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St. Clair County, IL
St. Philip Catholic Cemetery

Transcribed and Submitted by Kerry Boehm
Original source of transcription was St. Clair Genealogical Society Documents purchased by Kerry Boehm

This is *probably* not a complete transcription of all burials

St. Philip Catholic Cemetery

Located on Church Lane in East St. Louis, St. Clair County, Illinois, near the St. Philip Catholic Church at 8313 Church Lane. Copied by Mrs. Rose FAHRNER and her students at St. Philip Elementary School. The parish records were used to try to fill in some of the missing information. A number of stones are broken and/or missing.

The graves are arranged in rows and sections. Rows begin on the west end of the cemetery.
Section A from Church Lane to S. edge of Convent.
Section B from S. edge of Convent to N. edge of Convent.
Section C from N. edge of Convent to N. of garage.
Section D from N. edge of garage to N. fence of cemetery.

Julia ALTENBERND, 1857-1928, Plot A12
? BAILOT, No Dates, Plot C13
Adolph M. BALDUS, ? APR 1858-? MAR 1890, Plot A9
Louis BALDUS, ? FEB 1861-? AUG 1882, Plot A9
Edward BARBIER, 25 MAY 1874-19 SEP 1921, Plot A7
Felicite BARBIER, 28 FEB 1879-3 NOV 1963, Plot A7
Victoire BARIER, d. 26 MAY 1910, 70 years, Plot C4
Toussaint BATHELOT, 23 OCT 1811-23 NOV 1878, Plot C13
Adele BAUMANN, 2 NOV 1856-25 SEP 1858, Plot C13
J. (Louis ?) BAUMANN, No Dates, Plot C3
Emrich BECHERER, 12 SEP 1860-5 MAR 1921, Plot A2
Kate BECHERER, 12 MAR 1864-26 OCT 1904, Plot A2
Regine (BEIL) FOURNIER, 22 MAY 1815-28 JAN 1861, Plot D5
Mary BELLANGE, No Dates, Plot D13
? BELLANGE, d. 3 FEB 1872, 59 years, Plot D14
Louis A. BENEDICK, 1907-1908, Plot A11
Emma Alice BESSE, d. 24 OT 1902, 9 years, Plot A5
Emelie BEVELOT, 11 APR 1873-28 APR 1873, Plot C7
Elizabeth BEVELOT, No Dates, Plot C7
Francois BEVELOT, 1 SEP 1816-22 SEP 1888, Plot C7
Louis BEVELOT, d. ? FEB 1864, Plot C7
Margaret BEVELOT, d. 2 DEC 1892, 62 years, Plot C7
Maria Louise BEVELOT, 1821-1838, Plot C7
Nicola ? BEVELOT, No Dates, Plot C7
Nicolas BEVELOT, d. 1867, Plot C7
Rosalie BEVELOT, No Dates, Plot C7
Rosa (BEVELOT) RHEDEMEYER, 1881-1952, Plot C7
Sophie BEVELOT, d. 6 AUG 1865, Plot C7
John L. BLICKHAN, d. 29 SEP 1911, 37 years, Plot C2
William BOEHM, 1911-1929, Plot A7
Dominic BOISSEAU, d. 5 FEB 1881, 66 years, Plot B5
Louis Phillipe BOISSEAU, 30 JAN 1871-16 DEC 1881, Plot C8
Magdalena (BOISSEAU) DAVINROY, 1837-1912, Plot D8
Amelia BONEAU, 15 NOV 1822-12 DEC 1885, Plot D7
Joseph BONNEAU, ? APR 1833-? APR 1883, Plot D14
Lambert BONEAU, 18 OCT 1821-20 SEP 1866, Plot D7
Lambert BONEAU, b. 25 NOV 1854, No Death Date, Plot D7


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