This is the first place I came to on leaving the hospital after my birth.  My Grandparents, Alva "Bob" Roudebush and Freeda Mae Montooth Roudebush lived in the house and farmed this land.  The house, stock barn (left side of the picture) and the bank barn (at the top - insert) are all still there though some changes have been made.  The little house (rear right center) was the house of the forman is the days this ink drawing was done.  When I was growing up, it had been moved.  The roof that you see at the back of the house was the summer kitchen and wash house.  The two little sheds at the end of the row of small trees, were where the the coal/wood was kept and the tool shed.  The smaller shed had been moved behind to larger one and where the smaller one was is where a garage with a water cooler to keep cans of milks cool was when I was growing up.  On a angle from the back right corner of the house, across a gully, was the milking barn.  I'm not  sure about this: I think that the forman's house became the garage with cooler for the milk cans.

I plan on drawing up the interior of the house and putting it here also.

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