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St. Clair County, IL
Uncalled For Letters

East St. Louis Journal, 6 June 1896:

List of letters remaining uncalled for in the post office at East St. Louis for the week ending May 30, 1896
Bachman, S.?
Baker, E. F.
Baker, Miss Lena
Baker, Sam
Barker, Wm.
Baron, Geo
Barringon, Fred
Bradshaw, Mrs. Mary J.
Buchman, Miss Delia
Buser, Karl
Carmey, William
Carter, Mrs. Rebecca
Chapman, Mrs. Lettie
Clause, Chas.
Cox, Miss Nellie
Devin, Mrs. Mame
Dehile, M.
Dowler, Samuel V.
Fitzgerald, Mrs. Lou?
Gordon, Alice
Graham, Miss Mable
Henderson, Miss Mary
Hennell, B.
Hennesy, John
Hiney, H.
Honsby, A.
James, Mrs. Mary
Kimey, Rufus
Lawson, Wm. G.
Lytle, Thomas
Lund, Mrs.
McCreedy, Jon?
McFlood, John
Miller, C. J.
Mounts, B. F.
Nenninger, Henry
Nipper, J. J.
Olson, Ludwick
Osborne, D. M.
Parker, Miss Cora
Paulsen, Jacob
Pearson, A. D.
Peters, N. S.
Pickett, Miss Mary
Ploudre, J. F.
Prosser, H. M.
Raleigh, Jno. P.
Ricketts, Fred
Roger, W. M.
Russo, Antoine
Shreve, J. W.
Stadelman, Jean
Thompson, James
Turcell, Mrs. M. S.
Weir, H. W.
Werely, James
Williams, Miss Mary

Postal Cards
Belt, V. W.
Burner, Richard
Chace, L.
Graff, Mrs.
Merk, Jacob
Plunk, Chas
Rowland, Miss Maud
Schafer, August
Smith, Miss Gerty

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