Prairie Farmer's Directory
of Brown and Schuyler Counties, Illinos
Prairie Farmer Publishing Company, 1918

Complete Directory of the Farmers of Brown and Schuyler Counties, with valuable information about each farm
Breeder's Directory, giving full classified list of breeders of purebred livestock and poultry.
Business Directory, giving list of all business houses in Brown and Schuyler Counties.
Valuable statistics and general information.

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Abbreviations from Directory
a - Acres
Ch - Children
O - Owner
T - Tenant/Renter
R - Rural Route
Sec - Section
Wife's Maiden name after name in parentheses
Number at end is year they became resident of county
Name of farm after names of children in quotations
If tenant/renter, the farm owner's name after the number of farm size

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  F   G   H   I   J
  K   L   M   N   O
  P   Q   R
  S   T
  U   V


Abbott, David C. (Rhoda Trone) Ch Edna, Dale; Browning R1 Browning Sec8 T160a Ace Trone (1890) Mutual Tel. Browning

Abbott, Ephraim L. (Lottie Moore) Rushville R1 Buena Vista Sec14 O160a (1872) Tel. Farmers' Line Rushville

Abernathy, Ezra Leslie (Ruth Notson) Ch Virginia; Rushville R2 Woodstock Sec15 T80a Nicholas Notson (1917) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Acheson, Alexander (Laura H. Demaree) Ch Helen, Mary, Ethel; Rushville R4 Bainbridge Sec3 O213a (1867) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Acheson, Marvin W. (Nola Blaylock) Ch Mary, Harlan, Mildred, Edna, Robert; Rushville Star Route Rushville Sec29 O180a (1876) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Acheson, Rollin (Florence Kinsey) Ch Wilbur; Frederick R1 Bainbridge Sec14 O212a (1883) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Acker, Homer (Mae Carey) Ch Paul E., Olin L.; Frederick R1 Bainbridge Sec32 T290a Thomas Bottenberg (1890) Tel. Rushville

Ackley, Roe (Alice Wright) Ch Bernice; "South Prairie Stock Farm" Golden R1 Huntsville Sec20 O300a (1869) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Ackman, F. E. (Carrie Jones) Ray R1 Oakland Sec21 T240a Mrs. James Ackman (1893) Mutual Tels. Ray and Rushville

Ackman, Mrs. James (Fisk) Ch Forest E.; Ray R1 Oakland Sec21 O240a (1863) Mutual Tels. Rushville and Ray

Adams, Delmar S. (Gladys C. Robinson) Ch Ruth, Rachel, Robert, Mary; Littleton R1 Brooklyn Sec14 T180a William Robinson (1916) Mutual Tels. Littleton and Brooklyn

Adkison, James Henry (Luella Radinger) Ch James Elmer; Rushville R6 Woodstock Sec6 Farm Hand Charles Ward (1892)

Adkison, James M. (Martha Ann Parker) Ch Adeline, Wallie; Rushville R6 Woodstock Sec5 O30a (1842) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Adkison, Wash (Anola Hodges) Ch Carl, Hildreth, Curtis, Pearl, William; Rushville R3 Bainbridge Sec17 O20a (1856)

Adkisson, Aaron A. (Clara Ritchey) Ch Arthur, George; Rushville R2 Woodstock Sec13 O160a (1917) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Agans, A. W. (Della Purry) Ch Walter, Olive, James, Henry, Edith, Cliffoid, Edna; "Blue Grass Hill Farm" Camden R1 Camden Sec26 O60a T42a James Avery and C. C. Green (1877)

Agans, John William (Bernice Kearby) Rushville R6 Woodstock Sec6 T60a Levi Agans (1890) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Agans, J. W. (Carrie Estes) Ch Laura, Ruth, Edna, Eugene, Huntsville R1 Huntsville Sec26 T186a S. H. Agans (1881) Shiloh Mutual Tel. Camden

Agans, Levi (Ida Avery) Ch Earl, Chester, Bennie, Wilbert, John, Pearl, Ethel; Rushville R6 Woodstock Sec6 O250a (1866) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Agans, S. H. (Lula Efert) Ch Belle, Annie, John, Jesse; Rushville R6 Camden Sec26 O360a (1858) Tel. Farmers' Line Rushville

Akers, Earl (Mayne Armstrong) Ch Thomas; Rushville R2 Woodstock Secl2 T80; Robert Akers (1893) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Alexander, Kelley (Zelma Greenwood) Ch William, Richard, Edward; "Alexander Stock Farm" Golden R1 Huntsville Sec30 T160a Rachael J. Alexander (1917) Shiloh Mutual Tel. Golden

Allen, Fred (Hulda Irvin) Ch William, Emory, Eva, Verne, Teddie, Andrew, Eldridge, Toledo; Birmingham Birmingham Sec23 T40a Lewis Allen (1893)

Allen Harold (Ruth Maddock) Ch James L.; Cooperstown R1 Woodstock Sec25 Farm Hand Eugene Hermetet (1918) Tel. Farmers' Line Rushville

Allen, John Ch Robert, Everett, Nellie, Esther, Cora, Marcus, Herman; Huntsville R1 Huntsville Sec2 O15a (1887) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Allen, Louis E. (Laura Beach) Ch Oscar, Elbert, Ina, Clifford, Jesse; Huntsville Star Route Birmingham Sec23 O40a T300a Mrs. Florence King (1880) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Allen, Mark (Della Walker) Huntsville R1 Huntsville Sec12 T20a James Loop (1896)

Ambrosius Charles W. (Jennie Scott) Ch Marvin, Alma, Beulah, Bessie, Byron, Mamie, Faye; Rushville R4 Rushville Sec34 O80a (1860) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Ambrosius, George C. (Mabel Schroder) Ch Norman; Rushville R4 Rushville Sec32 T80a Clarence Robeson (1888) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Ambrosius, Susanna Ch Will, Leota, Thomas, Myrtle; Huntsville Star Route Huntsville Sec13 O80a (1866) Shiloh Mutual Tel. Camden

Ambrosius, Thomas S. (Mary Pechin) Ch Pearl, Sterling, Donald; Golden R1 Huntsville Sec22 O47a (1882) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Ambrosius, W. Henry (Grace W. Rittenhouse) Ch Carl C., Maxine L., Marvin H., Charles D.; Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec10 O52 1/2a (1879) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Anderson Charles (Minnie Rittenhouse) Ch Edna, Estelle; Rushville R6 Woodstock Sec6 Farm Hand Leonard Houser (1900)

Anderson, Chester A. (Edna Stover) Golden R1 Huntsville Sec22 O50a (1895) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Anderson, C. G. (Anna M. Eaton) Ch Chester R.; Huntsville R1 Camden Sec20 O240a (1850) Tels. Camden and Huntsville

Anderson, C. S. (Mary Merritt) Ch Bertha, Ada, Alta, Clyde, Esther, Fay; Huntsville R1 Huntsville Sec26 O100a (1861) Shiloh Mutual Tel. Camden

Anderson, Floyd C. (Ruth Bakerbower) Ch Harriette Jane; Golden R1 Huntsville Sec30 O228a (1893) Shiloh Mutual Tel. Golden

Anderson, Frank C. (Matie Sims) Ch Gladys, Paul, Gaylord; Huntsville Star Route Huntsville Sec13 O175a (1870)

Anderson, Fred (Pearl Lawler) Ch Herschel, Kenneth, Hazel; Huntsville Star Route Huntsville Sec13 O124a T200a Elsie Campbell (1872) Shiloh Mutual Tel. Huntsville

Anderson, Fred (Eliza Gale) Ch Marjorie, Florence, Gale, Love; Browning R2 Browning Sec23 O39a (1885)

Anderson, Herman (Rose Anderson) Ch Vaughn, Kathryn, Dwight, Howard, Morris, Ruth, Infant; Ray R2 Rushville Sec11 O80a (1878) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Anderson, J. W. (Jennie E. Thompson) Ch Chester, Iva, Floyd; Golden R1 Huntsville Sec20 O123a (1866) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Anderson, S. D. (Lena Armel) Ray R1 Littleton Sec12 O80a (1895) Tel. Littleton

Angell, J. M. (Mary E. Langner) Ch Otto, Bertha, Maude, Beulah; Rushville R4 Frederick Sec19 O180a (1857) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Angell, Otto H. (Natie Holmes) Ch Katherine, Ruth, Otis, Lillian, Paul, Mildred; Rushville R4 Frederick Sec19 O160a (1883) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Applegate, Joseph (Grace Little) Ch Paul H., Kenneth H., Mildred L.; "Hillside Farm" Rushville R1 Littleton Sec34 O200a (1868) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Applegate, Richard (Nellie Jackson) Ch Bernard; Industry R1 Littleton Sec9 O80a (1873) Tel. Littleton

Armel, Edward (Sadie McQuead) Ch Warren, Mary, Leroy, Charles: Rushville R2 Woodstock Sec11 O168a (1860) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Armel, George H. (Maud G. Logsdon) Ch Violet M., F. Irene, Nina R.; Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec2 O65a (1879) Schuyler Mutual Tel. Rushville

Armel, John (Elizabeth Hodges) Ch Elmer, Stewart, Chalmers, Henry, Rebecca, Esther; Brooklyn Star Route Birmingham Sec24 O160a (1862)

Armstrong, Bert (Lydia Bonser) Ch Charles; Rushville R2 Bainbridge Sec18 O112a (1890) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Armstrong, Charles (Anna Harmon) Ch Mae, Hildreth, Bert; Rushville R2 Woodstock Sec24 O125a (1866) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Armstrong, Charles S. (Frances I. Merewether) Ch George W., Charles S., Hollis W.; "Three Bros. Farm" Huntsville R1 Camden Sec7 O440a (1903)

Armstrong, Harvey J. (May Thompson) Ch Frances; Rushville R4 Bainbridge Sec3 O120a (1881) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Armstrong, Mrs. John (Emma Miller) Ch Harvey, Owen; Rushville R4 Bainbridge Sec2 O63a (1848) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Armstrong, Owen (Vera Clemens) Rushville R3 Bainbridge Sec10 O75a (1886) Tel. Schuyler

Armstrong, O. H. (Catherine Conway, Sister) Huntsville R1 Camden Sec7 O80a (1913) Tel. Camden

Armstrong, Robert (Grace Steele) Ch Macel, Ercel, Katherine, Marguerite, Mamie, Ethel, Thomas; Rushville R3 Bainbridge Sec7 O150a (1871) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Armstrong, Sam (Cora Pearson) Ch Edna; Rushville R2 Woodstock Sec22 O90a (1882) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Ashcraft, Dollie L. and Belle Ray Oakland Sec25 O60a (1860) Tel. Farmers' Line Ray

Ashwood, Charles L. (Laura Langner) Ch Lula; Ray R2 Rushville Sec9 O385a (1867) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Ashwood, Herschel (Goldie Billingsley) Ch Madelyn; Ray R2 Oakland Sec35 T320a Mrs. Thomas Ashwood and J. W. Young (1896) Tels. Farmers' Line Ray and Rushville

Ashwood, Ned (Daisy Robinson) Ch Henry, Earle, Lois, Loine, Sorine, Paul; Ray R1 Browning Sec6 O87a Rushville Sec1 T400a John Ashwood (1887) Mutual Tel. Ray

Ashwood. Raymond (Effie Montooth) Ch Harold, Robert, Ruth, Wayne, Pauline, Mabel; Ray Route 1 Sec24 T370a F. H. Ashcraft (1884) Mutual Tel. Ray

Aten, D. L. (Ada Anderson) Ch Lenora, Ralph; Huntsville R1 Huntsville Sec26 T200a Eyman and Shaak (1885) Shiloh Mutual Tel. Camden

Aten, D. W. (Nola Young) Ch Archie, Letha, Opal, Leona, Frances, Eileen, Robert, Goldie, Clarence, Lawrence, Beatrice; Ray R1 Oakland Sec23 O182a (1867) Tel. Farmers Line Ray

Aten, Grant (Ellis Gisch) Ch Beech, Mina A.; Ray R1 Oakland Sec12 T1/2a Elizabeth Cook (1917)

Aten, John Q. (Ida Jackson) Ch Vern, Oscar, Leslie; Ray R1 Oakland Sec12 O83a T160a (1870) Tel. Farmers' Line Vermont and Ray

Aten, Oscar (Esther Copes) Ch Cline; Ray R1 Oakland Sec16 T250a James Copes (1892) Tels. Farmers' Line Ray and Rushville

Aten, W. F. (Laura Walker) Ch Walker F., Guy F., Dwight L., Len B., Pha H.; Ray R1 Oakland Sec23 O200a (1856) Tels. Farmers' Line Ray and

Aton, H. C. (Carrie Brown) Ch Lola, Loren; Huntsville Star Route Huntsville Sec11 O120a (1855) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Aukron, E. C. (Bertha Matheney) Ch Edward, Genevieve; Augusta R1 Birmingham Sec30 T60a Gertrude Steinborger (1918)

Avery, John W. Ch LaFayette; Rushville R6 Camden Sec27 O1000a (1851)

Avery, L. P. (Hattie Miller) Ch Ora Violet, James Louis; "LaFayette Stock Farm" Rushville R6 Camden Sec26 O583a (1870) Tels. Camden and Rushville

Avery, William D (Nora A. Radinger) Ch Lawrence, Arthur, Josephine. Metta, Ethel, Gladys, James, Isaac, Leonard, Mary; Rushville R6 Woodstock Sec5 T15a Ben Hodges Est. (1874)

Ayers, E. W. (Pansy Hoelscher) Ch Dorothy Allyne; Camden R1 Camden Sec22 T80a J. C. Davis (1889)

Ayers, James (Hester Beghtol) Ch Maxine, Myrtle, Nettie, Everette; Camden R1 Camden Sec26 O50a (1863)

Bacon, B. F. (Jessie Barten) Ch Maxine, Dorothy; Augusta Star Route Birmingham Sec31 O78a (1869) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Bacon, William (Lulu Grove) Ch Lawrence, Harold, Francis;. Augusta Star Route Birmingham Sec31 O78a (1872) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Bader, Howard (Inez Robertson) Ch Donald, Margaret, Wilma; Browning R2 Browning Sec13 O80a (1883)

Baker, Claude (Prudence Geiman) Ch Bernice, Wilson; Browning R2 Hickory Sec7 O80a (1896) Mutual Tel. Astoria

Baker, Eli (Della Furnace) Ch Earl, Glenn, Helen; Rushville Rushville Sec32 T240a John Eales (1873) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Baker, John C. (Kate Reno) Ch Lela, Milo, Iola, Robert, Richard, *Iris; Browning R2 Hickory Sec70 164 1/2a (1888) Mutual Tel. Astoria

Baker, W. 0. (Anna Shepard) Ch Everett, Homer, Marie, John, Harold, Elsie, Fay, Clara, *Bessie; Frederick R1 Frederick Sec6 T300a A. L. Curry Mutual Tel. Rushville

Bakerbower, John J. (Harriett Golden) Ch Ruby, *Ruth; Golden R1 Huntsville See31 O240a (1900) Shiloh Mutual Tel. Golden

Ballard, Oda (Beulah Hillyer) Industry R2 Littleton Sec6 Farm Hand Frank Berham (1918) Tels. Littleton and Industry

Ballou, John A. (Mary Malcomson) Ch J. A., *Chester, *Lizzie; Rushville Star Route Rushville Sec35 O135a (1866) Tel. Rushville

Ballou, J.. A. (Elizabeth Barnette) Ch John William; Rushville Star Route Rushville Sec35 O135a (1878) Tel. Rushville

Barnes, Frank E. (Carrie Bowen) Ch Hazel, Preston, Orin, Imogene, *Ferdinand, *Oliver; Rushville R3 Rushville Sec21 O120a (1865) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Barnes, J. G. (Sophia Greer) Ch Mae, Edna; Littleton R1 Littleton Sec20 O240a (1862) Tel. Littleton

Barrett, Albert (Elsie Stambaugh) Ch Anna, Lillie, Myrtle, Lola; Birmingham R1 Brooklyn Sec15 T100a Mrs. Barrett (1891) Tel. Farmers' Line Brooklyn

Barrett, Charles (Amy Horton) Ch Alvin, Mabel, Esther, Ella, Florence, Clarence; Littleton R1 Brooklyn Sec24 O160a (1890)

Bartlett, Asa W. (Lelia Hale) Ch Jesse D., Wayne H., Ruth E.; "Linger Longer Lodge" Rushville R1 Buena Vista Sec8 O170a (1879) Tel. Rushville

Bartlett, Ernest C. (Mary D. Ross) Ch Beatrice O.; Rushville R1 Buena Vista Sec7 O160a Sec18 T240a James R. Bartlett Co. (1887) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Bartlett, James R., Jr. (Amanda Ritchey) Ch James R.; Rushville R1 Buena Vista Sec18 O160a (1884) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Bartlett, L. F. (Hester Howard) Ch Blanche E.; Rushville R6 Buena Vista Sec27 T172a C. E. Monroe and Fred Turner (1884) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Bartlett, Samuel H. (Mary Eifert) Ch Kenneth, Lois, Margaret; Margaret and Fred Eifert, Mother-in-Law and Brother-in-Law; Rushville R6 Buena Vista Sec30 O130a (1878) Tel. Rushville

Bartlett, Thomas J. (Addie DeJaynes) Ch *Jesse; Augusta R1 Birmingham Sec20 O40a (1900)

Bartlow, A. D. (Gertrude Hawkins) Ch Glen, Edith, Thomas; "Center Grove Stock Farm" Golden R1 Huntsville Sec15 O160a (1885) Shiloh Mutual Tel. Huntsville

Bartlow, Bruce (Ida Sandige) Ch Mildred, Vail; Littleton R1 Littleton Sec20 O80a T160a J. H. Bartlow (1877) Tel. Littleton

Bartlow, Herbert A. (Reba Reich) Ch Doris E., Maurine L.; Rushville R1 Buena Vista Sec11 T160a Crate Bartlow (1893) Schuyler County Tel. Rushville

Bartlow, H. R. (Lena Black) Ch Mary, James, Delbert, Harold, Harlan; Golden R1 Huntsville Secl5 T80a Thomas Bartlow (1884) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Bartlow, I. P. (Florence Snyder) Ch Blanche, *Howard; Rushville R2 Rushville Sec31 095a (1867) Tel. Rushville

Bartlow, James C. (Olive Tunier) Ch Fontanelle, Norris, *Floy, *Herbert, *Tresa; Rushville R1 Buena Vista Sec11 O250a (1867) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Bartlow, J. T. (Arabel Hightower) Ch Fred, Fay, *Harley, *Dwight, *William; Huntsville Star Route Huntsville Secl0 O475a (1858) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Bartlow, William Earl (Ruth Tomlinson) Ch Dale, Darwin; "Pioneer Stock Farm" Golden R1 Huntsville Sec20 T96a D. A. Eyman (1888) Tel. Farmers' Line Golden

Bates, C. L. (Pearle Haffner) Ch Ada, Lela, Beulah, Dolores, Lucille, True; Browninq R1 Browning Sec2l-22-27-28 O220a (1877) Mutual Tels. Rushville and Browning

Bauer, Adam (Charlotte Jones) Ch Bessie, Lila, Mary, Israel, *Esther; Rushville R5 Oakland Sec19 O88a (1858) Tels. Farmers' Line Ray and Littleton

Bauer, Samuel (Annie Riley) Ch Charles; Rushville R5 Oakland Sec19 O160a (1862) Mutual Tels. Ray and Littleton

Baum, Jesse (Ethel G. Danner) Ch Esther, Mary; Browning R2 Browning Sec1 T96a D. Danner (1893) Mutual Tel. Astoria

Baum, John H. (Mary Stambaugh) Ch Henry, Dan, Mike, Melvin, Gertrude, *Jay, *Jesse, *John, *Joe; Browning R2 Hickory Sec7 T260a W. B. Jones (1888) Mutual Tel. Astoria

Baxter, George (Alta Robertson) Ch Sterling, Keith, Albert, Grace, Donald; Augusta Star Route Birmingham Sec5 O67 1/2a (1870) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Baxter, Herman C. (Mary Sargent) Ch Louise; Ray R1 Oakland Sec28 T480a Baxter Est. (1892) Mutual Tels. Ray, Houston and Rushville

Baxter, Horace B. (Electa Clemens) Ch *Herman C.; Ray R1 Oakland Sec28 O160a T160a Baxter Est. (1864) Mutual Tels. Ray and Rushville

Baxter, James M. Ch Effie, *George, *Margaret; Huntsville R1 Huntsville Sec5 O60a (1857) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Baxter, John M. (Blanche Chockley) Ch Orion, Luella, Susan, Hazel, Alice, Sadie, Mildred, *Dorothy; "Lawndale Farm" Plymouth Star Route Birmingham Sec3 T147a Sol Twidwell (1875) Tel. Farmers' Line Plymouth

Baxter, Mrs. Mary Ch Alta, Pearl, *Corma, *Jessie; Augusta R3 Huntsville Sec5 O120a (1854) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Baxter, William B. (Ida Moore) Ch Glenn; Birmingham R1 Brooklyn Secl4 O114a, (1881) Tel. Farmers' Line Brooklyn

Beam, H. H. (Lillian Johnson) Ch Gladys, Beulah, Claire, Ralph, Julia, Mary; Browning R2 Browning Sec1 O110a (1878) Mutual Tel. Astoria

Beard, Clarence (Ella Tolle) Ch William, Henry, Mary; Rushville R2 Woodstock Sec13 Farm Hand Aaron Adkisson (1881)

Beatty, Frank (Anna Lowemiz) Ch Mary, William; Frederick R1 Frederick Sec18 T10a E. J. Knight (1915) Bell Tel. Beardstown

Beaty, Edward (Clara Lyle) Ch Laura, Mary, Ruth, *Florence; Rushville R4 Rushville Sec33 T2a Luther Greer (1876) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Beckerdite, Bonnie (Goldie Green) Ch Lloyd; Huntsville R1 Huntsville Sec2 T97 1/2a C. C. Beckerdite (1894) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Beckerdite, C. C. (Effie Connelly) Ch Edna, Fern, Chester, Bernice, Clennie, *Bonnie, *Frank; "Blue Grass Farm" Huntsville R1 Birmingham Sec36 O177a (1869) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Beckwith, Mrs. Iamba (Iamba Suddeth) Ch Bessie, *William Emory; Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec7 O80a (1849) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Beckwith, W. E. (Hattie Goldsborough) Rushville R3 Bainbridge Secl8 O60a (1875) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Becraft, F. L. (Sarah Phelps) Ch *George, *William, *Irene, *Inez Huntsville R1 Huntsville Sec4 O3a (1881) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Becraft, William (Gertrude Dorsett) Ch Ernest; Huntsville R1 Huntsville Sec4 O3a (1886) Tel. Farmer Line Huntsville

Bedenbender, George (Mary Kelly) Ch Marvin, Homer, Leslie, *August *Fred; Rushville R2 Woodstock Sec22 O120a (1873) Schuyler Tel Rushville

Bedenbender, W. H. (Sarah Gregory) Ch Mary, Bernice, Pearl, Henry, Floyd; Rushville R2 Woodstock Sec22 O40a (1877) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Beghtol, Samuel (Lillie Fry) Ch Lawrence, Renee, Minnie; Industry R1 Buena Vista Sec25 Farm Hand Andy Smith (1906)

Belden, William M. (Lucinda Warrington) Ch Lloyd, Goldie, Gail, Delbert; Augusta R2 Huntsville Sec6 T108a Crane Bros. (1885) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Bell, C. E. (Mary A. Lashbrook) Ch Hildreth, *Emily; Cooperstown R1 Woodstock Sec1S-2W O122a (1861) Tel. Farmers' Line Cooperstown

Bellomy, Mrs. Frances (Frances Greer) Ch Herman G., *Grace,*Leslie; Frederick R1 Rushville Sec35 O80a (1844) Tel. Rushville

Bellomy, Herman G. (Marion L. Wall) Ch Mildred F., Melbourne H.; Frederick R1 Rushville Sec35 T148a Frances Bellomy (1879) Tel. Rushville

Bellomy, V. G. (Ethel Bellomy, Sister) Frederick R1 Bainbridge Sec2 O58a (1882) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Belville, Elmer L. (Daisy Skiles) Ch Lula, Beulah, Giles, Dale, Lorna, Juanita; Astoria R4 Browning Sec4 T40a W. Stambaugh (1891)

Belville, George W. (Pollie Grogg) Browning R1 Browning Sec26 O9a (1875)

Belville, John (Rebecca Wright) Ch Glenn, Maude, Cleotus, Lucile, Ada, Twilla, Hallie, *Ethel, *Marie; Browning R1 Browning Sec8 T99a Mark Mitchell (1875) Mutual Tel. Browning

Belville, James G. (Ruth Lear) Ch Clyde; Browning R1 Browning Secl5 T5a Henry Skiles (1895)

Belville, W. S. (Ida Grogg) Ch Giles, *Elmer L., *Elsie E., *James G.; Browning R1 Browning Sec9 O4a (1865) Mutual Tel. Browning

Benson, Mrs. Alzina Ch *Sophronia, *Luther, *Seth, *Amos, *Basil, *Loretta; Clayton R3 Huntsville Sec33 O160a (1873)

Bessell, Fred (Mattie Wells) Ch Lawrence, Lloyd, Lyman; Industry R1 Littleton Sec7-8 O120a (1868) Tel. Littleton

Betz, Henry (Jennie Schaeffer) Ch Theodore, Irene; Browning R1 Browning Sec20-21 T200a Mrs. Will Myers (1917) Mutual Tel. Browning

Bilderback, C. E. (Josie Campbell) Ch Gerald; Augusta Star Route Huntsville Sec5 O44a (1864) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Bilderback, John (Ora Cashman) Ch Sterling; Huntsville Star Route Huntsville Sec4 O80a (1868) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Bilderback Troy P. (Lulu Waner) Ch Eileen; Augusta R1 Birmingham Sec28 T150a William Bilderback (1890) Tel. Farmers' Line Brooklyn

Bilderback, W. M. (Emma Harkness) Ch Herman, Raymond, Charles, Clifford, *Lois, *Troy, *Quintin; Augusta R3 Birmingham Sec28 O470a (1860) Shiloh and Mutual Tels. Huntsville

Birdsell, Ray (Nettie Wilson) Ch Catherine, Evelyn; Birmingham R1 Brooklyn Secl0 Farm Hand Marion Roper (1918) Tel. Marion

Bisbee, Ross (Minnie Reed) Ch Edmund; Birmingham R1 Brooklyn Sec6 O69a (1918)

Black, Carl E. (Nettie Owen) Ch James, Florence, Lena, Mary, Flora; "Little Valley Farm" Camden R1 Camden Secl6 O90a T20a Tom Fetch (1876) Tels. Camden and Rushville

Black, Clifford (Agnes Crandall) Ch Helen Louise; Golden R1 Huntsville Sec21 O73a (1903) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Black, Enoch (Sarah E. Harper) Ch Harold, *Maude, *Clyde, *Bessie, *Emma, *Mary; Golden R1 Huntsville Sec21 O160a (1858) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Black, James P. (Emma Suddeth) Ch Mary A., Ernest G., *Harlan E., *Leona, *Lena, *Flena; Rushville R3 Bainbridge Sec17 O30a (1849) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Black, Robert (Bessie Briggs) Ch Carl; Rushville R2 Woodstock Secl0 T150a Frank Black (1881) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Blackburn, Ed. (Etta Stucker) Ch Cyril; Brooklyn Brooklyn Sec29 O400a (1865) Littleton Mutual Tel. Brooklyn

Blackburn, Elmer (Ada Peacock) Ch Gail, Vernon, Esther, Florine, Leslie, Ruby, Wayne; Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec14 T120a Thomas Gregory (1903) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Blackburn, Fred (Sophia Wells) Ch *Retta; Huntsville Star Route Brooklyn Sec29 O770a (1856) Shiloh Mutual Tel. Brooklyn

Blackburn, Ray (Hattie Whetstone) Ch Zelpha, Marcus; Huntsville Star Route Brooklyn Sec29 O271a (1873) Shiloh Mutual Tel. Brooklyn

Blickenstaff, J. L. (Annie Busher) Ch Ray, Grace, Wilbur; Browning R2 Hickory Sec5 O189a (1909) Mutual Tel. Astoria

Blodgett, Harmon (Laura M. Carter) Ch Edward, Durward, Ada, Harmon; Rushville R4 Rushville Sec24 T75a Robert Malcomson (1880)

Bly, Charles (Henrietta Bly, Sister) Ray R1 Oakland Sec33 O40a (1856) Tel. Farmers' Line Rushville

Bly, Charles T. and Martin Ray R2 Oakland Sec33 O65a T200a Mrs. Hammonds (1880) Schuyler Tels. Rushville and Ray

Bly, W. E. (Vida Hysel) Ray R2 Oakland Sec33 T200a Mrs. Hammonds (1886) Schuyler Tels. Rushville and Ray

Boice, John H. (Elizabeth Whitsell) Ch *Charles, *Frederick, *Lisle, *Lula; "Wildwood Farm" Rushville R4 Rushville Sec23 O120a (1852) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Bollinger, Aron (Elizabeth) Ch Erma, Ruth, Luther, Herschel, Orpha; Browning R1 Browning Sec22 T180a Bates and Hogan Est. (1904) Mutual Tel. Browning

Bollinger, Ernest (Ella Rose) Mrs. Sadie Bollinger, Mother; Browning Star Route Hickory Sec9 T160a Mrs. Sadie Bollinger (1876)

Bollinger, L. B. (Lula Gibson) Ch Virgil, Donna, Hermina; Browning R1 Browning Sec9 T120a Bates Est. (1890) Mutual Tel. Browning

Bolton, B. C. (Sarah Hendrickson) Ch Wesley, Carl, Claire; "Springdale Farm" Augusta R1 Birmingham Sec17 O85a (1888) Mutual Tel. Plymouth

Bolton, H. R. (Rebecca Bolton, Mother) Augusta R1 Birmingham Sec16 O85a Sec16-17 T80a Rebecca Bolton (1888) Tel. Farmers' Line Plymouth

Bonser, Henry (Sarah Quinn) Ch Herbert, Gertrude, Ruth, Carny, Electa, *Grace, *Etta, *Nellie, *Lydia, *Roy; Rushville R3 Bain- bridge Sec9-16 O181a (1852) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Bovey, Daniel (Nettie W. White) Ch Joseph A., *James L., *Alta B.; "The Homestead" Rushville R1 Littleton Sec14 O160a (1863) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Bovey, Mrs. Joseph (Vianna Rollens) Ch Joseph W., *Norland, *Eugene; Littleton R1 Brooklyn Sec23 O140a (1877) Tels. Farmers' Line Littleton and Brooklyn

Bowen, George W. (Belle Huff) Ch Vardre, Lawrence; "Blue Grass Hill Farm" Cooperstown R1 Woodstock Sec11 O15a (1881)

Bowen, Harvey (Nettie Loop) Ch Harold; "Cedar Creek Farm" Huntsville Huntsville Sec2 O95a (1906) Tel. Farmers' Line Hunts- ville

Bowen, William (Lillie Lashbrook) Ch Roy, Arthur, Pearl, Orville, Bessie, Frances, Goldie, Eva; Cooperstown R1 Woodstock Sec11 O10a (1882)

Bowers, John (Esther V. Kinman) Ch Amy B., Bertrand B., Martin M., Harvey E., *Lawrence L., *Ada L., *Claude K.; "Cedar Hurst Farm" Camden R1 Camden Sec21 O170a (1868) Tels. Camden and Rushville

Bowers, Lawrence (Etta Ingals) Ch Gladys, Hildreth, Esther, Lewis, Ruby; Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec19-20 O233a (1888) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Boyd, James Ch Lula, Osborne, *Carrie, Maggie, Emma, William; Rushville R5 Rushville Sec6 O390a (1875) Tel. Rushville

Boyd, Willis and Brother (Elva Winters) Ch Harold R., Hugh W.; Rushville R2 Littleton Sec34 O160a T80a (1913) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Boyd, W. T. (Bessie Lane) Ch Ruth, Ina; "River Edge Farm" Sheldons Grove Hickory Sec15 O90a (1874) Mutual Tel. Astoria

Bozard, George C. (Belle Derry) Ch Glenn, John, Clara, Lola, *Bertha; Ray R2 Oakland Sec35 O29 1/2a (1879) Tel. Farmers' Line Ray

Bradley, William (Winifred Swisher) Ch Leo; Rushville R3 Woodstock Sec1 O160a (1907) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Bradman, Arthur (Zoe Lawler) Ch Emma, Lara; "Elm Shade Farm" Rushville R3 Bainbridge Sec20 O160a (1880) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Boyd, Richard (Jessie M. Ackman) Ch Lawrence L.; "Evergreen Farm" Ray R2 Oakland Sec34 O243a (1843) Schuyler Tels. Rush- ville and Ray

Brannan, N. (Minnie Droube) Ch Frank, Mabel, *Myrtle, *Walter, *Ora, *Henry, *Clarence, *Charles; Frederick R1 Frederick Sec5 O233 1/3a (1883) Bell Tel. Beardstown

Braun, C. E. (Okle Van Winkle) Ch Ralph Vert; Plymouth Star Route Birmingham Sec6 T147 1/2a Peter Braun and L. R. Phelp (1901) Tel. Farmers' Line Plymouth

Bray, Albert (Maggie Thompson) Ch Silas W., Clarence R.; Rushville R2 Woodstock Sec25 T80a C. W. Thompson (1909) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Breeden, C. F. (Alice Ingram) Ch Clifford, Aria, Vancel, Virgil, Luster, Eugene; La Prairie R1 Huntsville Sec18 O41 1/2a (1880)

Breen, Hansel (Cora Sweeney) Ch Billie, Lewis, Margaret; Birmingham R1 Brooklyn Sec9 T195a Warren Hindman (1887) Tel. Farmers' Line Brooklyn

Breen, Maggie Ch Shelby, Chester, Geneva, *Ethel, *Hansel, *Maude, *Blanche; Birmingham R1 Brooklyn Sec16 O209a (1864) Tel. Farmers' Line Brooklyn

Brenneman, Daniel (Lidie Buney) Browning R2 Hickory Sec5 O270a (1867) Mutual Tel. Astoria

Brenneman, D. R. Ch Homer D.; Browning R2 Browning Sec12 O250a (1870) Mutual Tel. Astoria

Brickell, F. M. (Virgie Rice) Ch Grant; Augusta R1 Birmingham Sec14 T200a Walter Brickell (1915) Tel. Farmers' Line Augusta

Bricker, Charles S. (Lula Aten) Ray R1 Oakland Sec15 O80a (1918) Tel. Farmers' Line Ray

Bridgewater, A. F. (Elsie Robertson) Ch *Floyd W., *Ruby, *Calvin, *Albert E.; Frederick R1 Bainbridge Sec26 O60a (1853) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Bridgewatter, Oscar A. (Mary Cokenhaur) Ch Raymond, Marion, Otto, Arland, Claude, Robert; C. A. Bridgewatter, Father; Frederick R1 Bainbridge Sec29 T55a C. A. Bridgewatter (1884) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Briggs, Edd (Della Race) Ch Lloyd; "Missouri Valley Farm" Camden Camden Sec29 O160a (1879) Tel. Camden

Briggs,.Frank (Clara Riley) Ch Rex, Brook, Mary, James, *Roy, *Frank, *George; Rushville Buena Vista Sec26 T80a Robert Patterson (1868)

Briggs, George W. (Henrietta Herron) Ch Freddie, Raymond, Gladys, Katie, Sadie; Rushville R6 Buena Vista Sec34 T160a H. Monroe (1872) Tel. Rushville

Briggs, Mrs. Ida (Ida Kimball) Rushville R2 Woodstock Sec13 O40a (1873) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Brines, J. T. (Elizabeth C. Jockisch) Ch *Florence M., *Rosa E.; Frederick Star Route Frederick Sec31-32 O185a (1849) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Brines, M. V. (Ruth Smithers) "Hill Crest Farm" Frederick Frederick Sec17 O27a (1863) Bell Tel. Beardstown

Brines, Ralph (Alta Parks) Rushville R2 Bainbridge Sec6 O160a (1869) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Brines, Ross (Lena Hammond) Ch Mark H.; "South View Farm" Rushville R2 Rushville Sec31 O72a T160a George Brines (1873) Tel. Rushville

Briney, Grover (Golda Dixon) Ch Grover, Woodrow, Alice, Howard; Bluff City Hickory Sec6E T200a H. Graft (1892) Mutual Tel. Astoria

Briney, John (Charlotte Shaw) Ch Harold, Helen, Wilburn, Herschel, Esther, Ralph, Evelyn; Bluff City Hickory Sec6E T160a Daniel Shaw (I 884) Mutual Tel. Astoria

Brock, William (Ora McCormick) Ch Lyle D.; Vermont R3 Oakland Sec11 O100a T300a Elliott McCormick (1911) Tels. Vermont and Ray

Brockley, William (Clara Kelley) Ch Frances, Valera, Kenneth, Leonard, Jessie; Vermont R3 Oakland Sec12 O80a (1913) Tel. Farmers' Line Vermont

Brooks, Carl (Jennie Gray) Ch Esther; Mrs. Cora and Beulah A. Gray, Mother and Sister-in-Law; Camden R1 Buena Vista Sec6 T100a Cora Gray (1891) Tel. Littleton

Brooks, R. A. (Mary Lantz) Ch *Maude; Brooklyn Brooklyn Sec20 T155a B. W. and Frank Blackburn (1909) Tel. Farmers' Line Brooklyn

Brooks, W. C. (Ollie Grimm) Ch Mingo, Geneva, Gale, Jessie, Guy, Verna; Augusta R1 Birmingham Sec29. T180a J. B. Agnew (1916) Tel. Farmers' Line Augusta

Brough, John (Lucinda Robinson) Ch Cecil, Kenneth; Birmingham R1 Birmingham Sec13 O155a (1900) Guinea Mutual Tel. Brooklyn

Brown, Baxter C. (Celia Robeson) Rushville R4 Rushville Sec15 O525a (1881) Tel. Rushville

Brown, Clyde E. (Bertha F. Russell) Ch Robert R., L. Louise; "Cloverdale Stock Farm" Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec10 O253a (1880) Schuyler Mutual Tel. Rushville

Brown, J. Edmund (Bertha Haney) Ch Frieda B., R. Haney, Paul E.; Ray R2 Oakland Sec26 O103a (1879) Tels. Ray and Rushville

Brown, W. P. (Ada Cox) Browning Star Route Browning Sec24 O33a (1916) Mutual Tel. Browning

Browning, John J. (Mary Sweeney) Ch Vivian, Helen, James, *Pearl. *Alta; "Elm Tree Farm" Rushville R7 Woodstock Sec7 O300a (1861) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Bruner, Tom (Dottie Sullivan) Ch Dean; Ray R1 Littleton Sec12 O80a (1882) Schuyler Tels. Rushville and Littleton

Bryant, Charles (Essie Schramm) Rushville R2 Woodstock Sec14 T182a Schramm Est. (1900)

Bryant, Green (Katie Redshaw) Ch *Charles, *John, *Clifton I.; Rushville R2 Rushville Sec31 O10a (1898) Tel. Rushville

Bryant, Ivans (Virginia Bartholow) Ch Beryl, John F., Alice; Browning R2 Browning Sec11-12-13 T90a John F. Bryant (1886) Mutual Tel. Astoria

Bryant, John F. (Allie Ivans) Ch Virgil Ida, *Phemie, *Ivans, *Vern; Bader Browning Sec2 O90a (1856)

Buck, Fred (Jesse Harlow) Ch *Ed, *Minnie, *Emma; "Happy Hollow Farm" Frederick R1 Bainbridge Sec21 O40a (1906)

Buckley, James A. (Catherine Finch) Ch Kathryn, *Edgar, *Will, *Stella, *Alpha, *Ray; Rushville R5 Littleton Sec36 O15a (1868) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Buckley, Ray (Ella Walker) Ch Clarence; Ray R2 Rushville Sec9 Farm Hand John Dean (1906)

Bunce, Louis (Roxy Orr) Ch Lillie H.; Rushville R2 Woodstock Sec24 Farm Hand L. F. Taylor (1917) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Burmood, G. W. Ch Clara, Maggie, Mabel, Bert, *Ira, *Eva; Huntsville R1 Birmingham Sec34 O50a (1870)

Burmood, James W. (Annie Alphan) Ch Ray, Everett, Elbert, Marie, Margaret, Dorothy, *Philip; Huntsville R1 Huntsville Sec3 T200a Burmood Est. (1861) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Burmood, Margaret Ch Howard, *George, *Kate; Huntsville R1 Birmingham Sec30 O119a (1878) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Burmood, R. E. (Lucile Briggs) Ch Corrine; Huntsville R1 Birmingham Sec34 O120a (1879) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Burmood, Vernon (Irene Becraft) Ch Orin; Huntsville Star Route Brooklyn Sec32 T320a Dr. J. E. Camp (1890) Shiloh Mutual Tel. Brooklyn

Burnett, H. R. (Laura Raily) Rushville Buena Vista Sec25 Farm Hand Ch Rodewald (1857)

Burnett, J. R. (Ora Maddock) Ch Melvin; Rushville R2 Woodstock Sec14 O80a (1918)

Burnham, Ami (Mary Rexroat) Ch Bailey, Genevieve, Mary Leta; Industry R1 Littleton Sec5 T360a Caroline Burbham (1890) Tels. Littleton and Industry

Burnham, F. B. (Caroline Cordell) Ch Ethel, Lucy, Jennie, *Ira Y.; Industry R2 Littleton Sec6 O172a T200a Sol Armstrong (1882) Tels. Littleton and Industry

Burnside, James J. (Della Ellis) Ch Henry, Robert, Alice, Glenn, Lillie; Rushville R3 Bainbridge Sec8 O180a (1851) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Burnside, Thomas (Nancy J. Rittenhouse) Ch Man, Leslie, Ethel, Charles, *Robert, *Lillie, *Della, *Thomas; Rushville R3 Bainbridge Sec8-7-17 O315a (1855) Mutual Tel. Rushville

Burrows, Sherman (Sadie Brown) "Brushy Mound Farm" Rushville R4 Rushville Sec13 O120a (1886)

Burrows, William (Chloe Daniels) Ch Amos; Littleton R1 Brooklyn Sec24 O80a (1879) Mutual Tel. Littleton and Brooklyn

Burton, C. A. (Neva Daniels) Ch Arlie, Cecil, Ansel, Zelma; Huntsville R1 Huntsville Sec17 O160a (1871) Tel. Farmers' Line Huntsville

Burton, G. W. (Mary Raper) Ch Dallas, *Goldie, *Garnie; Birmingham Star Route Brooklyn Sec1 O125a (1862) Tel. Farmers' Line Brooklyn

Burton, Harley (Anna Thompson) Ch Margaret; Rushville R2 Woodstock Sec36 T160a W. J. Thompson (1912) Schuyler Tel. Rushville

Burton, Ira E. (Cora King) Ch Guy R., Lewis M.; "Fairview Stock Farm" Rushville R5 Rushville Sec18 T333a Walter Teel (1881) Tel. Rushville

Burton, Roger M. (Jennie Wolf) Ch Maxwell, Pauline, William; Augusta R1 Birmingham Sec21 T360a W. D. McCreary (1918) Tel. Farmers' Line Augusta

Busby, Frank (Margaret Boyd) Ch Robert, Paul, Roy, George, Everette; Rushville R5 Rushville Sec6 T600a Mrs. John Boulware (1890) Tel. Rushville

Busby, Joseph (Rose Jennings) Ch Henry, Harlan, Ada, Hazel, Josephine, Gladys, *May, *Mary, *Bess, *Grace, *Clarence, *Nettie; Browning R1 Browning Sec7-8 T200a Warrell Husche (1864)

Buss, Lawrence H. (Ruth Ford) Ch Russell, Dean, Phyllis; Mt. Sterling R6 Huntsville Sec35 T245a John Bus (1914) Shiloh Mutual Tel. Damon

Butler, Jesse (Florence Kelly) Ch Floyd C., Mary C.; Rushville R2 Woodstock Sec13 T120a Joseph Butler (1891)

Butterfield, Mrs. E. A. Ch *Lucy, *Frank, *Minnie, *Dayton, *Eugene, *Hattie; Birmingham R1 Brooklyn Sec6 O80a (1872) Tel. Farmers' Line Plymouth

Buttler, Emma (Emma Walton) Mimosa Buttler, Mother; "Cozy Nook Farm" Browning R2 Browning Sec15 O80a (1888) Mutual Tel. Astoria

Byers, John L. (Laura Parks) Ch *Lloyd; "Willow Lake Farm" Rushville R4 Rushville Sec14 O80a (1864) Tels. Ray and Rushville

Byers, J. W. (Tacy Johnson) Ch Nina, Charles, Lewis, Lottie; Frederick R1 Frederick Sec5 T187a Dick Curry

Byers, Lloyd E. (Mabel Persinger) Ch Eugene, Mildred; "Crane Creek Stock Farm" Rushville Star Route Rushville Sec29 O153a (1892) Tel. Rushville

Byrns, L. H. (Mabel Estes) Ch Frank, Elmo; Huntsville Huntsville Sec4 O1a (1911) Shitoh Mutual Tel. Huntsville

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