Henry Stark

From: "Biographical Review of Cass, Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois 1892", by Biographical Review Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois; pages 429-430, a reprinted by Stevens Publishing Co., Astoria, Ill., 1971, is sold by the Schuyler County Historical Society, Rushville, Illinois.
  Henry Stark, of Mt. Sterling, was born in Prussia, in 1848. His parents were Peter and Elizabeth Stark, both of Prussia. The father spent his entire life there, and after his death the mother and children came to America, and settled in Mt. Sterling, where she spent her last days.
  Henry attended school quite steadily, until he was fourteen years old, and then commenced work in the mines for three years, and worked in the rolling mills until 1869, when he concluded to come to America to try and better his condition. He came directly to Rushville, where he landed with empty pockets. He at once found work in the mines, where he continued about three months, went from there to Beardstown, and worked on the railroad for nearly a year, and then went to Peoria and entered the coal mines. A short time after his employer failed and left him with no money. He went from there to Rochelle, and from there to Mt. Sterling, and entered the employ of the Wabash Railroad Company. He then worked two months in a pork-packing establishment, in a brick-yard one summer, then went to St. Louis, in order to learn a trade, and finally back to Mt. Sterling, where with a partner he finally opened a market. He very soon failed again, but a friend lent him money and thus far he has met with remarkable success. In the meantime he has engaged in various lines of business. He was in the junk business, and for two years he ran a skating rink. He was the first ice dealer in the town, and for about twelve years engaged in that business. He continued in the butchering business for eight years, and then entered into his present business. He is one of the largest real estate owners in the city. In 1890, he erected a handsome business block on Main street, with a forty-foot front, and he owns another block on the same street, 40x100 feet, seven dwelling houses, besides vacant property.
  He married in 1877, Sarah Ward, of Mt. Sterling, daughter of Nicholas Ward, of Ireland. He learned the trade of wheel-wright, came to America a young man, and carried on his business in Mt. Sterling, where he died as the result of an accident by falling backward from the upper story of his wagon shop, breaking his neck in the fall. He had four daughters. This death left the family in rather straitened circumstances, but by their industry, all learning the dressmaker's trade, they managed to keep the family together. One of Mrs. Stark's sisters, Kate, is married, and lives in Rushville; the other two still continue to carry on the dressmaking trade, in Mt. Sterling. Their mother, nee Bridget McCabe, a native of Ireland, is still living.
  The only child of Mr. and Mrs. Stark died in infancy. They both are members of St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church. Mr. Stark is a popular and well-thought-of man, he is very liberal to the poor, and is recognized as a good citizen.

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