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November 2017
Illinois State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1858 and 1859 - Stark County

September 2017
Bradford Community News from September 10 and September 17 1885. Names mentioned: Anderson, Baldwin, Barlow, Barnum, Bevier, Booth, Botham, Bray, Britton, Burt, Campbell, Clark, Crawford, Dutro, Fairbanks, Hall, Haskins, Hickey, Hulburt, Hoover, King, Lesan, Lighthall, Macklin, McGaughey, McMillen, Noyes, Phenix, Porter, Pratt, Rackley, Ringland, Reid, Rockhold, Smith, Steward, Sturm, Sutherlad, Terrell, Thomas, Wolfe, Willson, Wilson, Wragg, Young
County Line Community News from September 10 and September 17 1885.
Elmira Community News from September 17 1885
Castleton Community News from September 17 1885
Military News: The 1885 Reunion of Co. B, 19th ILL.

June 2017
Pressley Colwell, Child of Elisha Clark

Bradford Community News and Local Gossip: June 14, 1883; July 19, 1883
Wyoming Community News and Local Gossip: September 3, 1885
County Line Community News and Local Gossip: September 3, 1885

Ann Cox, Charles Henry Cox, Daniel O. Addis, Jarvill Chaffee, Simon V. Addis, Susan Newcomer - Contributed by FOFG

March 2017
Obit: Hattie Mutchmore, Elsie (Holmes)Kerr, Almira (Chaffee) Swords

Marriage Notice: Yordt-McKee, Philhour-Fuller

Bradford Local Gossip Sept 3, 1885

John Adams, Joseph Cox, Rosanna Dixon, Barnabas Frail, John Francis, Daniel Gingrich, James Graves, Mariah Graves, Andrew Oliver, Mary A. Stargel, Eliza Timmons, Seven E. Timmons, Thomas Timmons , Edward Trickle, John Turnbull, Elizbeth Whitten, William H. Whitten - Contributed by FOFG

December 2016
From the Bradford Independent, Bradford IL, August 6th- August 27th 1885
Misc News: New District Postmasters
Accidents: George Philhour Injured, Dr. Shaw and Wife Injured
Births: Liggett - daughter, Thurm - daughter
Bradford Community News
Wyoming Community News
Castleton Community News
County Line Community News
Obits: Emily (Lombard) Lewis, James Harrison Bray, Salathiel Maple
Marriage Notice: Castle-Walters

September 2016
Toulon News: Editor Henderson
Speer News: Fire Destroys Speer Grade School Building (1948), Wilbur S. Root Opens New Firm (1911)
, O. W. Hurd Postmaster (1902), Spuds Put out Fire in Phillips' Store (1917), Fire Destroys 3 buildings in Speer (1918)
Death Notice: Arthur Sandham, Ben E. Davis
Speer History (1916 History of Stark County)

June 2016
Bradford, County Line and Lombardville News from The Bradford Republican, Bradford IL, July 30, 1885

March 2016
Bradford News:
1885 Local Gossip from July 9th, 16th and 23rd
1883 Local Gossip from May 31st
1885 Wyoming News and Local Gossip from July 9th, 16th and 23rd
1885 Castleton News and Local Gossip from July 23rd
1885 Elmira News and Local Gossip from July 23rd
1885 County Line News and Local Gossip from July 23rd
Obituaries and Death Notices: Benjamin Brewer, Mrs. Vinson, Mr. and Mrs. William Wilcocks, Edward Nixon (all 1883)

December 2015
Lombardville News
from July 2, 1885. Names mentioned:Haskins, Paddock, Jones, Davies, Davis, Powers, Mellor
Duncan News
from July 2, 1885. Names mentioned: Brockway, Riner, Starresburg, Scott, Hoadly
Elmira News
from July 2, 1885. Names mentioned: Miller, Turnbull, Tuttle, Leason
Castleton News
from July 2, 1885. Names mentioned: Jordan, Darling, Bocock, Ackley, Loper
County Line News
from July 2, 1885. Names mentioned: Fonts, Owens, Jordan, McBocock, Swygard, Essex, Harty, Mahany, Nicholds, Gilman, Brown, Fouts, Martin
Toluca News:
Visiting News from other state papers various years. Names mentioned: Bass, Churchill, Gingrich, Hayes, Jackson, Kamerer, Lady, Long, McLennan, Nelson, Pyle, Reams, Strike, White, Whittaker
Marriage Notice:
Death Notice: Mrs. Ballentyne
Crime News: Lloyd Winslow Arrested for Kidnapping Earl Yocum (1930)
Old Settler News: Mrs. Anna (Marlin) Cooley Honored at Old Settler Celebration

 September 2015

A.B. Morse Accused of Murdering Wife in Nebraska(1885)
1885 News-Accidents:
Hayden Fouts Accidently Shoots Himself in Foot, John McManum and Wife Injured in Buggy Accident, David Guyre's Team Becomes Unmanageable and Collides with Buggy, James Donovan Thrown from Cart
Bradford News
from July 2, 1885
Wyoming News
from June 25 and July 2, 1885
Elmira News
from June 25 1885

Death Notice:
Mrs. Ed. Ditman, Mrs. Barney

June 2015

1862 Marriage Notices:

Death Notices:
Daniel Lee

Administrative Notices:
Fire at Mr. Rockwell's Residence Controlled
Charles Hartley Severely Injured
1862 Township Elections
Henderson and Dewolf Promoted
1885 Spring Picnic for District Number Five School
Birthday Parties:
 Party for Katie McIntee's 21st Birthday
Toulon News:
John Hook Starts Restaurant Business
Wady Petra News:
January 1875 Local Gossip
Bradford News:
June 1885 Local Gossip

January 2015

1859-1860 Marriages: Dewey-Dewey, Green-Gentry, Wright-Monerief, Headley-Rhodes, Inman-Cole, Dickenson-Church, Brown-Hawkes, Green-Colburn, Smith-Shockley, Henderson-Turner, Colwell-Barr, Davis-Brunson, Wilson-Faulconer

Obits: Arnold Macklin, Mrs. Julia Rhodes

Crime News: Nathaniel Basham Horse Stolen, Elit Stockner Found Not Guilty, Jeremiah Hayes' Horse Stolen, Attempted Robbery of Mr. Chase's Store, Boys Arrested for Robbing Lowman and Culbertson Stores, Robert Marlatt Murder (Robert Marlatt Murdered by Patrick O'Donnell - O'Donnell Breaks Out of Jail - McMahan Arrested for Helping O'Donnell)
Accident News: Mrs. Sparks Killed in Accident, William Johnson Breaks Ankle, Joseph Rhodes' Son Injured, Isaac Matthews Killed in Accident, Royal Arnold Injured in Accident, John Murphy Accidently Poisoned, Cowperthwaite Family Injured in Sleigh Accident
Court News: April 1859 Circuit Court, Feb 1862 County Court
Fires and Other Disasters: John Farmer Mill Destroyed by Fire
Miscellaneous News: Dr. Copestake Moves to West Jersey, E. S. Brodhead Police Magistrate, Mr. Reed's Shoe Store,
Thomas and Brown Drug Store in Wyoming, Willett's Hardware and Rhodes' Music Lessons, Charles Stone's Meat Market, Dr. Hall's Party, Stark County Fair, Olof Johnson Helps During Train Layover, Mr. Perkey's Grist Mill, James Henderson Appointed Master in Chancery, Maying Party, James Henderson Joins Army, Herbert Mokler Starts for Nebraska
Wyoming News: 1859 SKETCH OF WYOMING

November 2014: News-Anniversaries: Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Brode ; Misc News: Wilkinson Family To Move to Kansas, Barnum Divorce Case, 1902 Old Settler's Celebration, Mr. Walters Now in Business in Kansas, Winn and Drinnen Meet After 30 Years, Cooper Divorce, Cronin Buys Price Farm; Obits: William Marriner; Bio: Ashton C. Shallenberger
June 2014: Obit: Mrs. Edith Auble; News: Visiting News: Names mentioned - Mina Combs, Ruby Nelson, W. H. Strike, Oliver Strike, James White, Charles Blust, Arthur Reams, Mrs. Frank Chamberlain, Mrs. Cecil More, Mrs. Lester McLenna, Joan McLennan, L.L. Long, Mrs. Aurilla Courson, Mrs. Nancy Pyle, Walter Jackson, Joseph Hayes, Bertha Hayes, Mrs. John Lady, Mrs. Mollie Churchill, Mrs. Younker, Mrs. George Rash, Mrs. N. A. Bass, Henry Ballentine , Mrs. E. C. Gingrich, Mrs. C. W. Kamerer, Mr. Oliver W. Whittaker
March 2014: Obituaries: Hattie E. Fast Ernest H. Loyd Josephine (Caldwell) Loveless Mrs. Orville Poston Louisa Starr Himes John Milton Zook
October 2013: PMILITARY 1883 Pensioner's List - Transcribed by Dee Notaro
August 2013: CEMETERY LISTINGS Eagleston Family Cemetery - Contributed by Randy Irwin
May 2013: DEATHS Mary Lu Retta (Imes) Bertholf, Dora M. (Simmerman) Hess, Sarah (Bennett) McLennan, Mary (Miller) McVey, Adda L. Smith
March 2013: BIOGRAPHIES EVANS Merritt H, - Transcribed by Anna Parks
October 2012: BIOGRAPHIES NANCE, Albinus - Transcribed by Richard Ramos
July 2012: Culver-Maddox
May 2012: Obituary: Humphrey Avery

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