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St. Clair County, IL
Party News
Anniversaries, Birthdays, Reunions

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Buchanan, of 533 North Ninth Street, will celebrate the anniversary of their marriage tomorrow, by entertaining relatives from St. Louis.
[E. St. Louis Journal, 31 Aug 1892]

Family reunion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Curtis, 627 North eightieth Street, Edgemont, in honor of their son, Walter Curtis, returned from overseas with the 124th F. A. Guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Jess Steiner and children, Gilbert, Arline and Mildred: Grandma Wegener; Miss Ida Wegener; August Wegener; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wegener and daughter Helen: Mr. And Mrs. Albert Wegener and children, Mrs. Albert Wegener and children, Waldo and Delores; Mrs. Wendling and two sons, George and Ray of East. St. Louis; Mr. and Mrs. Otto Flescher of Catawiss, Missouri; Mrs. Ella Jeakel of Belleville, Illinois. [E. St. Louis Daily Journal, 2 July 1919, Donated by Betty Cohn and Cathy Weber]

Master Charles Devore, of 453 Collinsville Avenue, was tendered a surprise party yesteray evening by his juvenile friends.  The merrymakers met at the home of Miss Emma Knelsby, 457 Collinsville Avenue, and from thence proceeded to Master Charles' home.  They went prepared to have a good time, and were well supplied with all matter of refreshments.  Games and a general good time was enjoyed by all.  Those present were:  Misses Ida and Emma Knelsby, Lizzie and Emma Lentz, Letta (?) Peek(l?), Blanche Way, Mable Kelley, Katie and Jennie Sullivan, and Masters Charles Devore, Rosco Hayes, Percy and Eddie Lindley, Willie Peet, Judge Giles and Frank Bryan.
[E. St. Louis Journal, 31 Aug 1892]

A surprise party was given Saturday night, in honor of Miss Evelyn Fallon, 626 Brady Avenue, who will leave this week for Danville, Ill. Games, music and dancing were enjoyed by all until a very late hour. Those present were: Misses Margaret Miller, Veronica Schaffner, Marie Tate, Marie Miller, Ethel Wilmot, Eleanor Land, Bertha Lang, Lenora Muth, Adell Huschle, Josephine Miller, Margaret Durkin, Mamie Durkin, Catherine Moore, Evelyn Fallon, Margaret Warren, Margaret Fallon, Messrs. Ollie Geer, Elmo Max, George Miller, Andrew Meade, Glenn Bryant, Claude Bryant, Albert Kress, Dewey Presswood, Wm. Huhn, Hiram Kruste, Theodore Fuehne, Frank Fuehne, John Farris, Bill Kemp, Forest McMullen, Harold Clute, Chick Dowling, Wm. Krug, Phillip Bova, Genevieve, Leroy and Lucille Clute, Roy Dorothy, Joseph and Charles Roewe, Mary Thomas, Dorothy and Robert Brennan, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Clute, Mr. and Mrs. Fuehne, Mr. and Mrs. August Roewe, Mrs. Tom Brennan, Mr. Frank Miller, Mrs. Ed Fallon, Mr. and Mrs. Wable and children, Catherine and Alvin.
[E. St. Louis Daily Journal, 1 July 1919 - Donated by Betty Cohn and Cathy Weber]

A plunge party and basket supper was enjoyed Saturday at Jones pool by the following: Messrs. and Mesdames L. Ritchie of Clayton; J. W. Blythe and daughter Miss Gladys of St. Louis; J. W. Reed and son Kelsoe, and Mr. Russell Ritchie.
[E. St. Louis Daily Journal, 1 July 1919]

A reception was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Werndle in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Puls of St. Louis. Mr. Puls being a soldier recently returned from France. The evening was spent in dancing and games. Refreshments were served to the following: Misses Bernice Thoene, Mildred Werndle, Lillian Werndle, Catherene Williams, Mary Thompson, Mabel Lohrer, Daisy Weszler. Henry Hale, Cecil Terry, Edward Ficher of Dorsey, Illinois., Carroll Boze, Mrs. M. Moore, Mrs. Irene Yelton, Mrs. H. A. Ross, Mr. and Mrs. F. Beinke of St. Louis, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Puls of St. Louis and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Werndle. [E. St. Louis Daily Journal, 2 July 1919, Donated by Betty Cohn and Cathy Weber]

Miss Edith Roe entertained a few of her little friends with a birthday party at her home last evening, among those present were: Misses Ella, Lida and Cora Jones, Laura Annie and Lydia Jones, Anna Gutwald, Sallie Dugal and Master Geo. Roe.
[E. St. Louis Daily Journal, 1 July 1894]

Mr. and Mrs. Spalzman, 932 Lynch Avenue, gave a surprise party for their daughter, Belle, yesterday evening, the occasion being her birthday. The following were present: Misses Sarah O'Donnel, Lena Knox, Gertrude Hoolihan, Mamie Foley, Frieda and Sarah Spatzman, Messrs. Fred Blank, John Knox, Benjamin and Isadore Novack, James O'Donnel, Mike Hoolihan and John Foley. [E. St. Louis Daily Journal, 2 July 1919, Donated by Betty Cohn and Cathy Weber]


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