The Schuyler Citizen, March 7, 1872
Removal Of The Dead
    The farm of Mr. Alexander Campbell, just north of Rushville, on which was located a private burial ground, having passed out of the hands of the family, and there being no reservation made for the grave yard, it became necessary to remove the dead. The following is a list of the bodies removed, for which we are indebted to Mr. Hiram Evans:

    Joseph T. Campbell, died Dec. 12th, 1859.
    Charles S. Campbell, August 20th, 1844.
    Sophia S. Campbell, February 14th, 1860.
    Joseph E. Campbell, July 19th, 1862.
Above taken up under the supervision of Wm. Campbell and re-interred in the Rushville cemetery.

    Alexander Campbell, died June 18th, 1853, aged 83 years.
    Susannah Campbell, Dec. 15th, 1842, aged 62 years.
    Sally Toncray and infant son, Oct. 30th, '39.
    Mitchel White, February 28th, 1837.
Above taken up under the supervison of Hiram Evans and James A. White and re-interred in the Rushville cemetery.

    Jane R. Wells, died January 1st, 1840.
    N. P. Evans, September 28th, 1846.
    Mrs. S. Evans and child, September, 1849.
    Infant son of H. Evans, December, 1846.
    Samuel McHatten, May, 1845.
    Lydia Clark, daughter of Felix G. Clark, now of Des Moines, Iowa.
    Mrs. John Haney and little daughter, wife of John Haney, Sr., now of Lansing, Iowa, in 1834.
Hiram Evans superintended taking up the above, and the labor was performed by Mr. Robert Burnham, who did the work well, and is thereby recommended to others that may want work of the kind done.

    In this connection we may be permitted to say that owners of private burial grounds should not neglect securing them from barter and sale with the property with which they are connected.

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