Lovey Perkins Henson was a very self sufficient and independent Ozark mountain woman.  She was very adept in all the skills attributed by pioneer women of that time.

Lovey was a very good cook.  She made cornbread, home made butter and buttermilk.  She was also a good hand with quiting and fine stitching.

She made most of her families clothes from homespun sheep's wool.  They kept their own sheep.  When spring came they would shear the sheep, clean and card the wool.  She would then dye the wool in various colors from such things as roots, berries and tree bark.  The wool would then be spun on the spinning wheel into thread.  Finally , from the loom they kept on the front porch of their cabin, she would weave the thread into clothing and rugs.

Lovey was a very religious woman.  She and her husband attended the Freewill Baptist Church until it was destroyed by fire.  Then they attended the Holiness Church.  She often cared after the sick, and doctored her family with various wild plants.

Loved died in 1917 and was buried beside her husband in the Green Mountain Cemetary, Green Mountain, Mo.

Compiled by William C Raney oral history from grandmother Julia C Whilted

From Carol Longwell Miller <> 3-15-1999

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