Schuyler County
World War II

Schuyler County In World War Two

Edited by Don Street, Don Stephens, Gene Knous.
Cover Design and Sketches by Chas. A. Dill, Jr.
Published by The Times Record Publishing Co., Aledo, Illinois

Book owned by Kathleen Yanchick
transcribed by Sara Hemp

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  Honor Roll
  In Memoriam  


  "Schuyler Against the World" is a catchy slogan; but "Schuyler Serves Democracy" is a vital ideal.  To worthily perpetuate the memory of those who served in World War II is the purpose of this book.
  We have come through the most stupendous struggle in history.  The destiny of millions of people rested in its outcome.  The total cost in lives, home and resources is a challenge to the imagination.  Schuyler County took up the challenge in every way possible.  Its citizens helped carry the fight to the four corners of the earth until there no longer existed a threat to the things in which we believed and for which we were willing to give our lives.  For those who made the supreme sacrifice, no honor can do them or their loved ones justice.  For every person in the armed forces there were many more at home who did their part to keep the supplies flowing steadily.
  This is the price we had to pay for our freedom.  May the causes which created this human tragedy be written so deeply into the hearts and minds of all persons so that no such similar action shall ever have to be taken again.
  The historical value of this record of Schuyler's contribution will increase more and more as the years go by.  The county has lost much by not having such a record of the veterans of World War I.  Such a project was started but not completed because of a lack of public appreciation and support.  To bridge this gap, as much as now possible, an Honor Roll of World War I has been added to the contents of this book.
  Now is the time to compile and districute such a volume as this while the memories of survivors are keen and relatives and friends can supplement government records of enlistments, areas, served, decorations received, etc.  The true value of this records cannot be appreciated at this time.  It includes Schuyler boys inducted in other counties where they were currently employed.  Some information on nearly 1500 World War II veterans is given with photograph, where obtainable, while only some 1200 are listed on the Honor Roll in the Court House.  This is a measure of thoroughness and completeness seldom attained in similar projects, especially if promoted by outside interests.
  This book is a product of the "Free Enterprise" system yet prevailing in our U. S. A.  It is hoped that the unstinting energy and time spent by those compiling and editing this historically valuable material will be rewarded by the full co-operation of all citizens of Schuyler who take a pride in her people and history.

J. Arthur Thompson and the Editors.


  This book is dedicated to the men and women of Schuyler county who served in the armed forces of their country and to the parents and families of the men who did not return.  To all others it will be a collection of pictures and records having great significance for many years to come.

In Appreciation

  We wish to thank all persons who have contributer pictures and information in making this book a reality.  We have tried to make it as complete and correct as possible with the information made available to us.

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