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Smallpox Epidemics

Illinois Smallpox Statistics -- Springfield, Ill., April 27. -- Special Telegram --

A tabulated smallpox statement has been made by Secretary Scott of the Illinois State Board of Health, showing that between ?__? and April 30 twenty-five places in the State have been infected. There were eighty-three cases of the disease and about twenty-five deaths. The infected portions, with the number of cases and deaths in the State are given as follows.

Kirkland, DeKalb County 6 cases and 2 deaths,
Olney, Richland County, 1 case;
Winnetka, Cook County, 4 cases and 2 deaths,
Quincy, Adams County, 1 case and 1 death;
Dwight, Livingston County, 1 case and 1 death,
Byron, Ogle County, 1 case, near Byron, 1 case and 1 death,
Des Plaines, Cook County, 3 cases.
Harper, Ogle County, 2 cases and 1 death,
Belvidere, Boone County, 1 case and 1 death;
Madison, Madison County, 10 cases and 2 deaths,
Cairo, Alexander County, 1 case,
Ellery, Edwards County, 1 case,
Mattoon, Coles County, 10 cases;
Waterloo, Monroe County, 4 cases,
Shawneetown, Callatin County, 23 cases.
Alton, Madison County, 1 case;
Belleville, St. Clair County, 1 case,
Spring Valley, La Salle County, 1 case, and
1 case at Chaining Bridge, Monroe County.

During the past quarter smallpox has been reported to the Illinois Board of Heath as existing in 105 infected centers and 25 other States and at 5 points in Canada, as follows:
Alabama, District of Columbia, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Virginia.

1 city each: Arkansas, 7; Connecticut, 4; Indiana, 11; Kentucky, 9; Louisiana, 2; Michigan, ?__?; Missouri, 5; New Jersey, 2; New York, 4; Ohio, 6; Pennsylvania, 6; Texas, 5; West Virginia, 2; Wisconsin, 16. Of these States Wisconsin had the most, with 16 cities infested.
[Date: 28 Apr 1895; Paper: Inter Ocean - Submitted by Teri Moncelle Colglazier]

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