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Newspaper Accounts of Accidental and/or Unknown Deaths

On last Thursday, a man, supposed to have been under the influence of liquor, attemped to wash himself in Cahokia creek, near the bridge. By some means, however, he got into deep water, and sank to the bottom.  Different reasons have been given as to the cause of his drowning, but it seems clear that the unforunate man either committed suicide or was in a state of intoxication and thus accidentally came to a lamentable end.  His body appeared on the surface of the water on Sunday morning, fruitless efforts having been made to fish it up on Thursday and Friday.  The Coroner came down from Belleville Monday morning and held an inquest.  This should have been done twenty-four hours sooner.  It is said there is no way of having the frequent inquests made at the proper time.  We hope there is a rememdy nevertheless; and feel, in common with our citizens, that there should be one.
[East St. Louis Gazette, June 28, 1866]

Three men killed; eight workmen buried in the ruins of a building. Collapse of two immense tanks at
HELM's brewery in East St. Louis, suffocated by Ammonia or crushed to death. BURKE died about 4:30, and TURNER succumbed a little before 6, making three deaths including KIEFER. Coroner WOODS held an inquest upon the three bodies and thoroughly investigated the cause of the accident, the jury finding that the swivel support was defective as was also the material in the condensing tank, and holding Michael DENNEDY culpable for the unfortunate accident. The remains of BURKE and TURNER were sent to Ohio for burial, both from Cincinnati and KIEFER was interred in St. Henry's cemetery.
[January 1887 - East St. Louis Gazette]



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