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This picture was taken 1923, a year before or after. 
That's when my Grandfather, Alva "Bob" Roudebush worked there. 
The original is over 18 inches long.
His daughter, Geraldine "Gerry" Roudebush Toland has named
all that she could remember.

Starting from right to left guys in
the back then from left to right guys in the front.
Jimmy Thompson, manager of the mill; Del Trone;
Jack Sowers, Grandpa's buddy;

Melvin Settles; Earl Gillenwater; Henry Warrington; ?; ?; ?; Jay Stambaugh; 
Squire Warrington; Ed Edmiston; Tick Rose on wagon; ?; Doc Moore;
Ben Young; Rolla Sipes; Jim Leach; ?. 
Right to left, guys in front: ?; ?; ?; Jim Simpson, ?; ?; Jim Castor;
Charles Moore;
Ed Cook; Dick Mullen; Archie "Bash" Ashcraft;
Grandpa Alva "Bob" Roudebush.

Do you know who the others are? 

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