Schuyler County, Illinois

Women of Schuyler County

  Ruth Irene Agans Kearby

The Thomas Kearby family lived in Huntsville Township for many years. When I first knew them they lived on the Jim Davis place which is just west of my place now. They had five children; Vernice married Winnie Agans; Margaret married Otto Skiles; Gladys married Willard Sailor and lives in Elkhart, Indiana; and Lawrence in St. Petersburg, Florida. In the year of 1926, Fred and I were married and we had one son Gene. He and Virginia Bilderback had four children; Terrill, Trudy, Sherri, and Konnie. Terrill married Sue Rodgers and they have two sons, John and Brent. Trudy married Greg Veach and they have a daughter, Heather and a son, Justin. Fred and I started housekeeping in Camden Township and later in 1928, we moved to the place which was called the Wysong Place. It was the home at one time of Cornelia Wysong but that was several years before we moved there. When we moved to this place it belonged to the Illinois Bankers Life Association. We lived there until the house burned in 1945. After that we bought the farm known as the William 'Billy' Dutton place. But we bought it from Joe Utter. During the time we lived on the Illinois Bankers farm and this present one, Fred was supervisor of Huntsville Township for twenty four years. I know it is different now, but how well I remember the calls he made and the orders he wrote out for the needy people in the township. But that was part of his job and he did it well. During most of these years I taught school. I taught at Erwin, Davis, Washington, Piney Grove, South Prairie, Cane Hill, and the Primary room at Huntsville, until the school closed and all the children were sent to Augusta and I went with them. The other teachers who taught at Huntsville when I did were Ansel Hare, Grace Ambrosius, and Karen Eaton. The cooks were Mrs. Myrtle VanOrmer for several years then Fern Moore. The janitors were Bill Tweedell and later Maurice Hare janitor and bus driver too. Since Fred's death, which was caused by an overturned tractor, I still live here in the big house and try to carry on and do the things that I believe he would want me to do. After I retired from teaching in 1973, I started a Nursery School for three, four, and five year olds. I had had it in Augusta until this year 1982, and I converted my big front room into a nursery school and it's working out real well. I suppose I will continue to do this as long as my health permits and parents want to bring their children to me.

Submitted by Ruth Kearby

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