Wankel Family Photos

Related Family Names: Hamm, Kuechler (Küchler), Steinkuehler,
Riechert, Bingham, Adelman(n), Kraft, Riemann, Eads, Orr, Blatnik,
& Kuhmann

Contributed by Robert Charles Kuhmann

Edward Ernest Kuechler, b. 26 Dec 1841 Arenzville, Cass Co., IL, d. 26 Mar 1930 Rushville, Schuyler Co., IL; Civil War Vet, 144 IL Inf., Co. A & Emma Katharina Wankel, b. 11 Nov 1850 Arenzville, Cass Co., IL, d. 02 Dec1939 Rushville, Schuyler Co., IL

They are buried in the Rushville City Cemetery, Rushville, Schuyler County, Illinois.

Grandchildren in photo: Don Orr, Bruce Orr, Barbara Orr-Blatnik (on Gramma's knee, mother: Edith Marie Kuechler-Orr)

Charles Reichert


Jenny Wankel-Reichert

b. 11 Jul. 1864 - d. Nov. 1947

Fred Wankel

b. 26 Sep 1860 d. 07 May 1943


"Ollie" Wankel

Reinboldt (Riney) Wankel -

b. 11 Jul 1864 - d. 17 Jul 1950

Mae (May) Bingham-Wankel

Original photo is labeled: Leisenring, Jacksonville, Ill, East Side Square

Jennie Wankel-Reichert
 b. 11 Jul 1864 - d. Nov 1947

Lena Wankel
 b. 19 Aug 1858 - d. 21 Oct 1944

Anna Wankel-Adelman
 b. 16 Sep 1854 - d. 03 Mar 1879

Original photo is labeled: R.H. Mann, Virginia, Ill.

Richard Wankel

Original photo is labeled: R.H. Mann, Virginia, Ill.

George Wankel
But which George ? - there were two, one born 1845, the other 1869

Original photo is labeled: Leisenring, Jacksonville, Ill, East Side Square

Back row: Lloyd Wesley Wankel, June Wankel, Nellie Francis Wankel-Viandes
& her husband, Robert Viandes
Front row: George Wankel II, Leslie R. Wankel, Violet Lena Wankel, Jennifer Lee Eads-Wankel

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Richard (Doris) Wankel of Arenzville, Illinois.

Franz Peter Wankel & Anna Maria Adelheid Hamm-Wankel

Photo probably taken in Fulda, Hesse
about 1831-1835
Photo: compliments of Mrs. Richard (Doris) Wankel of Arenzville.

The Franz Peter Wankel - Family Information Sheet

Franz Peter Wankel was born on 1 Dec 1811. His wife, Anna Marie Adelheid Hamm was born on 28 Sept 1823. They had 13 children, all listed below.

  a.. George Wankel was born in 1845. He died on 5 Jun 1866.
  b.. Adelia Wankel was born on 31 Dec 1846. She married William Kraft. She died on 28 Jul 1933.
  c.. Peter Wankel was born in 1846 and died in 1848.
  d.. Emma Katharina Wankel was born on 11 Nov 1850. She married Edward Ernest Kuechler. She died on 2 Dec 1939.
  e.. Theresa Wankel was born on 25 Oct 1852. She married Frank Riemann. She died on 19 Apr 1918.
  f.. Anna Wankel was born on 16 Sep 1854. She married Alfred Adleman. She died on 3 Mar 1879.
  g.. Peter Frank was born on 12 Aug 1856. His wife, Ellen Marie Steinkuehler, was born on 27 Dec 1860. They had 6 children who are listed on their sheets.
  h.. Lena Wankel was born on 19 Aug 1858. She died on 21 Oct 1944.
  i.. Fred Wankel was born on 26 sep 1860. He died on 7 May 1943.
  j.. Jennie (Jenney) Wankel was born on 11 Jul 1864. She married Charles Reichert. She died in Nov. 1947.
  k.. Rineboldt "Riney" Wankel was born on 11 Jul 1864. He married May Bingham. He died on 17 Jul 1950.
  l.. Richard "Dick" Wankel was born on 20 Nov 1865. He died on 22 Jan 1951.
  m.. George Wankel was born on 12 Feb 1869. He married Jennie Eads. He died on 20 Jun 1945.

The scant family records indicate that Peter Franz and Anna Marie Hamm were married in Fulda, State of Hesse (Germany) in 1845. They were both born there as well. The couple's first child, George, was born in Illinois in 1845. Thus the trip to the United States was made during their first year of marriage. He would have been 34; she was 22. Their reason for coming to America is not known. His occupation was listed on the 1850 census as clerk, but the various members of the Wankel family acquired farm land in Illinois over the years.

These German families were large. The couple had 13 children - 7 boys and 6 girls. All 13 were born within a range of 24 years. Names were recycled, as two of their children were named George, and two were named Peter. The name George was used for the last child. Peter died at birth, so his name was given to Peter Frank, the next son born in the family. Peter Franz lived to be 83 years old. Anna was 79 years old when she died. Both are buried in the Arenzville, Illinois, East Cemetery.

Above information provided (circa march 2001) by: Ed and Marjorie Nass, of Iowa at <ednmarj@netins.net> and Robert Charles Kuhmann, of Wisconsin at <


All photos provided by the Great-Great Nephew of those pictured:
Robert Charles Kuhmann - b. 10 Sep 1951 (Aurora, Illinois),
the Great Grandson of Edward Ernest Kuechler & Emma Katharina Wankel-Kuecher.

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