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Wedding Anniversaries


Mr. and Mrs. Brode 50th Anniversary
Los Angeles Herald. (Los Angeles [Calif.]), December 06, 1908
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Brode, West Thirty-fourth street, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary Tuesday evening with a reception and dinner at their home, which was attended by children, grandchildren and other relatives. Those who were present were Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Brode and family, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Brode and family, Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Brode and family, Miss Arletta E. Brode and Mr. and Mrs. George S. Funk f Redondo. Mr. and Mrs. Brode were married in Stark County, Illinois and resided in Illinois until six years ago, when they came to Los Angeles. There are two sons residing out of the state. H. S. Brode, professor of biology in Whitman college, Wall Walla, Wash., and A. B. Brode of Huntington, W. Va.

The Orval Crooks to Celebrate 25th Wedding Anniversary (1955)

Mr. and Mrs. William DeWeerth 25th Anniversary
Bradford Republican 1958
Mr. and Mrs. William DeWeerth will observe their 25th wedding anniversary by holding open house Sunday, December 7, at their home.  Miss Reaka Behrends, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Behrends and William E. DeWeerth, son of Mrs. Elias DeWeerth and the late Mr. DeWeerth, were united in marriage at St. John's Lutheran church in Limestone, on Wednesday, December 6, 1933. The DeWeerths are the parents of two sons, Eldon, a senior and Paul, a freshman at Bradford High school.  They moved to the Bradford community from Glasford in February 1938, and have made their home east of town since that time.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Lord 25th Anniversary
Bradford Republican 1957
Floyd Lords Honored on 25th Anniversary
A surprise party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hufnagel Saturday evening complimented Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Lord for their silver wedding anniversary.  ........ Miss Dorothy Adkins and Floyd Lord were married at the Little Brown church at Nashua, Iowa, on June 9, 1932, by the Rev. William Kent.  They have resided on the farms in the Boyd's Grove community since that time.  They are the parents of two children, a daughter, Marilyn Jean, of Miami, Florida and a son Farrell, of Peoria.

Mr. and Mrs. George Reed 25th Anniversary
September 11, 1890
A surprise was held Saturday night in honor of the Silver wedding anniversary of Uncle George and Mrs. Reed with seventy present. September 11, 1890  (Reprinted September 11, 1940 Bradford Republican)

Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Rockhold's Fifteenth Wedding Anniversary
The Bradford Independent, Bradford IL, October 1, 1885
An interesting event in the social life of Bradford was the surprise party at the home of B. F. Rockhold on Friday evening of last week. To Mrs. J. F. Rockhold, with a few chosen confidantes, belong the credit of planning and carrying to a successful culmination one of the best and enjoyable parties ever had in the town. For a couple of weeks the preparations had been going on, yet with such secrecy that the matter never was suspected by the couple in honor to whom the affair was projected. Invitations were given to over eighty couples to assemble at the home of J. F. Rockhold. Early in the evening of the time appointed, guests came pouring in by the couple, threes, fours, singe file, double file, and go as you please, until about eight o'clock, when all repaired to B. F. Rockhold's residence about a block distant. To say Mrs. Rockhold was surprised expresses her condition of mind but mildly, as indeed who would not be to see such a troop all unannounced demanding admission. The house was soon filled to overflowing, each one intent in rendering the evening a pleasant one. The evening was the fifteenth anniversary of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Rockhold, and on that account the party was given. The guests brought edibles with them, and about half past ten o'clock supper was served - and such a supper! - cold meats, cakes, pies, tea and coffee - everything in profusion. Quite a number were present from Wyoming, of whom we give the following list so far as we can learn: John Walters and wife, Mrs. Winfield Scott, Mrs. A. W. King, Mrs. H. N. Fox, George Scott and wife, Mrs. George Kerns and daughter Minnie, J. E. Decker and wife, John Wrigley and wife, C. G. Colburn and wife, Mrs. S. F. Otman, Thos. Heywood and wife, Mrs. Heywood and daughters Annie and Mary, Miss Grace Jones. It was thought best that instead of each one buying a present, (many of which would be duplicated) that a valuable one be bought by all in conjunction; so a magnificent mirror was purchased by the friends and presented in a few well-chosen words by Rev. J. L. Matthews and responded to by B. F. by expressing his thanks and gratification in being thus remembered. At an early hour all departed for home, feeling that the evening had been one to which each could look back upon with pleasurable emotions.

Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Steward 50th Anniversary
November 30, 1910
Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Steward, for 53 years residents of Stark county, celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary Saturday at their country home southwest of here. [November 30, 1910 (Reprinted in the Nov. 29, 1950, Bradford Republican )

Mr. and Mrs. Corbley C. Wright 50th Anniversary
June 11, 1941
Observe Anniversary Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Corbley C. Wright quietly observed their golden wedding anniversary at their home east of Bradford, Saturday. ...... Mary Melcenia Short and Corbley C. Wright were married June 7th, 1891 at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Short near Hurley, Missouri.  Rev. Crack, pastor of the Hurley Methodist church read the service. Mr. and Mrs. Wright taught school following their marriage.  Mr. Wright was the principal of the upper grades and Mrs. Wright was in charge of the lower grades in the same building. They started farming near Hurley in 1892.  In February 1909 they moved to Illinois and have farmed the Hinman place for the past thirty years.  Mr. and Mrs. Wright are the parents of ten boys, nine of whom are living and were at home to help them observe thie happy event.  They are Leslie of Milwaukee, Wisonsin, Byron of Rushville, Illinois; Charlie of Pirnceton, Illinois; Everett, Frank, Ernest and Oscar, are farming near Bradford and Dewey and Raymond are at home.  Edgar, the second son, was killed in action during the World War and is buried in the American cemetery near Verdunne, France. [Bradford Republican, Transcribed by Nancy Piper]

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Wright 25th Anniversary
Ernest Wrights Plan Open House
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Wright will observe their silver wedding anniversary with an open house ot their home southeast of Bradford on Sunday, June 16. All friends and relatives are invited to call......  Miss Mildred Hall and Ernest L. Wright were united in marriage on June 11, 1932, in the First Methodist Church in Bloomington by the late Dr. T. Bloomington.  Since that time they have been farming in the Saratoga township. They are the parents of two sons, Bruce, who will be a senior at the University of Illinois next year and Merrill, who will be a senior at the Henry High School. [1957 - Bradford Republican]

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