The people of East St. Louis precinct, by their vote on Tuesday next, can elect a county clerk. Recollet this, and deposit your ballots for Thomas CHALLENOR. he is somewhat old, and also physically disabled from wounds received during the late war from following any pursuit in life that requires much exerton .VOTE FOR TOM CHALLENOR

Dan HANIFAN-everyone knows Dan---opens his bar-room in connection with his boarding house tomorrow morning.  He invites his friends and acquaintances to call and see him.  His establishment- - a very neat and commodious building is situated on Missouri avenue, between Second and Third streets.

The pews of St. Patrick's Church will be rented tomorrow for one year--after high mass.  Seats will be found desirable on account of the exercises of the jubilee, which will begin on the 21st of November next. Father Damen, S.J., will be the priest during the time of this holy season.

The Decatur and East St. Louis railroad company have finally decided to locate at East St. Louis .  They have purchased for depot purposes a tier of blocks on Front street, north of the old station of the Ohio and Mississippi railway, 400 feet in width and extending back 1,000 feet for $70,000, cash ( amount is hard to read)

THE VOTERS OF ST.CLAIR...?? consequence of various rumors, designed to injure me, I deem it necessary to assure the voters that I am??the office county clerk in good faith; and do not intend to ??. My prospects are encourageing; and by a united effort, on the part of my friends, I think success will be certain.  Should I be elected, I will do all within my ?? to promote the best interest of the public....F.H. COBB

CAHOKIANS....if you want an up-right and capable justice of the peace we are satisfied that you will vote for Mr. MORRISON next Tuesday.  In the short space of time that he has held the office of the justice of the peace, he has known nothing but the law and the evidence. ?? such kind of man is met with ??not be rashly thrown out for a new and untired one.  Again, cast your suffrages for an officer that has been tried and not found wanting.

Two friends met on Missouri avenue, the other day---one going up, the other down.  After talking about the coming election, the present unseasonable weather, etc., a proposition for a drink was at last mooted.  "Where to?" asked one.  "The Home Case Saloon," answered the other.  "It has as fine liquids of all descriptions as I ever drank, and I have pretty much traveled this country of ours."  In they went, Whiskey for two called for.  It was drunk slowly down; and from the countenances of both gave evident satisfaction.  "Didn't I tell you so, " said he, who had recommended the saloon, to his friend.  They stepped out, arm-in-arm, vowing that Mr. Michael WALSH knew how to keep a bar-room, and that it would not be their fault did they not make the fact well-known.

CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION---COL. JARROT, JUDGE UNDERWOOD, JUDGE SNYDER, AND J.R. MILLER (member of the last legislature), are the only persons, it appears, from whom we can choose two members to represent us in the constitutional convention.  To many, it will be difficult to decide which of the first three distinguished gentlemen named shall be made choice of.  As to Mr. MILLER, it is an easy matter to the great bulk of voters of this precinct to dispose of his claims.  Mr. MILLER received a flattering vote in East St. Louis when he was a candidate for the legislature, but his subscquent course in that body toward the people who had given him such a generous support did not endear him to them.  But COL. JARROT, JUDGE UNDERWOOD AND JUDGE SNYDER, are so eminently qualified for the place, it is a pity we can not vote for them all.  It is not an office of profit, but one of great honor; and St. Clair county should not be guilty of the absurdity of sending a mere country politician to do the work of a statesman.

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