The Rushville Times, Thursday, January 19, 1956.

Pulaski VanOrder, 82, Dies From Critical Burns in Fire Here Friday 

  Fire which broke out suddenly in the S.P. Weinberg tenant house on North Liberty street early Friday evening resulted in critical burns to Pulaski VanOrder, 82, in whose quarters the fire started, and also caused heavy damage to the two-story frame structure.
  Quick action by Don Sinnock, who discovered the fire as he was leaving from work shortly before 5;30, averted an even greater loss.  He noticed smoke pouring out of the windows at the rear of the building where VanOrder lived.  He had seen VanOrder walking back to his quarters just a few minutes before.

  Sinnock stopped his car at once, instructed his wife to call the fire department, and entered the front of the house.  Smoke was too thick for breathing and Sinnock could hear groans at the rear.  He went across the alley for help from Vassar Vancil, who was working in that building, and the two men entered the VanOrder rooms through a window which they tore loose.  Despite the heavy smoke and heat, they located the injured man from his groans and literally dragged him out through the window.  It was obvious that VanOrder was badly burned and he was given emergency treatment on the scene by Dr. Russell Dohner and then rushed to the Culbertson Memorial hospital where lived until early Saturday morning.

  The Rushville fire department answered the call promptly and had the towering flames as shown in the picture under control in a matter of minutes.  There was little wind that evening and the bulk of the damage was confined to the rear of the building.  VanOrder was removed from the south side of the building where the fire is shown to be most intense.  The picture was taken at the height of the fire.  Damage to the rear of the building was almost complete.

  An Explosion from an undetermined source occurred during the early stages of the fire and blew out the window lights in the from of the downstairs rooms occupied by Mr. and Mrs. John Trone, neither of whom was home at the time.  The glass from the explosion sprayed into the street but no one was injured.  The upstairs apartment in the front suffered little damage from the fire and the tenant, Magnus Hanson, continues to live there.  He also was absent at the time of the fire.

  The fireman worked over the ruins for more than an hour and had returned to the firehouse when another blaze broke out and they came back to the house shortly after 7 P.M.  At 10:30 P.M. they were called for a third time when the bedding and clothes in the from room started burning.

  Although it is impossible to determine the exact origin of the fire, it is believed that VanOrder may have tried to use some fuel oil or kerosene in the stove.  He was badly burned about the face, hands, and chest.

  Funeral services for Mr. VanOrder were held Sunday at 1 P.M. at the Hardy Funeral chapel, the Rev. LeRoy Cronkhite officiating.  Burial was in the Rushville cemetery.

  Andrew Pulaski VanOrder was born March 6, 1873 in Bainbridge township, the son of Andrew and Nancy Bonser VanOrder.

  On Feb. 9, 1899 he married Rosa Jane Cathers, now deceased.

  He is survived by two sons, Frank and Jasper, of Peoria; a sister, Mrs. Clara Peacock, of Rushville and a brother, Fred, of Peoria.

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