Joel Robertson

  Joel was born  April 11, 1844, and died June  10, 1916 at Browning at age of 72.  He marries Lydia Esther Walton March 18, 1869.  Lydia Esther {called Aunt Esther  by the community} was born November 1, 1846, died May 22, 1938, age 91.   They had eight children: Della, Addie, Inez, Bertha, Fred, Willis, Edgar and Lillie, all deceased.
  They spent the greatest part of their lives in Schuyler County.  He was a farmer and lived in the Ridgeville Community where their children were born.  Joel united with the Baptist Church at Ridgeville now know as a community church.  Lydia Ester was a member of the Church of Christ at Browning.  They sold their farm and moved to Browning to a house they had built from the timber on their farm.
  When the call came for volunteers during the Civil War, Joel was among the first to enlist with the 119th Illinois Infantry.  He served for three years and was honorably discharged at the close of the war.  He fought for the North against two brothers that fought in the South.
  Fred Robertson was born 1871 and died 1957.  He marries Cora Heffner, she was born 1876, and died 1957.  They were parents of five children: Kenneth, Ansel, Gladys, Urla and Marie.
  Kenneth was born 1898 and died January 29, 1981 at the age of 83.  Kenneth married Leome Dresher.  She was born 1907.  To this union were born four children: Joyce, Lyle, Judy, and Lester.  Judy married William Smart.  The have one son, Eric.  Lester married JoAnn Urban.  They have four children: Mark, Bryce, Kevin, and Ellen.  Mark married Vicki Lindell. They have three children: Gered, Seth, and Heather.  Kevin married Melinda Toland.  They have two children: Dustin, and Kristen.
  Ansel married Hazel Kennedy.  They had one son, Richard.  He married Helen Johnston.  They have two sons: Mike and Danny.  Ansel and Richard are deceased.
  Gladys marries Doan Carlock.  They have one daughter, Roberta.  Later Gladys marries Ed Stambaugh.  He died, she later married Clarence Glover.
  Marie married George Hodgin (deceased).  They had three children: Marilyn, Jack, and Robert.
  Edgar married Annabell Fowler.  The had three children: Floyd, Edgar, and Unice.  Edgar and Unice are deceased.
  Bertha married Frank Trone.  They had six children: Betty, Lana, Joe, Edgar, Opal, and Herman.  All are deceased.  
  Addie married Fred Venters.  They had two children: Winnifred and Francis.
  Inez married born August 5, 1887, and died July 1, 1966.  She married Howard Bader.  He was born April 9, 1833, and died 1977.  They have seven living children.  Donald married Fanchion Hartley.  They have two children.  Margaret married Geiman Kolp.  They have two daughters.  Wilma married Henry Brook.  Anna married James Crafton.  They are parents of six.  James died, then Anna married Ed Painis {Psinis}.  Esther married Donald Baxter.  They have six children.  Howard later married Nell Lee.  Howard is now deceased.  Harold married Betty Roudebush.  They have three children.  Wendell married Mary Hindman.  They have seven children.
  Delia married Mark White, both deceased.  They had seven children: Ione, Joel, Carlyle, Berlyn, Geneive, Elizabeth, and Norma.  Ione married Lucian Theivagt.  They had four children: Sherwood, Regionald, Joyce, and Carol.  Lucian died in 1947. Ione then married Archie Rohn.  He died in 1959.
  Joel married Sophia Huck.  They have two boys: Thomas and John.  Carlyle married Beatice Ross.  They have two daughters.  Beryln married Lois Treadway.  They have one daughter, Jill.  Norma married True Bates.  They had one daughter, Sally.  Elizabeth never married.  Geneive and Norma are deceased.
  Written by Margaret Kolp.

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