by Sara Hemp

Many tales and stories were told to me by relatives on the odd things happenings in and around Schuyler County.  I hope you will send in the ones you have heard.

One Grandmother when to a farm where a new baby was very sick to help.  After hours of caring the the child and helping the family, Grandmother went out into the evening to get some fresh air.  Outside the door, she looked around and saw a figure carrying a baby.  It walked across the front lawn and disappeared at the fence.  On going back inside, she found that the baby had died and no one else had left the house.  She thought it was a spirit taking the spirit of the baby home.  This supposedly happened in the Scab Hollow/Christian Neck are.

One Grandfather came home from the fields for lunch, tied up the team and fell over dead.  He had had a stroke and died instantly.  Now Grandfather always hung his hat on the hallseat and lifted the lid and let it drop even if he didn't put anything in there.  After the funeral, at the right time, the hallseat was heard to lift and drop with a bang.  Everyone knew it was Grandfather.  It continued to happen at the time Granfather would come in from outside.

Uncles would get all the cousins in a car (usually one had a station wagon) and off we'd go to see the haunted houses.  This was in the early evening.  My favorite time of the year was fall for these scary trips.  We always had to watch for fog.  You see, as far back as the Indians, there was a strange fog in that area.  The Indians had told of how they'd see friends, braves, women or children walk into a cloud of fog and never come out.  Later as the whiteman came to this area, the same thing happened.  People would be riding along, either on horseback, or in a wagon or carriage, enter the fog bank.  Out the other side would come the horse,(or oxen) and with the wagon.  But no person.  It was called the Maneating Fog.  It never hurt or injuried the animals, or wagons or cars -- only humans.  The people were never seen again and no one knows what exactly happened.  But remember as you are driving around the Browning/Bader area, think twice before going into the fog.

In my Grandmother's house, there is a small room that had a bed and a small dressing table with a mirror.  This only happened when there were only females in the room.  The girls would be seating on the bed, talking about the things.  Girls talk about to other girls.  All of a sudden, one girl would notice something in the mirror.  There would be a stocky, grey-haired lady smiling at us.  This happened many times.  We never knew who she is but I'd like to think it was Great-Grandmother watching us.

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