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St. Clair County
Deaths 1916-1950
compiled from Illinois Death Index

These are only the people who died in St. Clair County.
Many died in Hospitals or Nursing Homes in other Counties.

Donated by Barbara Ziegenmeyer  and transcribed by Sara Hemp
Transcriber Notes: 1. "N/S" is not stated; "F" is female; "M" is male; "W" is white; "UNK" is unkown; "TWP" is township; "VIL" is village. 2. The word "Town" following a name is sometimes means "Township" and others it is used as a place larger than a village but smaller than a city. 3. Dates are stated in this order: year, month, day.  The "19" has been left off of the filing date year. 4. Names are as spelling on record and may not be the modern spelling.  5. "-" is used instead of a space in the columns.

"Ae-Al" "Am-An" "Ap-Ay""Baa-Bai""Baj-Baq" "Bar"
"Bas-Baz" "Bea-Bec" "Bed-Bem" "Ben-Berk" "Berl-Bez""Bi-Bj" "Bla"
"Ble-Bly" "Bn-Boi" "Boj-Boq" "Bor-Boz" "Bra""Bre" "Bri-Broa"
"Broc-Brow" "Bua-Bun" "Bur" "Bus-By" "Cab-Cam""Can-Cars" "Cart-Cay"
"Ce-Che" "Chi-Ci" "Cl" "Coa-Coli" "Coll-Con""Coo-Cor" "Cos-Coz"
"Cr" "Cs-Cz" "Daa-Dau" "Dav-Day" "De" "Di-Dl" "Doa-Dom"
"Don-Doz" "Dr-Dul" "Dum-Dz" "Ea-Eg" "Eh-El" "Em-Er" "Es-Ez"
"Fa-Fe" "Fi-Fish" "Fisk-Fl" "Fo" "Fr-Frid" "Frie-Fu" "Gaa-Gan"
"Gar-Gaz" "Ge" "Gh-Gj" "Gl-Gn" "Go" "Gra" "Grea-Gree"
"Greg-Grn" "Gro-Grz" "Gu-Gy" "Haa-Hag" "Hah-Hal" "Ham-Hanc" "Hand-Hard"
"Hare-Harrin" "Harris-Hart" "Harv-Haz" "Hea-Henc" "Hend-Herl" "Herm-Hh" "Hi-Hn"
"Hoa-Hof" "Hog-Holt" "Holu-Hr" "Hub-Hul" "Hum-Hy" "I" "Ja"
"Je-Jj" "Joa-Joi" "Jok-Joz" "Ju-Jw" "Ka-Kc" "Kea-Kelli" "Kellm-Kez"
"Ki" "Kl-Km" "Kn" "Ko" "Kr" "Ku-Ky" "La B-Lang"
"Lanh-Lb" "Le C-Lemp" "Lend-Lh" "Li-Ll" "Lo-Lr" "Lu-Ly" "Maa-Mal"
"Mam-Mars" "Mart-Mas" "Mat-Maz" "Mc A-Mc Di" "Mc Do-Mc W" "McA-McW" "Mea-Mero"
"Merr-Mez" "Mi-Ml" "Moa-Moor" "Moos-Mr" "Muc-Mull" "Mulo-My" "Na-Ne"
"Ni-Ny" "Oa-Ol" "Om-Oz" "Pa" "Pe" "Pf-Ph" "Pi-Pl"
"Po" "Pr-Ps" "Pt-Py" "Ra" "Rea-Reim" "Rein-Rez" "Rh-Ri"
"Ru-Rz" "Sa" "Sca-Schf" "Schi-Schmid" "Schmie-Schroed" "Schroen-Scz" "Se"
"Sh" "Si-Sj" "Sk-Sl" "Sm" "Sn-So" "Sp-Sq" "Sr-Steel"
"Steen-Steward" "Stewart-Stook" "Stoop-Sty" "Su-Sz" "Ta" "Tc-Te" "Th"
"Ti-To" "Tr-Tz" "U" "Va-Vil" "Vin-Vz" "Wab-Walr" "Wals-Waz"
"Wea-Weir" "Weis-Wey" "Wh" "Wia-Wilker" "Wilkes-Williams" "Williamso-Wils" "Wilt-Wn"
"Wo" "Wr-Wy" "X-Y" "Z"

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