George William Logsdon

Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois, Illustrated 1908,  Volume II, Schuyler County, by Newton Bateman, LL.D. and Paul Selby, A.M.,  Edited by Howard F. Dyson, page 869, a reprinted by Stevens Publishing Co., Astoria, Ill., is sold by the Schuyler County Historical Society, Rushville, Illinois.
  Logsdon, George William
   Visitors to a farm lying on Section 29, Bainbridge Township, are invariably pleased with the will-kept orchards, neat buildings and cultivated fields, nor are they less pleased with the picturesque invironment and the spendid view. Standing on the highest point of the farm (which, according to government reports, is only one and a half feet lower than the highest point in the State, near Galena), the eye beholds a delightful vision of smiling valleys, thriving towns, neat farms and waving fields, and one recognizes as never before the fascinating environment of the Illinois agriculturist. The farm is owned and operated by George William Logsdon, who has been a resident of Schuyler County since boyhood. While he is proud of the entire estate, perhaps he finds his chief source of gratification in the peach orchard of eight acres, containing all of the finest varieties of that luscious fruit and said to be one of the finest orchards of its kind in the entire State. There are now 1000 fruit bearing trees in the orchard, and in addition there is a small orchard of choice varieties of apple trees. The record of the Logsdon family will be found on another section in the sketch of Perry Logsdon. Suffice it to say in this connection, that Joseph and Lucy (Peters) Logsdon moved from Brown County, Ill. To Schuyler County in 1844 and settled in Woodstock Township, where they cleared a farm. Their son, George W., was born in Brown County, November 14, 1852, and was twelve years of age when he came with his parents to Schuyler County, where he attended the district schools. Later he was sent to the Gem City Business College in Quincy. On his return to Schuyler County he taught school for two terms in the county where he was born, but afterward devoted his time to clearing land and cultivating a farm. In 1891 Mr. Logsdon married Miss Margaret J. Kirkham, daughter of Henry and Clara [Wren] Kirkham, both of Scotch lineage. In an early day her father came from his native State of Indiana to Schuyler County, Ill., where he and his wife make there home in Bainbridge Township. The year after his marriage Mr. Logsdon bought 160 acres on Section 29, where he has since engaged in tilling the soil, raising stock of good grades, and developing one of the finest peach orchards in the State. Of his marriage seven children were born, namely: Lucy C., Seth D., Goldie E., Emma Lou (who died in infancy), Mary Agnes (who died at the age of three years), Ruth A., and George M. Fraternally Mr. Logsdon is a Mason, a member of Cass Lodge of Beardstown, Ill., and an ardent believer in the philanthropic principles of that organization. All through his life he has made a study of the money question, which he considers one of our most important national problems. The result of his study has led him to co-operate with the Greenback or Populist party, whose principles he firmly believes to be based on justice, and ever since casting his ballot for Peter Cooper, he has never swerved in his allegiance to the men and measures pledged to secure for our country those monetary changes which he believes to be essential to business success and permanent porsperity.

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