Mrs. Sarah Luttrell Celebrates 100th Birthday. 1892.

In the year 1792, there was born on the James River in Virginia, a child who God had decreed should live to celebrate her 100th anniversary, and on last Saturday the friends and relatives gathered at the old  homestead, 3 miles south west of Bader and honored the old lady.

The residence where the old lady lived (for 46 years), was found to be a log cabin, such as our fore-fathers lived in years gone by.  In this cabin rested Mrs. Sarah Luttrell, on a bed in keeping with the other surroundings, three of her daughters were there to assist their aged mother, who at the time was quite poorly.

A week ago the old lady while  in  the act of arising from a chair, in some way stepped on her dress, causing her to fall to the floor, thus injuring herself in such a manner as to prevent her from being up and around.  Prior to this time her health had been of the best, and at all times she was able to do her own work and walk to different points of the old homestead.

Miss Sarah Bryant was born on the James River, Patrick County in Virginia on the 25 of June, 1792.  Her parents emigrated from Virginia into Kentucky, while she was yet a child.  While she was yet small they moved to Tennessee where she was reared to womanhood and on the 18th day of November 1813, she was united to Sheldon Luttrell.

After living in that state a short time together with her husband , she moved to Alabama and later to Arkansas.  Becoming dissatisfied a few years later they again emigrated, this time to Illinois.  In the year 1831, they settled on the farm where the old lady now lives.

Her parents were both English, which she seems very proud of.  Her father took an active part in the Colonial Period of the United States.  Her husband was in the Indian War of 1812.  Their married life lasted over a period of 69 years.  Her husband died at the age of 88 years(1881).

Mr. & Mrs. Luttrell were the parents of 12 children, 10 girls and 2 boys.  Surviving children now are Mrs. Nancy Mace 78, Mrs. Sally Skiles 71, and Mrs. Felix Thornton 67 years,  57 grandchildren, 157 g-grandchildren, 49 g-g-grandchildren, 14 g-g-g-grandchildren, 2 g-g-g-g-grandchildren.  Thus it will be noted she was of 6 generations.  250 of her 300 descendants were present for this occasion.

Grandma Luttrell has been a constant smoker for 60 years.  She says her long life was just 'plain dieting' Principle food corn bread and milk.  She refused Luxuries.  She has never gone to school a day in her life.  She never learned to read or write,  She was 5 Ft 5 inches tall and weighed 110 pounds.

She was a member of the Christian Church for 75 years. She often walked to Bader, 3 miles to church.

She requested songs to be sung and a sermon preached.  Rev. Harvey Skiles delivered a short address of a religious nature, touching upon the events of the life of Grandma Luttrell.

Among the guests:

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Gildersleeve and 3 children, Browning, Ill..

Mrs. Gildersleeve is a Grand-daughter of Mrs. Luttrell and also a sister of F. M. Skiles.

Mr.& Mrs. Wm. C. Skiles and 2 children, Harlan County, NE.

Mrs. M. Skiles, Browning, Ill.

Mr. & Mrs. F. M. Skiles and Bertie, Julius, Maggie, and Ella, Browning.

Mr. & Mrs. H. S. Trone and daughter Ethel, Browning, Mrs. T.'s Grandchild Lloyd Trone, helping collect Skiles family records.

Taken from the Rushville Times.

- contributed by Carol Wolf Britton, great-great-great-granddaughter of Sarah "Sally" Luttrell.  Contact Carol at <> and see her site at <>

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