From the East St. Louis Journal, Wed, January 26, 1910
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Owner of Prize Biddy

Believes She Forsook Nest

In Order To Bring Down

Egg Prices.

Mr. Wm. Godin of 1347A St. Louis avenue, is not worrying any longer over the high price of eggs -- not as long as his pet hen continues on the job. When Mr. Godin moved to his present location he disposed of all his chickens save one hen and a rooster. There was no barn or shed at the new location and for a few days Biddy was up against it for a nest.

While exploring one day she wandered up the back porch steps and found an empty basket sitting out on the second floor veranda, and forthwith pre-empted it in the name of Biddy and Strut, Queen and King of Shanghai.

After laying a nestful of eggs Biddy concluded that she would try and get into the good graces of ex-President Roosevelt by raising a big family, and so she commenced to set. It is surmised that while dozing on her nest she overheard Mr. Godin and his wife talking about the high cost of living, and that she resolved to do her part to help provide for the family. Mr. Rooster strolled up about this time to cheer up his helpmeet, and after listening to some strenuous clucking on Biddy's part, hopped into the nest and relieved Biddy of her vigil. Mr. Godin now expects that Biddy will furnish her daily quota of one egg for the family larder while her lord and master hatches out the brood.

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