604 Schuyler County, State of Illinois
  I William Ellis an acting Justice of the peace in and for said county do
certify that I joined in marriage the within named James w. Davis and Mary M. Baker on the 27 of November 1838  Signed William Ellis JP.  Consent to the marriage was given by Francis Baker for his daughter Mary M. to marry James W. Davis.

Marriage Lisc # 512: Henry D. B. Davis to Harriett Baker on February 13, 1838 by John Scripps ,
written consent of father Francis Baker

James W. Davis Jr. and Mary E. Fowler married 9 th of December 1861 by Daniel B. Bush JP.

James W. Watts  and wife Pricilla A. Davis the 2nd day of July 1863 by Andrew Hodge

James Wesley Davis moved to Chariton County Missouri and most of his children made the move with him.  I have no record of Martha E. past the 1865 census of Ill. when she was still home.  Maybe she married and remained in Ill or she moved into Missouri and I have not found any mention of her in
my family search, I do not know.  Of the sister Harriett who did make the move to Mo. I have no record.  All other children have been traced down to the present time.  James and Mary with sons George W. and William S. and wives moved to south Missouri near Montevella Mo. sometimeabout 1884 or 85 where they remained until James death 12-27-1886.  About 1888 or 89 son George and family with his mother Mary M. returned to Chariton County where Mary died   7-14-1889.

Francis Baker family
  Francis Baker born 1-1-1762 in Baltimore MD to Maurice Baker and Elizabeth Dorsey Baker died 4-20-1846 in Ill.  Nancy Davis his first wife b. unknown d. 1801 in Mason Co. Ky.  Children of this union; John b 1791; Bennie b. 1793; George b. 8-13-1796; Delilah b. 1797; Lydia b. 1799; Elizabeth b. 1801  After Nancy's death Francis married Mary Magdeline Brandenberg. b. 12-11-1780 d. 2-16-1858 parents unknown. Children of this union, Dorsey b. 1806;  Lacon Dorsey b. ?; Mary Margaret b. 8-17-1818; Harriett b. 1819; Priscilla b. 4-9-1825; Nancy Davis b. ca 1803; Amanda b ?; Maria b.?;
Francis Asbury b. ?; and Malinda b. ? After 1832 he moved to Rushville, Schuyler co. Ill where his last will and testament was probated, his death occured on April 20, 1846.

  The following are the contents of the will made by Francis Baker on July 10,
1841 and filed in Probate Court of Schulyer County Illinois on Sept 10, 1845.  A copy of the original hand-written will is in the possession of Rosemary Lawson a direct decen dent of Mary Margaret Baker Davis daughter of Francis Baker.
  Know all men by these presents, that I, Francis Baker, being now in my
eithty-first year, in sound mind do make this my last will and testamont, trusting that it will be faithfully fulfilled by my executor when it will please Almighty God to take my spirits from this world.
  The following is an account of what each of my children individually have
received from me -
  Henry Debell married Elizabeth Baker, my eldest daughter, to whom I gave as
follows: one bay mare - $56.00, Bed and Bedding - $30.00. Cow and calf - $20.00 = $106.00.
  James Faris married Lyia Baker, my second daughter to whom I gave as
follows: one bay mare - $50.00, Bed and bedding - $30.00, Cow and calf - $16.00, Ewe and 2 lambs - $2.00 = $98.00.
  William Hincock married Delidy Baker, my third daughter, to whom I gave as
follows: one bay mare -  $55.00, Bed and bedding - $30.00, Cow and calf - $20.00 = $105.00.
  George Baker my 3rd son, I gave as follows: one horse - $52.00, one note I
paid to Thos W. Fleming for horse - $45.00 = $97.40.
  Jepson Calburt married Nancy Baker, my first daughter by my second wife, to
whom I gave as follows: one cow and calf - $20.00, bed and bedding - $30.00, 23 Sheep @75 cents per sire - $17.25 = $67.25.
  Dorsey Baker, my first son by second wife, to whom I gave as follows: Grey
Horse - $100.00, Borrowed for him - $100.00 paid by me. Horse lent him - $100.00 which Dorsey sold, bed and bedding - $30.00 - $330.00 ... note - his horse returned to me forth with and sold for 125 dollars.
  Sandford Calburt married Maria Baker, my second daughter of my second wife
to whom I gave as follows: bed and bedding - $30.00, Cow and calf - $15.00, Forty-five dollars in cash - $45.00 - instead of horse = $90.00.
  Andrew Wilson married Amanda Baker, my third daughter by second wife, to
whom I gave as follows: Bed and bedding - $30.00, Forty-five dollars in cash - $45.00 instead of horse = $75.00.
  James Wilson married Malinda Baker, my 4th daughter by second wife, to whom
I gave as follows: bed and bedding - $30.00, Fifty dollars in cash - $50.00 instead of horse, one cow and calf - $10.00, one cow and calf $15.00 = $105.00.
  Francis A. Baker, my second son by second wife, to whom I gave; one quarter
section of land situated in Warrick County, Indiana - the cost was $500.00, one horse - $80.00, bed and bedding - $30.00 = $610.00.
  Lacon D. Baker, my 3rd son by second wife, to whom I gave as follows: one
quarter section of land situated in Warrick County, Indiana, cost - $250.00, one horse - $75.00, bed and bedding - $30.00 to be allowed = $355.00.
  James Davis married Mary Baker, my 5th daughter by second wife, to whom I
gave as follows: Bed and bedding - $30.00.
  Henry Davis married Harriett Baker, my 6th daughter by my second wife, to
whom I gave as follows:  bed and beding - $30.00.
  Priscilla Baker, single at this time, she is my 7th daughter by second wife
whom I gave as follows: Bed and Bedding - $30.00 to be allowed.
  I, Francis Baker, have shown above the different sums which each of my
children have received from me, and I trust in God that it has been of service to them.  It will be clearly seen that Mary Baker now Mary Davis, and Harriett Baker, now Harriett Davis, and Priscilla Baker have not received their portions equal to the others, therefore it is my will that Mary, Harriett, and Priscilla's portions be made equal--let each of them have a horse valued at $50 and a cow and calf at $20 - this will make with the bedding $100.00.
  I Francis Baker, do further state that it is my will, wish and desire to
provide for my beloved wife, Mary, as long as she may be spared - by letting her enjoy the entire benefit of my land, stock and possessions, after all just debts are satisfied, and at her demise, if one or more of my children would like to purchase my land, viz: 83 acres confer tittle and 80 acres of timber with york tittle upon a fair valuation of two or more persons appointed by my executors which I will herafter name.
  I, Francis Baker, do hereby bequeath to my now surviving children, equally
whatever sum my farm and stock may fetch, after my sons, George Baker and Dorsey Baker are paid with what they advanced to Mathius Masters - I further appoint George Baker and Dorsey Baker my executors to settle and administer my affairs.
  Writing this my hand and seal this 10th day of July 1841 Francis Baker
  I do testify this as Francis Baker's last will and testamont.  signed,
W. W.Smith

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