Stark County Illinois  History and Genealogy

Illinois State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1858 and 1859
by George W. Hawes, Scripps, Bross & Spears, Printers, Daily Press Book and Job Office, Chicago IL


Dorrance: A post office of Stark County. Chauncy D. Fuller, postmaster.

Elmira: A post village of Stark County, in the northeast part, about 135 miles from Chicago and within a few miles of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad. Thos. Lyle, Postmaster.

Lafayette: A post village of Stark County. Thos. W. Ross, postmaster.

Osceola: A post village of Stark County, on Spoon River, about 5 miles north from Toulon, the county seat. Wm. P. Buswell, postmaster.

Slackwater: a post office of Stark County. David Whiffer, postmaster.

Stark County: A county in the north-west central part of Illinois. It has an area of 290 square miles, and is intersected by Spoon River, an affluent of the Illinois. The county is divided between prairie and timber land, and the soil is good. Indian corn, wheat, oats and hay are the staples. It was named in honor of Gen. Stark of the Revolutionary War. Population, about 4,000.

County Officers.
County Judge, John Finley
Sheriff, Henry Brees.
County Clerk, Miles A. Fuller.
Clerk of Circuit Court, Jefferson Kinn.
Country Treasurer, Denis Louman.

Toulon: A post village, capital of Stark County, about 35 miles north-west from Peoria, and 230 from St. Louis and 150 miles from Chicago. Population 1,000. B. Turner, postmaster.

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc.
Atherton, J. R., farmer.
Bockmeister, T., homeopathic physician.
Bradley & Lee, grocers.
Culberstin & Ogle, general merchants.
Chamberlin, W., druggist.
Chamberlin, Wm., physician and surgeon.
Clifford, G. A., attorney at law.
Dewey & Nolan, merchants.
Dugan, Thos., farmer.
Emery, E. L., grocer.
Fuller & Lowmen, land agents.
Henderson, T. J., attorney at law.
Henderson & Whittaker, land agents.
Jamison, Jacob, farmer and president of Starch Co.
Jones, U., grocery.
Morton, L., grocery.
Rhod, Hugh, farmer.
Rockwell, S., grocery
Shallenberger, M., attorney at law.
Shime, Job, general merchant.
Slerrett & Vixon, general store.
Wright Wm., farmer.
Wright, Thos., general store.

West Jersey: A post office of Stark County. Charles W. Young, postmaster

Wyoming: A post village in Stark County, on Spoon River, 92 miles north by west from Springfield. James M. Thomas, postmaster.


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