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Premiums upon Stock Awarded at the State Fair at Jacksonville.

[Source: "Illinois State Democrat", Wed. Sept. 19, 1860 - transcribed by C. Horton]

The following are the awards made by the different committees upon the various grades of stock on exhibition:

Four Year Old Bulls.
1st. King Alfred—J. N. Brown, Sangamon, $40
2d. Marshal Pelissier—J. S. Simpkins, Pike, $25
3d. Berlin—D. Parks, Brown, $15

Three Year Olds.
1st. Duke of Orleans—W. Marshall, Morgan, $40
2d. Governor Jones—E. B. Hitt, Scott, $25
3d. Alfred 2d.—Jas. Buckles, Logan, $15

Two Year Olds.
1st. Diamond—Jas. N. Brown, Sangamon, $30
2d. Grampus—Jas. M. Hill, Cass, $20
3d. Garabaldi—R. Anderson, Pike, $10

Yearling Bulls.
1st. Deceiver—John B. Goodwin, Dewitt, $30
2d. Thames— John B. Goodwin, Dewitt, $20
3.d. Financier—J. D. Smith, Sangamon, $10

Best Bull Calves.
1st. Young Elhakin—Jas. M. Rill, Cass, $30
2d. Tam O'Shanter—J. D. Smith, Sangamon, 20

Four Year Olds.
1st. Emerald—J. C. Bone, Sangamon, $40
2d. Tulip—Jas. N. Brown, Sangamon, 20
3d. Beauty—Jas. Purkapile, Menard, 15

Three Year Olds.
1st. Lady Francis—J. M. Hill, Cass, $40
2d. Florentine Duchess—J. C. Bone, Sangamon, 20
3d. Rose of Summer—J. N. Brown, Sangamon, 15

Two Year Olds.
1st. Strawberry—J. C. Bone, Sangamon, $30
2d. Fashion—J. D. Smith, Sangamon, 15
3d. Viola—Jas. Purkapile, Menard, 10

1st. Queen of the West—M. Holliday, Morgan, $30
2d. Minnehaha—E. B. Hitt, Scott, 15
3d. Minna—R. Pollock, Morgan, 10

Heifer Calves Under One Year Old.
1st. Princess—J. C. Bone, Sangamon, $30
2d. Dimple—J. D. Smith, Sangamon, 15
3d. Robertine—E. B. Hitt, Scott, 10


Four Year Old Bulls.
1st. Maginiticook—C. D. Bent, Iowa, $40
2d. May Boy—H. Capron, Peoria, 25

Bulls Under Four Years Old.
1st. Forrester—C. D. Bent, Iowa, $40

Best Bull Calves.
1st. Glaucers—H. Capron, Peoria, $30
2d. Prince of Wales—Capron, Peoria, 20
3d. Red Post—C. D. Bent, Iowa, 10


Four Year Olds.
1st. Victoria—H. Capron, Peoria, $30
2d. Adeline—[Capron, Peoria,] 20

Three Year Olds.
1st. Grace—H. Capron, Peoria, $20

Two Year Olds.
1st. Belle of the West—C. D. Bent, Iowa, $20
2d. Lillian—H. Capron, Peoria, 15

1st. Norma—H. Capron, Peoria, $15
2d. Stella—H. Capron, Peoria, 10

Heifer Calves.
1st. Maude—H. Capron, Peoria, $10
2d. Red Bird—C. D. Bent, Iowa, 5


Best Fat Bullock, Four Years and Over.
Charley—Levi Danley, M'Lean, $20

Three Year Olds.
—J. H. Spears, Menard, $10

Two Year Olds.
—John Prunty, Cass, $10


Thorough Bred Stallions.
1st. Big Boston—W. H. Hartley, Morgan, $40
2d. Abe Lincoln—A. M. C. Hawes, Vermilion, 25

Three Year Olds.
1st. Tormentor—Jas. Schofield, Morgan, $40
2d. Lexington—Wm. Leachman, Adams, 25

Two Year Olds.
1st. Capt. Allen—W. W. Morton, Morgan. $30
2d. Kit Carson—A. M. C. Hawes, Vermilion, 15

1st. Priam—Philip Warren, Sangamon, $30

Best Brood Mares.
1st. Sue Hartley—J. W. Galbraith, Morgan, $40
2d. Cleopatra—J. C. Crowder, Sangamon, 25

Three Year Olds.
1st. Ida May—A. M. C. Hawes, Vermilion, $30
2d. Swiftsure—W. W. Morgan, Morton, 20

Two Year Olds.
1st. Lee Ann—Peter Roberts, Morgan, $30
2d. Miss Farrington—J. W. Galbraith, Morgan 15

Mare Colts.
1st. Puss Morton—W. W. Morton, Morgan, $30
2d. Kate Rob—Joseph Morton, Morgan, 15

Sucking Colts.
1st. Jim Allen—R. Pollock, Morgan, $20
2d. Brown Eagle—W. E. Davis, Piatt, 10

1st. Prophet—D. J. Weatherby, Whiteside, $40
2d. Grapeshot—Wm. Watkins, Sangamon, 25

Three Year Olds.
1st. Young St. Lawrence—H. Thomas, Green, $40
2d. Lexington—Wm. Leachman, Adams, 25

Two Year Olds.
1st. Benicia Boy—Elon Eldred, Greene, $30
2d. Young Consternation—S. Eldred, Greene, 15

1st. Champion—D. J. Cole, Cass, $30
2d. Dan Tucker—B. F. Baldwin, Greene, 15


Three Year Olds.
1st Kate Princess, Robert Cobb, Scott county
2d. Victress, H. C. Johns, Macon

Two Year Olds.
1st. Huntress, W. Cochmar, Adams

2d. Flirt, Dr. Batey, Jersey

1st Lady Lightfoot, E. Eldred, Greene
2d. Prunella, P. Van unreadbale, Sangamon


Stallions—Four Year Olds.
1st Prophet, D. J. Wetherby, Whiteside
2d Ethan Allen,—,

Three Year Olds.
1st L. H. Clifford, L. Chapin, Morgan
2d Star of the West, R. Stone, Pike

Two Year Olds.
1st Joe Lane, O. W. Bridges, Green
2d Billy Sherman, E. Fozzard, Cass

1st Champion, A. Potts, Greene
2d. Champion, D. J. Cole, Cass

Best Sucking Colts.
1st Young Eagle, A. M. Foster, Greene
2d. Billy, O, Barnard, McLean


Four Year Olds.
1st unreadble Bly, T. Manning, DuPage
2d Kate, D. Henley, Morgan

Three Year Olds.
1st Fanny Fern, Marcus Stow, Adams
2d. Belle Cloud, J. Bowman, Greene

Two Year Olds.
1st Mary, John Redman, McLean
2d Kate Singleton, J. Patterson, Schuyler

1st Lady Singleton, Wm. Leachman, Adams
2d Fanny, J. Williams, Morgon


Stallions—Four Year Olds.
1 Young Cannon Whip, O. H. Scogin, McLean
2 Columbus, A. J. [text is unclear], Cass

Three Year Olds.
1 Hamilton, D. Baty, Jersey
2 Star Highlander, G. Bates, Douglas

Two Year Olds.
1 Ethrola, S. Bacon, Morgan
2 Mike, H, Lash, McLean

1 unreadable, C. W. Van Deren, Sangamon
2 Sky Rocket, W. Johnson, Carroll


Four Year Olds.
1 Isabel, Jos. Morton, Morgan
2 Fancy, John Prunty, Cass

Three Year Olds.
1 Julia, H. S. Ross, Jersey
2 Lady Oak, T. Coultas, Scott

Two Year Olds.
1 Duff, Robt. Donley, McLean
2 Lady Lincoln, C. W. Price, Sangamon

1 Kitty Butler J. S. Batey, Jersey
2 unreadable, W. M. Hanks, Scott


Stallions—Four Years Old.
1 Highland Chief, S. Morrison, Livingston
2 Fred. Morgan, J. Schafield, Morgan

Three Year Olds.
1 Godolphin Arabian, J. B. A. Reed, Morgan
2 Louis Napoleon, J. B. A. Reed, Morgan

Two Year Olds.
1 Little Giant, A. H. Ashmun, DeWitt


1 Young Messenger, Wm. Rink, Lee
2 S. A. Douglas, E. T. Elmore, Cass


Four Year Olds.
1st. Bet, John Prouty, Colse
2d. Fanny, Jos. Lighter, Morgan

Three Years Old.
1st. Tiger, W. Brown, Sangamon
2d. Charlie, James Owen, Cass

Draught Filley's—Three Years Old.
1st. Bloomer, J. unreadable, Coles

Two Years Old.
1st Lucy, J. unreadable, Coles
2d. A Richards, DuPage

Mare Colts.
1st. Peg, J. Owen, Cass
2d. Jenny Lind, J. Elmore, Cass

Draught Farm Horses.
1st. Best pair,—Car, McLean

Sucking Colts.
1st. A. P. Cushman, De Witt
2d. Van Eaton, Cass

Matched Horses.
1st George Day, Sangamon
2d Colonel Dunlap, Morgan

Speed Mares.
1 Thomas Smith, Sangamon

Stallion Ponies.
1 Honest Frank, E. Simms, Adams

Best Span of Racers.
1 Thomas Smith, Sangamon
2 George Day, Sangamon

Single Racers.
1st Smoker Boy, John Cook, Sangamon
2d , James Young, Sangamon

Trotting Matches for Stallions.
1st Ethan Allen,—,
2d —, R. H. Smith, Livingston

1st Nancy Doud, E. B. [text is unclear], Lee

Trotting Horses.
1st Best Span, John Cook, Sangamon
1st Best Span,—John Fanning, Morgan


Four Year Olds.
1st Compromise, J. Leonard Sangamon
2d. Napoleon, J Nicholas, Adams

Three Year Olds.
1st General Walker, W. Iles, Sangamon
2d Telegraph, J. D. Smith, Sangamon

Two Year Olds.
1st Black Sampson, F Neal, De Witt
2d. Castilion—, J. E. Sayers, Morgan

One Year Old.
1st Compromise, J. H. Spear, Menard
2d. Jenny, John Salyears, Morgan

Four Year Old Jennets.
1st Mohawk, S. Allen, Macon

Three Year Olds.
1st. Queen Victoria, W. Shumate, Sangamon

Two Year Olds.
1st. Nancy, A. Brown, Morgan

Best Pair of Mules.
1st. For Draught, B. Vail, McDonough
2d. For Draught, T. Baker, Morgan


Three Year Olds.
1st Bet, S. Green, Morgan
2d. Giant, S. S. Massey, Morgan

Two Year Olds.
1st. unreadable, Grey, J. Foster, Sangamon
2d. Black Jenny, J. Foster, Sangamon

1st Kit, S. Green, Morgan
2d. Fairy, R. Pollock, Morgan

Best Ten Mule Colts.
From one county—Abel Brown, Morgan


Best Bull and Five Cows.
Theodore Simpkins, Pike county

Best Five Head of Calves—Yearlings.
1st. James N. Brown, Sangamon
2d. unreadable, D. Smith, Sangamon

Best Herd of not Less than Five—Bred by one Person.
1st J. D. Smith, Sangamon
2d. J. M. Hill, Cass


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