Jacob Logsdon

Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois, Illustrated 1908, Volume II, Schuyler County, by Newton Bateman, LL.D. and Paul Selby, A.M.,  Edited by Howard F. Dyson, page 869-870, a reprinted by Stevens Publishing Co., Astoria, Ill., is sold by the Schuyler County Historical Society, Rushville, Illinois.
  Logsdon, Jacob
  Prominent among the progressive and successful descendants of pioneers of Schuyler County is Jacob Logsdon, who, through the exercese of practical and praiseworthy qualities, has become the owner of a farm of 250 acres in Bainbridge and Woodstock Townships, and who is further recognized as a leader in political and social undertakings, and is a stock-holder in the Bank of Schuyler County. Mr. Logsdon was born near Coopertowns, Brown County, Ill., March 13, 1858, a son of Joseph Logsdon, well known in the earlier annals of farming in this part of the State. Until reaching his twenty-sixth year Mr. Logsdon remained on his father's farm, having come to Schuyler County in 1865. His education is that furnished in the district schools, and on this Practical foundation he has built a character and capacity for usefulness which well may be an inspiration to the youth of the coming generation. In 1884, Mr. Logsdon sought to try his fortunes in the State of Kansas, but after a brief experience in Cowley and Sedgewick Counties, was taken ill and returned to his Schuyler County home for recuperation. Convinced that he lived a pretty good part of the United States, he since has made this his home, and as soon as he recovered form his illness he rented land and bought and fed cattle. Thrifty and far-sighted, he laid by all possible of his earnings, and in 1885 bought his first eighty acres of land in Section 12, Woodstock Township, which at that time was practically destitute of improvements. For two years he farmed a small this land, and in the spring of 1888, he married Amelia Krohe, daughter of Lewis E. Krohe, and born in Bainbridge Township, Schuyler County, December 26, 1863. Installing his young wife in the little house, the housekeeping and land developing went hand in hand; children came to gladden the parents and bring sunshine into the well kept home, and a spirit of harmony and success grew out of earnest toil and unremitting co-operation. In 1903 the house that had witnessed so many changes and given shelter in so many storms, gave place to the modern structure now occupied by the family, which has eight rooms all airy and well furnished. There are few rural homes in the county which afford so many advantages as does this one, and in which is expressed such interest for the physical, mental and moral well being of its inhabitants. With the latest magazines and periodicals always on hand, with opportunities for music and varied entertainment, and with the most genial and delightful of outdoor surroundings, this farm may be called an ideal one of its kind, and it is widely considered one of the most hospitable and productive. To Mr. and Mrs. Logsdon have been born five daughters, of whom Amy Louisa, a graduate of Rushville High School, class of 1908, gives promise of literary success, having already contributed many readable articles to current periodicals; Ada Leonora, born January 20, 1892, is attending Rushville High School; Sophia Ellen Lucy was born August 11, 1894; Viola Agnes was born July 11, 1895; and Violet Augusta was born October 3, 1899. The children are receiving every advantage which means and intelligent direction can command, and will be proficient in musical and other accomplishments. The parents of this interesting family are enthusiastic sharers of the interest of their children, and as a result they are their boon companions and most confidential advisers. From such an atmosphere come the best men and women in the land. Sometime since Mr. Logsdon retired from active labors on the farm, but he still supervises its management, and is as keenly interested as ever in its output and improvement. He is a generous contributor to many worthy causes, is an earnest if not an active Democrat, and fraternally is an honored member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. He has been a stock-holder on the Bank of Schuyler County since 1902.

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