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February 10, 1851 - January 4, 1863

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Some pages from the Minutes and Membership Rolls of the Church during this time are in poor condition, especially the years 1857 (late) through 1863. They have been transcribed to the best of our ability. If you question data, please refer to the original source microfilm above. For missing years in the minutes, try searching the membership roll.

Excerpts from the minutes of the Oak Hill Baptist Church

Having been constituted on these (rules of faith), the Church chose Elder ? Keel as Pastor for one year, ? Ross - Deacon, George W. Darrow - Deacon?

The Church is to meet on the second Saturday of every month for business, opened a door for the reception of members joined by experience, Sister Mary A. Darrow and Mary J. Grigery.

Names of those who first went into constitution:

Madison Ely
Rosella Ely
Sarah Ross
Washington Darrow
Emaline Ross
Wm. S. Ross

February 13th received by experience Andrew Melvin, Jackson Bragg, Elisabeth Peach, Jarrett Milam

February 16th received by experience Charles J. Bridges

These seven baptized Sabbath February, the 16th

Sabbath night, Feb. 16th, received by experience, Jane Tucter and also Nancy Curn by experience in the absence of letter, received by experience Margrett Peck.

Monday February the 24th received by letter Margrett Engle and Lucinda Bridges.

Tuesday February the 26th received by letter sister Ann Engle

Saturday 8th March joined by letter:

Sister Sarah Peck and Sister Ann Fergison

Joined by experience Brother James A. Peck and Sister Lucy L. Darrow Dunnivant

Saturday night joined by letter Sister Sarah Milom

Baptized Sabbath 9th March James A. Peck, Mary Jane Tucter, Agness Obriant, Margrett Peck, Lucy L. Donnavant

Sabbath night joined by letter Sister Elizabeth Glover

Saturday April 12th, joined by experience, Sister Nancy (Nicy) Melvin

Sabbath April 12th received by experience Sister Sarah Rador. Baptized two, Eunice Melvin, Baptized at the same time.

Saturday November 8th 1851

Joined by experience Brother Harmon Tucter and sister Elizabeth Bralt

Sabbath the 9th, 1851 joined by experience Daniel Dunavant

Tuesday the 11th 1851 joined by experience Mary Rador

Thursday 13th 1851, joined by letter Catharine Peterson joined 10th 1851. Footnote, William Laramie was received by restoration

Sunday the 13th of June, joined by experience, Brother Brown

Saturday, the 12th Sept?, 1852 joined by letter, Jesse Padon

Sabbath October the 10th, 1852 Sister Rebecca Swift and Brother John W. Swift, Brother John Rador, Brother Andy Elliot, Sister Caroline Pribble, Sister Caroline Calvert, Brother P. Alexander Imhoof, Brother James Brown, Brother Henry M. Peck (res'd), sister Eliza Alexander, Brother Jer'y Parker

Saturday the 13th of November, 1852 Brother Joab Eliot joined by experience and Sister Elizabeth O'Brient and sister Elisabeth Peach joined by experience

Sabbath March the 13th, 1852 Brother Harison Hall joined by experience and also Sister Cornwell by experience

April the 14th 1853 The case of Sister Tupler then taken up, moved and seconded that the church exclude her for her very unchristian like conduct character which was carried. **Excluded for adultery & leaving her husband

September 10th 1853 Brother Brown joined by experience

Saturday October 12th 1853, the following joined by experience Brother George O'Briant, Hiram Eliot, Agustus Darrow, Charles B. Darrow, Henry Car, James Cornwell, Betsy Ann Baker, Susan May, Rebecka Brown, Louis Jane Guy, Mary O'Briant

June 11th, 1854 John M. Peck joined by letter. Copy of letter:

First Baptist Church Covington, Kentucky. In Church meeting April 13th 1854. Elder John M. Peck a member of this Church in full fellowship? affectionally recommended to like fellowship wherever his future lot may be cast he will be considered as having been dis----- from this church upon ? he shall have united with another of the same faith and order

By order of the church,

John Mcgill?, clerk

Saturday, Sept. 9th, 1854 Rumors regarding the Christian character of Caroline Calvert is to be investigated. She moved to a church in St. Louis. No evidence found to support the rumors.

The case of Mary O'brient taken up. sister Mary O'brient never was a member of the Baptist Church at Belleville. She was Baptized by Elder Corwin in the winter of 1848, but never presented herself to be received by the church. She joined the Methodist for a season and was excluded. The committee recommends the propriety of withdrawing the hand of fellowship for want of correct Christian deportment. Sister Mary O'Briant excluded

Brother Andrew Elliot and sister Elizabeth Elliott called for letter of dismission which was granted. Also, letter of Dismission called for by Bros. Jacob and James Brown and granted.

Lord's Day Sept. 10th 1854 Sister Caroline Calvert called for a letter which was granted.

Lord's Day, October 15th, 1854 Brother John Grummond received by letter and Sister Catharine Grammond related her experience and received as a candidate for baptism

Monday evening Nov. 13th 1854 Mrs. Elizabeth Toner/Taner and Margret Elliot were examined and received as candidates for Baptism. **footnote - Mrs. Toner did not join this church. She was baptized but united with New Hope Baptist Church

Tuesday Nov. 14, 1854 Mary Moore presented a letter from Pleasant Ridge church was received.

Wednesday Nov. 15th, 1854 Sister Eliza Tanor, Margret Elliot and Catharine Grammond were baptized by Elder M. Ely and received into fellowship by the church

Saturday Nov. 18th 1854 Reception of member George O'Briant was excluded last July - made satisfactory acknowledgments, professed to be resolved to live a Christian life and was restored to fellowship. John J. A. Peck who had been a member of Rock Spring Church (now dissolved) and afterwards excluded, professed repentance and his determination to live the life of a Christian and was received into fellowship. Samuel Peach related his experience and was received as a candidate for baptism

Saturday Dec. 9th, 1854 Report of the committee on delinquent members taken up. Elder Ross reported he had visited Sister Sarah Milam that she professed attachment to the church desired to attend but her circumstances were very unfavorable and she cold not get there conveniently, she determined to maintain her Christian profession in mother she was excused

Henry Carr was reported as living in Washington County. Elder Ely was instructed to write to him of our rules, and that the church expects to hear from him and know his religious condition.

Elder Ross reported that he had visited Sarah Peck whose circumstances prevented her regular attendance but she desired to maintain her church profession. Excused.

Alexander Imhoff reported living in Jonesborrough, Union County and Elder Ely instructed to write to Elder D. L. Phillips, make inquiries and converse with him and return an answer.

Nancy Carr (?) was reported having returned from whence she came. As she was received without any letter on motion it was resolved she be drooped from membership.

James Cornwell was reported as living in the bounds of Pleasant Ridge church and Elder Ely was requested to visit him and inform him of our rules and admonish him to his duty

Application being made from Sister Caroline Preble (now Bridges) for a letter to join the Baptist church in Jerseyville, the clk was authorized to send her a letter to that church

Lord's Day Dec. 10th, 1854 Mary Jane Moore was examined and received as a candidate for baptism

Mrs. Lucinda Butler? A member of the church at Waterloo offered herself but not having a letter Elder Ross appointed to write to that church on her behalf.

The church went to Silver Creek and Elder M. Ely baptized Samuel peach and Mary Jane Moore, who were received into the fellowship of the church.

Saturday Jan. 23th, 1855 Case of James Cornwell taken up. Report of committee state that his reason for non attendance was his distance from the church. He called for a letter. Granted.

Sister Elizabeth Cook called for a letter which was granted.

Saturday March 10th, 1855 The case of Brother George O'Briant taken up on motion he be excluded for fighting causes?

Sister Margret Peck requested a letter from the church which was granted.

Brother Jesse Padon and wife called for letters from the church which were granted

Saturday Sept 8th 1855 The return is for the year areas follow:

Received by experience on baptism - 5
Received by experience of letter - 2
Received by restoration - 2
Dismissed by letter - 9
Excluded - 3
Died None
Present Number - 53

Abraham Brown and wife applied for a letter of dismission on removal - granted

November 17th, 1855 Whereas Henry Carr has been absent a long time from our meetings and has made no communication to the church and wholly neglected his covenant obligations, therefore, on motion, he be excluded from our fellowship

Saturday night, Dec. 15th 1855 Brother Abraham Brown and his wife returned their letter, granted last September

Thursday the 20th of December James Rador related his experience and was received as a candidate for Baptism.

Friday night, Dec. 21 Martha Adams, Sarah Ross and Virginia Ely related their experience and were received as candidates for baptism. William Elliott and wife Jemima Elliott, who had been baptized on a profession of faith in Jesus Christ, related their experience, and on an examination of their faith and religious experience were received into the fellowship of the church

Saturday Dec. 22, 1855 James Rader, Virginia Ely, Sarah Ross and Martha Adams were baptized by Elder M. Ely

Thursday, January 10th, 1856

At Three o'clock in the morning and after a long and painful illness, Sister Sarah Rader, a member of this church, died in the full assurance of faith and hope.

She was baptized and received into the church on a --- of faith in Christ April 13th, 1851 and has maintained a pious walk, and Christian character and was respected and beloved by all who knew her. She was born in Monroe County, Ill., on the 9th day of February 1809, and lived to the age of 46 years, 11 months. During her long illness she maintained an unshaken confidence in God, and firm reliance on the --- of Christ. She has left a bereaved husband, one of our deacons and seven children to mourn their loss.

Feb. 9, 1856 Brother John. A. Peck being about to remove to Marion county, asked for a letter of dismission for himself and Agness his wife, which was granted

March 8th, 1856 H. M. Peck and his wife, to whom letters were voted the 13th of October, 1855, not having moved, they returned their letter according to the rule

Total of membership for the year: 58 persons have been baptized, 11 received by letter and by restoration, making 81 members in all, 11 have been dismissed by letter; 10 have been excluded, 3 have died and 57 remain in membership on the first of January

Lord's Day March 9th application for a letter of dismission and recommendation was made by James A. Peck, who is about to remove to California which was granted

Saturday May 10th, 1856 William Simmons, Mary Simmons, his wife, and Malvina Simmons, his daughter presented a letter from the Baptist church of Red-bud, Randolph county, Ill. and were received on this testimony as member of this church

Levi Elliott, having been absent for many months and having returned and is now living in the settlement ? request to be released from the office of Deacon. The church declined to excuse him

Lord's Day, June 8th, 1856 On application by Brother Abraham Brown and Rebecca his wife, who are about to remove to Iowa, a letter of dismission was granted and delivered to him by the clerk the same day

Saturday, June 14th, 1856 Whereas Brother William Elliott has been publicly charged and he admits the facts, that last February, he and others were at a grocery in Lebanon, drinking together, when one of the company insulted and threatened him, and he pulled off his coat to fight him, but the man begged to be let alone, else he should have struck him. He justifies the act and says he would have done it if he had not ? his insults. **Saturday July 12th, 1856, The pastor stated certain questions asked him by John Grammon and answers given Brother Elliot was present, and after much conversation, and some explanations from him, the church voted by a majority to remove the censure

Saturday, August 9, 1856 The subject of laying off a cemetery on our meeting house lot was considered and on motion, the Deacons were constituted a committee, with instructions to employ a surveyor and lay off on the ? side, one acre, and if necessary enough more to include the two graves already there, in suitable blocks, lots and alleys for the convenience of each family who desire to bury there

Lord's Day, October 12th Evening, Brother Phineas Colver, who has been in the neighborhood for several months and comported himself as a Baptist in good? standing, was received on the following recommendation as a member of our body. He formerly belonged to the Baptist church in Cheming?, NY that for some time has not held regular church meetings. A letter from a Baptist brother in that vicinity gave testimony to his orderly standing when he left there. On motion he was received

October 24th, 1856

Died at her late residence , Rock Springs, in this vicinity, at 6 o'clock, Sister Sarah Peck, consort of Rev. J. M. Peck, after a long illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude, patience and resignation. She was born in Greene County, State of New York, January 31st, 1789, professed to be converted and became a believer in Christ Jesus in the great revival, in Litchfield, Con. in 1807, was married to her late husband, J. M. Peck, May 8th, 1809, in the same town and state; was baptized in company of her husband by Elder Hermon Hervey, in a little mountain stream in Windham township, Greene County, New York, Sept. 15th, 1811; moved with her husband and three children to St. Louis, Mo. 1817, and into Illinois and settled at Rock Spring in 1821. She was the mother of ten children, seven of whom lived to man's estate, and six survive her.

During the whole period of her husband's ministry, she was in the highest sense, a keep-mate in all his labors. She performed in a most effective sense the duties of a wife and mother. For weeks and months in succession during the absence of her husband, she was the head and governess of the household. To her skill, industry, patience, self-denial and prudent economy was he indebted to her for her ability and the opportunity done entirely so he could do the work where divine providence called him. Nor would it have been in his power to have done half the deeds he has performed, had not that excellent woman aided him, in the quiet and ? of domestic duties.

Her last days gave most satisfactory evidence of calm self-possession, strong faith and admission into that state, where sickness, sorrow, pain and death are felt and feared no more.

She joined this church by letter from the late Rock Spring church, on the 8th of March, 1851.

Her exact age was sixty-seven years, eight months, and twenty-four days.

Lord's Day, Nov. 9th, 1856 William Humphrey, and his daughter Louisa Greer, presented letters of recommendation and dismission from New Hope United Baptist Church, Davidson County, Ten. dated in 1851 and offered themselves for membership. Evidence was presented that they had lived orderly lives as Baptists, since that period. On motion they were received unanimously to membership in the church and the hand of fellowship was given

Lord's Day (evening), Dec. 14, 1856 Sister Annis Campbell was received on recommendation, she having been a member of Rock Spring church and the members of this church being acquainted with her

January 10th, 1857 A letter was granted to Sister Milam to join the Baptist church in Lebanon, also a letter to Sister Margaret Elliot to join a Baptist church in that part of the state where she now resides

Lord's Day, January 11th, 1857 Horace Simmons presented a letter from Redbud Baptist church, Randolph county, Ill. and was received

Feb. 14th, 1857 Brother William Humphrey and his daughter Louisa Greer (now Mrs. McDonald?) made application for letters to join the Baptist Church in Lebanon. Granted

Lord's Day, March 8th, 1857 application was made for a letter to be granted Susan May (now Mrs. Grummon) to join the Baptist near Athens in the South part of St. Clair county. Granted

Lord's Day, evening, March 15th, 1857 a letter of commendation granted to brother Jeremiah Parker and Margaret his wife to joining any church of our faith and order according to our rules, where they are about to remove

Saturday, June 13th, 1857 Mrs. Drusilla A. Darrow came before the church; related her Christian experience, was examined by the pastor and others, and was received as a candidate and to be in full fellowship when baptized The Lord's Day, June 14, Mrs. Drusilla A. Darrow was baptized by the pastor and welcomed into full fellowship, as a member

Saturday August 8th, 1857 A letter from Sister Elizabeth Bragg of Mound City, Ill. requesting a letter of dismission was granted

Saturday Sept. 12th, 1857 Sister Rachel Rader presented a letter from the Baptist church in Belleville for admission and was received by the hand of fellowship

Saturday, October 10th, 1857 On application of William Elliott and Martha his wife, formerly Martha Adams, for letters of dismission and commendation to some other church of our faith and order, the same were granted

Lord's Day, October 11th on recording the roll of all the members of the church at this date I find forty-nine names

The next section of records is too faded to be transcribed. Certain pages contained the following data:

Lord's Day May 9th, 1858? John Miller was baptized by the pastor

Date illegible - letter of dismission were asked for from Sister Mary Moore (formerly Smith?), Brother Christopher? and something about Brother Peck

August 14th, 1858 Letters of dismission were asked for by Andrew Elliot and wife, and Wm. Larramie, granted

October 1858 Elder Ross has charges against him, Sister Eliza Durnavant has charges against her, Sister Rosella Ely says she has no fellowship for the church but denies the charge against her, charges was voted sustained, therefore resolved the hand of fellowship be and is hereby withdrawn from Rosella Ely

Elder Madison Ely on trial has been convicted of the following unchristian and censurable conduct, which was fully sustained by evidence:

1. Insinuations implicating the character of Elder Storrs? as a minister
2. charging the Pastor of the church preaching false doctrine
3. Appointing and holding a separate meeting in a manner which produced disunion in the church
4. A general course tending to divide the church
5. Publicly avowing doctrines subversive of scripture truth
6. For general disorder in church meeting refusing to comply with church rules censuring the chairman and church
7. Therefore, resolved, that Elder Madison Ely has forfeited the fellowship of this church
8. Resolved that the church hereby withdraw the hand of fellowship from Elder M. Ely

The case of Brother Ross was called up when after due consideration the following was passed, unanimous, whereas Elder Wm. D. Ross has on trial been convicted of the following charges:

1. Of repeatedly opposing in a public manner the proceedings of the Pastor and church in a manner which produced discord and wounded the feelings of the Brethren generally
2. Of encouraging the holding of a separate meeting tending to produce disunion
3. Violating assurances to brethren that he would desist from such courses
4. circulating known false representations that the pastor of the church was guilty of false and contradictory statements
5. Public falsehoods
6. A general censure and contempt of the church, therefore resolved 1st that Elder Wm. D. Ross has forfeited the fellowship of this church and 2. resolved that the church hereby withdraw the hand of fellowship from Wm. D. Ross

October 24th, 1858 Brother Andrew Elliot and his wife (Elizabeth) returned their letter and were received

Saturday Nov. 13th, 1858 On motion of Hiram Elliot, resolved, that the hand of fellowship be withdrawn from J. Durnavant

December 6th, 1858, evening, Andrew Moore was received by letter into the fellowship of the church

Dec. 7th, 1858, Lois Ehly related her Christian experience and was received as a candidate for baptism

Dec. 12th, 1858 the following persons were baptized Elizabeth Darrow, Lois Ehly, Margaret Moore and Arena Simmons

Dec. 13th, 1858 John Moore presented a letter from the Pleasant Ridge church and was received into the fellowship of the church

Dec. 26th, 1858 the following were received as candidates for baptism and were baptized by Elder Howel and in the evening received the hand of fellowship: John Smith, Pamenas Bankson, Eliza Hathaway, Charles H. Darrow, George Bridges and Layfayette Bridges

Saturday Jan. 8th, 1859 Report was accepted on Sister Eliza Dunnavant and the case was dropped

Saturday March 12th 1859

Brother Daniel Durnavant recognized the authority of the church and desired to drop his difficulties and follow the church, the case against Brother Durnavant was dropped

Saturday April 9th, 1859

The committee to labor with J. Grummon was called when Brother Andrew Elliot stated from conversation he had with Brother Grummon he thinks he (Grummon) does not mean to come near the church. After considering the case on motion, the hand of fellowship was withdrawn to J. Grummon

Saturday May 14th, 1859 Whereas Sisters Virginia Ely, Catharine Grummon and Annis Campbell have denied the authority of this church and also refuse to walk with and fellowship the church, therefore resolved that the hand of fellowship be and is withdrawn from them

Sisters Emeline Ross and Eliza Dunnavant being present said they could not fellowship the church and requested their names to be dropped

Saturday June 14th, 1859 The case of Brother Bridges was taken up and after due consideration the following was offered and passed unanimously:

Whereas C. J. Bridges refused to walk with and fellowship this church therefore resolved that the hand of fellowship be and is hereby withdrawn from him

On motion of H. Elliot it was resolved the hand of fellowship be withdrawn from the following person for refusing to walk with the church: Lucinda Bridges, Daniel Dunivant, Lucy Dunavant, John Rader, Rachel Rader, James Peterson, Mary Scott, Emeline Ross, Sarah Ross, Eliza and Mary Jane O'Briant

Saturday, July 9th, 1859 Brother J. W. Thwing presented a letter of recommendation from the Belleville church and was received, Brother Thwing for the committee to visit J. Padon and others, said he had received a letter from Brother Padon stating that he (Padon) did not recognize this as the Oak Hill church and had joined what was called the Ross and Ely party. The hand of fellowship was withdrawn from Brother Padon for non-fellowship

Here again the pages are so faded they are nearly impossible to read. Information has been pulled that was even remotely legible.

Dec. 23, 1859 Thomas Curry related his experience and having been baptized was received into fellowship. ? Jones offered himself to the church for membership, but ? having been __________ of the Mormons his case was deferred

Dec. 25, 1859 After the sermon Mary Hughs and Thomas Higgins were baptized

Date illegible and most data is illegible - Amanda Parker was received into fellowship by letter from _____

November 1862, the case of Brother Hughes was taken up. Moved by Brother Darrow that Brother Hughes be excluded for his conduct relating to his enlistment in the army, carried, case was laid over until next meeting

On Wednesday night Dec. 10th, 1862 Sister ? Chandler united as a candidate for Baptism. On Friday night Dec. 12, 1862, the Church was called to gather by the pastor to take into consideration certain measure to restore excluded members from this church. Also on the same night, A. Simmons joined by letter. On Sabbath night, the 14th ? Elliot and George Ely united as candidates for Baptism. On Thursday night, Daniel Bennet united as a candidate for Baptism

Dec. 16, Jane Simmons and Eliza A. Peach united with the Church as candidates for Baptism, on Dec. 19th, 1862, John Elliot united with the church as a candidate for Baptism. Brothers George Ely, Joseph Elliot, Daniel Bennet and Sisters Jane Simmons, Eliza A. Peach, T. Chandler and on Sabbath night the hand of fellowship was extended to them welcoming them in to all the ordinances and privileges of the church

Tuesday night Dec. 23, 1862, Margret Whitesides and Lucy? Harris united with the Church as candidates for Baptism. On Wednesday night Dec. 24, 1862, Eli Elliot united as a candidate for Baptism. On Thursday night Dec. 25, 1862 Mary Read, Mary Jane Ely and John Cook united as candidates for Baptism. On Friday night Dec. the 26th, Henry Cook united with the Church as a candidate for Baptism. On Saturday night Dec. 27th, 1862, John Parker, Jacob Schnider, Sarah Dwire and Martha Elliot united as candidates for Baptism and on the same night James Peters was restored. On Sabbath the 28th, 1862, the following persons were baptized: Brothers John Cook, Henry Cook, John Elliot, Jacob Snider, Eli Elliot and John Parker, Sisters, Mary Read, Sarah Dwire, Margret Whitesides and on the same night the hand of fellowship was extended to them

On Monday night, Dec. 29th, 1862, Lucretia? Fike united with the Church as a candidate for Baptism. On Wednesday night ? and Eva Garret united with the Church as candidates for Baptism, on Thursday night, Jan. 1, 1863, Nancy Whitesides , Jane Ross and Thomas Badgley united with the Church as candidates for Baptism and on Friday night, Delia Fike united with the Church as a candidate for Baptism

On Sabbath January the 4th, 1863 the following persons were Baptized: Delia Fike, Mary Ely, Malissa Rader, Mary Jane Ely, Lucretia or Leander Fike, Eve Garret, Nancy Whitesides, Emoline O'Brian, Jane Ross, Martha Elliot and Thomas Badgley and on the same night the hand of fellowship was extended to all except Jane Ross who was not present receiving them into full fellowship

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