Hazeal Putman


HAZEAL PUTMAN of Fulton County
  Hazeal was the eldest of Daniel Putman and Prudence Skelton's children, and was born in Union County, South Carolina on May 7, 1787. He moved with his family to Anderson, South Carolina in the Old Pendleton District about 1792 and lived on his parents' plantation on the banks of the Savannah River.
  The family and many friends moved to Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky in about the year 1804, when Hazeal was about 17 years old.
  One of the other families making this move was that of the widow Dorothy or Dolly Combs. Dorothy's husband had died in the Pendleton District of South Carolina in 1801 and at the time she had 3 teenage daughters and a son living with her. Her eldest daughter, Verlinda, had married Abraham Duff and they likewise made the trip to Kentucky.
  On October 18, 1806, Hazeal Putman married Bennett and Dolly Comb's next oldest daughter, Isabel, in Warren County. The marriage bond was signed by Abraham Duff, her brother in law. According to a published list of Warren County Marriages, they were married by James Martin. Isabel was born near Anderson, South Carolina in 1789, her parents having come from North Carolina.
  Hazeal and Isabel had two young children born in Kentucky. Mary Putman was born about 1808 and Daniel Bennett Putman was born on April 15, 1810.
  In the summer of 1811, Hazel joined with his father, grandfather and brothers and moved north to the Indiana Territory settling near Princeton in what is now Gibson County, Indiana.
  Shortly after arriving in the Indiana Territory, the Putmans found there were British inspired problems with the Indians. This trouble was one of the events that led to the War of 1812. Hazeal, his brother Reding and their uncle Laban Putman joined the Indiana Volunteers under the command of Territorial Governor William Henry Harrison and fought at the Battle of Tippicanoe on November 7, 1811. Hazeal must have remained as an inactive member of the militia as on November 6, 1813 he was commissioned a Lieutenant in the Fourth Regiment of the Indiana Militia.
  Hazeal worked as a blacksmith, as had his father, Daniel, years before; he also learned to be a gunsmith and continued this trade for most of his life. In Indiana, his father was very active in politics and Hazeal seemed to follow this trait as well. He was the first sheriff in Gibson County and was commissioned a Justice of the Peace in Gibson County on May 25, 1813.
  In 1817, two Putman brothers, Hazeal and Reding, left Indiana with their families to return to Warren County, Kentucky where they had resided some six years earlier. Hazeal and Reding had been made Executors of their father's estate when he died in July of 1816. They were required to return to Bowling Green to settle a land dispute over some 1,000 acres Daniel Putman had sold to Moses Hunt who later sued for clear titles to the land in 1817.
  Hazeal had also been given some lands in Kentucky by his father and he planned to sell them as well. Their uncle, Ezekiel Putman, was still living there at the time. While they were in Kentucky, Hazeal made final settlement of Barnet Putman's estate. When Barnet died, he appointed Daniel, his son, to administer his estate. As Daniel died within the next few years, he was unable to complete this task. Hazeal paid Ezekiel $2.36 as monies due under the estate. Ezekiel signed this receipt on August 22, 1817 and it was later filed in the Gibson County Court House at Princeton, Indiana when they returned to that state.
  After the legalities were over, Hazeal returned to Indiana, but moved to Vanderburgh County which was created in 1818 partly from Gibson County. The area, may in fact, have been the same but the County boundaries had changed.
  Hazeal is carried in the 1820 Indiana Census in Vanderburgh County with himself, Isabel, 2 sons over 16, 3 sons under 10, a daughter under 10 and another daughter between 10 and 15 years old. The eldest daughter was Mary. The two teenage males are the problem. I don't know who they were, they may have been sons or nephews. Daniel Bennett was born in 1810, and Harrison was born in 1811. The other younger son was Joseph. Carole Putman of West Linn, Oregon, whose husband descended from Hazeal, said family tradition indicated that there was a young set of twins born to Hazeal and Isabel; they were Buford and Mahala. It is felt that they died before becoming adults; these may be the two teenagers.
  Hazeal's brother, Reding Putman, had heard of new and better lands to the west in Illinois and had arranged for the purchase of lands in Illinois and had the purchase recorded in the Gibson County Court House at Princeton, Indiana. They had, in fact, been Land Grants for service in the War of 1812.
  Their brother, Elijah, had moved to Illinois earlier and appeared in the 1820 census in Madison County which at the time covered all of Illinois northeast of St. Louis, Missouri. Madison County was formed in 1812. In 1821, Sangamon and Fulton Counties were formed out of Madison. As I do not know where in Madison County he lived, I feel he probably moved to what is now Fulton County. The rest of the family arrived there in 1823.
  In December of 1822 the families of Hazeal, Reding, William and Laban Putman along with John Holcomb's and perhaps other families headed for the greener pastures and arrived in Fulton County, Illinois in very early 1823.
  Reding Putman was the first settler, and the township he lived in was named Putman Township in his honor. Hazeal lived one mile east of Reding's farm and was a pioneer settler in Buckheart Township. As the County grew so did the Putman families' influence. Hazeal was appointed to the first Grand Jury of Fulton County in 1830 along with his brother Elijah.
  Once again war came to the Putmans. Hazeal, along with his brother Reding joined the Illinois Militia on April 21, 1832 under Captain David Barnes and fought the Fox and Sack tribes at the major Battle of Sycamore Creek under General Isaiah Stillman. The Indians won rather handily and the Battle was referred to as "Stillman's Run". Later Black Hawk and his tribe were driven west across the Mississippi by starvation.
  By now the children of Hazeal and Isabel Putman were grown and ready to strike out on their own.
  Mary, the eldest child, married William Barker on August 22, 1831, and is said to have moved to Texas. Daniel Bennett Putman married Isabelle Findley, daughter of David and Jane Ritchey Findley on January 28, 1830. Harrison Putman married Malinda Fouts, daughter of David Fouts, on November 15, 1832. All the marriages took place in Fulton County, Illinois. I have no other marriage information on the other children.
  Sometime in the later part of the 1830s Hazeal and his family moved to Schuyler County, Illinois which is the adjacent county to the southwest. The family appears here in the 1840 census.
  Isabel Putman died on July 23, 1841 as recorded in the family bible of her son, Daniel Bennett Putman. Hazeal later married a widow, Mary Barker, on September 30, 1841 in Schuyler County, Illinois. This date is mentioned in the Pension Application Papers of Mary Putman as a widow.
  Hazeal died in Schuyler County on September 30, 1843, the second anniversary of his second marriage.
  Mary was in the 1850 census of Fulton County at age 63 with her son John Barker, 18, living with her.
  The children that I have some detailed information on follows.

I. Mary Putman
  Mary Putman was the eldest child of Hazeal and Isabel Putman. She was probably born about 1808 or 1809 in Warren County, Kentucky. She married William Barker on August 22, 1831 in Fulton County, Illinois. It is said that she moved to Texas, but I have no further information on her.

II. Daniel Bennett Putman
  Daniel Bennett Putman was born in Warren County, Kentucky on April 15, 1810. He was named for his two grandfathers, Daniel Putman and Bennett Combs.
  He married Isabelle Findley on January 28, 1830 in Fulton County, Illinois. Isabelle was born on January 5, 1814 and was the daughter of David Findley and Jeanette Ritchey Findley.
  Daniel Bennett Putman left Fulton County during the 1830s and lived for a while in Henderson County, Illinois. In May of 1846 the family decided to go west. They joined the Buell Wagon Train that left Oskaloosa, Iowa in May of 1846 and went to Oregon. The wagon train stopped at the Whitman Mission and left only days before Indians overran the settlement. This branch of the Putman Family again pioneered new territories and are prominent today in Oregon.
  Daniel Bennett and Isabelle Putman had eight children, all born in Illinois. Isabelle died shortly after arriving in Oregon in October of 1847. Daniel Bennett Putman remarried a widow, Rebecca (Keeney) Landingham, on August 20, 1850 in Lane County, Oregon and they had seven more children. Daniel Bennett Putman died in Amity, Yamill County, Oregon on March 3, 1887. Rebecca died there on September 23, 1895.
  The eight children with Isabelle were:
  1. MARTHA PUTMAN was born February 2, 1832 in Fulton County, Illinois. She married James H. Pierce in Linn County, Oregon on June 25, 1850. She died February 19, 1905 in Rowland, Linn County.
  2. MAHALA PUTMAN was born March 30, 1834 and was married in Linn County, Oregon to Pleasant Robinett on January 29, 1850. Pleasant was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky on March 23, 1821, a son of Joseph Robinett and Nancy Barker. Mahala died in Linn County December 7, 1905, Pleasant died there on October 31, 1878. Their children were: 1. William Albert Robinett born in 1851. 2. Nancy Almona Robinett born May 8, 1853 and died September 27, 1878. 3. Elizabeth Estrella Robinett born July 27, 1855 and died May 4, 1914. She married Livy Alexander Murphy on July 30, 1871. 4. Mary Isabell Robinett born April 22, 1857 and died July 8, 1893. She married Morvin Dudley Murphy on November 4, 1875 and later married a Lane man. 5. Joseph D. Robinett born March 6, 1859 and died October 31, 1859. 6. James Martin Robinett born in 1861 and died May 15, 1923. 7. Martha Frances Robinett born October 17, 1869 and died September 18, 1946. She married Artemus Murphy on October 16, 1886. 8. Pleasant L. Robinett born March 20, 1871 and died March 27, 1927. He married Ida Louise Malone September 10, 1898. 9. Mahala Gemima Robinett born June 7, 1873 and died April 3, 1933. 10. Thomas Robinett born in 1877 and died as a child. 11. Four other Robinetts all of whom died as infants.
  3. DAVID HAZEAL PUTMAN was born in Henderson County, Illinois April 2, 1836. In Linn County, he married Catherine Lemaster on July 30, 1854. He died in Brownsville, Linn County, Oregon on March 18, 1888. In the 1870 and 1880 census his children were: 1. Thurston L. Putman born in 1857. 2. William Putman born in 1860. 3. James Putman born in 1861. 4. Nancy Putman born in 1863. 5. Robert Putman born in 1866. 6. Isaac B. Putman born in 1871. 7. Julia C. Putman born in 1873. 8. Martha Putman born in 1879.
  4. JOHN HARRISON PUTMAN was born in Henderson County, Illinois on February 23, 1838. He married Hannah Louisa Woodfin in Linn County on May 28, 1861. After her death he married Arminda Dancer in Yamhill County, Oregon on May 28, 1896. I do not know when he died. In 1880, they had these children: 1. Lizzie Putman born in 1865. 2. David Putman born in 1867. 3. Martha Putman born 1870. 4. Eliza Putman born in 1872. 5. Daniel B. Putman born in 1874. 6. James Putman born in 1879.
  5. JANE PUTMAN was born July 24, 1840 and died October 2, 1841.
  6. MARY ELIZABETH PUTMAN was born May 1, 1842 in Illinois and married James Lemaster in Linn County, Oregon on October 25, 1855. She lived in Yamhill and Benton Counties in Oregon. I do not have a date of death.
  7. WILLIAM ALEXANDER PUTMAN was born April 28, 1845 and died later that year on December 25, 1845. Not a good Christmas present.
  8. JAMES LEE PUTMAN was born January 10, 1847 in Holt County, Missouri. He was married in Polk County, Oregon to Mary Ellen Ewing on August 16, 1870. He died when a horse kicked him in 1928 in Brownsville, Linn County, Oregon. In 1880 they had a daughter, and in Sweet Home, Oregon in 1910, they had 5 children. In 1920 all the kids were gone and married. The children were: 1. H. A. Putman (probably Harriet) born in 1872. 2. William Putman born in November 1880. 3. Della Putman born in June 1883. 3. Sarah Jane or Sadie Putman born September 29, 1885. She married a Strickler. 4. Susan Putman born in July 1889.
  After Daniel married Rebecca Landingham, he had another seven children, all born in Linn County, Oregon:
  1. SARAH ISABEL PUTMAN was born September 27, 1852.
  2. JOSEPH JACKSON PUTMAN was born June 4, 1854. In 1880 his wife was Flora and they had Effie 5 months old.
  3.ROBERT BENNETT PUTMAN was born April 21, 1856.
  4. DANIEL BARNET PUTMAN was born May 23, 1858. His wife was Lucinda. They both died in an automobile accident June 2, 1929.
  5. NANCY ANN PUTMAN was born October 18, 1859.
  6. FRANCIS BROWN PUTMAN was born August 24, 1862.
  7. REBECCA PUTMAN was born August 1, 1865.
  There was also a child that died in birth on August 25, 1851 and was not named. Rebecca had five children by her first marriage with William Landingham. The total reached nineteen children. Wow!

  Another son of Hazeal, Harrison Putman, was born on December 3, 1811 shortly after the family arrived in Indiana. He was eleven when he came to Fulton County, Illinois. Harrison was named after William Henry Harrison, his father Hazeal had fought under that Harrison a month earlier.
  On November 15, 1832 he married Malinda Fouts in Fulton County, Illinois. Malinda was the daughter of David and Mary Fouts (Pfautz, as originally spelled) and was born in North Carolina on July 27, 1814.
  Harrison spent the rest of his life as a farmer in Fulton County, living in Canton during the last portion of his life.
  Malinda died in Canton, Illinois on April 2, 1890 and Harrison died June 17, 1891. Harrison and Malinda had 11 children, all born in Fulton County:
  1. CLARISSA PUTMAN, born October 13, 1833.
  2. HARRIETT PUTMAN, born October 8, 1838.
  3. FRANCIS PUTMAN, born October 27, 1837. He served in the 7th Illinois Cav. in the Civil War from August 20, 1862 till July 12, 1865. He married Clara Sanders in Canton in February of 1866. They were in Canton in 1900, and Clara was there as a widow in 1910 and 1920. Children in 1880 and 1900 were: 1. Flora Putman born in 1867. 2. Fannie Putman born in 1872. 3. Mary Bell Putman born in August 1876. She is with her mom in 1920, doesn't look like she ever married. 4. Harrison C. Putman born in 1877. I don't find him in 1900, and he's single in 1910. In 1920 he has a wife named Nellie H. and these children: Eliza A. Putman born in 1913. Harriet J. Putman born in 1915. Harrison Putman born in 1916. William H. Putman born in 1918. 5. Floyd Putman born in October 1880. In 1910 he has a wife named Clara and no children. He is in Canton in 1920 with these children: Mary E. Putman born in 1910. Lewis T. Putman born in 1912. Charles F. Putman born in 1914.
  4. CAROLINE PUTMAN, born January 6, 1842 and married Charles Thompson.
  5. ALMIRA PUTMAN, born June 6, 1850.
  6. MARY PUTMAN, born May 27, 1853.
  7. CHARLES N. PUTMAN, born December 24, 1857. In 1880 he had a new wife Jennie, 20 and no kids at that time. In 1900 there is a widow Elizabeth the right age and there is a son, Fred H. Putman born in January 1880. He may or may not be their son, as he should have been listed in 1880. Don't be sure of this at all.
  8. MARTIN PUTMAN, born December 28, 1843. He married Hannah Newton of Putman Township on March 14, 1867. She was a daughter of the County doctor. They had four daughters. In 1900, Hannah is shown as a widow. 1. Kate N. Putman born in 1869. 2. Louella M. Putman born in 1871. She married a Bolton and was in Colorado when she had a child. 3. May M. Putman born in 1875. 4. Gean Gale Putman who died in infancy.
 9. JOHN ELIJAH PUTMAN, born May 15, 1846. A blacksmith. In 1880 he had a wife Eldina and was still in Fulton County. In 1900 the family is in Jasper County, Missouri. In 1900 his wife is called Emma, but she is the same age so the same gal I guess. The children through 1900 were: 1. Ollie M. Putman born in 1872. 2. Mary A. Putman born in 1874. 3. John H. Putman born in December, 1878. He married a Lillian Blanche and was in Tulare County, California in the 1900, 1910 and 1920 census reports. 4. Ralph Putman born June 1, 1880. 5. Alma Putman born in November 1886. 6.Dorthea Putman born in July, 1890.
  10. JENNIE PUTMAN, born July 13, 1855.
  11. ELLA BELLE PUTMAN born in 1860 and living with a Luzetta Sanders in the 1920

IV. Joseph Putman
  Joseph was the youngest child, born about 1814. He married Lucinda Hedges here in Fulton County December 27, 1838, or at least some Joseph married her here then. In 1840 he and his wife were in Fulton County, but I lose him after that.

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