The county of Schuyler was organized in January, 1825 from the older counties of Pike and Fulton.  Originally Schuyler also included what is now Brown County.  In February, 1839, today's size and shape became final.  The county was names  for General Phillip Schuyler, a Revolutionary soldier and delegate to the Continental Congress.  Rushville was selected as the county seat February, 1826 after twenty voting sessions.  Originally they wanted the county seat to be the town which is now Beardstown, on the northside of the Illinois River near Pleasant View.

 The  original courthouse, built in the fall 1826 of logs, was replaced in the summer of 1882 with the handsome building courthouse picture pictured here.  A Building Committee consisting of John C. Bagby, W. H. H. Rader, John Glaudon, William  Bader, and Edwin M. Anderson was formed December 17, 1880.  The building committee adopted the same plans as the courthouse in Monroe, Michigan on the same day.  A new located was passed February 24, 1881 places the new courthouse on what was called "Beatty corner" on the southwest corner of the public square where the old courthouse stood.  It was also decided to give the land where the old courthouse stood to the town of Rushville for a public park and kept by the town for that purpose.  The contract price of $36,000 for the erection of the building was paid in three payment, the last one being in March of 1883.  The courthouse has been refurbished.  The courtroom, second floor front, is extremely beautiful and well-worth the visit.

 The old courthouse site is now a beautiful park with a gazebo in the middle.  New trees had to be plant around the square to replace the old trees.  Many park benches are placed there.

 The old jail house is now the Schuyler County Jail Museum and Historical Society, situated one block south of the courthouse.  It's a wonderful and exciting place to research both genealogy and history of Schuyler County

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