John Brown

  John Brown was born September 4, 1787 in Virginia according to his obituary; based on the 1882 Schuyler-Brown County, Illinois History. He had a brother Robert Brown and was a relative of John Thornhill whose wife was Jean/Jane Brown. Based on those two statements it is believed that John Brown was a son of Samuel and Margaret Brown, first of Washington County, Pennsylvania, then to Harrison County, Kentucky where John enlisted for the War of 1812. He was married first to Rebecca Bowman whose guardian in 1816 was John Sipple. She died before September 20, 1821 when John Brown married second, Sarah H. Points, in Grant County, Kentucky. Sarah was the daughter of John Points who died in Boone County, Kentucky in 1818. John Brown first appears on the 1814 Pendleton County, Kentucky tax list, probably in that part that became Grant County in 1820. By 1827 the family had removed to Morgan County, Illinois and they are listed on the 1830 census for Schuyler County where they both died, John Brown on in January 1871 and Sarah Points Brown on November 16, 1889. Both are buried with tombstones in Weightman Cemetery, Camden township.

  Children by first wife:
  1. William Bowman Brown was born circa 1816-1820 probably in Pendleton County, Kentucky. He married Jemima H. Parkins July 10, 1841 in Schuyler County, Illinois. William died December 7, 1841 in Schuyler County, leaving only his wife as his heir. She married second, Jared Webster, on May 6, 1843 in Schuyler County.
  2. Lucinda Brown was born January 3, 1822 (1821 obituary) Morgan County, Illinois. Census records say she was born in Kentucky? She married James Madison Wilson on February 17, 1842 in Schuyler County and died April 16, 1873 in Chariton County, Missouri where she is buried in the Newcomer Cemetery at Mendon.
Children by second wife:
  3. Thomas Bluford Brown was born November 2, 1827 in Morgan County, Illinois. He married first, Catherine Justus, on February 24, 1849 in Schuyler County and second, Mrs. Elizabeth Long, nee Wilson, on December 3, 1887 at Hancock County, Illinois. "Bluford" was a Civil War veteran. He died June 2, 1909 at Macomb, McDonough County, Illinois and is buried in the Weightman Cemetery with his parents.
  4. Martha Jane Brown born September 14, 1829 in Morgan County, Illinois. She married May 27, 1847 in Schuyler County, Illinois to William Weightman. She died February 4, 1908 at Camden, Schuyler County,  Illinois and is buried in the Weightman Cemetery there.
  5. George Washington Brown was born circa 1831 in Schuyler County, Illinois. He married Minerva J. Whiteman on October 29, 1854 in Schuyler County. Lived in Kansas for a time but died in Schuyler County, Illinois on March 16, 1888. (no tombstone)
  6. Pauline Brown was born November 11, 1833 at Schuyler County, Illinois. She married John Alvin Points on February 3, 1854 in Schuyler County. She died July 22, 1920 and is buried at Gering, Scottsbluff County, Nebraska. (no tombstone)
  7. Jackson Brown was born circa 1836 in Schuyler County, Illinois. He married Louisa Craycraft in Schuyler County. Died December 20, 1860 in Schuyler County leaving one son, Lewis.
  8. Nancy J. Brown was born July 25, 1837 in Schuyler County, Illinois and died January 5, 1884 (obituary) although her tombstone in the Weightman Cemetery says she died in 1883.
  9. Jemima Brown born circa 1842 in Schuyler County, Illinois, married Lewis Craycraft August 21, 1858 in Schuyler County. She died between 1864-1868 in Schuyler County. Left two daughters.
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